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52: Episode 27: Cannabis, THC, and Beauty with Cristina from The Bloom Brand

Hi beauties! This week I’m with Cristina, who does marketing for The Bloom Brand. The Bloom Brand is a growing vape company! She joined me to talk about CBD, THC, cannabis, and more. She has lots of great insight on cannabis and CBD skincare, so listen in! Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Find The Bloom Brand here. Shop for KD Skincare in my shop!


51: Five Minute Friday: Beauty & The Botox - Everything You Need to Know About Botox, Xeomin and Dysport

This week I’m talking about Vitamin B - Botox! In my office, I use multiple forms of neurotoxins, including Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. Listen in as I explain the differences between these different forms of botox, and as I give tips for people who are thinking about trying their first botox treatments! Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Come visit me for your next botox treatment!Shop for KD Skincare in my shop!


50: Episode 26: Latisse for Lashes, the Botox Lip Flip, and Other August Specials with the Office Staff

Happy August! It's time for some back-to-school beauty. Today I'm here with Nurse Val, Emily, and Omer to talk about all of our office specials this month which will help you look and feel great as we head into September! We talk about Latisse, the Vi Peel, the botox lip flip, and more! Listen in to learn what deals you can purchase this month! Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.To purchase Latisse, call our office at 6263167033!Shop for KD Skincare in my shop!


49: Five Minute Friday: Everything You Need To Know About Sculptra Butt Injections

My signature Sculptra butt injections have become one of the most popular procedures in my office! I’m one of the only physicians in Los Angeles who offers this procedure, and patients visit me from all over the country to receive it. I get so many questions about how Sculptra butt injections work - how many vials you need, how many treatments are necessary, etc. Listen in to learn! Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for KD Skincare in my shop!


48: Episode 25: Intermittent Fasting, the Ketogenic Diet, and More with Lifestyle Coach Luke Storey

This week I was so excited to finally speak to Luke Storey! I’ve been following this awesome man on Instagram and listening to his podcast for so long and admiring all of his content. Luke pushes the boundaries of the human body - he’s injected himself with poison, he takes daily ice baths, and he’s on a new high-fat diet! Listen in as we talk all about his lifestyle choices and as I give Luke a crash course on botox and filler! Find me on Instagram here.Find Luke on Instagram here. Listen...


47: Five Minute Friday: How to Incorporate Retin-A into Your Skincare Routine

If you follow my Instagram, you know how much I love retin-a - I post about it basically every day. I often say “Everyone over the age of 30 should be using retin-a”, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great for girls and guys of all ages. Retin-a is the secret to bright, clear skin and diminished fine lines and wrinkles. It can be a bit abraisive if you’re using it for the first time - so listen in to learn how to best incorporate it into your skincare routine! Find me on Instagram...


46: Episode 24: Jawline Sculpting, Collagen Pills, and "Face Sleeping" with Rocker Ash Costello

Welcome back to Beauty Bytes! Today I'm interviewing one of my most bad-ass clients, Ash Costello! Ash a hard rocker from the band New Years Day and she came to visit me to get beautified before heading out on tour! Listen in to our live injection as we chat about filler, collagen pills (myth or fact?) and why you shouldn't sleep on your face! Find me on Instagram here.Find Ash on Instagram here. Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for my Diamond Line Refine retinol serum in my shop!


45: Five Minute Friday: How to Deal With Hormonal and Yeast Acne

Welcome back and happy Friday! I've talked about acne before many times on my podcast, but today I'm getting more specific with 2 certain types of acne - hormonal acne and yeast acne. Hormonal acne is caused by hormones (duh) and can affect us at any age, from our teenage years up to menopause. Yeast acne is a condition that happens when body yeast clogs our hair pores, and is especially common in the summer. Listen in for my tips on how to deal with these 2 conditions! P.S. Both these...


44: Episode 23: Style, Skincare, Fashion and Filler with Danielle Prescod, BET Stylist

Hello, beauties! This week I'm chatting with Danielle Prescod, an amazing stylist for Black Entertainment Television (BET)! Danielle is a New York girl but she came to visit me in LA. As a stylist, she knows all the hottest trends that are happening right now! Listen in as we talk about skincare, fashion, beauty, and more! Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for my Hyaluronic Line Filler (Ryan's favorite) in my shop!


43: Five Minute Friday: A Fresh View of Men's Skincare with My Belotero, Radiesse, and Xeomin Rep

This week I'm joined by my good friend and colleague, Ryan! Ryan is my Merz rep, which means that he's the one in charge of supplying me with the Belotero, Radiesse, and Xeomin that I use in my office. Listen in as I ask him about his daily skincare routine! We also have a quick talk about Belotero, Radiesse, and Xeomin! Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for my Hyaluronic Line Filler (Ryan's favorite) in my shop!


42: Episode 22: Perfecting Your Skin with Peels

Chemical peels - Lots of people have heard about them, but very few actually know what they entail. Listen in as Nurse Val, Alex and I talk about chemical peels and how they can benefit you! Glycolic acid is a common ingredient in chemical peels, and it’s one of my favorite acids that gives the skin a beautiful glow. This week my Ultra Glow Peel Pads with 20% Glycolic Acid are on sale for 20% off in my shop, so make sure you order them today! Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my...


41: Five Minute Friday: Redness and Rosacea

Many people are familiar with the feeling of having red, blushing skin. Some people even deal with rosacea, a skin condition which causes enlarged pores and gives the skin a flushed appearance. There are lots of tips for ways that we can treat redness and rosacea, ranging from what we put in our body to what we put on our skin! Listen in for my top tips on how to treat redness. Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for my Triple Shot with green tea, caffeine,...


40: Episode 21: "You Don't Need Botox!" - Botox Misconceptions with The Lady Gang's Jac Vanek

This week I’m hosting Jac Vanek again! I love this girl too much to keep her off my podcast. Jac is 1/3 of The Lady Gang podcast and owns her own clothing line. The Lady Gang recently signed a deal with E! Network to host their own show, so Jac came to me to get camera-ready. Jac loves botox because it keeps her forehead smooth but allows her to show her normal expressions like smiling or frowning. Today we’re talking about common misconceptions that people have about botox - that we...


39: Five Minute Friday: Serious Advice About Sleep

Sleeping is something that we spend so much of our life doing. But I’m sure that some of us wish that we could do it more! Today I have some quick advice on how you can get better sleep, and the skincare tips you should use before going to bed every night. Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for my Night Quench or my Diamond Line Refine in my shop.


38: Episode 20: Facts About Fiber with Tanya Zuckerbrot, Founder of the F-Factor Diet

This week I’m joined by a girl with both beauty and brains! Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, is an internationally-known dietician and founder of the F-Factor Diet. Tanya believes in healthy weight loss through a high-fiber diet, which fueled her passion to create F-Factor. Listen in to hear all about F-Factor and the inside scoop on why you should incorporate more fiber into your diet.


37: Five Minute Friday: 4 Tips for Taking Cre of Darker Skin Tones with ANTM Model Coura Falls

Happy Friday! This week I was so thrilled to be joined by the beautiful Coura Falls from Cycle 24 of America's Next Top Model. This dark-skinned beauty came to visit me in my office and we talked about all sorts of tips for individuals with darker skin tone! Coura was born in Africa, which made her even more special to me, because that's where I was born too. Can you guess where? Listen to find out! Find me on Instagram here.Find Coura on Instagram here. Subscribe & rate my podcast on...


36: Episode 19: Skincare Tips and Makeup Tricks with Makeup Artist Angie Mikaelian

Today I'm pleased to host Angie Mikaelian, a top makeup artist based in LA! Angie is a self-taught makeup artist who has worked on LA and NY Fashion Week and teaches Master Classes. You should definitely check out her fun YouTube channel, where she posts makeup tutorials and other great videos. Listen in as we talk about filler, skincare, our favorite makeup brands, and more! Find me on Instagram here.Find Angie on Instagram here. Find Angie on YouTube here. Subscribe & rate my podcast on...


35: Five Minute Friday: The Science Behind Sunburn (Summer Series Part 2)

I keep stressing how important sunscreen is, but sunburns can happen to the best of us. Listen in to understand sunburn and learn how you can treat it if you're unlucky enough to get one this summer. Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for my KD Perfecting Sun Shield (SPF 50+ sunscreen) and my Triple Shot Serum in my shop.


34: Episode 18: "Grad Goals" - My Secret Major, My Medical School Journey, and More (Extended Episode)

People are constantly asking me how I became a plastic surgeon, or how they can do what I do. So this week I sat down with my awesome office staff and they helped me reminisce my schooling journey through my undergrad, medical school, residency, and beyond! Listen in for lots of great advice on how to be successful in medical school (or any other venture you're on). We got a little sentimental, because 2 of my staff members are leaving us for Med School and PA school, bu I'm so proud of...


33: FIve Minute Friday: Summer, SPF, and Fun in the Sun (Summer Series Part 1)

SPF - you hear this term all the time, but do you even know what it means? If you don't, don't worry, I'm here to explain everything! Listen in to the first part of my Summer Series as I give you all the inside information on SPF, sun protection, and sunscreen tips. Find me on Instagram here.Subscribe & rate my podcast on iTunes.Shop for my KD Perfecting Sun Shield (SPF 50+ sunscreen) in my shop.