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Keeping you up to date with local and national health matters and looking into innovations with medical or lifestyle implications and talking to local people in the health industry.


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Keeping you up to date with local and national health matters and looking into innovations with medical or lifestyle implications and talking to local people in the health industry.




The Harley Street Clinic Surrey 12th September 2022

The Harley Street Skin Clinic, Surrey is a medical aesthetics clinic in Reigate founded by Dr Aamer Khan and his wife Lesley Reynolds. The clinic is a branch of one of London’s most exclusive aesthetic clinics – based on the world’s most famous medical strip. Dr Khan talked to Jill Bennett about this branch of medicine and how he helps people to feel their best.


Shoulder Orthopeadic Surgen 5th September 2022

Susan Alexander, is a London Consultant Shoulder Orthopaedic Surgeon. She works at the Fortius Clinic and King Edward VII Hospital in London and specialises in helping people with all types of shoulder problems. Susan is very experienced in minimally invasive (keyhole) shoulder surgery. Today she talks to Jill Bennett about the sorts of problems you can get, what can be done and how to look after your shoulders.


Karen Brown 29th August 2022

Karen Brown helps people to succeed at self-publishing and build a business around their own suite of books. Today she talks to Jill Bennett about how her positivity planner came out of her role as a carer for her father, and turned into 12 Happy Habits including: gratitude, kindness, creativity, and fun


Greedy Vegan 22nd August 2022

Greedy Vegan was born as a result of it's founder, Georgia Symonds, not being able to get her hands on high quality Plant-Based products quickly and easily enough! Today, Georgia talks to Jill Bennett about her journey and why plant based eating is something we should all embrace for optimum health.


Caroline Hoblyn 8th August 2022

Caroline Hoblyn is passionate about travel and helping families find the perfect trip to ensure their holiday allows them to unwind and disconnect from the day-to-day distractions. She talks to Jill Bennett about the benefits of all holidays, including wellbeing breaks.


Sian Jones 25th July 2022

Sian Jones is an accomplished Project and Business Development Manager with a strong affinity for the charity and healthcare sectors and almost 30 years experience in the health and wellness sector. She started a side hustle selling healthy living products and talks to Jill Bennett today about the science behind them and why they work so well.


Emma Grace 18th July 2022

Struggling to spend time with your partner, kids, or friends – or too busy to engage in any kind of relationship at all? Today Jill Bennett talks to Emma Grace, who will talk about her early experience with burnout and how she helps her clients.


Susan Ma 11th July 2022

Jill Bennett talking to Susan Ma a Bob Proctor trained coach. She stands for living a life where you don't have to think twice about doing the things you love to do, Today Susan chats to Jill about how important your mindset is and how you can "Think into Results" in your life. Connect with Susan here:


Claire Turner 4th July 2022

Jill Bennett talking to Claire Turner, Managing Director & Editor of Educational Life CIC is a dynamic, forward-thinking, inspirational organisation with a positive ethos underpinning their drive to celebrate community life and wellbeing. Claire talks to Jill today about making education a positive experience for all.


Goals Part 2 20th January 2022

Jill Bennett with a continuation of December's show with guests Emma Butler a Transformational Life Coach, Susan Ma, a Bob Proctor coach and your accountability and guide, she helps ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs create their freedom mindset and Neil Giller, an international Business and Personal Development Speaker, Business Transformational Consultant, Trainer, and Mentor. Lots more advice on setting yourself up for a great year. In part 3, Jill chats to Ziya Dikbas about Sahaja...


Goals 16th December 2021

Today we’re talking about how you can start your 2022 feeling more empowered and how you can set your life and wellbeing goals in a powerful way. Jill Bennett has 3 great guests: Emma Butler a Transformational Life Coach whose signature programme, Know, Grow and Glow your Life, has helped 100+ women leave behind ill health, self-destruction and low self-worth, and create a life full of vitality and purpose. Susan Ma believes we should be living a life where you don't have to think twice...


Yoga 18th November 2021

Jill Bennett talks about Yoga a mind and body practice with mJess Maspes of Funke Yoga teaches yoga and self-care tools to busy professional women who have a lot on their plate between managing their career, business and family/kids., Lisa Harwood a Senior Staff Nurse in the ICU at the University Hospital of Wales and yoga teacher who specialises in teaching yoga to teens and adults with learning disabilities and Karen Wilson of Samanya Yoga teaches a...


Mental Health in an Unequal World 21st October 2021

This year’s theme for Wold Mental Helath Day is Mental Health in an Unequal World and Jill Bennett explores this topic with five amazing guests: Tricia Woolfrey, a highly qualified therapist and published author of 6 books; Vidya Bellur, a therapeutic coach and mentor; Lorraine Adebowale, a creative learning specialist, coach and NLP Practitioner; Paula Walsh, a self love and empowerment coach; and, Alessandro Ferullo, a Qigong teacher and winner of the 20-21 spiritual health practitioner of...


World Mental Health Day 10th October 2021

Leanne Brown presents a special pgramme for World Mental Health Day with coverage of Weybridge Rowing Club’s Row, Paddle, Run Event starting at Elmbridge Canoe Club supporting the Grace Deer Trust for mental health and discussing mental health issues with Steve Tindall of the Beelieve Foundation at Holy Family Catholic Primary School and Ms Scott Drama Teacher and Head of Year 8 from Fullbrook School talking about pastoral care.


Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month 16th September 2021

Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month, a national recognition established by The Foundation for Women's Cancer in 1999. Jill Bennett's guests are Dr Alexander Norman, Christina Uwins, Gemma Hodgkill, Pandy Dean, Vicky Allen, Hellen Revenko and Sylvie Alsopp all with their own story to tell of their journey with cancer, their fundraising achievements and of course our health experts to help us understand symptoms, the importance of early diagnosis and the amazing ways funds are being raised. A...


Holistic Health and Wellness 26th August 2021

Sarah Stannard is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. She tells Jill Bennett about her journey and about the tools and techniques she uses, unique to each client, to help them release anything that is holding them back so they leap forward in their life and feel fabulous.


Narcissism 19th August 2021

Mariette Jansen has become an expert on the topic of narcissism having grown up with a mother who was the blueprint of one! Mariette has just published her third book on the subject and talks to Jill Bennett.


Mind Body Skin 19th August 2021

Jill Bennett discusses success in all areas of our life are linked. That is mind, body, skin and of course business. Jill is talking about how to improve in all those areas and ways to perhaps get you moving back into a normal way of living as we recover from the chaos of the last 17 months with three great guests: Jenny Thomas, of Sonya Morton, of and Fenella Hemus of


Forest Bathing 23rd July 2021

Joanna and Katie are the founders of Harmony in Nature. They are Forest Bathing Guides. Jill Bennett talks to them about what forest bathing is, how beneficial it is to your overall health and about the science behind it.


Food Intolerences 16th July 2021

Jill Bennett discusses food intolerances and sensitivities with Michele Scarr, a London based Nutritional Therapist and natural chef/vegan chef lecturer, Ludovica De Pieri, a public health nutritionist and dietician specialising in food hypersensitivities and eating behaviours and Dee Dee Eberie owner of Your WIld Pantry Meal Solutions who provides a concierge level meal planning and support