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Episode 004: Goals and habits for runners and beyond

In this episode, Euan and John talk about goals and habits. They might seem mundane but with 40% of our lives being lived on automatic pilot getting these right is absolutely critical to developing a running habit. Or any habit for that matter. Setting appropriate goals and hacking the habits in your life is the surefire way to long-term health. It's still not easy but it'll make all the difference. The post Episode 004: Goals and habits for runners and beyond appeared first on Blokeology.


Episode 003: Basic Injuries and Managing Running Niggles

Episode Notes We continue with Season One of Blokeology and it’s all about running. Euan and John chat about running injuries in this episode. Not the big nasty ones but the minor niggles and irritations you have to learn to manage if you get into running. We’ll cover the more serious ones in later episodes. […] The post Episode 003: Basic Injuries and Managing Running Niggles appeared first on Blokeology.


Episode 002: Basic Running Kit and Equipment for New Runners

Euan and John chat talk about the basics of running kit. From running shoes to a few simple accessories we go back to the simple stuff. John is one of the few individuals on the planet who looks good in lycra and Euan is still slumming it in a pair of ancient Ron Hills. There's scope for everyone to indulge themselves but running kit doesn't have to be complicated either. This episode will get you started with a few easy principles. The post Episode 002: Basic Running Kit and Equipment...


Episode 001: Running for Newbies

This episode Euan chats to John Richmond, another doctor. We talk about running for newbies, going right back to the basics on how to get started and how we got going after enduring the traditional British school experience of humiliation by cross-country running. We talk about the need to run slow at the start. In fact, you may even need to walk. And, that's cool. It's an important part of the process for many people getting into running. The fear of people looking at you can be a...


The Blokeology Podcast: An Introduction

Blokeology is all about an evidence-based approach to health, fitness and lifestyle. Blokeology is my effort, in my own little corner of the internet, to live a decent, healthy life but to bring in some evidence around men’s health to inform that. I’m a doctor so that involves stuff like physiology and psychology. And all the ‘ologies’ of medicine. Cardiology, neurology and neuropsychology. Gastroenterology. Urology. That’s a big one for blokes and their prostate. It also includes...


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