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A Podcast You Can Safely Binge to Lose Weight

A Podcast You Can Safely Binge to Lose Weight
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A Podcast You Can Safely Binge to Lose Weight






Episode 10: Why we Have to Lighten Up to Weigh Less

Hey all, our focus today is on lightning up. So often we perceive the only way to lighten up is to actually weigh less. And this is a problem because the pressure of trying to weigh less is quite possibly the heaviest experience we can have. So it’s like we are getting heavier to weigh less. Crazy right?! It’s no wonder we are struggling so much to feel light on our journeys to weigh less. So today we are going to talk about why it’s so important to lighten up before we set on the path to...


Episode 9: Self Sabotage Part 2

Last week I talked about self-sabotage and how your body is not going to ask you for things that will get in the way of your body goals. This week we will look at the difference between a body desire and a patterned response from the brain. This is where I see people in a pattern of self-sabotage, but not in the way they think. See most people think they are self-sabotaging because they are weak or undisciplined. But that’s not what is happening at all. So it’s really not self-sabotage…...


Episode 8: The Truth About Self-Sabotage

Let’s talk about self-sabotage. Last week I talked about how the brain is not weak when it hyper focuses on food and that your body is the one asking for the food. And I already know the questions that came up… But what about self-sabotage What about the times my body says one thing, and my brain says another. And, most importantly, how do I know the difference between body communication and my brain sabotaging me? Today we are going to talk about this idea of self-sabotage so you feel...


Episode 7: The Most Important Question for Long-Term Weight Loss

When we are motivated to lose weight we are hungry for solutions. And oftentimes we turn to the internet, the news, magazines, friends, and books to help us choose the best plan. My question for you is, how do you choose a weight-loss method We are usually asking questions like, “What will help me eat the right foods” or “What will burn the most calories” or “What is the quickest way to lose weight” All of these questions ignore something massively important… and it’s the one thing...


Episode 6: The 3 Things For Long-Term Weight Loss

Why is it so FREAKIN hard to lose weight, keep it off, and be done with this weight loss thing once and for all? This is the question I asked myself every day when I was struggling and a question my clients ask when I first meet them. The easiest way to answer this question is to think about 3 things… In all my years of doing this, I have found that all 3 of these things are getting in the way of my client's success. And, it doesn’t seem to matter what their age is, how much weight they...


Episode 5: Why Do We Really Gain Weight?

If you have been struggling with weight and food for a significant period of time, this episode is for you… See conventional strategies to lose weight include lowering our overall calorie intake and/or increasing our calorie output so that the body is in a deficit. The problem with this extremely simple strategy is it only works if the body was truly simple, which it’s not, making it 1-2% effective long-term. And I am totally okay with the weight loss and dieting industry creating more...


Episode 4: What is Your Dominant Weight Roadblock?

There are 3 main reasons we are not losing weight when we've been trying for many years. In this podcast learn what those 3 reasons are and what to do based on which one is dominant for you. The 3 Types of People If you want to dive deeper into this topic I invite you to download our free report that discusses the 3 main weight roadblocks that keep women from losing weight no matter how hard they try. Just head to You will also find our free assessment to help you...


Small Bite 3: Stop Overeating

Overeating is one of the most misunderstood challenges for dieters and those trying to lose weight. The strategies people are using to end overeating only make the problem worse! While my clients want nothing more than to be able to control themselves around food, attempting to gain that control only creates more irrational and illogical behavior long-term. Instead, we must learn the truth about overeating and how to handle overeating in a way that actually minimizes how much we...


Small Bite 1: Stop Boredom Eating

Have you ever found yourself deep in the pantry when you're not hungry? Usually, this happens in the evenings as we are relaxing from a stressful day and winding down in front of the T.V. It makes sense we would grab a snack to accompany our nighttime ritual it's been bred into us! What else do you do at the movies besides eat?! Beating boredom eating is not super complicated but we do have to understand a few key things to help beat boredom eating for good. This short and sweet...


Small Bite 2: Stop Stress Eating

Stress eating is one of the most common challenges I hear from my clients who are wearing 100 different hats and look forward to a moment of relaxation with a piece of chocolate or a bag of chips. Reducing stress would be nice, but for most people, changing their entire life around to reduce stress is just impossible. Therefore, we need to change the way we show up to food and life to deal appropriately with stress. And, we need to learn how to change the environment inside of the body so...