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Laura is a Certified Life, Health, Nutrition Coach, and Wellness professional. She's a two-time breast cancer survivor living with metastatic disease. Laura supports women in dropping their warrior shield after a diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer so they can release the pressure to go back to normal and create a life that's even better than before breast cancer. These twice-weekly episodes give you tools you can apply to your life today, to support your body and your mind as you manage life after breast cancer.


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Laura is a Certified Life, Health, Nutrition Coach, and Wellness professional. She's a two-time breast cancer survivor living with metastatic disease. Laura supports women in dropping their warrior shield after a diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer so they can release the pressure to go back to normal and create a life that's even better than before breast cancer. These twice-weekly episodes give you tools you can apply to your life today, to support your body and your mind as you manage life after breast cancer.






#280 How Breast Cancer Survivors are Like Navy Seals

You know how sometimes you're just doing your thing, and BOOM! A light bulb goes off in your head? 💡 That happened to me, and I just had to share it with you on this episode. First off, I talk about how much I admire Navy SEALs. No, no, not because they're tough guys in movies, but because they're the real deal when it comes to mental strength and pushing through discomfort. 🏋️‍♀️ And guess what? We're kinda like Navy SEALs too! Yup, you heard me right. We face discomfort every day, whether it's side effects from treatments or just the emotional rollercoaster we're on. But we don't let that stop us. We keep spinning the wheels of our life, just like I do in my spin class, even when my hands and feet hurt from chemo. 🚴‍♀️ The second big thing is about taking responsibility. We make hard choices, really hard ones, but we own them. We're the bosses of our own bodies, and we decide how to move forward, just like a Navy SEAL in training. 🌟 Lastly, I talk about the power of support and love. Navy SEALs have each other's backs, and so do we. When you meet another breast cancer survivor, it's like meeting a long-lost friend. We get each other, and that's magical. 🤗 So, if you want to feel like the Navy SEAL of breast cancer survival, you've got to tune in. We're diving deep, but we're doing it together, and I promise you'll come out feeling stronger and more inspired. 🌈 Catch you on the podcast! 💖🎙️ Referred to in this episode: Creating Time for You Workshop Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Jocko Willink


#279 How Your Bloodwork Can Guide Your Lifestyle After Breast Cancer

Join me in this week’s Tuesday Terrain Talk as we explore bloodwork from a whole new perspective. Understand the significance of one element of your blood, and what it means from a metabolic health perspective and you can use this understanding to adjust and implement lifestyle practices. Learn more about: Holistic Approach to Health: Breast cancer is complex, and so is its impact on our lives. It's essential to adopt a holistic approach, considering all aspects of our health, lifestyle, and treatments. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding Bloodwork: Hear the difference between the standard of care and naturopathic care when looking at labs. Learn more about a simple test that can reveal a story about your health and guide your lifestyle practices. Lifestyle Choices Matter: Our daily habits play a significant role in our overall health. From the importance of regular movement and exercise to the types of fats we consume and the significance of staying hydrated - our choices can either support or hinder our well-being. I know it can feel overwhelming, but remember, you have the power to make positive changes in your life. Whether it's moving a bit more each day, adjusting your diet, or simply understanding your bloodwork better, every step counts. Give this episode a listen. It's packed with insights and actionable tips to support your journey. 💖 Tune in now! 🎧 Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) How to Reduce ESR How to Reduce Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR) Naturally?


#278 How Relationships Impact Your Health After Breast Cancer

This past week, while celebrating birthdays with my friends and family, I thought a lot about the significance of healthy relationships and a sound support system when it comes to supporting our wellness. Happy Friendships: Think of your best friend. The one who makes you laugh and feel good. That's the magic of having good friends. They make us feel happy and loved. And studies show that they actually improve our health and our longevity. Not-so-Good Friends: Sometimes, we have to deal with toxic people and walk away feeling drained or sad. They always want attention or act like everything is about them. But it can be hard to know how to handle these people. How to set healthy boundaries and, more importantly, how to take care of yourself without judging yourself in these relationships. Making New Friends: variety is the spice of life. New relationships with people who bring new knowledge and new experiences to your life are an important drop in the relationship bucket. But making new connections can be challenging, especially as we get older. So, how do we find more good friends and more enjoyable social interactions? Check out this episode to hear all about embracing healthy relationships, dealing with unhealthy ones, and ways to cultivate new, thriving relationships that contribute to a life that's better than before breast cancer. Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Maintaining healthy relationships with age Why Toxic People Are So Harmful


#277 Snacks, Hunger Cues, and Urges After Breast Cancer

In today's Tuesday Terrain Talk episode, we delve deep into the world of lifestyle habits, especially concerning our relationship with food. Here are the highlights: The Allure of Modern Marketing: We'll explore how easily we're swayed by aggressive marketing campaigns that promise us the moon and stars. These campaigns often have us chasing after the next "magic pill" – whether that's a supplement, beauty product, or a lifestyle trend. But the reality is that these additional products might be a waste without mastering the basics of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. The Snacking Phenomenon: I shared personal anecdotes about the habits we've unknowingly adopted over the years. How many of us are guilty of reaching for snacks during a short car trip or filling our desks with treat bowls? Do we eat out of genuine hunger, or is it merely boredom or habit? It's essential to differentiate between the two and to identify when we're eating just because and when we're eating because our body truly needs nourishment. Understanding Hunger: This point was a profound one. How do we react when we feel the first pangs of hunger? Do we immediately reach for food? Understanding our hunger cues and how our body responds to dropping blood sugar levels can be pivotal in making healthier choices. In a nutshell, we need to step back and evaluate our relationship with food, understand our body's cues, and make conscious decisions that benefit our health in the long run. This episode could be the catalyst for the positive changes you're aiming for in your health journey. 🌸💪🏽 Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership


#276 Could Your Future be Better if You Learn to Embrace Your Past

I recorded this episode on my youngest son’s birthday, and I found myself thinking about the milestones of life and all of the small accomplishments that lay between those milestones. Life is a journey of emotions, pain, joy, and countless changes and lessons. And I have found that it’s too easy to slip into recalling the shameful moments or the bad decisions. But if we can put some effort into embracing and celebrating all the wins along the way, we can build an even more amazing future. So why is it so hard to own the results you create and celebrate yourself and your accomplishments? Check out this episode to hear more about: 🎉 Celebrating your achievements: Often, we minimize or ignore our accomplishments. Whether it's cultural conditioning or imposter syndrome, it's crucial we recognize and embrace our achievements, not just for ourselves but to inspire and empower others. 💪 The empowerment in embracing results: It's all about changing our mindset. By truly owning our achievements and not downplaying them, we become more confident and able to push past barriers. Remember, it's not about showing off or trying to one-up someone. It's about genuinely celebrating ourselves and our growth. 🚺 The gender bias: Historically, women's achievements have often been overshadowed or minimized. The subtle messaging, "that's good for a girl," can have lasting effects on self-perception. We must be mindful of this and constantly work towards recognizing and celebrating our worth. It’s fascinating to see how our past accomplishments can boost our future confidence. It's about embracing our power to create change in our lives and inspiring those around us. We're all capable of greatness, and it's time we own it! Celebrate you, embrace your results, and inspire the world. 🌟 Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership


#275 Veggies - The Good, the Bad, and Ways to Get More in Your Body

The Journal of Pharmaceutical research made this statement in 2008, “The fact that only 5–10% of all cancer cases are due to genetic defects and that the remaining 90–95% are due to environment and lifestyle provides major opportunities for preventing cancer.” And yet now, nearly 12 years later, we’re still asking ourselves if diet has an impact on our health and cancer risk. (Insert Mind Blown Emoji!!) While preparing for this episode of Tuesday Terrain Talks, I was shocked to see that vegetable consumption in the United States averages to less than two cups a day per person on average. That low consumption can’t be because we don’t know veggie consumption is important. So, what is holding us back from getting the minimum 2-3 cups per day, the suggested 5 cups per day and the optimal 9-12 cups per day? In this episode I’ll share some of the data that I think may surprise you. But, more importantly I’ll give you some insights on why vegetables serve your health more than you may realize, and I’ll address solutions to some of the top areas of resistance when it comes to eating your veggies. Referred to in this episode. 90 Days of Wellness Free Download -How to Eat without Fear and Guilt After Breast Cancer Fruit and vegetable intake and mortality- Harvard Study What the World Eats Pew Research Vegetables Illustrated: An Inspiring Guide with 700+ Kitchen-Tested Recipes Veg forward Cookbook Chez Panisse Vegetables


#274 Two Things you Need to Create a Life on Purpose After Breast Cancer

Do you ever find yourself feeling like life is throwing everything at you, and there's nothing you can do about it? I find that this is a common experience with the women that I coach. So know that you're not alone. When we find ourselves living life on the defense, holding up our shield and trying to fend off all the curveballs that life throws our way, we're left feeling powerless, exhausted, and drained. Those are exactly the emotions we want to address, process, and transform when we're creating lives that are better than before breast cancer. In this episode, I'll talk about the difference between what we want in life and how we create what we want in life. Because it's the gap between what we want and how we're living that can be filled with chaos, leaving us feeling depleted or filled with intention, leading us to feel inspired and empowered. Check out today's show to understand the most common reasons why we don't plan our life on purpose, the benefits of intentionally planning your life, and some simple tools to help you move closer to creating the life you desire no matter what life throws your way. Referred to in this episode: Becoming You 2.0 Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership


#273 Understanding and Supporting Your Metabolic Health

In this episode, we focus on an often-overlooked aspect of recovery for breast cancer survivors: metabolic health. It is well known that metabolic health plays a significant role in the overall well-being of an individual, and it is essential for those who have had a breast cancer diagnosis. We discuss the intricate relationship between metabolic health and breast cancer, shedding light on why it is essential for survivors to pay attention to their metabolic health as part of their recovery and ongoing wellness journey. Three key points you don't want to miss in this episode are: -What a healthy metabolism does -The relationship between metabolic health and breast cancer -Strategies to improve metabolic health A healthy metabolism is vital for overall health and wellness and can significantly impact the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Therefore, it is crucial for survivors to understand the role of metabolic health in their recovery and long-term wellness. This episode is a must-listen for all breast cancer survivors as it provides invaluable insights into the importance of metabolic health in recovery and long-term wellness. Understanding the relationship between metabolic health and breast cancer and implementing strategies to improve metabolic health are essential steps towards living a healthier and more fulfilling life after breast cancer. Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Metabolic Health Challenge and Free things you can do to improve your metabolic health Mighty Mitochondria Ways to Enhance Your Metabolic Health With Dr. Nasha


#272 How to Celebrate and Support Your Body by Changing Your Mindset

As I aired this episode, I was wrapping up my radiation treatment and it got me thinking about the significance of acknowledging our milestones and triumphs, big or small. But here's a thought: Why do we often link celebrations with foods or drinks that might not be in line with our health aspirations? I’ll open up about my personal experiences and the internal debates I've had around the best way to celebrate. My revelation? The real celebration is in continuing the practices that got us to where we are. For me, that means cherishing the nutritious meals I prepare, sticking to my health regimen, and investing in my well-being. Celebrating is all about embracing what makes us feel alive and vibrant, and I want to encourage all of you to see caring for yourself from a fresh perspective. So, today’s episode is about redefining rewards and acts of self-love. Listen now and learn to celebrate your successes while you care for yourself. Referred to in this episode: The Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership


#271 Using Integrative Therapies to Support Breast Cancer Radiation

Many of the therapies we go through during breast cancer treatment leave us feeling powerless, anxious and crappy. I think that at least some of that anxiety comes from thinking that you don’t have a part to play in your treatment but that’s not really the case. In this Tuesday Terrain Talk episode, we explore the potential roles of specific supplements like berberine, exogenous ketones, niacinamide, and even the ancient practice of fasting, and how they might support or interact with radiation therapy. With each supplement comes a world of research, potential benefits, and necessary precautions. Are these supplements and practices truly beneficial? Can they enhance the outcomes of radiation therapy or help manage its side effects? Find out the answers and gain insights that bridge the gap between science and actionable knowledge. This episode promises a blend of expertise, cutting-edge research, and actionable insights that might just change how you approach your treatments. If you, or someone you know, is on a journey with breast cancer, this episode is a must-listen. Referred to in this episode: Berberine Anti-cancer mechanisms of berberine- A review Ketogenic diet in the treatment of cancer – Where do we stand? The Role of Nicotinamide in Cancer Chemoprevention and Therapy Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health Practitioner Directory


#270 How Your Little Self Can Support Your Healing After Breast Cancer

In today's episode, we dive into an area that you will surely resonate with - the profound emotional journey that accompanies physical healing. It's incredible to realize that, unlike physical pain from a past event, emotional pain resurfaces powerfully when we recall it. For example, most of us are carrying little 'T' traumas from impactful childhood experiences that are affecting our health and relationships today. Understanding and processing these emotions can lead to profound healing. In this episode, we'll explore how these memories influence our adult selves and how we can nurture our younger selves, offering them the comfort and understanding they craved and that will serve us now. Join me in this episode as we navigate this delicate emotional landscape, encouraging self-awareness, compassion, and holistic healing. If you've ever felt that tug at your heartstrings when recalling a past event, this episode is a must-listen! Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Humans Are Good


#269 The Missing Piece of Creating a Healthy Life After Breast Cancer

In this episode of The Better Than Before Breast Cancer Podcast , I'll give you a glimpse of a vital piece of a healthy lifestyle that many people overlook or simply refuse to do. Many of us have thoughts like: -"I don't know why I can't lose weight." -"I used to be able to make healthier choices." -"I just can't figure out what to do." But what if, instead of dwelling in confusion, we shifted those statements to questions like: -What has changed since I felt healthy? -What was different in times that I felt in control? This episode discusses how to harness these questions and thoughts to reclaim your power and health by: -Embracing the importance of planning and data. -Shifting your mindset when it comes to tracking. Listen now and recall that leading a healthy life and supporting your healthiest terrain isn't about guessing but understanding what you need and what you're actually doing. Watch the full episode on my YouTube channel Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership 90 Days of Wellness Cronometer


#268 It's OK to Miss What Used to Be

This episode dives into our complex emotional journey after a breast cancer diagnosis. Healing and navigating life aren’t linear processes. While having a positive outlook is essential, it's equally important to be realistic and accept the truth, however uncomfortable it might be. The truth of cancer is that it’s a mix of good scans, challenging outcomes, and the back-and-forth of emotions. And guess what? It’s okay to feel! It’s human. We also touched on how changes in our body after treatment can sometimes make us nostalgic for things we used to love. But it’s essential to remember we can grieve these losses without discounting our present joys. Lastly, external remarks like "at least you’re alive" might come our way, but always know your feelings are valid. Here’s a gentle reminder that you’re never alone in this. Let’s keep lifting each other up and finding strength in shared experiences. Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Episode #25 Young Breast Cancer Survivors


#267 The Importance of Flexibility for a Healthy Life

How would you like to: Decrease your risk of injuries. Help your joints move through their full range of motion. Increase muscle blood flow. Enable your muscles to work most effectively. Improve your ability to do daily activities. Without having to spend a penny or breaking a sweat? Friends, one of the magic keys to feeling well is to have a flexible body. No, you don’t have to be born with a circus-like range of motion. Flexibility is different for each of us, but the one thing it requires from all of us is consistent focus. In this Tuesday Terrain Talk episode of the Better Than Before Breast Cancer Podcast, I hope to give you a new perspective on the value of stretching your body on a regular basis. Listen now to understand why this is important and how you can achieve more flexibility and less pain safely and comfortably no matter where you’re starting. Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Mayo Clinic: Stretching: Focus on flexibility Stretching videos Foam Rolling articles and videos Yoga with Adrienne - YouTube Follow me on: Facebook Instagram YouTube


#266 What You Can't Control is Making You Sick

One of the most incredible things about going through tough times is finding people who truly understand what we've been through. Misery loves company, they say, but I believe more often than not, we seek connections with those who have come out on the other side of their struggles with stories of hope. We have to remember that we can't control what life throws our way or other people's behaviors. The only thing we have control over is our thoughts, and that's the game-changer. Now, I know it's not easy. We might want to indulge in anger or bitterness because we feel life has been unfair to us. And hey, it's okay to feel that way sometimes. But here's the thing, we get to choose our thoughts, and we get to choose how we respond to life's curveballs. If we want to create a life better than before breast cancer, we need to release the thoughts that make us feel sick. And trust me, we all have those thoughts. So, check out this episode, and let's work on releasing those thoughts, renewing our lives, and embracing the power we have to create a life that's better than before breast cancer.


#265 When You Eat is as Important as What You Eat

Would you like a way to support your health that’s not only free but will actually save you money? Are you interested in: Lowering your blood sugar Improving your insulin sensitivity Improving your memory Lowering your resting heart rate Improving your sensitivity to your cancer treatments This episode is for you. On today’s Tuesday Terrain Talk, I’ll give you insights that go beyond reducing calories for weight loss. I’ll help you understand what happens when you eat and how becoming mindful and deliberate about how often you eat can benefit your health. If you struggle with deciding what to eat, starting with when you eat could be a big step in the right direction to support your healthiest body. Referred to in this episode: Ways to work with Laura: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership 90 Days of Wellness The Breast Cancer Recovery Facebook Group Supportive articles and studies: Current Evidence and Directions for Intermittent Fasting During Cancer Chemotherapy Fasting and fasting-mimicking diets for chemotherapy augmentation Intermittent Fasting May Help Cancer Treatments Work Better, Small, Early Study Suggests Intermittent Fasting: What is it, and how does it work? How does remodeling of the gut microbiota happen during intermittent fasting? Prolon Fasting Mimicking


#264 Life Lesson 4 - How Your Money Mindset Supports Creating Your Best Life

It’s tough to choose only four life lessons over the course of dealing with cancer for twelve years, but this final lesson to close out my twelve-year celebration had to be in the top four. This is not only a lesson to support a healing mindset, but it’s a lesson that supports a life of self-love and the guilt-free self-care. Learning how to adopt an abundant money mindset is a must when it comes to creating the life you desire and treating yourself with the care you deserve. I don’t have to go into an explanation of the financial impact a cancer diagnosis can have. We all know that too well. But do feelings and thoughts of financial scarcity affect your decisions when it comes to seeking the treatment you want to support your body and mind, inviting in or letting go of relationships, or pursuing your passions in life? If they do, you’re not alone, but this episode will give you some insights on how to develop a healthier mindset around money to support.


#263 Support Your Body by Training Your Brain

The most common concern I hear after breast cancer is what should I eat? Closely followed by: How do I lose weight? How do I motivate myself to exercise? But it’s rare for people to focus first on managing emotions and reducing stress. Maybe it’s because we don’t realize the powerful impact that the mind has on the body. Or maybe we think life is supposed to be stressful, hard, and full of challenging people and relationships. Whether it’s one of those reasons or any other, it’s important to realize that supporting your best health MUST include managing your mind. That’s not only a real and necessary thing, but there are proven strategies and benefits to doing so. In this episode, I’ll talk about those benefits and strategies and offer some simple ways to start the important practice of training your brain. Think of the results you see when you train the body consistently and imagine how beneficial it will be to your mental and emotional health to be able to train your brain. It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s worth the effort. Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress 10 health benefits of meditation and how to focus on mindfulness


#262 Life Lesson #3 - Comparison Never Moves You Forward

There are things our human brains have done for so long that we decide at some point that’s just the way it has to be. We learn to live with the brain’s negative bias. We think fear has power over us. And we compare ourselves in the harshest way to other people and to other versions of ourselves. In this episode I’ll share three ways that thoughts of comparison stunt us in our lives. I’ll offer mindset shifts that lead to self-acceptance and create opportunities to find peace and move forward in lives that are better than before breast cancer. Listen now and take the next step to loving who you are in this moment. Referred to in this episode: Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership


#261 Melatonin is More Than a Sleep Hormone

If you've ever struggled with tossing and turning at night, you’re probably familiar with the commonly used supplement, melatonin. Most of us know melatonin and the sleep hormone. It's what our bodies make when it's time to go to bed, right? Well, yes. But did you know that the amount of melatonin that your brain produces at night is only about 5% of what your body makes? So where does the other 95% come from, and what does your body use it for? In today's Tuesday Terrain Talk, you'll learn about the other 95% of melatonin production and its mind-blowing range of benefits for your health, from anti-inflammatory to anti-cancer. Even better, I'll tell you an easy and enjoyable way to support your body in making more melatonin on its own. Listen now and you may be doing a lot more for yourself than just sleeping more soundly. Referred to in this Episode: Better than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership Melatonin for Prevention of Breast Radiation Dermatitis: A Phase II, Prospective, Double-Blind Randomized Trial The efficacy and safety of melatonin in concurrent chemotherapy or radiotherapy for solid tumors: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Melatonin Melatonin & Breast Cancer Follow me on Instagram and Facebook