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A show for high achieving women seeking more calm and bliss!

A show for high achieving women seeking more calm and bliss!
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A show for high achieving women seeking more calm and bliss!






7: How to Stop Overthinking + Feel More Peaceful + Calm

In today’s episode I am sharing my top 5 tips on how to stop chronic overthinking, so that you can reduce anxiety and feel calm and peaceful. These tips have helped me shift my negative thought patterns of focusing on what I hate about my life and stressing myself out by creating crazy “what if” scenarios in my mind. These tips are easy to implement and will have you feeling blissfully calm in no time. Grab a journal to take some notes and get ready to banish negativity and to manifest a...


6: My Evening Routine and How I Overcame a Lifetime Struggle with Insomnia

Everyone has their own way of winding down and getting ready for a good night sleep. In today’s episode I am sharing a few of my favorite rituals that help keep me calm and my body ready for a full night of restorative sleep. Did you know that when you do have a great night of sleep without interruptions you wake up in a better mindset which allows you to make better eating and exercising decisions? Sleeping well throughout the night also helps to reduce inflammation and helps with your...


5: How to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires if You’re an Empath

Are you someone who is highly sensitive? Are you constantly craving more alone time? Maybe you feel as though you are absorbing the emotions and energy of others around you? This may indeed mean you are an empath. In today’s episode I am sharing more tips on how to live your best life as an empath. Such ideas as curating your inner circle, having a spiritual practice, taking more time to recharge and more. I’ll be sharing a lot more on crystals as mentioned in the show so stay tuned for...


4: My Morning Routine for Becoming Blissfully Calm

In today’s episode I am talking about my personal morning routine as well as a few other things I do that continuously set myself up for success. First off, I want to share how important it is to simply rest. This is something I am really taking part in these days. Just sitting on the couch, reading a book and napping. I’m also getting into why done is of course always better than perfect and why I have decided to spend a lot less time off social media in this new year. A few things I am...


3: How I Paid Off $100,000 in Debt and What Life is Like Now that I’m 100% Debt Free

In today’s episode I'm sharing my top ten tips on how I was able to get out of $100,000 worth of debt all on my own! I was able to visualize, create a new mindset, sell things not needed and even start a side hustle. I also had to mentally switch gears and create a different lifestyle to go along with my new mindset which I get into on today’s show. From sharing my favorite money management skill to how I learned to save and more so be sure you listen to the entire episode. And if you think...


2: My story about becoming vegan and how this decision changed my life forever

In today’s second episode I am sharing my story of when, why and how I decided to live a Vegan lifestyle. I'm also sharing what my mind and body went through when I was not eating in a Vegan way. I'm giving you some incredible facts about SAD AKA the Standard American Diet. Although this show may not be for everyone it truly opens your eyes about how the world is living these days. And how changing your lifestyle can have such a beneficial role in living a longer healthier life. To learn...


My struggles with anxiety, panic attacks and adrenal fatigue and why I created the Blissfully Calm Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of the Blissfully Calm Podcast! The Blissfully Calm Podcast is a weekly show hosted by me. Brooks Dawn Hall. Discussions designed for high achieving women who are seeking more calm and bliss. During my career in corporate America and law firms I witnessed countless women who were experiencing burnout caused constant stress, jam packed schedules, too much caffeine and not enough rest. I then started to notice my own health was deteriorating and was...