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The Myth of Healthy Dairy, Osteoporosis and a Follow Up on Intermittent Fasting

By Jim Goetz and Dr. Michael Brandon, DC We begin the show off by asking our listeners to make sure they subscribe to our podcast either via iTunes or Google Play. The more subscribers we have the more listeners we can dispense the latest research to best understand human health, function and fitness. If you like our show, tell a friend to subscribe and give an honest 5 star review. You can also be a patron and donate to our show so we may reinvest in our efforts for you. Follow Up on...


Intermittent Fasting and Fasting in General

Show Notes: By Jim Goetz We first visit with Jersey Strong Gym General Manager Dane Cuccinello. Dane has developed the reputation for bieng able to build and grow successful teams to ensure the success of an organization. We biohack ways to do the same and apply these principles to any organization. Dane also agreed to take a 30 Day Keto Challenge. For 30 days and 30 nights, Dane will eat only a ketogenic diet. Any deviation of this and he has agreed to allow Dr. Mike and Jim to dry...


Biohackhumans Podcast Episode 2

The MadScientist Jim Goetz and Dr. Mike delve into nutrient timing. Should nutrients be ingested all at once or spread out? How often? Why? What’s the proper way to increase anabolic effects in the body? Is the timing of protein better to be injested pre or post exercise? The results may surprise you! We delve into the anabolic window and decipher between gym smarts and real smarts. What really is clean eating? It’s something different to everyone. We discuss clean eating and what it...


BioHackHumans Inaugural Podcast

Dr. Mike and Jim discuss stretching that lasts by changing the DNA of ones muscle cells (myocytes). They also uncover the most recent research on how much protein is enough and what is too much. Lastly, they touch upon Earthing and it’s benefits.


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