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Suicide: What to Watch For

Suicide has been in the news lately. Learn the warning signs and what to do if you think someone may be at risk. Heather Partridge, a behavioral health consultant, shares what to watch for and how to help.


Benefits of Physical Therapy for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients face many challenges as they battle the disease. Treatment takes a toll on physical function and mental stress. Physical therapy improves mood through appropriate exercise. It also aids in gradual improvement of strength and function in the areas affected by cancer treatment. Dargan Ervin, Tidelands Health physical therapist, discusses the benefits of physical therapy for cancer patients.


Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Every woman will experience menopause at some point in their life. Unfortunately, menopause can come with unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms of vaginal dryness. This is due to the decreased levels of estrogen and can also cause itchiness, irritation and pain during sex. Gayle Richmond, MD, discusses vaginal dryness due to menopause, and treatment options available at Tidelands Health.


Gynecologic Preventative Care for Women

Listen in as Kathleen Augustine, ARNP, CNM discusses the importance of gynecologic preventative care in women.


A Workplace Setting That Works for You

Workplace injuries are common and finding the perfect set up is not always easy. Eric Hyer discusses how you can find the workplace setting that works for you.


The Importance of a Balanced Diet

Do you know what it means to eat healthy? Jamie Kandora, Tidelands Health clinical nutrition manager discusses the importance of a balanced diet, and how easy it is to eat healthy and enjoy the foods you eat!


Important Information About Getting a Colonoscopy

Diagnosing colon cancer early increases the likelihood of a good outcome. To examine, diagnose and treat a problem in your colon – or large intestine – your physician at Tidelands Health may use a colonoscopy. Dr. Christopher Bach, Tidelands Health gastroenterologist, joins the show to discuss the importance of a colonoscopy to prevent cancer, the latest guidelines and how a colonoscopy is much easier than you might imagine.


Maintaining Pelvic Health with Physical Therapy

At Tidelands Health, you'll find support and care for women at every stage of life – from adolescence to menopause and beyond. As your needs evolve, our physical therapists are there to help you with issues you might not even think of. Pelvic issue in women are common as they age. Physical therapy can help to strengthen the pelvic floor and help conditions such as incontinence, pelvic pain, and more. In this segment, Donna Pagano, Tidelands Health physical therapist, joins the show to...


Get a Grip on Your Hand Pain

You may not realize how much your hands do until you have trouble using them. Hand pain can limit many daily activities and affect your quality of life. If you work at a computer or other similar field, hand issues might even affect your work. In this segment, Dr. Jesse T. Lewis discusses how, if hand pain interferes with your daily life, it might be time to consider a visit to a hand surgeon.


The Benefits of Dry Needling

If you are living with chronic pain, you might want to consider dry needling therapy. Dry needling is a physical therapy intervention used to target muscle banding or knots, and to treat many types of pain. Listen as Kristin Dorio, PT discusses how dry needling works, and how it can possibly alleviate pain in many areas and restore your function for a better quality of life.


Physical Therapy for Your Neck or Back

After an injury, illness or surgery to your neck or back, a rehabilitation program helps restore you to the best possible function. At Tidelands Health, you’ll find our region’s widest range of rehabilitation services and gain access to many health care experts in more than a dozen locations. We’re united in helping you get back to your work, home and recreational activities as soon as possible. In this segment, Frank Moreno, Tidelands Health physical therapist, discusses how you’ll get...


Important Tips for Balance and Falls Prevention

According to the National Council on Aging, one in four older Americans falls every year. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for people aged 65+. Balance disorders can strike at any age, but are most common as you get older. In this segment, Sandra Fox a Tidelands Health physical therapist, joins the show to discuss balance and fall prevention and how helping an aging loved one to reduce their risk of falling is a great way to help them stay healthy and...


The Benefits of Centering During Pregnancy and Post-Partum

You can find more satisfaction with your maternity and post partum care experience by taking part in CenteringPregnancy at Tidelands Health. How does CenteringPregnancy work? You'll meet regularly with a nurse-midwife and several women in similar stages of pregnancy for health assessments, education and peer support. The program is linked to increased birth weight and gestational age of pre-term newborns, making CenteringPregnancy good for both you and your baby. Listen in as Callie...


Myths at the Gym: Fact or Fiction?

If you've ever belonged to a gym, you've probably wondered just how clean the gym is or maybe how you're supposed to interact with others? Does your trainer have your best interest at heart or are they just going through the motions? There are many myths surrounding working out at a gym. Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness is the region's premier medical fitness center. Here to bust up myths about fitness facilities, Helene Aulisio, Exercise Physiologist with Tidelands...


Getting Rehabilitation Patients Back On The Road Safely

Being independent and able to drive is an important part of your well being, but after a illness or injury you might find it difficult to get back behind the wheel. Driver rehab specialist Ian McClure talks today about Tidelands NextStep program and the goal of getting patients back on the road safely.


Guidelines for Supermarket Shopping and Reading Labels

During Tidelands Health's monthly Supermarket Tour event, Crystal Cates and others educates community members and hospital employees alike on making healthy food choices while perusing the aisles of local grocery stores. Butter vs. margarine: which one is healthier? The answer may come as a surprise. Listen in as Crystal Cates, RD explains her goal of teaching people how to navigate nutritional labels and to identify which foods you should try to avoid and which foods you should try to...


Managing Your Diabetes

If you have diabetes, your blood contains too much glucose – a type of sugar. Your pancreas may not make enough insulin to help glucose move from your blood into your cells, or your body may not be able to use insulin well. Although no cure currently exists for diabetes, Tidelands Health can help you with the condition. Georgetown and Horry counties have higher rates of diabetes than the nation does as a whole. That’s why Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital and Tidelands Waccamaw...


What Physical Therapy Can Do For Back Pain

If your back or neck aches, you're not alone. Spinal pain distracts millions of Americans from the joys of everyday life. Turn to Tidelands Health for relief, so you can focus on your family, work and hobbies again. Listen in as Nick McClary, physical therapist and clinical services manager at Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness, explains that the goal of back and neck rehabilitation is to help you manage disabling pain, return to your highest level of functioning and...


Regaining Motion Through Hand Therapy

A hand injury can dramatically impact quality of life. Even routine tasks such as brushing your teeth or writing a note can become difficult, if not impossible. Tidelands NextStep Hand Therapy Center is staffed by certified hand therapists who can help patients who have suffered a hand injury or illness regain functionality and learn adaptive skills to achieve independence with activities. Carrie DeLuca, senior occupational therapist at Tidelands Health, is here to discuss hand therapy,...


Does Your Child Suffer With Mental Health Issues? There is Help

Mood disorders, including major depression, in children and teens can often be effectively treated. Treatment should always be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the adolescent and family. Adolescents with a depressive or mental illness cannot merely "pull themselves together" and get better. Treatment is often necessary and many times crucial to recovery. Disorders affecting children may include anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum...