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A podcast all about recovering from divorce or separation and getting the tools needed to live the life of you dreams.

A podcast all about recovering from divorce or separation and getting the tools needed to live the life of you dreams.




A podcast all about recovering from divorce or separation and getting the tools needed to live the life of you dreams.






#32 - The Why Series with Lauren Verona from Zenko Yoga

In this episode we talk to Lauren Verona about her life story and how she navigated her way from running a successfull PR business in Melbourne to shifting to her true passion of running and owning a Yoga Studio. We then dive into your move to the Sunshine Coast, chat about the struggles and challenges of divorce and how she managed to rise out from her darkest day to now own 4 yoga studios on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Lauren's Bio Ever since I came to yoga everything in my life has...


#31 - What women are saying about dating with David Lea from Daring Deeply

In this episode we talk to David Lea from Daring Deeply and dive straight into an episode talking all about what women are saying around dating. David's Bio David Lea is a leadership, life, and relationship coach leveraging his decades of expertise in relationships, wellness, and communication to serve and support high-achieving professional women and men in optimizing their purpose & passion in life and relationships. David is a native Mid-Westerner calling the Kansas City, Missouri area...


#30 - The Why Series with Kristy Munroe

The Why Series with Kristy Munroe In this episode we talk to Kristy Munroe about her life story and how she became the two time world surf life saving champion as well as captaining Australia at the World Championships. Kristy then opens up about how she struggled as a young mother have a child that struggled to sleep and how she got into a "funk". We then talk all about Kristy's exciting plans for the future as well as get her insights on living the best life possible. Kristy's...


#29 - PTSD and Invisible Injuries with Andy Fermo

In this episode we talk to Andy Fermo from Invisible Injuries about his journey to becoming a special forces soldier and then impact that had on him from a mental health perspective. Andy's Bio "When the dust settled" after 10 years military service and two active "Tours of duty" with Australian Special Forces, surviving the impact of an Improvised Explosive Device and near death scenarios Andy found himself in a dark hole, seeking purpose and carrying baggage that affected everyday...


#28 - The Laws of Attraction and the Journey to Self Love with Heidi Latcham

In this episode we talk to Heidi Latcham all about her life story and the path that has lead her toward the journey of self-love. Heidi's Bio Heidi is a Sunshine Coast girl (Queensland, Australia), born and bred. You might think you know her from Channel 9’s Married at First Sight, but we bet you don’t know this stuff! Heidi went to Buderim Mountain Primary School and Maroochydore State High. She first began her radio career in 2003 and in 2005 she won MTV’s Search for a VJ which saw...


#27 - The Why Series with Corky Carroll

In this episode we talk to Corky Carroll who has the prestigious honour of being the worlds first professional surfer. Corky's Bio Carroll started his career in 1959 at a very early age and by the time he retired in 1972, he was only 24 years old. From 1966-1970 he won the United States Surfing Championship and also won the International Surfing Championship three times. Altogether, Carroll won over 100 surfing competitions. After his surfing career, he became a musician and recorded nine...


#26 - The Why Series with Trevor Hendy

In this episode we talk to World Iron Man Surf Lifesaving Champion Trevor Hendy all about the journey about reaching the pinnacle in his sport that left him unfulfilled. We then discuss Trevor's journey to becoming a Life/Soul coach which is where he places his energy and focus these days. Trevor's Bio I adore my family. I love to make a difference in this world. I love to see the best in everyone and everything. I help out where I can and ponder where I couldn't. I see us all coming...


# 25 - The Why Series with Nat Young

In this episode we talk to World Surf Champion Nat Young all about the journey of his life and get his perspective of various key points to live by. Nat's Bio World Surfing Champion - 1996 and 1970 Three Time Australian Surfing Champion - 1966, 1967 and 1960 Four time Bells Beach Champion Nat's Links Instagram Nat's Books Nat Young's Book of Surfing: The Fundamentals and Adventure of Board-Riding History of Surfing Surfing Australia's East Coast Surfing and Sailboard Guide to...


#23 - Suicide Prevention with Hudson Harris from Pandon

In this episode we talk to Hudson Harris from Pandon about steps we can take to ensure we are in the best shape possible from a mental health perspective. Hudson's Bio In a nutshell (why would I be in a nutshell), I am a natural communicator who likes to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions. I achieve success by tapping my analytical skills, human-centered design experience, and ability to connect with others to make information digestible and create...


#22 - Conflict and The Realm of Possibility with Sarah Liyanage-Denney

In this episode we talk to Sarah Linage-Denney all about how to manage conflict and come to a resolution. Remember it only takes one person to shift the dynamic to get you to a yes. Sarah's Bio At Kin Space, we exist to improve the world of work. We do this through creating healthier workplace interactions through guided interactive learning experiences. I believe in working environments where all individuals advocate as much for one another as they do the company’s purpose. Through my...


#21 - A journey of healing at Rythmia Life Advancement Center with Nick Playsted

In this episode we talk to Nick Playstead about this journey to help him recover from divorce and infidelity. Nick was brave enough to share his journey openly on this podcast and how looking at alternatives way to heal was his "last resort" but the benefits and healing he has achieved by visiting Rythmia Life Advancement Center have been life altering. Nick's Links Instagram Rythmia Links Website Instagram YouTube Promo Video on YouTube Documentaries Mentioned in the Podcast The...


#20 - Dealing with Diabetes with Elissa Renouf from Diabete-Ezy

In this episode we talk to Elissa Renouf all about her journey of managing 5 children with Diabetes and how she started her business Diabete-Ezy to help families in need. Elissa's Bio I have five beautiful children – four boys and a girl, aged between 24 and 15. I grew up on a 620-hectare farm about 10 minutes outside the small town of Murgon which is about 240km north west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia . I left high school in Year 11 to start a hairdressing apprenticeship. In 1988, I...


#19 - Making a Life Altering Pivot with Medium and Medical Intuitive Greg Sheehy

In this episode we talk to Greg Sheehy on his journey to becoming a medium and medical intuitive with over 80000 readings. Greg's Bio Hi my name is Greg Sheeny, I am a Psychic/Medium and Medical Intuitive. For over twenty (20) years I have worked throughout Australia and Europe attending many Spiritual Expos, performing on stage in front of many live audiences as well as extensive Radio experience. I have also consulted to over 80,000 clients worldwide I was born with a powerful and...


#18 - A Woman’s Perspective of a Man’s World with Dr Kassi Klein

In this episode we talk to Dr Kassi Klein from Blokes in Mind all about her work in Men's Mental Health. Kassi's Bio Dr Kassi Klein is a Medical Doctor (BSc/MBBS) working in Mental Health, and a Lifestyle Medicine Physician (International Society of Lifestyle Medicine) - a field which focuses on preventative and holistic approaches to managing chronic illnesses including depression and anxiety. Dr Kassi advocates for Men’s Mental Health & is the founder of Blokes in Mind - a Men’s Mental...


#17 - The Why Series with Dr Ian Martin

In this episode we talk to Dr Ian Martin and what fuels his passions and zest for life as well as the tips and strategies he used to recover from a divorce. Ian's Bio Dr. Ian Martin (MB BS, FRACS) Dr. Ian Martin is a consultant Hepatobiliary and Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon at The Wesley and Princess Alexandra Hospitals in Brisbane. His practice, Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery, specialises in bariatric surgical procedures and support, and is based at The Wesley Hospital. In 2018 he...


#16 - More Custody Time with Anthony Bompiani

In this episode we talk to attorney and judge Anthony Bompiani all about his program More Custody Time and how to do all you can to get more precious time with your kids. Anthony's Bio Anthony Bompiani is a jury trial coach, lawyer and judge. He trains attorneys throughout the United States with proven methods of success via private, one-on-one trial advocacy training and online courses. In addition to coaching, Mr. Bompiani actively practices law as an attorney in Pennsylvania with...


#15 - One Year No Beer with Ruari Fairbairns

In this episode we talk to Ruari Fairbairns, one of the co-founders of One Year No Beer, and hear all about his journey and relationship with alcohol as well as how the One Year Program's and community can help you change your relationship with alcohol. Ruari's Bio Ruari grew up on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, setting up his first business selling and servicing PCs on the island aged just 16. A career in sales followed, and by the age of 25 he’d setup 5 different enterprises and through...


#14 - A Beginners Guide to Modern Dating with Shantelle Canzanese

In this episode we talk to Shantelle Canzanese from the Modern Dating Sucks YouTube channel all about the Highs and Lows of Modern Dating. Shantelle's Links Instagram Facebook Web Site YouTube Channel - Modern Dating Sucks Flawless By Design Web Site Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Recommended Dating Books How to be a 3 % Man by Corey Wayne Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson Dating Essentials for Men: The Only Dating Guide You Will Ever Need...


#13 - Activate Body and XPT Australia with Tom and Dr Viktoria Molloy

In this episode we talk to Tom and Dr Viktoria Molloy from Activate Body and XPT Australia. We cover so many topics in this podcast and focus a lot around breathing, exercise, mindset and very importantly recovery strategies including saunas and ice baths. Activate Body Instagram Facebook Web Site XPT Workshops XPT Main Site Other Links Mentioned Headspace DNAfit Books Mentioned in the Podcast The Fast 800 by Dr Michael Mosley A fat load of good by Dr Peter Brukner The Real Meal...


#12 - The Gut Health Kitchen with Ellysia Maidens

In this episode we talk to Ellysia Maidens from The Gut Health Kitchen. Ellysia talks about her struggles with her daughters eczema and how, after trying pretty much everything under the sun, she stumbled across the gut health movement. After seeing her daughter recover after moving a Gut Health diet she went on to create The Gut Health Kitchen to try and help other families who may be struggling with the same situation. The Gut Health Kitchen Instagram Facebook Group Web Site Other...