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A motivational podcast for women to help us become our best selves in a world where it is easy to get stuck.

A motivational podcast for women to help us become our best selves in a world where it is easy to get stuck.
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A motivational podcast for women to help us become our best selves in a world where it is easy to get stuck.




Episode 26 Just Keep Learning

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Episode 25 Vibrations: The Gong Goddess

In this episode Tara tells us about Kundalini Yoga; what it is and how it has helped her life. The Gong is her instrument. In this episode you will learn about the importance of vibrations while calming your thoughts. Do you know what a "sound bath" is? Take a listen to find out. Take a Class with Tara Good Vibes Collective on Spotify Visit The Gong Goddess on FB

Episode 24: Busy Mom in Medicine

In this episode I got to chat with Amy Meeks about her life as a "busy mom in medicine". Amy is a mom of two kids, but is also an amazing PA in heart and lung surgery. She talks about "mom guilt" and also the importance of taking care of herself. Amy's instagram Marion Wagner

Episode 23 Tips to Make Your Summer Sweet

In this short and sweet episode I share two tips to help you enjoy your summer! I also talk about upcoming events in the podcast... (SEASON 2)!!!!! Thank you for listening! Don't forget to leave a review!

Episode 22 Adoption: Building a Family Despite Infertility

In this episode we talk with Kaitlyn Motes about her journey through infertility and the adoption story of her daughter Lucy. Kaitlyn is real about the feelings of grief that accompany infertility, but also emits a feeling of hope for families that choose to adopt. The Motes Family is currently looking to adopt again! Visit her on Instagram

Episode 21 Accessing Your Superpowers

Laura Hames Franklin has grasped the most important aspects of the universe, the mind, and the body to help individuals be their best selves. She says in order to change yourself, your life, etc, it has to come from within. In this episode she explains how to help your body speak with your mind to manifest your potential in your life. She also coaches me through a few exercises (you can follow along) to experience that amazing inner connection. Visit her website Watch her on youtube

Episode 20 Marriage Advice; Solving ANY Problem

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN! Jan Clark packs SO much into this interview. Your marriage will change, your perspective will change. Whether it be small problems or BIG problems, if you have: Unwavering Commitment Communication Humility ...will allow for problems in your marriage to be solved with ease. Follow Jan on Instagram

Episode 19 Kennspiration: Constant & Thrifty

In this episode Kennedy shares her journey with her blog she started in high school. She talks about her love for thrift, but also shares tips on how to not let thrift shopping be overwhelming. Sometimes posts on social media receive negative attention, what do we do about it? Listen to the episode to find out. Follow Kennedy on Instagram Visit her blog Amber Fillerup Julia Engel

Episode 18 Worry: an Emotion You Don’t Need

In this episode I bring to your attention that WORRY SERVES NO USEFUL PURPOSE! What does worry look or feel like to you? Here are some tips for dismissing worry: Accept that worrying is NOT beneficial. Notice when you begin to feel your emotions turn to a worry- and turn them into a want. (Your true motivation) Meditate. Live in the Moment. This is not a ticket to shirk responsibility. Follow on Instagram

Episode 17 Capturing a Miracle: Birth Photography

In this episode we talk with Susan about how she decided to focus on birth photography as her specialty. She shares some of the birth stories she has captured and she also shares what to expect if you hire a birth photographer. Follow Susan on Instagram

Episode 16 Tough Like Adria

This week's episode was recorded especially for Mother's Day. I talked a little about the process of beginning my podcast and what my mom has done to inspire me in the process. Happy Mother's Day! Munchin' With Moguls Podcast Better Than Happy Podcast LaunchaPod Podcasting Course What are Garments?

Episode 15 Talents: How to Help Them Grow

In this episode we learn how to grow our talents using 5 specific steps. Aubrey, creator of the watercolor Etsy shop INKSPLASHED , shares her experience of how she grew her talent of painting. When we are willing to discover, dedicate time, notice improvement, study the skill and then share what we have learned with others, our skills begin to blossom into true talents. Follow Inksplashed on instagram. Follow Aubrey on instagram. Follow Pieces Calligraphy on instagram.

Episode 14: Forgiveness-3 Tips to Make it Easier

In this episode we talk about 4 steps to aid in the process of forgiveness. We also talk about 3 tips I have learned, from personal experience, about how to make forgiveness easier. Thanks for listening! 4 Steps to Forgiveness- William Fergus Martin Babes Unpaused on Insta Visit the Website

Episode 13 Beauty: The Link Between Inner & Outer

In this episode I interview Megan about BEAUTY. Megan is a beautiful person on the inside and out! She shares why it's so important for her to get ready everyday. We also talk about inner beauty and the importance of letting that shine to amplify your appearance. Megs Beauty Project Merrick White

Episode 12 Marriage Advice: Learning How To Love

In this episode I share all of the marriage advice YOU sent in through Instagram and THEN I share the best advice I got! Have you brushed up on the 5 love languages? Take the quiz (linked below). Love Language Quiz Visit my website

Episode 11 Living Abroad; Choosing to Stay a Tourist

In this episode Andrea talks about her experience living abroad in Monterrey Mexico. Although she has conquered Spanish and her fear of the grocery store, she chooses to stay a tourist. Even if you do not plan to live abroad, give the episode a listen to learn to "bloom where you are planted". Follow Andrea on Instagram

Episode 10 Existing in Photos; Your Legacy

In this episode we chat with Portrait Photographer Taylor Boone about her journey in empowering women through photographs. She expresses the importance of existing in photos... especially after turning 25. Visit Taylor Boone

Episode 9 Minimalism: Less is More

In this episode we talk with Gracie about her journey in becoming a minimalist. She says "Minimalism is owning less to experience more." She and her husband Willie are approaching minimalism in a realistic way that can lead to a better focus on their hopes and dreams. It's a good one, give it a listen and don't forget to L E A V E A R E V I E W! Follow Gracie on Instagram The Minimalists

Episode 8 Pregnancy Part Two- P.P.D

This episode is really a must listen. It's for moms, anyone who wants to be a mom, sisters of people who are moms, heck.. even invite your husbands to listen. Mallory shares her experience with postpartum depression/anxiety. We talk about symptoms, treatment, and the acceptance of this hormonal imbalance. P L E A S E L E A V E A R E V I E W! Mallory's Instagram

Episode 7 Pregnancy Part One; Come What May

In this episode we talk with Kristina about her physical and emotional journey of an ectopic pregnancy. She shares her story along with thoughts on when one should become a parent and how to have hope even when you've lost something so special. Check out Kristina on Instagram Kristina's Blog