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Starting over after a toxic person encounter? The Toxic Person Proof podcast is about helping the world's most amazing women remember how amazing they are after enduring pain at the hand of a toxic partner, parent, coworker or friend.

Starting over after a toxic person encounter? The Toxic Person Proof podcast is about helping the world's most amazing women remember how amazing they are after enduring pain at the hand of a toxic partner, parent, coworker or friend.


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Starting over after a toxic person encounter? The Toxic Person Proof podcast is about helping the world's most amazing women remember how amazing they are after enduring pain at the hand of a toxic partner, parent, coworker or friend.






Episode 285: High Conflict Co-parenting With Megan Hunter

Megan Hunter, MBA, is an expert on high conflict disputes. She is co-founder of the High Conflict Institute along with author and speaker, Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. who developed the high-conflict personality theory. Megan developed the concept of the Institute after 13 years in policy, legislation and judicial training with the Arizona Supreme Court and 5 years with the Dawes County Attorney’s Office in Nebraska. She is founder and publisher of Unhooked Books, a U.S.-based media company. To...


Episode 284: Is a Beauty Queen Ever Scared? with Sloan Reid

Sloan is our Mrs. Tennessee America 2021 and the Founder and President of The GLOW Movement. She serves as a certified Self-Awareness and Enneagram Coach and has a strong desire to empower others, by providing encouragement and support to help them exceed their own expectations. Through her nonprofit, the GLOW Together Foundation, she empowers, inspires, and invests in future leaders with the GLOW Together Awards and Spark Change Initiative Scholarship. She also leads a team of ambassadors...


Episode 283: Picture Perfect Confidence with Julie Ulstrup

Julie is on a mission to empower women to create a vision for their lives that is beyond their wildest dreams. As an award-winning portrait photographer, TEDx speaker, Amazon international best-selling author, and professional counselor Julie has helped thousands see a better life. Drawing on 40+ years of passion as a portrait photographer, she helps accomplished women experience a transformation to change the way they see themselves. Her unique perspective creates a mindset shift in the...


Episode 282: Avoiding a Toxic Workplace with Michael B. Schoettle

Michael Schoettle has forty years of experience working with people managing their careers. As a Partner of Heidrick & Struggles, a leading global executive search firm, he placed executives in client organizations. He then created and co-managed a course and career coaching program for Executive MBAs at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In addition, he volunteered for five years at the non-profit Chrysalis, teaching “Job Prep” to felons recently out of prison. Earlier in his...


Episode 281: Know Yourself & Trust Your Intuition

Kim Woods, The Intuitive Business Strategist, helps business leaders shed the expectations of others to live their true life purpose. She combines her powerful intuitive gifts with 30+ years of business experience through her revolutionary True KLT ™ Process, which literally turns the traditional KLT factor inside out, so instead of customers needing to know, like and trust you, YOU know, like and trust yourself. When you do, you make better decisions, strengthen support and attract your...


Episode 280: Beating Burnout with Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth Collins is a burnout recovery expert known as The Burnout Witch. She uses her combined backgrounds in both Eastern and biomedicines, including functional medicine, acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine, hypnosis, and more, to approach healing from a perspective that seeks to fully integrate the mind, body, and spirit. After experiencing and recovering from burnout, she made it her mission to help others identify their values, explore their boundaries, and bring a sense of balance...


Episode 279: Getting More of What You Want with Stephanie Heath

Stephanie Heath of SoulWork and Six Figures has helped hundreds of soft-spoken, dissatisfied, or burnt-out corporate professionals find their dream job/right job fit while often doubling their salaries. Noticing that NOW is THE time to dig deeper and find fitting careers, Stephanie incorporates holistic practices to better position job seekers' mindset and emotional health. Stephanie teaches that it is unhealthy to stay in places that make you feel unhappy. Find more of Stephanie...


Episode 278: Be Your Best Self In the Face of Adversity! Emotional Resilience with Rachel A Shumway

Rachel is a teacher, emotional resilience coach and boundaries advocate for type-a women who want to speak up for themselves in their relationships. In her work with clients, she helps them learn how to speak clearly, build self-trust in following through on their boundaries, and navigate the difficult emotions that come with saying the hard stuff. Her podcast is all about helping women uplevel in their love life with their partners, and more importantly, themselves! She enjoys crossfit,...


Episode 277: Toxic Work Environments with Michelle Connery

Michelle Connery, is a burnout recovery coach and founder of Michelle Connery Coaching. Prior to starting her business, she was a successful Corporate Accountant with over 20+ years of experience. Like a lot of Accountants, she spent the majority of those years prioritizing her career over her mental and physical health. That was until 2018 when Michelle drove herself to the ER thinking that she was having a heart attack. That experience started her healthy living journey, but it wasn’t...


Episode 276: Strings of Hope - Help for Women with Emily Winters

Emily Winters was born and raised in Tennessee. After High School she started working downtown Nashville in sales. She started working a sales cart for Strings for Hope on Broadway and fell in love with it. She became really connected to the mission and the women the company supports, so at the age of 19, she took over the company and turned Strings for Hope into what you see today. Strings of Hope Website 20% off discount code for Sarah's listeners SR20OFF Strings of Hope...


Episode 275: Can goals be toxic? with Jennifer Mercado

Jennifer Mercado is a serial entrepreneur, focusing on Luxury Real Estate in South Florida as a broker associate. She is a mom of 2, wife to 1, and daughter of Dominican immigrants. Born and raised in New York City, she's no stranger to adversity, resilience, and chameleon-like adaptability that helps her reach people exactly where they are. Her heart is in service of the people, and she reflects that in every real estate transaction, podcast interview, and previously, in entertaining...


Episode 274: A Conversation with Dr. Simone Alicia The Self Esteem Doctor

Dr. Simone Alicia – The Self Esteem Doctor As an experienced classroom teacher, Dr. Simone is blazing a powerful trail as a results-driven self-esteem coach. With an official certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity, & an active membership in the Association for Integrative Psychology, Dr. Simone has founded The Self Esteem Doctor (TSED) Academy. The Mission of TSED Academy is for every child around the globe, regardless of location or...


Episode 273: Teens During the Pandemic with Richard Capriola

Richard Capriola has been a mental health and addictions counselor for over two decades. He recently retired from Menninger Clinic in Houston Texas where for over a decade he treated adolescents and adults diagnosed with mental health and substance use disorders. He is the author of The Addicted Child: A Parent's Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse. You can find the book and more about Richard at: About Sarah K. Ramsey Join Sarah’s FREE Facebook Group...


Episode 272: Don't Be A Doormat with Alyson Campbell

Alyson Sue Campbell is a Recording Artist and Songwriter who composes (both music & lyrics) and produces, writes, and arranges original compositions and contributing lyrics and vocals for other artists. She works out of a range of studios including Paramount Recording in Los Angeles and Sound Emporium in Nashville and has had the opportunity to work with a range of top producers and engineers including Grammy Nominated recording engineer, Todd Bergman, and Grammy Nominated songwriter, Kevin...


Episode 271: What Is Narcissism? With Jackie Brubaker

Jackie Brubaker is the host of That Girl The Podcast, an author, two-time Emmy Award winner and a Human Relationship Specialist at her new wellness website She is passionate about helping people have better relationships with themselves and others. About Sarah K....


Episode 270: Nourish Your Nervous System with Melissa Wolak

Melissa Wolak, is a mentor, speaker, author, and fierce advocate for creating alignment, clarity, and presence with intentional living despite stress, self-doubt or criticism. She works with those ready to shift their programming from over-achieving, giving and perfectionism to nourishing themselves, their happiness, health and purpose. The foundation of her movement and unique methods connect science and soul allowing you to evolve and embody foundational mindset shifts, sustainable...


Episode 269: What Is Self-Love Anyway? with Amelia Fortes

Amelia Fortes C. Ht., is a former Wall Street VP / Computer Engineer turned world traveling digital nomad, certified hypnotherapist, intuitive energy healer, inspirational speaker, and self-love coach. She specializes in helping people transform their dating madness into romantic magic, find their ideal career direction, and uplevel their money and abundance. As a former Wall Street financial analyst, Amelia traded in her fancy office and masculine power suits for the sweet life of a...


Episode 268: Has Parenting Gotten Harder? with Juanina Kocher

Juanina Kocher is a certified yoga teacher, health and wellness coach, and creator of Flex Flow Wellness. Kocher offers health and wellness coaching, membership-based yoga flows, meditation, and breathwork, as well as quick and easy recipes to accommodate a busy lifestyle. Her philosophy is that (consistent) baby steps are big steps towards achieving your health and wellness goals. About Sarah K. Ramsey Join...


Episode 267: Loving Your Kids (Even If They Are Struggling) with Melissa J. Hogan

Melissa J. Hogan is a licensed attorney and author of the book, “Afraid of the Doctor: Every Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Managing Medical Trauma.” She received her Juris Doctor with an emphasis in health law from the University of Pittsburgh and went on to clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, practice as a corporate/healthcare attorney, and teach legal writing and health care regulatory law. She founded and for many years led Project Alive, a research and advocacy...


Episode 266: Finding Happiness with Ruchika Handa

Ruchika Handa is a life coach enthusiastic about facilitating her clients to not only heal, but thrive in life! Often we not aware that being happy and thriving is a choice. It isn't an outcome of healing that we can take for granted! Energy whispering is her secret sauce! "Facilitating my clients, empowering them to function 'energetically' and using it in my own life is the spark that eliminates toxicity on the go." "I create and live from a sense of fun instead of imperfection. You see,...