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I'm upping my standards ... Up yours!

Bipolar Style Episodes 23 and 24 are up ... on the NEW RSS feed! Not this one. I changed podcasting hosts to accommodate the new shows we're working on. Instead of deleting the shows in this feed you're subscribed to, I left them up for awhile. For all the new episodes, please subscribe to the other Bipolar Style in iTunes.


What Borderline Personality Disorder feels like ...

Borderline is a learned personality disorder. Many people with Bipolar disorder also suffer from the somewhat misnamed "Borderline Personality Disorder" aka BPD. We like to think of it as a trauma-reaction disorder. In this episode, we share some trauma that may have caused our own BPD ... not to be confused with Bipolar disorder - a physiological brain abnormality. CAUTION ** May trigger people with a history of molestation.


A reminder about John's new podcast

Just a quick reminder for my listeners of the Bipolar Style podcast that I have a new podcast called the J. Lilly Show. It's more frequent, with shorter episodes. Less bipolar, more style. Follow along on Twitter @JLillyShow and subscribe at


Stigma in the workplace; Bipolar disorder

John and Becky (from That B Word Podcast) talk about the stigma against Bipolar Disorder in the workplace and share their personal experiences about whether or not to "come out" as Bipolar at work.


Bipolar Style and the Art of Emotions

John explains the transition to producing a second podcast, not specifically about Bipolar disorder. After studying more about "labeling theory" John wants to expand his focus on more than just a stigmatized neurological disease. The first draft of this new, short-form, solo podcast was called Art of Emotions. There are now several episodes in existence, but that has already evolved into an even newer podcast called "Manic Episode." Depending on when you find this, John may have moved on...


Keep Talking Mental Health! Beka and Joe Lombardo, Bipolar Style

John Emotions talks with Beka and Joe Lombardo from the Voices for Change 2.0 podcast on their relationship as a mental health 'power couple,' Beka's book 'It's Not Your Journey,' and the origins of their #KeepTalkingMH hashtag. Trigger warning; self-harm


Wild Stallions and The Art of Emotions; Borderline and Bipolar Disorders Combined

Becky from That B-Word podcast stops by to help John Emotions test some new podcasting software and give some shout-outs to our current favorite social media followers. They also discuss performers with Bipolar-related shows and movies. During John's overdubbed Intro segment you'll hear sirens. He explains the sirens after the closing credits. This episode also announces the launch of John's second podcast The Art of Emotions on Apple Podcasts.


Abandonment and Isolation, Bipolar Style

John Emotions shares his experience with abandonment and isolation resulting from his Bipolar Disorder diagnosis. Learn how to connect with other Bipolar people via


More guns in America than humans! Should Bipolar people be able to have guns?

John Emotions offers the simplest, albeit most difficult solution to the gun problem on Earth. In this episode, we look at gun ownership numbers in various countries; who is really doing the killing, and who benefits. John also learns that he apparently qualifies for handgun ownership in California - a state with some of the toughest gun laws in America.


Embracing the good emotions, evolving past life's hard times.

John Emotions talks about finding inspiration and distinguishing bad emotions from good emotions after watching Tony Robbins on Netflix. A big welcome to everyone newly diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and a renewed focus on Bipolar Disorder around the world - not just America. Also, John talks about Harriet A. Washington's book, "Infectious Madness" and how the germs that cause brain infections and mental illnesses are often common, contagious diseases.


Isn't Bipolar a chick thing? Stop denying suicides! Welcome to the Bipolar Party!?!

John Emotions talks about the death of Delores O'Riordan, asks if Bipolar Disorder only affects women, and welcomes everyone to the Bipolar Party.


Why no health insurance? Is Bipolar even a "disorder?" How do I know if I'm "disabled? "

John Emotions answers the burning question, "Why don't you have health insurance?" and talks about creating your own Fox Force Five; your selection of the five people who surround and support you. John then discusses ways people evolve from undiagnosed bipolar to certified disabled and the heart-wrenching decisions made along the way.


New Year's Resolution Suggestions for Families of the Mentally Ill

Captured live from John Emotions' YouTube live stream, John reflects on the past year and gives some previews of the year to come. Highlights include snarky suggestions to families of the mentally ill who suck at taking responsibility for their sick and disabled loved ones. Follow/chat with John on Twitter @JohnEmotions


Anti-Psychiatry and Medical Language Models, Bipolar Style

John Emotions discusses a brief Twitter encounter with the anti-psychiatry crowd and the problems with excluding legitimate voices from the mental health conversation by limiting the way people talk, and the words they use. Recorded live from the Psych.Media Group page on Facebook, November 2017. @BipolarStyle @JohnEmotions


Bipolar Disorder Vs. Borderline Personality Disorder

John Emotions rants about the confusion surrounding Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, particularly mislabeling the initials #BD and #BPD. John explains that "bipolar" is one word, like bicycle or universe, and that you never create an upper case initial in the middle of a word, at the syllable, just because. John then metaphorically explains that borderline disorder is a problem with your emotion selector, while bipolar disorder is a problem with your emotion regulator....


Mental Health Holiday Survival Guide, Bipolar Style

John Emotions reveals a few of the things that help keep him balanced through the holidays; routines, volunteering, and healthy distractions. Join us on Twitter @BipolarStyle #bipolarstyle


That B-Word meets Bipolar Style; Mental Health Podcasters Unite!

John Emotions welcomes Becky, from "That B-Word" podcast as they discuss their motivations for starting their respective shows, and how things are progressing. We touch on stigma, why our particular identities are somewhat anonymous, and the challenges of working full-time AND producing something as challenging as a podcast. We also mention the various initials involved with our particular conditions and how easy people confused things like BD, BPD and BP (Bipolar Disorder, Borderline...


Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with Dyane Harwood

John and Dyane discuss her new book, "Birth of a New Brain," about Postpartum Bipolar Disorder. They discuss what the condition is, how Dyane experienced it, and how the book came to be. They also talk a little about their favorite Netflix shows including Black Mirror, Lady Dynamite, and Theo Vonn. Also, we include more talk of a #bipolarcabal on Twitter and lots of bipolar digressions. Keywords; Post-partum depression, bipolar, baby blues Dyane's book is available here:...


Bipolar filmmaker Jason Bee talks about "Donovan," the movie.

John Emotions and Jason Bee talk about Jason's new feature film "Donovan," and what it's like to be a productive bipolar person. Jason also shares the story of his learning about his bipolar and how it affected his life. Follow Jason on Twitter @thejasonbee and check out the film at


Rebranding "bipolar" one podcast at a time.

John and Fiona talk about building a better podcast for bipolar people, including the factors involved in selecting a platform for the social media activities. John wonders how to reach more women and people of color struggling with mental health issues and shares his story about missing the DBSA picnic by 50 feet due to social anxiety.