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Mikey Likes You is the health podcast for the underdog in all of us. Host Mike Catherwood approaches the world of wellness with a wealth of personal experience, celebrity experts, and his trademark nonsensical humor. Listen in for his straightforward talk about the most confusing aspects of our bodies, brains and hearts.

Mikey Likes You is the health podcast for the underdog in all of us. Host Mike Catherwood approaches the world of wellness with a wealth of personal experience, celebrity experts, and his trademark nonsensical humor. Listen in for his straightforward talk about the most confusing aspects of our bodies, brains and hearts.


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Mikey Likes You is the health podcast for the underdog in all of us. Host Mike Catherwood approaches the world of wellness with a wealth of personal experience, celebrity experts, and his trademark nonsensical humor. Listen in for his straightforward talk about the most confusing aspects of our bodies, brains and hearts.




I'm Not Sorry for Your Loss. Fat Loss That is

There are plenty of mistakes made when it comes to getting leaner. As many misconceptions as there are with building muscle, there is considerably more with proper dieting. I dive into the major myths about weight loss and fat loss, and also the straight truth that lives behind them. Cardio, weight training, diet, lifestyle stuff...its all here baby.


F&%k Their Standards, You Got Your Own

Don't tolerate anything less than your standard. Our life gets molded by what we tolerate. Maybe it's little stuff and maybe its major issues, but you shouldn't be forced to tolerate mediocrity. The standards are getting lower and we must fight it. Look at Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman https://youtu.be/FaWwG41_A9k. This was the standard for an action star in the mid 90's. That shit is awesome. I get a little edgy on this episode and I don't mean to sound condescending. I just want us all to...


The Form of the Function

Ive talked at length about exercise selection and amount. This podcast is about exercise performance or form. It is the most important factor when it comes to training content. Having fundamentally sound movement patterns means that you're actually doing the exercise, as opposed to demonstrating something. Take a listen, I hope you like it.


Its Question and Answer Baby

So I went on my insta. I asked you to provide me questions. You guys gave me questions. Now I answer them on this podcast. How long to rest between sets, how to prep for being a fireman, how to construct a 5 x 5 program, movie recommendations, balancing weight training and jiu jitsu, how to grow them legs and much more.


Training - Simple but Hard

I really want you to make the change, if you want to make the change. Constructing a training plan is not easy. The waterfall of misleading info that splashes across your eyes and ears is endless. I try my best to give you the tools to put together your training plan to make a real change, and get the results you've been searching for.


Nutrition Myths and Realities

All the so called "experts" have sold you marketable fitness propaganda for far too long. "If I blame carbs, insulin, sugar, gluten... people will buy my books." You end up paying the price financially and emotionally. All these myths have become true through repetition, and you end up confused. I break down reality and myth when it comes to eating for fat loss. I won't make any claim that I can't back up, and I am more then willing to eat crow if someone can refute these claims. Be warned,...


Odds and Ends and Bits and Pieces

Through 6 weeks of my patreon service, I've had an increased ability to listen to the listeners. Ive gathered up the most common points of misunderstanding, and consistent areas of confusion. On todays episode I try to tackle these issues as best I can, in order to best help. Fat loss, performance and it's relationship to appearance, obsession with weight on the scale, consistency, overcomplicating of training and nutrition plus some more stuff.


The Embarrassing Episode - Motivation

I didn't intend on this being an embarrassing episode. It just ended up that way. A lot of folks have asked about motivation. So I intended to discuss motivation on this episode. As I got into it, I started to get emotional, while recognizing my limiting beliefs and my shameful past. So...Good times


That's A Big Boy Right There with Nick Hardwick

Nick Hardwick was an 11 year NFL lineman who retired at over 300 lbs. Since his retirement, Nick has grappled with adjusting to regular person life, in both a physical and emotional capacity. He's now devoted to health and wellness with his excellent podcast, "Hardwick Life", and his fitness program, "Lose Like a Lineman." Nick and I have an excellent conversation about weight loss, mental health, identity, and so much more.


I Did It My Way

A few Patreon members made it clear, they wanted more insight into my actual routine. I was reluctant, because I don't want to give anybody the idea of copying my workouts or eating. Unless you're ready to do so, in which case, you probably wouldn't need my advice anyway. I detail my current eating and training, and my goals for my birthday this March.


Candid Cardio

I am not anti- cardio. I believe it is tremendously misunderstood. If you want to compete in most sports, then you should be doing lots of it. If you want to look good naked then you probably shouldn't. When you do decide to do it, you should do it right. I get right down to the nitty gritty about aerobic vs anaerobic, heart rate zones, high intensity training and much more on this new episode.


Steve Zim - Hollywood Trainer and a Hell of a Guy

I met Steve Zim about a decade ago, when he began training my wife at his Culver City Gym, A Tighter U. I quickly learned why movie studios and professional athletes trust him to create the bodies worthy of big paychecks. Steve is unbelievable smart and practical with his methods, and he is one of the kindest people in the fitness industry. He now has a online portal to train you from home with any equipment, including zero equipment. www.atumobile.com


I Have Made My Wife a Muscle Booty Machine

I have been training my wife for five weeks. I don't want to brag, but the results have been stellar. I have zero problems promoting my skills, but my wife, Bianca Kajlich, does. She has been very resistant to allowing me to be her trainer. She finally relented, and she has been startled at how effective three short workouts a week with some practical nutrition can be. Bianca and I discuss our journey along with other physical, emotional, and spiritual trials.


Don't Do That!

I have often promoted ideas that I think are useful. Now it is time for me to say, "Hey, don't do that." Here I breakdown some things that people like to do, that I feel are useless or harmful. Happy Holidays to everyone. Love, Michael D. Catherwood


Its Question and Answer Time Baby

I put out a stellar video asking you all to submit questions. You did so. I tried my very best to answer these questions. Its a rather simple formula. Its good stuff about, steroids, power building, fat loss, cardio, parenting, sweet love making and a whole lot more.


But I Get Up Again with Jason Ellis

Jason Ellis is one of my closest friends. He is also one of the greatest radio performers ever. With that in mind, It's strange that Sirius Xm would cancel his show unexpectedly. Being a special and resilient fellow, Jason is ready to grow bigger and stronger in the face of this challenge. This is a man who has beaten the odds with courage, grit and a shit load of crazy. Please listen to our conversation about dealing with trauma, insecurity, faking it till you make, and recognizing love....


Holiday Survival and Rudy Cisneros

The holiday season is upon us. That means NFL, family and bad eating decisions. I have tried really hard to find the middle ground between enjoying festivities and destroying my diet. I provide you folks with some tips to make it through the holidays as happily as possible. Plus, my close friend @culobreaker Rudy Cisneros calls in to give his some insight into his health and wellness.


You Can Lockdown Deez Nutz

Regardless of who you are and where you may be, the lockdown sucks. Now it's varying levels of suck, but it's suck nonetheless. Over the last 8 months I have made radical changes in my life and I assume most of you have too. This episode chronicles the practices that I totally think help me during the lockdown, and the ones that absolutely harmed me. Let's do it.


Question and Answer Plus a Hard Hitting Interview with My Daughter

I go back to the well of great questions that you all send in. Plus, I get a tough hitting interview with my six-year-old daughter, Magnolia. A lot of exciting questions are asked of my daughter and me. I think we both do a great job of answering them. Topics include Testosterone replacement, training through injuries, calorie deficits, overhead pressing, motivation, finding romance, good moods, and much more.


Honest and Helpful with Stan Efferding

Stan Efferding is the man! He's the strongest professional bodybuilder in the world. He also has a deep understanding of physiology. His "Vertical Diet" has helped everyday folk like myself and some of the greatest athletes on earth to improve their physiques and performance. We have a very insightful conversation about fat loss, muscle gain, health within the fitness world, cutting vs. bulking, and finding the right diet/routine for your personal needs.