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Why High Intensity Training and High Intensity Interval Training May Be More Beneficial Than High Frequency and Long Slow Cardio- Jim Goetz

Join the madscientist Jim Goetz on another drive time podcast discussing isokinetic training, high intensity interval training, high intensity training, sets, reps, frequency, duration of exercise and how to optimize growth hormone levels, insulin sensitivity and the hows and why of it. You can also experience real and true isokinetic training using the most advanced technology today at Functionised Integrative Therapeutics (F.I.T.) in Colts Neck, New Jersey by visiting...


Blaming Others for Failure and your own Personal Success Formula with Jim Goetz

Do you wake up in the morning and reach for that snooze button? Do you follow your passion each day and pursue leaving a positive and lasting legacy for future generations? This podcast is dedicated to finding the methods to discovering ones passion and how to plan and pursue it each and every single day. Listen on Android, iTunes, Spotify and/ or iHeart Radio FREE!!!! Be sure to leave us an HONEST 5 Star Review and we will randomly select a reviewer to send you some...


The Penis and Sex Podcast

Learn interesting facts on the male genitalia that may make you go wow! Learn proven and real techniques to increase size and girth and to perform better. This episode is both an entertaining and educational insight into what makes a guy....a guy. Listen on Android, iTunes, Spotify and/ or iHeart Radio FREE!!!! Be sure to leave us an HONEST 5 Star Review and we will randomly select a reviewer to send you some awesome Biohackhumans Gear!!! ​ Find us: Instagram...


The Most Dangerous Natural Sweetener with Jim Goetz

Humans in general love sweets. In being more health conscious, we look for alternatives to enjoy taste while becoming healthier. Unfortunately, marketing and science do not always match up and the consumer is not as important as the long term health of that consumer. Find out what one of the most marketed yet dangerous so called natural sugar alternatives is and what it does to your body. Listen on Android, iTunes, Spotify and/ or iHeart Radio FREE!!!! Be sure to...


Reiki Pseudoscience or Real Science

In this Episode Dr Mike and the Mad Scientist, Jim Goetz, answer questions regarding the current research and effectiveness behind the ancient art of energy healing, and more specifically Reiki They begin by discussing what specifically is Reiki, and the theories behind transferring one's energy or life force to another to help promote general health, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and more, as well as touch upon other similar known practices such as laying of hands, spiritual/faith...


Glutamine BCAAs Carbs and other Supplements that Suck and the Spartan Experience with Jim Goetz

The Madscientist Jim Goetz discusses why L-glutamine may not be all that and what it may be truly useful for. Jim covers why both BCAA's and carbohydrate supplements are a total waste of your money. Jim Goetz also discusses his Spartan experience and tips and biohackers for true happiness and excelling in life. Listen on Android, iTunes, Spotify and/ or iHeart Radio FREE!!!! Be sure to leave us an HONEST 5 Star Review and we will randomly select a reviewer to send you...


Illegal Drugs and Performance

First and foremost, this podcast was done to educate and entertain. DON'T DO DRUGS!!! ESPECIALLY ILLEGAL ONES!!!! Do you want to know which drugs can help improve performance and which will hinder it? Which ones could do both and what are the pro's and con's to each? From marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, LSD and more, we bring you the research and have some fun doing it. Join the madscientist Jim Goetz and Dr. Mike Brandon as they delve into rainbow land to overachieve. Let's have some...


How to Achieve Strength and endurance Simultaneously with Jim Goetz

Do you want to be able to have endurance and lift more weight than you have ever before? Would you like to be stronger than you ever have in your life and still be able to run an endurance event or have more stamina then ever? In this Biohackhumans Podcast Episode, the Madscientist Jim Goetz will take you through how he has been able to go from not being able to run a mile or dead lift 300 lbs to being able to run 20 miles and dead lift over 500 lbs in just 4 months both naturally and...


Josh Coburn 5% Nutrition Sponsored Athlete, Author and Motivational Speaker Interview

Josh Coburn is a Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Sponsored Athlete, Author of must have books such as Sh#$ That Needs to be Said, and Motivational Speaker. Surround yourself with either negativity or positivity. It is your choice. Be accountable for yourself. Overcome fear and all odds by showing up each and every day and giving everything you have. Go above and beyond each and every day and be a part of the 5%. Josh Coburn is an inspiration to multiple generations in today's society and his lead...


Improve Diaphragm Function Breathing and Human Performance-Jim Goetz

Buy improving the function of your diaphragm you will be able to increase function in every activity you do by increasing lung function. you can perform better in both Athletics and every aspect of your life by doing the simple exercises that are discussed on today's short podcast. join the mad scientist Jim Goetz as we discussed the house and wise of increasing your performance through improving the function of your diaphragm. Find us: Instagram...


Empowerment and Success with ZenRedNYC Nikol Peterman

Nikól Peterman, ACC, WPCC, Certified Empowerment coach works with leading creatives who struggle to attract their perfect audience, feel amazing in their performance, and see themselves as valuable. She empowers professional artists, speakers, entrepreneurs, and presenters to be Fearless, embodying a Powerful Presence that allows them to connect deeply with their audience, and stand out from the crowd. She coaches her clients to create free of stress in their projects, and feel confident and...


Body Fat Burning Myths Exposed with Jim Goetz

Body Fat Burning Myths Exposed If I had three wishes, one of them would assuredly be that individuals who desire true health and fitness read and understand the right information. All too often, so called gurus or even lay people with zero education tout the latest and greatest pill, potion, workout routine or self proclaimed theory. These self-proclaimed "theories" are actually myths that are not true. In this Biohackhumans podcast, the madscientist Jim Goetz explores some of these myths...


Causes and Cures of Migraine Headaches, Muscle Soreness and Spasms

The Madscientist Jim Goetz and Dr. Mike Brandon go to areas most do not want to go to understand the true underlying causes of the excrutiating and often incapacitating migraine headache. They then explore muscle function and causes of muscle soreness and how to properly overcome it. Lastly Jim Goetz and Mike Brandon explore muscle spasms and the reality of how bananas may not necessarily help and what really will. Find us: Instagram (@biohackhumans) Facebook...


Biofeedback for Performance with Chantea Goetz

This week we go in depth with #BeautyBrainsBrawn Chantea Goetz M.S., who is working on her PhD in Applied Psychophysiology while she specializes in baseline concussion testing and cognitive recovery from concussion, leaving those she works with in far better condition then before they suffered concussion. She also works with high level executives and athletes in order to teach them to control their heart rate, anxiety and stress levels and function at a far higher capacity for productivity...


Interview with Eric Schwertzel of Body Science NYC- ARX, Bulletproof Vibe Plate and Light Therapy

A couple weeks ago, the madscientist- Jim Goetz and Beauty, Brains Brawn- Chantea Goetz visited with fellow biohacker Eric Schwertzel, founder of Body Science NYC, on their way to see biohacker Dave Asprey of Bulletproof. Eric put Jim and Chantea through a demonstration of the Bulletproof Vibe Plate, ARX and post workout recovery utilizing whole body photobiomodulation. Join us on this weeks Biohackhumans Podcast as Eric Schwertzel joins us from his New York City underground laboratory as he...


Omaree Alamo Interview - MMA

This weeks podcast is with MMA fighter Omaree Alamo. Omaree is a professional kick boxer, point fighter, jujitsu, and now fighting for the #1 contender spot in Premier FC on November 10. Omaree discusses the sport of fighting, training, cutting weight, and his biohacks for recovery. Omaree aims to claim the championship belt in all major MMA companies from Bellator to the UFC. See the post notes for the transcript of todays show, photos and video's of Omaree Alamo in...


Underground Nutrition Interview

The madscientist Jim Goetz, Dr. Mike and Chantea Goetz get together with Scott Lasher of Underground Nutrition in New Jersey. We discuss the fascinating founding of Underground Nutrition by Scott Lasher and Allen Collins as well as its exponential growth in such a short period of time, the dirty tricks of the supplement industry, what consists of a quality supplement, SARMS and steroids v. being considered natural, bro science suggestions for fat loss, muscle growth and human performance. We...


NPC Bikini Competitor Victoria Pajak

Jim Goetz (New Jersey) Chantea Goetz Mike Brandon Victoria Pajak is the newest Biohackhumans Sponsored Athlete. The madscientist Jim Goetz is at it again. He recently founded the daughter of Polish parents who immigrated to the United States, Victoria Pajak. Her drive and determination was noticed. Her will to succeed is known. Victoria Pajak states she pretty much raised herself. Her parents are extremely hard workers but leaves little time for her and her sister. While her friends...


Instagram Anniversary Episode

One year ago, Biohackhumans launched our Instagram page. A year later, we have over 17,200 followers and growing. @biohackhumans includes an array of different photos and topics ranging from phenomenal recipies of #beautybrainsbrawn Chantea Goetz. Some of these recipes include her biobark, parmersean chicken, chicken crust pizza and her awesome chocolate molten biohacker cake. Pair any of these with a biodynamic red wine such as Maris and you have a phenomenal healthy experience for your...


Biohacking the Brain for Success: Becoming a Champion in All Aspects of Life

Jim Goetz Mike Brandon Chantea Goetz This special podcast is a discussion and overview of the book, Biohacking the Brain for Success: Becoming a Champion in All Aspects of Life, which is currently available on Amazon. This book was written years before it was written. Many successful individuals paved the way for us today in the here and now. Techniques, tips and biohacks were used to propel one from unsuccessful to beyond ones wildest dreams successful. Jim Goetz was taking...