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WWE and WWC Natural Born Fighter Brent Dail interview

Jim Goetz Mike Brandon Chantea Goetz This podcast is brought to you by Functionised Integrative Therapeutics. Get pain relief, increase longevity, improve your way of life and become a better you- Get #Functionised !!!! We are joined by the Natural Born fighter, Brent Dail who discusses his career from high school wrestling where he was cut to second place in States (Florida), a college career where he wrestled under Dave Lampe at Colby Community College (same as UFC Champion Daniel...


Why Hangovers Occur and How to Treat Them, Eating to Speed Metabolism and Eat Salt for Health

Jim Goetz Dr. Mike Brandon Chantea Goetz Salt is Both Good and Bad Dr. Mike Brandon Let me start off with the notion that I love salt and I always have. I was never one to add salt to my foods, but I’m certainly guilty of seeking out high sodium snacks as a preference, especially when I’m tired. I’ve been reprimanded many times for just saying that I like salt and then lectured on how it’ll raise my blood pressure, give me a heart attack, destroy my kidneys, and so on. Yes, I...


Dark Chocolate Improves Vision, Chlorophyll isn’t so Borophyll, and Gum Prevents Cavities and Makes You Smarter?

Jim Goetz Mike Brandon Chantea Goetz We are broadcasting from Functionised Integrative Therapeutics in Colts Neck, NJ. This team is phenomenal! They provide functional neurology chiropractic, concussion specialists, baseline concussion testing, highly advanced nutrition and body fat loss and experts all human performance advancement methods. Be a better you. Get #functionised. Dark Chocolate and Vision Jim Goetz Keeping it simple, peer reviewed research is showing that cacao at 72%...


Sunless Tanning, Erections and Bug Bites

Jim Goetz Chantea Goetz Mike Brandon Youtube Biohackhumans Podcast Part 1 Youtube Biohackhumans Podcast Part 2 Erections and Sunless Tans with Melanotan 2 Jim Goetz Sun tans are sexy. There I said it! However, with high levels of radiation and improper anti-oxidant activity in the endocrine system (skin), SNA mutation may occur resulting in skin cancer. Since the dawn of man, men have been dealing with erectile dysfunction. Pills and potions have been utilized. Some are...


Fish Oil May Not Do Jack, Dangerous Eggs and Dexterity

Jim Goetz Chantea Goetz Mike Brandon PRE SHOW Thank you to Functionised Integrative Therapeutics in Colts Neck, New Jersey for lending us our studio to record our podcasts. Make sure to visit My Super Cells to biohack your cells for better health! Be sure to visit both the @biohackhumans and @mysupercells Instagram pages to register for free a drawing to win over $300 of free products from My Super Cells.


How to Increase Testosterone and Toxic Fruits and Vegetables

Jim Goetz Chantea Goetz Dr. Mike Brandon How Do I Boost My Testosterone? Jim Goetz There are ways to boost ones testosterone and ways not to. The most common ways individuals (mostly males) look to boost their testosterone; in actuality has no effect on boosting any testosterone but is phenomenal in lowering ones bank account. This is through supplementation. Before taking any supplement, if you are tested in any athletics, ensure you are well within the World Anti- Doping Association...


The Real Cause of Lymes Disease and Depression

Jim Goetz Dr. Mike Brandon Chantea Goetz The big announcement is that our BiohackHumans website now has an Insiders Only Section. Be the first to see world class workout programs, high quality recipes, videos, how Dr. Mike Brandon lost 30 lbs in 5 days step by step and m uch much more!!!! New Theories Behind The Real Cause of Lymes Disease and Possible Natural Treatments Jim Goetz Since the 1970’s in the town of Lymes, Connecticut, individu [...]


Fix Flat Feet and Crossfit

Jim Goetz Chantea Goetz Dr. Michael Brandon After our usual disclaimers, we discuss the wonderful services offered at Functionised Integrative Therapeutics (F.I.T.). To relieve pain and become healther from a genetic level, visit Functionised Integrative Therapeutics and make an appointment TODAY!!! Biohacking Flat Feet By Dr. Michael Brandon In general, people love shoes, and it’s evident by the number of pairs that we have in our closets and the price we pay for them. We make...


Carb Cycling and Cutting 3 UFC Weight Classes in 5 Days

Jim Goetz Michael Brandon, DC Chantea Goetz Introduction This episoide is a very special episode as we discuss not only carb cycling and whether this does or does not improve performance and fat loss and how it may be done but also how UFC fighters can drop three weight classes in just five days. As some extreme events have occurred in order to bring you this podcast, we do tell you not to every try or think of trying this on your own. It’s pretty dumb and may cause health problems or...


Night Time Eating, Acid Reflux, Sugar Alcohols

Jim Goetz Michael Brandon Chantea Goetz We are joined by special guest Dane Cuccinello (Great Dane) to discuss night time eating, acid reflux and answer some questions on sugar alcohols. We begin as the Mad Scientist, Jim Goetz fills us in on how both diet and timing of what and how much we eat can cause acid reflux, and he shares his woes of what prompted him into addressing this issue. We delve into possible natural and easy remedies to help offset the burning and other symptoms...


Dangers of the Gym

Jim Goetz Michael Brandon Chantea Goetz This episode was recorded from our brand new studio at Functionised Integrative Therapeutics (FIT) (Get #functionised) in Colts Neck, New Jersey. We want to thank FIT for allowing us to use their facility for this and future podcasts. We look forward to a very healthy and productive relationship with their world class staff. Gyms are often though to be a place to achieve prime health. With the proper goals, plan and accountability, this is...


Saunas for Performance and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Cutting Weight to Win (UFC)

Saunas for Performance and Effects on Heart Rate Variability Jim Goetz Chantea Goetz We ask you have your friends and family subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and Android. If you like what you hear, please give us an honest 5 star review. You may also help us improve the quality of our podcast and improve the quality of the show for you while receiving a plethora of benefits by becoming a patron and donating to the advancement of human performance and becoming functionised. Saunas...


Killer Antioxidants and Get in Shape by Turning Fat Brown

Jim Goetz Listening to a very popular biohacking podcast each week, I hear the host talking about his, “extremely expensive urine”. What he is eluding to is the amount of vitamins, minerals, herbs and the like are not being absorbed into his body and therefore being excreted out in his urine. Why would anyone wish to do this? Why would one want to take their hard earned money and simply waste it? Personally, this author has no idea. Take a look at 95% of people who have a gym membership....


Anti- Aging, SARMS, Ethics in Sports

Jim Goetz We begin the show by stating that eveything discussed is for education purposes only. Nothing contained in the biohackhumans podcast are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Seek out the care of a competent health care provider. Biohackers Inc is a 501c3 non profit organization. To keep bringing top notch education each week, we are requesting donations. Patrons may receive shout outs, biohackers gear, spots on the show and advertising. If you enjoy the show, we...


Using HRV to Improve Performance, Why We Got into Biohackng and the Myths of Water

What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)? -Chantea Goetz Heart rate variability is the change in the time intervals between consecutive heartbeats. Variations can be due to age, gender, athletic ability, circadian rhythms, core body temperature, and metabolism. 24-hour recordings are the gold standard. To measure the autonomic, cardiovascular, & respiratory systems a short-term reading of 5 minutes a day is sufficient. HRV is a critical indicator of health, resilience, well-being, and...


The Greatest Biohack of All Time

By: Jim Goetz and Dr. Michael Brandon We begin the show with the disclaimer that nothing heard on the show is in any way intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Consult your competent health care provider for all health care matters. We ask you subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or your Google Play app. If you find you enjoy the show, we request you have your friends, family and colleagues subscribe as well. A 5 star review will also go a very long way to help us get our show...


The Myth of Healthy Dairy, Osteoporosis and a Follow Up on Intermittent Fasting

By Jim Goetz and Dr. Michael Brandon, DC We begin the show off by asking our listeners to make sure they subscribe to our podcast either via iTunes or Google Play. The more subscribers we have the more listeners we can dispense the latest research to best understand human health, function and fitness. If you like our show, tell a friend to subscribe and give an honest 5 star review. You can also be a patron and donate to our show so we may reinvest in our efforts for you. Follow Up on...


Intermittent Fasting and Fasting in General

Show Notes: By Jim Goetz We first visit with Jersey Strong Gym General Manager Dane Cuccinello. Dane has developed the reputation for bieng able to build and grow successful teams to ensure the success of an organization. We biohack ways to do the same and apply these principles to any organization. Dane also agreed to take a 30 Day Keto Challenge. For 30 days and 30 nights, Dane will eat only a ketogenic diet. Any deviation of this and he has agreed to allow Dr. Mike and Jim to dry...


Biohackhumans Podcast Episode 2

The MadScientist Jim Goetz and Dr. Mike delve into nutrient timing. Should nutrients be ingested all at once or spread out? How often? Why? What’s the proper way to increase anabolic effects in the body? Is the timing of protein better to be injested pre or post exercise? The results may surprise you! We delve into the anabolic window and decipher between gym smarts and real smarts. What really is clean eating? It’s something different to everyone. We discuss clean eating and what it...