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When To Consider Assisted Living for Your Loved One

Making the decision to help an aging adult move into assisted living can be difficult. People give so much of their time and energy to caring for a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer's disease or many other age related issues, that when the time comes for someone else to care for your loved one, it can be painful and emotional. Hollis D. Day, MD, Chief of Geriatrics at Boston Medical Center, discusses how to tell when it may be time to consider moving a loved one into assisted living if...


What Really Happens at a Teaching Hospital?

Did you ever wonder what really happens at a teaching hospital? Jeffrey Schneider, MD, is here to break up some of the myths and confusion and to help us understand what a teaching hospital is really like, and how it can benefit patients in so many ways.


Important Parent Tips for Summer Safety

Summer can be such an exciting and fun time for children and their families. However, the fun that comes with summer activities can often lead to unexpected ED visits. Dr. Barb Walsh, Emergency Medicine Physician at Boston Medical Center, is here to remind you how to keep your family safe this summer, whether you’re at the beach, in the pool, or in your own backyard.


After a Miscarriage: Hope and Recovery

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), miscarriages are common and occur in about 10 percent of known pregnancies. Even though the loss of a fetus can be devastating, there are options for couples who want to try to conceive again. Katie White, MD, shares resources to help couples cope with a miscarriage, the recovery process, and when they can try again.


The Importance of Choosing the Proper Sunscreen

When Summer finally arrives, you may want to spend all your time outdoors. However, keeping your skin healthy and safe during the summer months is crucial. One way to do this is applying sunscreen. However, with so many options it can be a challenge to figure out which one is best for you. Neelam Vashi, MD, discusses the importance of sunscreen, when and how much you should use, and picking the right SPF for you.


Life Saving Facts About Car Seat Safety

One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is keeping your child safe when riding in a vehicle. Boston Medical Center recognizes and uses the CDC’s Child Passenger Safety recommendations and requires all newborns leaving the hospital have an appropriate car seat prior to discharge home. Lisa Allee, MSW, LICSW discusses the importance of car seat safety for children, and how to install your car seat safely to protect the ones you love.


Sorting Out Birth Control Options: Finding the One That is Right for You

Birth control does more than help prevent pregnancy. Birth control can also help ease menstrual pains and acne, help regulate a woman's cycle and lower the risk of ovarian cysts. However, birth control options are many, and can range from IUDs, oral contraceptives, to surgical implants. Rachel Cannon, MD, shares information on different birth control options available and how to choose the one that is right for you.


Are You at Risk for Developing Breast Cancer?

According to American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women except for skin cancers. The average risk for a women developing breast cancer in her lifetime is 12 percent (1 of out 8). How do you know if you're at risk or have a greater chance for developing breast cancer? Michael Cassidy, MD shares risk factors for breast cancer you should know about.


SOFAR: Supporting our Families through Addiction and Recovery

The goal of SOFAR (Supporting Our Families through Addiction and Recovery) is to create a medical home in the pediatric primary care clinic for mothers in recovery and their children. Eileen Costello, MD, shares an overview of SOFAR for families to maximize their ability to successfully navigate parenting and substance use recovery.


The Buteyko Breathing Method

The Buteyko Breathing method is a clinically-proven, natural, safe and effective breath retraining program. Hadas Golan, MS CCC-SLP, discusses the Buteyko Breathing method and how it may help you control stress and anxiety, asthma, sleep apnea and even enhance your athletic performance.


How to Deal with Seasonal Allergies

Changing seasons can cause allergens to spike in the environment. Which seasonal allergies are most common specially in the Boston/MA New England area? Catherine Rich, MD, discusses how you can tell the difference between an allergy and a cold, how to identify seasonal allergy triggers and the best ways to manage them.


Treatments for Hernia Pain

Hernias are not necessarily considered an emergent condition, but they don’t usually go away on their own. Sometimes they might need a surgical repair to prevent potentially dangerous complications. Teviah Sachs, MD, MPH, FACS discusses treatment options available for hernias and when you might need to see a physician about your hernia.


CATCH – BMC’s Resource for Gender Non-conforming Youth

In 2016 BMC became the first academic medical center to establish a robust transgender medicine and surgery program, and in the Spring of 2017, CATCH was established to focus on the needs of pediatric and adolescent gender non-conforming youth. Dr. Mandy Coles discusses the support and care of children, adolescents, and young adults who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, or are gender exploring and looking for additional support.


Do You Suffer From Disabling Foot Pain? We Can Help

If you suffer from foot pain, you know it can be extremely debilitating and severely limit your daily activities. Geoffrey Habershaw, DPM, discusses the most common causes of foot pain, when to see a specialist and the treatment options available at Boston Medical Center.


Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Management with Diet, Exercise and Medication

Do you know that high blood pressure and high cholesterol are among the most frequently diagnosed medical problems in our city? Do you know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, and if they are high, are you managing them? In this podcast, Dr. Gary Balady, joins the show to share his best advice on the role of diet, exercise and medications in cholesterol and blood pressure management. This information is vital to know not only during heart month, but all year round!


Get Your Colonoscopy; It Could Save Your Life!

According to The American Cancer Society, excluding skin cancers, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States. People may fear a screening colonoscopy for many reasons, however, this is simple, painless test could save your life. The team at Boston Medical Center is widely known for their expertise in colorectal cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Joining the show to clear up some of the confusion surrounding...


Is Your Child in Pain? Look to BMC’s Pediatric Pain Clinic

At BMC, we recognize that pain can affect all areas of a child or adolescent's life, which can lead to decreased physical activity, social isolation, and can fuel the cycle of chronic pain. Pain impacts relationships, school experience, and family life. In this podcast, Dr. Caitlin Neri, from The Pediatric Pain Clinic at Boston Medical Center, discusses pain management in children and how at BMC, they can help manage acute, complex, and chronic pain in children from infancy to age 22. Our...


Volunteer Services at BMC

The Volunteer Services Department at BMC is dedicated to helping BMC fulfill its mission of providing consistently excellent and accessible health services to all in need of care, regardless of status or ability to pay. Our volunteers continue to grow and support staff, patients and their families. Macy Reed, manager of volunteer services at BMC, joins the show to give an overview of the robust volunteer program at BMC, opportunities available, and to provide information on how people can...


How Hospital and Housing Partnerships Can Heal Communities

At Boston Medical Center, 25 percent of patients admitted to the hospital are homeless, and even more live in unsafe places or are at risk of being evicted — conditions that research shows can exacerbate health problems. Children's HealthWatch data from BMC's pediatric Emergency Department shows that one in three families are housing insecure, meaning they have unstable housing or are in jeopardy of eviction. Boston Medical Center is investing $6.5 million over five years to support a...


Preventive Food Pantry: A Part of Your Medical Care at BMC

In 2001, Boston Medical Center opened the doors to the Preventative Food Pantry after an overwhelming number of patients told their BMC physicians that they were having trouble affording nutritional food for their families. Located in the Dowling Building, the pantry supplied food to 500 families per month in its early days. Today, it supplies over 50,000 pounds of food per month to more than 1,800 families in the Boston area community. That's 7,000 people per month – 40% whom are...