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Dr. Frank Lipman talks with Dr. Jason Fung.

In this episode, Dr. Frank Lipman sits down with Dr. Jason Fung, a leading expert on intermittent fasting for weight loss, diabetes reversal and overall wellness. The author of three best-selling health books, Fung has been a key leader in popularizing fasting and changing the negative perception of it over the last few years. Dr. Fung explains the physiological benefits of fasting — and the science behind why it works so well. It's hormones, not calories, that people should be focusing on,...


Dr. Frank Lipman talks with Dr. James Dinicolantonio

In this episode, Dr. Frank Lipman talks with cardiovascular research scientist Dr. James Dinicolantonio about the myths in our culture about salt. Thanks to a few misconstrued scientific opinions backs in the 1950s, many Americans think salt is poison — but it’s an essential mineral, and a low-salt diet can actually cause a number of health problems. Those include dehydration, increased heart rate, exercise intolerance, and iodine deficiency. The author of “The Salt Fix,” Dr. Dinicolantonio...


Nina Teicholz - The Big Fat Surprise

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, investigative journalist and author Nina Teicholz talks with Dr. Frank Lipman about dietary fats — and why everything Americans think they know about them is wrong. She explains how misinformation about saturated fats, along with the erroneous idea that a low-fat diet is best, is causing numerous health problems. Author of the best-selling "The Big Fat Surprise," Teicholz has spent more than a decade researching the history of how we came to believe...


Dr. Lipman with Dr. David Perlmutter on Diet & Brain Health

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, Dr. Frank Lipman talks with neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, author of the New York Times bestseller “Grain Brain.” Dr. Perlmutter has been way ahead of the curve by taking people off grains and promoting a low-carb, high-fat, high-fiber diet for the past several years. Dr. Perlmutter and Dr. Lipman discuss the the damage gluten imparts and the negative effects it can have on the gut, brain, joints and skin — even in non-Celiac patients. So going...


Dr. Lipman with Taryn Toomey on Movement as Medicine

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, fitness guru Taryn Toomey talks with Dr. Frank Lipman about how she created what’s known simply as “The Class.” Toomey has always used movement and music as her personal form of medicine, so seven years ago, she began developing a class that does just that. It’s a unique mat-based workout class that combines cardio, yoga, and strength training. But it’s more than just a typical exercise class — it encourages people to ultimately free their mind through...


Dr. Lipman with Danielle Walker on Healing Autoimmunity Through a Grain Free Diet

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, Dr. Frank Lipman sits down with Danielle Walker, the author and photographer of the ​New York Times​ best-selling cookbook “Against All Grain.” At age 22, Walker was diagnosed with a painful autoimmune disease. Doctors told her changing her diet wouldn’t help ease her symptoms — but she had a sneaking suspicion they were wrong. Almost 10 years ago, Walker removed all grains and legumes from her diet, and it has made a major difference in managing the...


Dr. Lipman with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee on The 4 Pillar Plan

Dr Rangan Chatterjee discusses his views on wellness with Dr Frank Lipman and Heather Thomson. It’s time to feel better than you ever have before. Dr Rangan Chatterjee, star of the hit BBC One Series, Doctor In The House and author of The 4 Pillar Plan Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep your way to a longer, healthier and happier life. His book is the solution to help you feel better than you ever have before. I wrote this book to make good health accessible to all. Based on cutting edge...


Dr. Frank Lipman on How to Be Well

Dr Frank Lipman talks with Heather Thomson about health and wellness. His new book is the ultimate easy-to-use, go-to manual for lifelong vitality. In it you’ll find his Good Medicine Mandala made up of 6 rings that represent the foundational pillars of long lasting health: EAT: master the very building blocks of life—food SLEEP: reprioritize and restore one of your most fundamental needs MOVE: ensure the body moves in all the ways that nature intended it to PROTECT: mitigate and...


Dr. Lipman with Sophia Gushee on A to Z of D-Toxing

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, we’re joined by nontoxic lifestyle expert Sophia Gushee, author of “A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures.” According to Gushee, since World War II, over 82,000 chemicals have been introduced into American commerce. She talks to us about how many of these chemicals are lurking in our own homes — and the steps we can all start taking to detox our spaces. Gushee didn’t use to worry about toxins, but once she became...


Dr. Lipman with Dr. Aseem Malhotra on Heart Disease

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, Dr. Frank Lipman sits down with cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a leading expert on heart disease who’s leading the campaign against excess sugar consumption. Dr. Malhotra talks about what’s really at the root of heart disease — and that the best ways to prevent it are all about living a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to heart disease, Dr. Malhotra says, there has been too much focus on saturated fat and cholesterol. What’s really at the root of...