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Finding a balanced and sustainable way to eat, live and exercise! Topics include fat loss, finding beauty in mental and physical strength, the ups and downs of life, and our journeys throughout fitness!

Finding a balanced and sustainable way to eat, live and exercise! Topics include fat loss, finding beauty in mental and physical strength, the ups and downs of life, and our journeys throughout fitness!
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Finding a balanced and sustainable way to eat, live and exercise! Topics include fat loss, finding beauty in mental and physical strength, the ups and downs of life, and our journeys throughout fitness!




Goals: How to Make Them & Actually Achieve Them

It’s easy to say we want to lose weight or be more successful or make more money, but realistically, you won’t ever get there unless you make an actionable plan with a realistic timeline. With the new year approaching, I imagine you have some goals for 2019! You’re not alone if you need help figuring out how to actually achieve them. Join Kim, Nichole and I on this week’s episode of Decades of Strength as we discuss strategies for goal setting, how to ensure you reach your goals, and our...


How to Create a Successful Workout Plan

Have you ever walked into the gym without a plan? Feeling like you’re clueless is the worst, especially in the gym, where you’re already self-conscious. If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve got you covered! In this week’s episode, I recommend optimal workout frequency, how to create the most effective workout, when and how to incorporate cardio and HIIT, and share tips on warmup, cooldown, and stretching. Don’t go into the gym without a plan. If you are prepared, you will succeed and be...


Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

Did you fall off track after the holiday? Or are you worried about messing up or losing progress between Thanksgiving and Christmas? On today’s episode, Nichole Kim and I discuss how to get back on track after social events, holidays or episodes of overeating or missing workouts. We give you real-life strategies for getting back on track, ways to manage stress during the festive seasons and how to not sabotage your fat loss efforts. If you’ve been working hard this year, tune in to this...


Episode 18: From disordered eating & exercise to a balanced lifestyle

Are you stuck in a rut with your diet or exercise and just can’t seem to find a balance? When fellow coach Kyle Coughlan was in the Army, his life and schedule were dictated to him. The only thing he had control of was his food intake, which led to some emotional turmoil and eventually led to an obsession with restricting calories. He wanted a six pack but couldn’t quite find a balanced approach to diet and exercise. Fast forward a few years and Kyle is on the other side of his struggles! He...


How to Stay Lean and Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Are you worried about holiday weight gain? Maybe you're nervous that you'll fall off track with all of the holiday parties and food? No fear, Decades of Strength podcast is here!! On this week's episode, Kim, Nichole and I will walk you through our top strategies to head into the holiday season with a winning mindset and come out feeling better than ever! We share tips on how to enjoy your favorite holiday dishes and treats without guilt and ways to still make progress despite all of the...


Episode 17: Eliminating Self-Doubt to Become a Badass

Do you experience moments of self doubt? Do you talk to yourself like you would a friend? On today’s episode, I interview Boston-based fitness instructor Jessie Alegria about her story. A Costa Rica native, this woman has an incredible journey moving to a new city with nothing and no real community to now teaching over 20 classes a week in the pursuit of inspiring others to find their inner badass and build a strong community. She is empowering, brave and most of all - has so many tips for...


Decades of Strength: Why Being Strong is Fun and Empowering

Does seeing yourself get stronger get you excited? On today’s episode, Kim and I recap our recent powerlifting competition where we both set new personal records and talk about our experience getting stronger when surrounded by a bunch of other strong women! Powerlifting is a place for anyone who wants to chase strength and prove to themselves they can do it! Kim and I share misconceptions about the sport, how we both got into it, and why we love it so much. Truthfully, it’s addicting...


Decades of Strength: Episode 02

Are you stuck in a weight loss plateau? We got you covered! On episode 2 of the Decades of Strength Podcast, me Nichole and Kim dissect the truth about weight loss plateaus and how to get past them. We also talk about meal prep, eating out, and how to set up your kitchen to help you succeed in your fat loss journey.


Episode 16: Tackling Challenges & Celebrating Victories

It's easy to get discouraged when we face challenges. Rather than seeing them as obstacles, what if we thought of challenges as opportunities to grow and emerge into the person we are capable of being? Success in the long term will come from celebrating and recognizing all of your victories, no matter big or small. On this week's episode, I share a conversation with my online client and ultra-marathoner Kyra just moments after she ran 30 miles and completed 60 obstacles through the brutal...


Episode 15: How to Eliminate the Weekend Diet Binge

Today’s episode is a solo podcast! If you’ve ever said “Diet starts Monday” and you keep falling off track on the weekends, you are not alone. I explain why your weekends may be your weak-ends and how to make positive changes that will eliminate the weekend binge. Tune in to listen as I share my biggest tips to get you out of this vicious cycle!


Episode 14: Why You Need Strength Training as a Runner

On this week’s episode, I interview personal trainer and marathoner Olivia Caputo on how weightlifting transformed her and why strength training is critical for everyone, especially runners and endurance athletes! Whether you are a seasoned runner or you are just getting started, Olivia shares her biggest tips on how to setup a successful workout plan, stay injury free and increase your speed and endurance. Tune in to hear more about her story and how you can improve as a multi-faceted...


Decades of Strength: Episode 01

Decades of Strength: a new collaborative podcast series featuring me, Sam Altieri, as well as Nichole Guerrette, Kim Schlag, and Susan Niebergall. We are 4 strong women representing 4 decades of strength: the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. In this first episode, we talk about our own fitness journeys, how to get started in the weights area, gym intimidation and how to conquer it. Tune in to listen!


Episode 13: The 5 Golden Rules of Fat Loss

Today’s episode is a solo podcast! I talk all about the 5 golden rules of fat loss and what you need to focus on if you’re trying to lose fat. I also touch upon dieting mentality and why you need to have patience, a positive attitude and a big picture mindset in order to succeed. Tune in to listen!


Episode 12: How to Lose Fat and Keep it Off

On this week’s episode, I interview coach Chad Hargrove on how to lose fat and keep it off! Chad shares his biggest tips for not just achieving the body you want, but maintaining it - which is often harder than losing the weight in the first place. We talk about calories, binge eating, having a social life while dieting and why it’s important to diet on as many calories as possible! We also touch upon how to set up a realistic timeline and set of goals so that you can succeed. Tune in to...


Episode 11: How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting and Get Strong as Hell

On today’s episode, I talk with my friend and fellow online fitness coach Kim Schlag about her journey. At age 48, she's in the best shape of her life and she's a total badass! We talk about yo-yo dieting, lifting weights as a female, and understanding the importance of having physical strength. Kim and I agree that as soon as you stop taking yourself so seriously, smile and laugh, and realize you can pick up heavy things, you become a lot more confident in all areas of your life. Tune in to...


Episode 10: Body Image Issues & The Truth About the Mirror

On today’s episode, I talk with friend and California based fitness coach, Marci Nevin, about the ups and downs of her personal fitness journey. We talk about body image issues, looking in the mirror, and how Marci's life changed dramatically when she shifted her focus from how she looked to how strong she could be. People care less about how you look and more about how you make them feel, and Marci's journey is a testament to that reality. Tune in to find out ways that you can enjoy the...


Episode 03: Why You Don't Have to Be Good at Yoga

On this week’s episode, I speak with the bubbly and inspirational yoga instructor Shireen Damghani about why you don’t need to be good at yoga and how it can give you more balance and mindfulness. We discuss why yoga is critical to getting stronger and being more aware of your own body- physically, mentally, and emotionally, and the concept that yoga (and working out in general) is a practice, as we are always trying, failing and improving.


Episode 02: Making a Setback a Comeback

Making a comeback a setback! Listen as my incredible friend and client Aurora tells us about her horrific car accident that left her unable to walk. Since recovering, she explains why the gym is a place she goes to build strength and find more meaning in her everyday life.


Episode 09: Best Fat Loss Workouts & Finding A Gym Family

On today’s episode, I talk with strength and fitness coach Nik Reese about how to set up the most effective fat loss workout and why you will succeed if you have a gym family. If you’re going into the gym without a plan or a support system, it’s probably the reason why you aren’t reaching your goals. Tune in to find out how to set up a plan that will allow you to have fun AND succeed!


Episode 08: Why You Need Exercise for Confidence & Longevity

On this week’s episode, I interview coach Chad Driscoll on why exercise is so important for boosting confidence and why it can be used as a preventative tool for disease rather than a reactive one! We talk about how to set yourself up for success by changing your environment as well as strategies to improve your intentions and intensity in the gym. Tune in to listen!