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Episode 10: How are others supporting you in your health goals?

For full show notes go to: In this episode we talk to the renowned Stephen Ledbetter, also widely known as Coach Stevo. Stevo has spent over 10 years practicing in the field of motivation science. For two years he wrote to an audience of 85 million on the My Fitness Pal blog, and has since gone on to found Habitry. He is currently based in Oakland,...


Episode 9: How to put things together for yourself

For full show notes go to: Dr Gary Bennet is the Bishop-MacDermott Family Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Global Health and Medicine at Duke University. He directs the Duke Global Digital Health Science Center and the Duke Obesity Prevention Programme and is the Immediate Past-President of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. He has authored more than 125...


Episode 8 Trying to stick with your goals? Why values matter

For full show notes go to: Overview In this episode Amy, a certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, discusses how through a series of small changes and mindset shifts she managed to gain back control of her health. What is really magical about this journey is how Amy used her core values as her guiding light. How prior to making a decision she would...


Episode 7 Finding the healthy habit that works best for you

For full show notes go to: Overview With so many fads in fitness and health at the moment it’s hard to separate what’s trendy from what works for you. In this episode the vibrant Dr Amy Bucher, Behaviour Change Design Director at Mad*Pow Boston discusses the importance of experimentation and cultivating kindness to finding the healthy habits that will...