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Building the new you using the Enneagram to be better today for a better tomorrow.

Building the new you using the Enneagram to be better today for a better tomorrow.


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Building the new you using the Enneagram to be better today for a better tomorrow.






SZN1 - E10 // T8 - The Active Controller // Understanding the Need for Control of a Type 8

Strong. Demanding. Steam Rolling. Over Whelming. Mean. Straight To the Point. These are just a few things people usually associate with a Type 8. The Active Controller carries such a presence that they are seen without being assertive. They take charge and have a logistical mind that works differently than most people's and other types. They can let them get the best of them though. Sometimes knowing what you think is best can make for a tough leader and a hard person to get along with. Join...


SZN1 - E8 // T6 - The Loyal Skeptic // Looking Into The Mind of a Type 6

Some times our fear is irrational and hard to contain. Sometimes our concern causes us to be prepared for something that never happens. But sometimes the ones who are looking for what "might" happen are the only ones prepared for what did happen. The Type 6 world is a complicated one and often misunderstood. Join us as we talk with our friend Jim McPartlin who has been working with the Enneagram for almost 30 years. We have an open discussion about what the life of a T6 looks like to better...


SZN1 - E5 // T3 - The Competitive Achiever // The Type 3 World w/ Becky Ziegenfuss

We all know someone that is ready to win/thrive/accomplish, and achieve! It takes a special drive and some people are certainly able to channel that part of themselves more easily than others. Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of the Type 3 COMPETITIVE ACHIEVER! Our dear friend Becky Ziegenfuss gives us a window into her world as her and Justin both discuss how the life of a T3 is seen and interacted with. Guest Contact Info: Becky Ziegenfuss - IG/FB @beckyziegenfuss Let...


SZN1 - E4 // T2 - The Helper // Understanding Type 2's with Laura Driver

Type 2 - The Helper Today we get to talk with another one of our friends form the iEQ9 Enneagram Accreditation course we took. Laura breaks down the Type 2 lens that she sees through. She gives us helpful understanding on what a Type 2 is feeling and experiencing. This is so helpful in understanding how we can interact with Type 2's ad how they can grow and be aware of their development. For testing and coaching please send us an email to


SZN1 - E3 // T1 - The Strict Perfectionist // Understanding Type 1's w/ Erin Oranen

Type 1 - The Strict Perfectionist We're diving into the different Enneagram types over the next 9 weeks and we're starting today with our good friend Erin Oranen who is fellow iEQ9 Enneagram Practitioner. This insightful understanding of the inner dialogue and thought processes that the Type 1's have will give us a better understanding of how Type 1's can grow and better deal with aspects of their type meanwhile helping others in how they interact with that type. Guest Contact...


SZN 1 - E2 // Discussing The Enneagram with Michelle Bennetts

Join us as we break down the Enneagram and how helpful it is in numerous formats with our special guest Michelle Bennetts who was our instructor and facilitator of the iEQ9 accreditation course we took. Resources from the Show: Beatrice Chestnut - The Complete Enneagram Book Colleen-Joy Page Integrative Enneagram...


SZN1 - E1 // Who We Are

Find out all about who we are in our first episode of the podcast with Brad Livingston and Justin Oswald. For info on the Enneagram or where you can get resources for the most accurate testing to determine your type email us at