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Join us on our journey as we navigate the world of martial arts and see the lessons it has taught us about life, entrepreneurship, health & community.

Join us on our journey as we navigate the world of martial arts and see the lessons it has taught us about life, entrepreneurship, health & community.




Join us on our journey as we navigate the world of martial arts and see the lessons it has taught us about life, entrepreneurship, health & community.




Value Chain

We obsess about value, a lot! For instance, every time we create a video, the content has to hit at least one of our three pillars: Educate, Entertain, or Inspire. Ideally all three! In this episode we talk about the importance on focusing on creating value for other people which, in turn, makes you a valuable person. This and more on this the Budo Brothers Podcast.


Repeating Your Way To Success

Repetition has real value when we learning something new. Whether it's a new technique, a trick on a skateboard, or anything that requires a heavy amount of skill to pull off... it is the micro-adjustments that we make that lead us to growth. In this episode we talk about how valuable repetition can be in everything from training to entrepreneurship.


Under Pressure

Pressure is a force applied to a surface area... Hence "Pounds per square inch." The funny thing about pressure is that it's applied from all angles. Sometimes in life it can feel like pressure can hit us from every angle and can even feel like it's too much to bare. So what can we do to cope with pressure? Join us as we dig into this and more on the Budo Brothers Podcast.



Being patient can be difficult... especially in a fast moving world where we want everything NOW! Patience is a virtue that must be trained, just like anything else. But did you know that you are much more likely to be successful if you can be patient and delay gratification?? Yep, it's been scientifically studied and proven. This and more on the Budo Brothers Podcast.


Fight For Good

The fight between good and evil is a tale as old as time! As martial artists, we have a responsibility to fight for what's good! Which is different than "fighting for what's right." Because what's "right" for you, might be wrong to someone else. But "good' is not subjective. Join us another great discussions as we fight for good.


Importance Of Feedback

Whether it's getting feedback from your instructors, or feedback from your customers, it's the constructive feedback that fuels growth. Take our products for instance, we are always looking for feedback on how we did and if there is anything we can do to improve our products or the experience with Budo Brothers. We strive for first class across the board, but that's easier said than done. Join us as we dig into how important feedback is across so many areas of life.


Weapons Hot

Who doesn't love weapons!? The fascination can start at a young age and if you are anything like us... Ninja Turtles fuelled our daydreams about huzzing around weapons and kicking some Foot Clan ass! Either way, in this episode we dive into the fun world of weapons and all the benefits they can bring to our practice.


Back To The Basics

When things get complicated... getting back to the basics often helps. Same goes for training! Some of the most elite martial artists continually fine tune, and focus on, the fundamentals. Join us as we attempt to simplify things by getting back to the basics.


That Island Life

With all the craziness in the world we can't help but day dream of that "island life"... Where everything is self sufficient, symbiotic, and bursting with abundance. On the other hand, the more leverage points that hold us back seem to make that dream life further and further away. Just like when your opponent has leverage on you, it's easy to take you down. Join us as we bounce these ideas back & fourth on this week's edition of the Budo Brothers Podcast.


Second Order Thinking

Often we think of immediate results of an action. But how often do we consider the effect of the resulting result (if that make sense)... meaning, when a specific action initiates a response, what action comes from the initial response? Same is true in training. When you throw a fake to set up a knockout... that is second order thinking. Being one step ahead. Join us as we beat this topic up and see what insights we can glean.


Cycling Through Cycles

Growth cycles can be painful as boundaries get pushed. But at the same time, cycles are also something easy to get stuck in... "We've always done it that way." famous words that are comforting as the path is well known. What worked in the past might not always be what's required to get you to the next level of growth, and purpose is often found in growth. Join us as we bounce some ideas around cycles and growth.


Can’t Fight The Funk

How easy is it to get stuck in a rut? Feeling like things just aren’t going your way as the situation slowly chips away at your confidence. When we find ourselves in a cold streak of slumps, how can we snap ourselves out of it?? What can we do to surpass the mindset that’s holding us back? This and more on the Budo Brothers Podcast.


Doing What You Love

There is no question, we absolutely LOVE what we do. This journey so far has taught us so much about ourselves, helped us grow as martial artists and as individuals... It's so important to figure out what you are supposed to do with this life, and more often than not, it lies in what you LOVE to do... But what if doing what you love doesn't pay the bills?? Join in on the conversation as we chip away at the barriers that often prevent us from living our best life.


Punching Above Your Weight

Have you ever tried consistently training above your weight class? A funny thing happens when we do something consistently.., We get used to it! Think about it, when you initially go swimming in the ocean... it's FRIGGEN COLD!! But you slowly get used to it... The longer you swim, the warmer the water feels. Have you ever notice the harder you train, the easier normal life feels? Join us for the full conversation that lead us to some mind-blowing realizations on this week's episode of the...


Divide By Zero

It's hard to recall a time where there's been more division in society than right now. We started contemplating why we are constantly putting each other into buckets; you are pro-this, anti-that, and it seems like we've lost all nuance. All of this got us thinking, if we are all part of the human race, then there should be ZERO things that divide us from each other... and if you try to divide by zero, then math breaks! Let's all come together for some good vibes on this week's episode of the...


Jumping On Grenades

Sometimes life doesn't go to plan and an unexpected "grenade" gets lobbed over the fence... In this episode we look at the warrior spirit that drives acts of selfless service and tie it back to everyday life. We recently had a "grenade" that we had to jump on with our latest shipment of Phenolic Kali sticks (not being polished to our high standards)... Instead of releasing a sub-standard product, we put in the hours, jumped on the grenade and protected the biggest pillar of the Budo Brothers...


Controlling the Uncontrollable

How often do we stress over things that are outside of our control? Whether it's on the mats or in the world of business, there is A LOT that is outside of our control... which begs the question, what can we control?? And that's exactly what we explore on this week's episode :)


Hard Work

It takes a lot of hard work to progress in many of life’s endeavours. Practicing the art of getting good at things that are difficult is a major life hack that unlocks opportunities that would not present themselves otherwise. Join us this week as we dig into the value of HARD WORK.


Building Trust

Who can you trust these days?? Your social media feeds are echo chambers, everything seems polarizing, true journalism is dying, conflicting information can be found everywhere, and you are expected to make rational sense of it all. Trust is such a foundational virtue that is incredibly powerful yet feebly fragile. Join us as we bounce ideas around on building trust, losing trust, and just how important it is to have people you can deeply trust your life.


What Is Art?

Have you ever stopped and thought deeply about what art actually is?? Trying to define something that can literally be anything is an interesting thought experiment. Whether its martial arts, painting, singing, or any form of creation, we try to string the common threads together and explore the deeper meaning of Art in this week's episode.