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Prioritizing ME Time

OK, be up front with me. Have you achieved what you set out to do whether it’s your weight, health or other goals? When was the last time your needs, your health, your weight, YOU were a priority? As we wrap up our first podcast season let’s find out why this is so hard plus how to put strategies in place to help prioritize that ME time and achieve what you set out to do. Email guest Jenne Turner, health psychologist:


Alcohol Issues after Bariatric Surgery

Was alcohol part of your lifestyle before you had bariatric surgery? Could alcohol be an issue after surgery? Is it tied to weight loss OR to your desire for food? Let’s ask psychologist Dr. Connie Stapleton some of these questions. Ways to contact Dr. Connie: twitter: @cstapletonphd Instagram: YouTube: Facebook:


Weight Bias: Big Boned, The Biggest Loser and Bariatric Surgery

Have you ever been called big-boned, chubby, fatty or other hurtful names? I'm talking to Marty Wolff who calls himself the ‘Chubby Whisperer’. He’ll share his experience with name-calling, his struggle with obesity, appearance on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, bariatric surgery and his mission now. Find out more about Marty: Ted-x Talk Speaking Site Podcast "Chubby Talk" subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Our Facebook page:...


Weight Gain, Bariatric Surgery, Triathlete: From Tragedy to Triumph

Have you heard the saying “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” Dan Grieb has applied this saying and mindset to every aspect of his life – from fatherhood to business, health to wealth, and everything in between. Dan will share his journey, how he accomplished his ultimate physical goal after surgery as a triathlete and what you don’t want to miss… the belief he had prior to weight loss that he no longer has. Contact Dan Grieb: Website: Dan's...


PCOS, Bariatric Surgery and Successful Pregnancy

Have you been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS? Felicity was rocked by the news that she would never conceive children normally when diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS at only 24. After struggling with her weight since her early 20s, she was diagnosed with PCOS and told she would likely never get pregnant. Felicity joins me on the podcast to share with you her story of discouragement followed by hope and a happy ending. You have to hear her story.


Do You Really Need Bariatric Multivitamins?

So you’ve had bariatric surgery and you know some people take bariatric vitamins. But you’ve also heard they’re not necessary. Who’s right and why? On today's podcast, Amanda Clark, bariatric dietitian and our podcast content director is here to help you cut thru the confusion surrounding bariatric multivitamins. Creator and author of the Portion Perfection kits for Weight loss and for Bariatrics, Amanda believes that when you see how much is right to eat, and you have practical tools to...


Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss

Have you lost a lot of weight whether thru diet and exercise or bariatric surgery? Now that you’ve succeeded with weight loss, are you interested in body contouring surgery to take care of that loose skin but have no clue where to start or what questions to ask? Stay right where you are. Let’s talk to plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Maxwell and ask him all kinds of questions. Joining me on the podcast via Skype from Melbourne Australia is specialist plastic surgeon Dr. Richard...


Movement as Medicine

When you think about your weight, whether you want to lose weight or maintain, what do you think about? Food? Sure. Your diet? Of course. Plus we all know exercise is an important part of the puzzle, right? Is exercise considered movement? Or how is it different? Is movement just as beneficial? Does it burn calories? Let's talk to exercise physiologist Jennifer Smallridge and find out. When she’s not working with clients, Jennifer is an academic lecturer in the fields of Exercise Science...


Stop Avoiding Carbs Now

We see a lot of chatter about carbohydrate in our Bariatric Surgery Eating Group on Facebook. Some people think carbs are bad and try to never eat them, others fear carbs and still others love carbs… especially the less healthy ones. Are you confused and don’t know what to believe about carbs? Every friend tells you something different? To make it more confusing, some post surgery medical teams advise very little carbohydrate in the diet while others caution their patients not to cut...


Fertility, Pregnancy and Your Weight

Are you struggling to become pregnant and don’t know what to do? You’re already well aware there’s a list of reasons why women don’t get pregnant and you’re feeling frustrated. But did you know that what you eat in the months leading up to conception drastically impacts your chances of conceiving? Weight problems are common among reproductive age women putting them at increased risk for problems with fertility and pregnancy. Some women have chosen bariatric surgery specifically to improve...


New Year's Resolutions: Bust or Benefit?

Do you feel like you blink and it’s another New Year? Have you thought about the New Year and what you want to accomplish? Do you have dreams that you hope come true? I do. Do you set goals or resolutions with a plan of action or do you wait and see where life takes you? A new year is the time for a fresh start with a clean slate…your motivation’s high and anything seems possible…right? Did you know that over 40% of people make new year’s resolutions yet 80% of those resolutions fail...


Holiday Food Traps: 7 Ways to Steer Clear

Do you gain weight during the holiday season? Many people do. What can you do differently this year and still indulge in all of the festive fun? Amanda Clark, bariatric dietitian and our podcast content director, joins me to share seven real world tips to help you steer clear of those holiday food traps.


The Food-Mood Connection, part 2

Did you know that food and what’s in food meaning the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as protein affects your mood? Food, your brain and your mood are so interconnected. In part two of the food-mood connection, let’s talk more about the food you choose to eat, what’s in the food you choose to eat and how it can influence your mood. She’s back…joining me on the podcast is our content director and bariatric dietitian Amanda Clark. In part one of the food-mood connection we...


Vitamin B12 and Bariatric Surgery

Has a friend told you to have your vitamin B-12 level checked or to take vitamin B-12 for your brain? Did you know it’s important after bariatric surgery too? Vitamin B-12 plays a role in keeping your brain healthy and helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a critical nutrient that your body cannot make and it’s very important after bariatric surgery. Let’s talk about why you need it and where to get it. Joining me on the podcast from Orlando Florida is bariatric clinical dietitian...


Binge Eating Disorder: A Problem for Bariatric Surgery?

Are you considering bariatric surgery? Do you think you may have binge eating disorder? The trifecta of binge eating, obesity and bariatric surgery can create a complex health situation. We'll share information that's very real, honest and helpful. If you are thinking about bariatric surgery, you have come to this place for different reasons. No two of you are challenged by food or have gained weight for the same reason. Take the time to talk with a professional trained in eating...


Interval Training to Boost Metabolism

Are you struggling to lose weight following bariatric surgery? Maybe, you have stopped losing weight. Do you remember our guest Joanne Ballantyne who stopped losing weight very soon after her surgery? Amanda Clark, Joanne’s dietitian, sent her for a metabolism test to find out what was going on. In this episode, I’ll talk with Mark Barrett, the physiotherapist who performs these tests. For the past 10 years Mark has used gold standard equipment at his Jupiter Health Metabolism Clinic...


Sleep and Your Weight

Do you notice you’re hungrier when you’re tired? Does lack of sleep or poor sleep affect your weight? We live in a world that goes 24-7, which makes it difficult to turn off, doesn't it? I’ve wondered how much of the weight problem we have today is influenced by sleep – we’re up late, we’re on electronic devices, we have 24-hour retail outlets and shopping online. What do you think? Let's talk to Amanda about how sleep or lack of it could affect your body and your weight. Joining me...


How Relationships Change after Bariatric Surgery

Have you lost weight and find that the reactions from your family, friends and …even strangers have changed? Lately there’s been conversation in our Facebook Group… Bariatric Surgery Eating… about personal relationships and how they’re affected by significant weight loss. Have you experienced this too? Perhaps this is something that’s worth thinking about before bariatric surgery. Let’s find out in this podcast. Joining me via Skype from the Gold Coast of Australia is registered health...


Bariatric Surgery: 5 Ways to Prep for Success

Are you considering bariatric surgery but feel overwhelmed with all the information? Wondering where to begin and what to do so you have the best success and outcome? Joining me via Skype from Western Australia is Cynara Stalenhoef who’s going to share her story of preparation and success after overcoming major obstacles. A Virtual Assistant specializing in Digital Marketing Automation by day and wife and mom of two kids ages 10 and 8 by night, Cynara had a gastric sleeve in February 2016...


Phantom Fat: Feeling Fat after Weight Loss

Do you still shop for clothes trying on much larger sizes than you need…after your weight loss? Katie said “in my youth I lost 45 kg (99 lbs) dieting and felt fatter than what I was so much so that the shop assistant stopped me and said, you need smaller sizes love.” Mary said… "I lost 70kg (154 lb) but still felt like I was 140kg (308 lbs)." What’s going on here? Joining me via Skype from Boston, Massachusetts is clinical psychologist Dr. Elayne Daniels, a recognized leader in the field...