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Holistic wellness podcast for healthcare providers
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Holistic wellness podcast for healthcare providers




059: Resilience: The Answer To Burnout? The Six Key Elements

You may know resilience as someone’s ability to adapt to life’s adversities. Although absolutely true, we have a few bones to pick with the delivery and timing of resilience trainings. Resilience is considered to be a long-term developmental strategy versus a short-term tactical strategy used for comfort. So why is that many organizations respond to negative outcomes such as burnout by slapping everyone in the face by offering resilience trainings? In fact, I would argue that many healthcare...


062 Burnout, Boredom, and Glass Ceilings with Tavona Boggs, PT [Interview]

TaVona Boggs and I share many funny analogies to discuss a more serious matter- burnout in healthcare. She had her beginnings in the physical therapy world 17 years ago. TaVona quickly moved up to clinical director and when she was denied PTO to see her brother graduate from NYU, she resigned and began her own contracting company, Balance Care and Wellness. Although she found that she gained greater flexibility and autonomy this way, she recognized there was still a glass ceiling. She gained...


061: How to Feel in Control Of Your Health, Kids, Pediatric Patients, and Life [Interview]

Heather Chauvin from Mom Is In Control shared her profound journey through being so disconnected and out of touch with herself. When diagnosed with cancer, she revealed that it actually gave her permission to care for herself. Feeling out of control with her sons and her own life, Heather decided she needed to save herself, inch by inch. For starters, getting out of bed. Taking a shower. Little yet huge acts of self-care. Heather created the program “Teach Your Kid to Meditate” and works...


060 Bringing Spirituality into the Workplace with Raana Zia [Interview]

Coming from a corporate finance background with experience being a member of the executive leadership team for a large billion dollar organization, Raana never thought she’d do anything outside of her CFO role. Being on the go-go-go, she had a moment where of realization, where she released her tension and brought ease and flow into her life. Over the years, Raana discovered and implemented manifestation, meditation, and mindfulness techniques in her life and witnessed the huge difference it...


058: Empaths, Energy, and Chakras with Psychic Medium Stephanie Jameson [Interview]

Intuitive healer, psychic medium, Reiki master, and empath are a few words that describe Stephanie. We had the pleasure of connecting with Stephanie to talk all about energy, empaths in healthcare, chakras, and more. Stephanie has a Happy Empath’s Workbook which we mention frequently and refer back to in the show. Stephanie breaks down the do’s and don’ts for empaths in terms of protecting their energy, the function and imbalances of chakras, and interventions for restoring balance....


057: Mental Health in OT: An Australian Perspective with Brock Cook, BA, OT [Interview]

Mental Health in Occupational Therapy- quite the oxymoron right? At least in the United States. In this episode we got to chat with Brock Cook, an occupational therapist from Australia and a mental health advocate. Brock shares his approach to mental health, his experiences as a professor, an overview of the Australian healthcare system, and more. Brock is all-around a cool guy that we had so much fun chatting with and exchanging our own experiences with healthcare. If you enjoy this episode...


056: The Power of Mobility and Your Optimal Body with Jen Esquer, PT, DPT [Interview]

We were made to MOVE. I got to chat with Jen Esquer PT, DPT about her story and inspiration behind her passion to help people move better. She shares her mission to heal the world through empowering you to learn how to heal yourself. Jen goes into how we are so disconnected nowadays to our bodies, which led her to create programs that incorporated body and gratitude. Jen talks about the time she started crying at the doctor’s office because her doctor took the time to explain to her what was...


055: Recovering from Burnout: The First Three Steps

No one wants to go into a new year burnt out. This a perfect time to evaluate your life, including your well-being at work. Although I go into the first three things you can do if you are already burned out, I take time in the beginning of the episode to go over burnout 101- what burnout exactly is (and isn’t), what causes burnout at work, and the personal and professional consequences. If you’re committed to setting new goals and intentions for yourself this year and take your personal and...


054: Conquering your Student Loans with The Debt Free PT Emma Shapiro, PT, DPT [Interview]

The dreaded ‘S’ phrase: Student loans. Most people hide under a rock when they hear this phrase. Most people will do anything to never hear those words again. I’m definitely one of them! Graduating from occupational therapy and physical therapy school, my husband and I (and millions of other healthcare professionals) soon realized our grim fate: paying off loans until the end of time. We had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Shapiro from the Debt Free PT and she broke down the uncomfortable...


053 How to Gain More Confidence Personally and Professionally

“Be more confident!” “You need to be more confident at work.” “Just be more confident.” These are phrases I’ve heard many times in life. I would always think to myself afterwards, “Well, if it was that easy, but I would be more confident in a heartbeat!” Although I was constantly told to ‘be more confident,’ I didn’t know how or where to start. Discovering the keys to confidence in my case was a journey that still hasn't’ ended. I share three things that have helped me to be more confident...


052: Tooth be Told: Work Culture, Gaining Patients Through Instagram with Dr. Yazdan [Interview]

What’s it like owning a successful healthcare business? What’s it like creating a high quality experience for your patients AND your team? We were so thrilled to speak with Dr. Desiree Yazdan, D.D.S, M.S.. She owns a successful dental practice in Newport Beach, CA and not only owns her own practice, but she is highly involved in patient care, constantly striving to create a strong work culture and energized team, and enjoys helping other healthcare professionals to gain more patients through...


051: Is This Job a Good Fit For You? Best Interview Practices

What if you can spot potential burnout in a job interview? What are the red flags that you should be looking for even before the interview? What are some things you shouldn’t ignore? In this episode we talk all things interview. Mike goes into questions that you should ask your interviewer and the importance of asking questions. We go into indirect things that may not be so obvious to you but are huge indicators of a dysfunctional workplace. If you enjoy this episode and the show, we ask you...


050: From Addict to Spiritual Warrior with Joe Mintzer [Interview]

Addicted to drugs at the age of 13, Joe was selling cocaine by the time he was 21. Joe had a life of ups and downs, that isn’t until after having a massive panic attack when he was 38 did he find meditation. Joe knew that with mediation he would be able to escape the pain that had been leaving him an unfulfilled life and embrace of life with more fulfillment than ever before. Joe learned how by focusing on one's thoughts, you can unlock the power that has been holding you back. He holds a...


049: Dealing With Difficult Patients

Difficult patients. Non-compliant patients. We’ve all been there, right? In this slightly cheeky episode we break down the different categories of ‘difficult’ adult patients and parents of pediatric patients based on our own experiences as a physical and occupational therapist. We first go into WHY patients are labeled as difficult and understand that there is real pain and suffering that causes a patient to act ‘difficult.’ We briefly go into the golden rule of dealing with any difficult...


048: The Keys To Resiliency With Nurse Mo [Interview]

Monique Doughty RN, BSN or “Nurse Mo” revealed her golden nuggets of wisdom about resilience, alignment, purpose, and so much more. Monique’s authentic spirit and truth came across in our entire conversation. At the beginning of her mission in launching The Resilient Nurse in 2014, she aimed to be a voice for women of color in healthcare to learn how to live a fulfilling life outside of work. She uses her incredible online and offline platforms to reach nurses, nursing students, and even...


047: Winning My 16 Year Battle With Anxiety With This One Tool

I have done many things for my anxiety. From anxiety medication to daily meditation, from regular panic attacks to psychotherapy, I have been through it all. I am getting personal and going out of my comfort zone to share with you this one tool that has changed the way I relate to my anxiety. Before you listen, READ: This is episode is not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. Always talk with your doctor or licensed healthcare provider before making any changes...


046: Travel Physical Therapy and Living Your Best Life with Dr. Michael Frasso PT, DPT [Interview]

I get the lovely pleasure to interview my husband on today’s show. We go into his totally different experience of burnout, his (ahem, our) shared philosophy on traveling and living life to the fullest (no pun intended, get it OTs?), dos and don'ts of a job interview, how to predict potential burnout when starting a new job, the secret sauce to building rapport with patients, and more. It was fun to interview my husband and we totally went off-road and went with the flow of sharing all these...


045: Healing The Mind with the Gut with Dr. Nicole LePera PhD, MA, Part 2/2 [Interview]

Part 2 with Dr. Nicole LePera from The Holistic Psychologist! She showed lots of gut love today. We get all into how we all essentially have gut problems, the many layers of gut health, the ancestral diet, and more. In her practice now, Dr. Nicole treats the whole person, helps her clients create body balance, teaches subconscious reframing, enables mindfulness practices, promotes gut health, and more. This is such a good one, listen up! Connect with Nicole:...


044: Healing The Mind with the Body with Dr. Nicole LePera PhD, MA, Part ½ [Interview]

Dr. Nicole LePera from The Holistic Psychologist discovered so many things outside of her conventional psychology training, such as the gut-brain axis, microbiome, inflammation, and more. In her practice now, Dr. Nicole treats the whole person, helps her clients create body balance, teaches subconscious reframing, enables mindfulness practices, promotes gut health, and more. This is such a good one, listen up! Connect with Nicole: https://yourholisticpsychologist.com/ Nicole’s Instagram:...


043: How This OT Is Changing The World [Interview]

Before we get to our AWESOME guest this episode, we wanted to take a minute to tell you about how we are revamping the podcast. We've been getting some great traction with you guys and we are so grateful for every one of you listening, and we are going to focus even harder to deliver top quality content. This podcast is no longer a side project for us, so we're going full speed ahead to build the best healthcare podcast out there. Also, we are now a dual host program! My husband will be...