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We are #HopeDealers. This podcast is about everything related to recovery and substance use disorders. You have questions. We have answers.

We are #HopeDealers. This podcast is about everything related to recovery and substance use disorders. You have questions. We have answers.
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We are #HopeDealers. This podcast is about everything related to recovery and substance use disorders. You have questions. We have answers.




20: The Locker Room - Moving From Relapse Prevention to Recovery Enhancement

A simple, easy to use outline of supports and tools to help people sustain their personal recovery while giving them a framework they can use with their peers enabling them to build a solid foundation for their recovery. This episode will help those stuck in a rut shift from survivor to thriver in their daily life by providing a way for them to build on the successes they already have while rejoining the communities they live in by becoming vital and necessary.


19: Being a community organizer

What does it take to be a great community organizer? After attending 2 community leadership trainings Michael King facilitates, I share what I learned. Just know all the brilliant ideas are his, and the bad ideas are 100% mine.


18: The Importance of Prosocial Activities

In today’s podcast we will explore an often overlooked but vitally important piece of a recovery program, pro-social activities. SAMHSA says purpose and health are two of the 4 dimensions of recovery, and both are gained through pro-social activities.


17: 10 Questions with Al Vineyard

Al is celebrating 5 years in long-term recovery now but lost everything all at once due to her substance use. Today we ask her about her journey from before use, use and now her life today in recovery. We touch on multiple paths to recovery, the ways that we enter use and the gifts of recovery.


16: Supporting an Active User and Self-Care

This episode was attempting to give some guidance to a friend who is married to someone with an active substance use disorder and also dips into the importance of self-care.


15: Defining Terms Hard to Understand

An introduction to several terms in the addiction/recovery space some people are either not understanding or misusing, such as the difference between addiction and dependence or why we are currently experiencing a syndemic not an Opioid Epidemic.


14: Reflections on Long-Term Recovery

A discussion about a blog post written by Bill White and Galen Tinder that explored the unique characteristics displayed by those who are in long-term recovery.


13: Ten Questions with Brent Swanson

In this episode we talk to a father, Brent Swanson, who watched his daughter struggle with heroin and supported his daughter until she finally came out on the other side not only alive but thriving. He shares some insight I think we can all benefit from hearing and answers questions only a parent can.


12: Early Recovery Tips

In this episode we will discuss an article that listed 10 key skills and goals for your first year of recovery. So if you are looking for tips to use that will supercharge your recovery, look no further. The funny thing is that these tips can help improve anyone’s life!


11: Why Opioids Get All the Attention

It isn’t just opioids that are killing people at record levels, and opioid deaths may be taking the focus from other drugs and we can’t allow that to happen. Alcohol is increasing at a scary pace, especially among women. We have people dying from what they call despair deaths, which contain substance use and suicide. We are not going through an opioid epidemic, we are going through a syndemic (thanks for introducing me to that word, Brent Canode).


10: Rant on Stigma and Pathways

A brief discussion about Ben is Back and Beautiful Boy, why everyone has worth and why we must meet people where they are at with compassion and respect! Then a rant about multiple pathways, and why recovery is recovery is recovery and why we need to avoid becoming dogmatic about our recovery path.


9: Ikigai and Your Reason Why

In this episode we will talk about a Japanese concept, ikigai. Ikigai looks at 4 areas in our life: What we are good at, what we love, what the world needs and what you can get paid for and the amazing life people live when they can combine all 4 of these things. To begin with, we are going to look at 3 of these areas because those 3 combine to create your why. Finding your why is vitally important. Once you know your why, then you can find your way through life and nothing will stop you.


8: Gratitude

In this podcast, we discuss the power of gratitude, what a gratitude list is and how a daily gratitude list improves our attitude and quality of life.


7: Grief

Today we will be talking about grief and loss for a couple of reasons. I know that there are a lot of people who are losing loved ones, and they are understandably struggling with that loss. Also, I have found that sadly many people are not well informed about grief and loss. In fact, I would argue they are misinformed. So we are going to better equip people not only who are dealing with grief and loss, but also those who are supporting or love someone who is dealing with grief and loss.


6: Ten Questions with Tim Kavanagh

Tim Kavanagh is a person in long-term recovery. He is the founder of ARCH (Addiction Recovery Community Health), a recovery community center in St Charles, MO. He is the manager of Sober House, Inc and was a former counselor at Bridgeway Behavioral Health. Today, he answers 10 questions about his recovery journey.


5: Medication and Recovery

Medication is often maligned by people who are unable or unwilling to educate themselves. In this episode, we will explore medication as a lifesaving tool and one of the pathways to recovery used by people.


4: Forgiving Yourself

Many people find it difficult to forgive others for what they have done. For those of us in recovery, it is often much easier for us to forgive others than it is to forgive ourselves. Today we are going to look at why that is, and then explore ways to work on forgiving ourselves and continue moving forward in our recovery.


3: Powerless

The word powerless can be extremely hard to understand, especially in early recovery. In this episode we will take an acrostic used by Celebrate Recovery to explore what powerlessness really means and where it comes from; trying to do things that are outside of our ability to control which leads to us losing our serenity.


2: Tom Hill

Today we have an amazing interview focusing on recovery advocacy and a whole lot more with Tom Hill. Tom is the Vice President of Practice Improvement for the National Council for Behavioral Health and previously served as a Presidential Appointee in the position of Senior Advisor on Addiction and Recovery to the SAMHSA Administrator. More importantly, he is a person in long-term recovery who is changing the way we talk about substance use disorders and recovery!


1: Testimony

In this episode I share a little bit about me and my recovery, from my earliest memory of being abused to the things that have helped me get into recovery and build the amazing life I have today.