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Real Stories. Real People. Real Yoga.




#40 - Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore is an inspiration. He went from being homeless, incarcerated, and addicted to a successful business owner, homeowner, sober, proud father of three, and author. His book, "To My Kids-Everything I've Learned In 46 Years" is an honest account of his struggles, victories and how to win the battle in your mind. You can buy the book at and check out his Youtube channel by searching for Kev Your Life Coach


#39 - Still Not Stuck

The last 4 months of shutting down, starting up and masking up(or not). It's been a lot and while finding stillness has so much value, getting stuck has little to none.


#38 - Work Yoga Balance

We came to this practice and the continued with it, because it made us feel better. Some of us went on to work in the business of yoga. The irony of working in the business of yoga and practicing less is a common occurrence.


#37 - Adell Bridges

Adell speaks everyday to her millions of IG followers @adellbridges. She is a world-traveling yoga teacher with a background in gymnastics that helped with the physical practice. Eventually, the mindful aspects of yoga helped her make positive changes in her life off of the mat.


#36 - Angela Sanders

Angela is a Yoga Instructor and Life Coach based out of Cleveland, OH. Find her @crazyblueiscrazy and


#35 - Top 10 Reasons To Get Distracted While Practicing At Home

This is what happens when you are stuck at home for too long. I created a list of distractions that seem to come up for me when I try to practice at home. I am sure you can relate to some of these and have some of your own! Would love to hear yours, shoot me a message


#34 - Spoken Word

Inspired to write and share. Maybe this will help some of you with all of the change we are going through


#33 - Lindsay Junk

Lindsay Junk is a mom, wife, and president of YogaSix. She is a fitness industry veteran and former triathlete. We discuss her journey into the fitness world, yoga, and how she got to sit atop YogaSix. To learn more about YogaSix go to


#32 – Aubrie Pohl

Aubrie is a life coach, yoga teacher, trainer, cancer survivor, and fire spinner who loves rad beats, growth mindset, and yoga. The first time she stepped onto a yoga mat was 9 years ago, and she credits yoga for helping her battle an eating disorder, build authentic self love, and create a strong yet flexible … Continued


#31 – Kayoko Mitsumatsu Founder of Yoga Gives Back

Prior to moving to the USA in 1992, Kayoko was a producer/director for NHK Japan’s National Public Broadcaster, working on prime time national broadcast current affairs and documentary television programs for seven years; and cultural attaché at the Embassy of Japan in London for two years. Her passion for documentary filmmaking to bridge diverse values … Continued


#30 – Nicole Duke and Bikram

*A timely re-airing of this early episode with the Bikram documentary airing on Netflix. Nicole Duke gives us an inside look at one of Bikram’s giant teacher trainings, what it’s like to own a Bikram studio, and the enormous challenges of running a business with his rigid rules. It really is scary how much he … Continued


#29 – Katie Brauer

Katie Brauer, called a “powerhouse yogi and rising leader” by Forbes, is a top wellness educator and expert who combines two decades of experience in somatics, trauma healing, yoga, and mindfulness to create and facilitate transformative experiences. A former professional snowboarder, Katie’s been featured in TEDx, Wanderlust, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Origin, Mantra, Gaiam TV, and more. Through a progressive, results-driven, passion-fueled … Continued


#28 – Shannon Roche CEO of Yoga Alliance

Shannon Roche is the President and CEO of Yoga Alliance. On this episode, we explore the history of the Yoga Alliance and some of the issues it is addressing today.


#27 – Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page is a WWE Hall Of Fame wrestler, author, and the creator of DDP Yoga. Dallas developed the program while experimenting with yoga and things he was learning in rehabilitation after sustaining major damage to his L4 and L5 from wrestling. In the years that followed, he decided to share what helped him … Continued


#26 – Anand Mehrotra

Anand Mehrotra is the youngest known spiritual master in the world to develop the Himalayan Yoga tradition in its pure and raw form. He is from Rishikesh, one of the most sacred towns in India, and recognized as the birth place of Yoga. Anand is well known in the United States, where he taught continually for … Continued


#25 – Denise Payne

Denise is an internationally-renowned teacher with more than 35 years of continuous experience on the mat, including studying with and living alongside yoga masters, Dharma Mittra, Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa, and Yogi Bhajan. She taught at the famous Yoga Barn in Bali for the last eight years, before moving back to the states in June. She … Continued


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Side Crow with Alexandria Crow – #6

@alexandriacrowyoga @bleavinyoga On this episode: Alex and I don’t always agree and I will say things that likely piss off some of her following She will likely say things that piss off other people We both appreciate the willingness and right for people to be able to say what they believe, whether you believe … Continued


#25 – Goat Yoga

This talk is taken from when I was a guest on my friend Tony’s podcast A few years ago, I received an unexpected call to my studio. The man calling wanted to speak to me about goats(goat yoga, and having them in my studio). The rest is history… If you like the show, please … Continued


Side Crow with Alexandria Crow – #5

On this edition, we discuss: *Yoga Alliance Continued *Dissenting Point Of Views *Co-opting of Conversations *Admitting You Don’t Know *Imposter Syndrome For more information about Alex: @alexandriacrowyoga