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066: 1% Spotlight with Lucy Dunne

Welcome to our monthly 1% spotlight episode. On the 1% spotlight, we’re joined by people who are truly stepping into their own 1% and want to share their stories. We not only want to bring you guys millionaires and established entrepreneurs, but we also want to show you guys the people who have just taken the leap towards building the life they dream of. We want to remind you guys that it’s possible for you too! Lucy Dunne is a certified personal trainer, holistic nutrition coach, and...


065: How to Manage Your Money Mindset & Scale Your Lifestyle with Tiffany Carter, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur & Money-Making Mentor

Welcome to episode 065 with multi-millionaire entrepreneur & money-making mentor, Tiffany Carter. In this episode Tiffany and Amanda discuss money-mindset, the subtle ways that our past is affecting our relationship with money today, how we sabotage our own success, and the correlation between self-worth and net-worth. Tiffany’s expertise and down to earth personality really make it possible for anyone to understand her message and improve their relationship with money.


064: How To Be Business Partners with Your Significant Other

Welcome to episode 064 where we dive into what it’s like to business partners with your significant other. We were interviewed on the Becoming Your Greatest Self Podcast and we thought it would be fun if you guys could listen in on the interview. In this episode we’re honest about the struggles and the work that we put in to maintain a healthy relationship. We talk about our non-negotiables, the boundaries we set to protect our relationship, and how we keep our vows alive in both our...


063: Work-In vs. Work-out with Alex Silver-Fagan, Nike Master Trainer

Welcome to episode 063 with Nike Master Trainer Alex Silver-Fagan. Alex strives to help others find joy in movement and shift their mindset around fitness from wanting to look a certain way to focusing on feeling great in their bodies. Alex and James also discuss topics such as body dysmorphia, morning routines, letting go of control, and the mind-body connection.


062: Vegas Stronger – A Special Episode Paying Tribute to Those Affected by the Oct 1st Shooting

Welcome to episode 062. This episode is a tribute to those affected by the mass shooting that occured in our beautiful city of Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017.


061: The 4 S’s to Scaling Your Passion & Business with Mike Zeller, Creative Business Strategist

Welcome to Episode 61 with Mike Zeller, an entrepreneur who starts businesses that make the world a better place. This episode is jam packed with information for entrepreneurs and for those of you who are looking to turn your passion project into a business. Amanda and Mike discuss everything from why great ideas aren’t enough, mistakes entrepreneurs are making, how to scale your business, the 80% principle, personality assessments, and much more.


060: Don’t Stop Beleafing with Dan Bernstein

Welcome to episode 60 with Dan Bernstein, an entrepreneur who went from finance to farming. In this episode we dive into the topic of food with an emphasis on microgreens. Microgreens have been appearing in dishes all over the world and we wanted to learn more. In this episode, Dan teaches us about microgreens and why they are important. Be ready to take some notes, Dan has a lot of great information to share about what we can put into our bodies for maximum efficiency!


059: How Your Dream Can Turn Into A 6 Figure Business

Welcome to episode 59 where we are interviewed on the ProjectME Podcast with Tiffany Carter. In this episode we talk about how Be That 1% came to be, the challenges we have faced, and how our dream became a 6 figure business.


057: Be A Call To Action with Kirsty Godso

Welcome to Episode 57 with Nike Master Trainer and positive energy dealer Kirsty Godso. From the time Kirsty was a young girl in New Zealand she knew that she wanted to work for Nike. She was relentless in her pursuit and today she shares with us the lessons she’s learned, the importance of having positive internal dialogue, and the standards she now lives by in order to continue to show up as the best version of herself.


056: Act As If – Motivational Segment with James Silvas

Welcome to Episode 56 where we bring you a short but powerful motivational segment. In this episode James and Amanda discuss the “act as if” concept and how using it consistently can help you level up.


055: Life Hacks for Traveling the World with Brian Cain

Welcome to Episode 55 with Brian Cain where he shares life hacks for traveling the world. Brian has traveled to 45 countries so far and is the Founder and Director of 365 abroad, a social media travel brand. Through his brand, Brian provides resources for people who want to travel. In this episode Brian shares the wisdom he’s gathered while traveling the world, along with plenty of tips and tricks.


054: Live Your Dream Life in Real Life with Ronda Wynn

Welcome to Episode 54 with Ronda Wynn. Ronda is an empowerment coach and lifehacker. She helps women transition into lives that they’re absolutely in love with. In this episode, Ronda really breaks down how she put herself out there in her community and the importance of simply showing up. Amanda and Ronda also discuss the game changing power of community, giving away your knowledge, and building an attraction based business.


053: 5 Ways to Bust Through Your Complacency & Laziness

Welcome to Episode 53 with James and Amanda. In this episode they discuss 5 ways you can start breaking through your complacency and laziness right now! We all experience those moments in our lives where we are in a mental state that just isn’t serving us. This episode will provide you with exact methods you can use to shift into a more empowered state that can help you get to the next level.


052: Level Up Your Thoughts About Money with Chris Harder

Welcome to Episode 52 with Chris Harder on Leveling Up Your Thoughts About Money. Chris runs not one, but two multimillion dollar businesses with his wife Lori Harder. On this episode, Chris shares with us what he has learned over the years about money and how ego, tribe, and positive propaganda play a huge role on whether we make more money or deter it from our lives. Chris leaves us with a lot of tactical advice that we can implement right now in our lives to get closer to making the...


051: Clarity Creates Confidence + Free Worksheet!

Welcome to episode 051 with Amanda where she explains how having more clarity can help us create confidence in areas where we may be lacking it. Are there any areas in your life where you can get more clear? If so, we encourage you to download the free worksheet in the show notes and answer the questions for yourself in order to gain more clarity and confidence.


050: Oh SHIFT Into Your Greatest Self with Nichole Sylvester

Welcome to episode 050 with Nichole Sylvester. In this episode Amanda and Nichole dive into willingness, awakening, abundance, and money consciousness. Nichole shares the mindset, language, and tools she uses while envisioning and working on her future.


049: Raise The Bar with Becky Dunlap a Be That 1% Testimonial

Welcome to Episode 049 with Becky Dunlap, a believer in raising the bar and being her own 1%. Becky discusses the ways that Be That 1% has impacted her life and what it was like to travel across the country to experience Be That 1% live at Joyride, our all women’s event. She also shares with us her biggest takeaways from the event, what separated this event from all of the others she has attended, and where she is at now after her experience at Joyride.


048: Rewriting Your Story with James Silvas

Welcome to Episode 048 with James Silvas on rewriting your story. You know - that story that has been preventing you from getting to the life that you want to create. The stories that you have created after defining moments in your lives that tell you that you’re not enough. It’s possible you have been telling yourselves these stories for months, or maybe even years without ever accepting that they are simply not true. In this episode James breaks down some of those stories you might be...


047: WILLINGNESS – Couch Conversations | April – August ’18

This episode gives you a behind the scenes look at Be That 1% the business, impact and growth. As well as, gives you an inside look at James & Amanda Silvas’s relationship on running a business together.


046: Passion Outweighs Talent with Betina Gozo

Welcome to episode 46 with Nike Master Trainer, entrepreneur, and performer Betina Gozo. In this episode Betina and James discuss how Betina has built life on her terms by doing the things that she loves. She finds purpose through inspiring people to unlock the strengths they have within and to write new stories in their bodies. Betina not only impacts lives through fitness but she is also starting a non-profit that brings volunteers to developing countries to work with special needs...