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The Ultimate Herbal Coffee Alternative: Biohacking With Hypercharged Adaptogens, Activating Eustress, And Ancient Healing Herbs — Lopa Van Der Mersch | #044

Lopa Van Der Mersch is the founder of Rasa Koffee (, the world's first coffee alternative to offer functional benefits through adaptogenic herbs. And while there are many in the biohacking world who are hardcore coffee junkies (myself included) for reasons beyond just the morning pick-me-up effects, there are some who just can't integrate it into their lives. Not everyone is a fan of coffee. Whether for reasons of sensitivity to caffeine, allergy, an intolerance to...


Your Phone Screen May Be Giving You Cancer: Blue Light Damage, Circadian Disruption, Biohacking Light, And Shift Work Woes — #043

You probably have a cell phone. You likely have a laptop. And if you're like the average human being on the planet, you may end most days staring into a TV. And if you fit any of these criteria, there's a good chance you're doing damage to your physical health due to artificial blue light exposure, possibly increasing your chance of coming down with diseases like cancer, and diabetes. Unfortunately, artificial blue light damage is everywhere. And in a modern society, it's fundamentally...


Ayahuasca: Experiencing Ego Death With Plant Medicine, Peach Air, Rituals, Rebirth, And Biohacking Consciousness With Psychedelics — Cami Petyn | #042

Cami Nicole Petyn — otherwise known as Supreme Banana — is a Youtuber, social media personality, and all-round entertaining human being who has been putting her life, messages, and content on the digital landscape for around four years now. Among also being a published author, vegan advocate, and seeker of philosophy, Cami has an interest in the biohacking mental and spiritual benefits of psychedelic compounds, which is one of the main topic we're discussing today. Not long ago, Cami...


Live 30% Longer With Sulforaphane: Biohacking Longevity, Cutting Cancer Risk, Protecting Brain Health, And Eliminating Disease — #041

Sulforaphane (or sulphoraphane if you speak the more civilised British English) is a truly exciting compound that is being shown more and more to have almost miraculous properties in terms of healing, disease-fighting capabilities, and longevity. And if there wasn't so much published science behind it, some may think it's witchcraft. But as biohackers, we don't believe in witchcraft, only data, published scientific papers, and evidence, and sulforaphane has it in spades. Found in the...


Is Wine Healthy, Or Marketing Bullsh*t? Toxicity, Resveratrol Myths, Genetic Modification, Additives, And Biohacker Friendly Alternatives — Todd White | #040

Todd White is a biohacker, forward thinker, and one of the owners of Dry Farm Wines (, which is the ultimate biohacker's wine, because of it's completely natural composition, without the dozens of nasty additions that most commercially-available wine contains. Wine is full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and a ton of other beneficial compounds, and many say it should be enjoyed as part of a healthy life in moderation. But how healthy is wine, really? For years we've...


We Are Gods Living With Amnesia: Human Potential, Simulation Theory, Higher Consciousness, Parasites, And Biohacking Detoxification — Chris Storey | #039

Chris Storey is the founder of Primal Alchemy (, amongst other titles including biohacker, philosopher, podcaster, ancient wisdom practitioner, and entrepreneur. And although his brand shares a similar name to mine, our organisations aren't officially linked, save for many similar interests and existing in the same industry. We were connected a few months ago by one of my previous podcast guests Blake Bowman, and have since recorded not only this episode, but one...


Can You Biohack With Chocolate? Sexual Upgrades, Cacao As A Nootropic, Understanding Anandamide, Theobromine Content, And Mood Boosting Effects — #038

Chocolate, seriously? Yes, seriously. To many of you listening, this episode will be a dream come true, as I'm discussing the health benefits, chemistry, nootropic effects, and so much more related to that product almost all of us love, in the form of sweet, nourishing chocolate. But before you get too excited, I'm definitely not speaking about inhaling multiple blocks of sugary dairy-milk crap in a day, it's all about the cacao bean, cocoa, and stuff so dark that it would make the Galactic...


How To Meditate Like A Monk Within Minutes: Using Neural Feedback And EEG To Biohack Your Mindfulness Practice — Ariel Garten | #037

Ariel Garten is the founder of Muse Meditation (, the brain sensing headband that allows you to practice meditation in a way you may never have before. And unlike software like binaural beats that force you into meditation, Muse is more of a training tool, to allow you to become more skilled at biohacking your meditation practice on your own. Using an EEG monitor, the Muse device tracks your brainwaves as you meditate, giving you feedback on how well you’re doing by...


The Ultimate Energy Producing Supplement: Eliminating Fatigue, Creatine Stacking Secrets, Uncovering ATP, And Cellular Biohacking — #036

Creatine: it's not just for athletes, bodybuilders, or those who need to get more out of their workouts. For biohackers, and humans who want to get more out of their body, and feel like they have an abundance of energy, creatine is something that's been used for decades as an almost cure-all fix for fatigue, tiredness, or a lack of energy. As you'll hear about in this episode, I've been taking creatine almost like clockwork every day for increased energy, and is one of the very few...


Healing Your Cells With Magnets: Cancer Prevention, Enhanced Earthing, Magnetic Therapy Lies, And Molecular Biohacking With PEMF — Dr William Pawluk | #035

Dr William Pawluk is one of the world's foremost experts on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF, which is a modality of healing that despite using a machine to generate the magnetic field, is considered completely natural as it's using a force around us that we've been exposed to since birth. Our planet in itself is one huge magnetic field, and with PEMF technology we're learning to harness a more targeted and localised magnetic field to heal the body on a cellular level. Dr Pawluk...


Killing Infection With Essential Oils: Plant Terpenes, Herbal Science, Synergy, Natural Compound Biohacks, And Boosting Your Immune System — Dr Nick Berry | #034

Dr Nick Berry is the founder of Essential Oil Wizardry ( and one of the most genuine, kind, and warm human beings I've had the pleasure of interviewing on the Bio Alchemy podcast to date. He's someone who truly cares not only about his products and methodologies, but the wellbeing of those he is assisting in improving their lives via the power of natural herbs and essential oils. As a Master Herbalist myself, Dr Nick is someone I've been looking forward to interviewing...


The Phenomenal Amino Acid: Using Acetyl L-Carnitine To Biohack Focus, Cognition, Brainpower, And Antioxidant Capacity — #033

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a supplement or amino acid that your body produces naturally, though has some phenomenal benefits to the human body. From assisting with focus, task management, cognition, memory retention, blood circulation, and production of the body's master antioxidant glutathione, it does an incredible range of things to keep our bodies and minds in check. And although te Our bodies tend to use our own endogenous carnitine stores faster than we can produce it, and while you can...


Activating Your Inner Healing System With Breath: Biohacking With Holotropic Breathwork To Conquer Mental And Emotional Illness — Dr James Eyerman | #032

Dr James Eyerman is a pharmacologist and psychotherapist who has decades of treating people's issues of the mind, though he's especially well known as one of the world's foremost experts on holotropic breathwork. A phenomenal modality of treatment that uses nothing more than the changing of the way we breathe to activate our body's own innate healing system, it's something I've been fascinated by for years, and have been very excited to finally share this episode with the world. Just...


Beyond Bulletproof: The Ultimate Biohacking Coffee Recipe For Focus, Productivity, Nootropic Effects, Health, And Longevity — #031

Bulletproof-style coffee has long been seen by many in the biohacking community as the best way to start the day, and has been a staple of my morning routine for quite some time now. However, I wouldn't be staying true to my name of Leon The Alchemist if I didn't have the desire to tinker, or science the hell out of this tried-and-true biohacker's coffee, and over time I've improved it to become something that I think not only tastes better, but also works much better in my opinion. Over...


The Future Of The Human Race: Transhumanism, Advanced Biohacking, Bionic Implants, Becoming Superhumans, And DIY Gene Editing — Peter Joosten | #030

Peter Joosten is a transhumanist, keynote speaker, and somewhat of a forward-thinking philosopher, as someone who discusses where our species may be heading in the not-too-distant-future. An expert on biohacking, quantified self, advances in health technology, and so much more, Peter shares information on his website Superhuman Talks (, and has said his goal is to eventually become a superhuman himself, with extreme advances in technology that are on the...


Powerful Routines Of A Biohacker: Metabolic Autophagy, Cold Shock Therapy, Intermittent Fasting, Meditation, And Biohacking Your Morning Routine — Siim Land | #029

Siim Land is a true biohacker in every sense of the word. Someone who not only delves deep into the fundamental learnings of how the human body operates and how to optimise it, but who goes above and beyond to make that information digestible and accessible to thousands around the world via his books, YouTube channel, Instagram, and website ( Hailing from Estonia — a stunning country I was fortunate enough to visit for the very first time last year— Siim is one of the...


Biohacking With Honey: How To Increase Sleep Quality, Control Liver Glycogen, And Supercharge Evening Restoration — #028

Honey doesn't seem like it would be considered a tool in a biohacker's toolkit, especially if you're following any kind of paleo or ketogenic diet. Let's face it, we all need less sugar in our diet, and telling you to eat honey isn't exactly helping you to achieve this with any kind of ease. However, in today's episode of the podcast, I'm going to share with you an extremely simple biohack to increase your sleep quality, and assist you in getting more restorative sleep, and wake up being...


Electrocuting Bad Habits To Death: How To Biohack Behaviour, Productivity, Increase Output And Change Your Life By Shocking Yourself — Maneesh Sethi | #027

Maneesh Sethi is the founder and CEO of Pavlok (, an incredibly interesting behavioural modification tool that's been used by thousands to quit bad habits like smoking, biting fingernails, over-eating, getting out of bed late, and so much more. Based on the theory of Pavlovian Conditioning put forward by Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, it works on the principle that some of our deeply conditioned behaviours can be quite easily changed with a mild shock, or tap to the...


Biohack Your Food With Spices: The World's Highest Antioxidant Superfoods, ORAC Scores, Free Radical Damage, And More — #026

High antioxidant foods are important to everyone, regardless of whether you're a biohacker, or just someone who wants to take better care of their body and eliminate free radical damage as best as possible. And although many of us have been suckered by food marketing to buy certain things like goji berries, blueberries, and everything in between due to their supposedly high antioxidant content, the fact is that these foods are nowhere near as powerful in fighting free radicals as we've been...


Shilajit: The Insanely Powerful Tar-Like Himalayan Substance From Ayurveda That Will Biohack Your Bones, Skin, Joints, And Testosterone — Dr Sanni Raju | #025

Dr Sanni Raju is the chairman and CEO of Natreon Inc. (, a company dedicated to bringing powerful medicinal compounds to the world, most of them hailing from the ancient Ayurvedic tradition from India. One such compound is shilajit, a phenomenal fulvic mineral compound that I've been using to biohack my joint health, bone health, collagen production, and testosterone for around 15 years, so I can personally attest to just how incredible this stuff is. Although not...