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028: The Biggest Lesson "Failure" Has Taught Me

"Success is not build on success. It is built on failure. On frustration. Sometimes even catastrophe." - Sumner Redstone


027: Talking HCP Burnout With Anna Rodriguez RN [Interview]

Anna Rodriguez BSN, RN CCRN, PCCN, has been a nurse for 10yrs and has 2 certifications: a progressive care certified nurse, and a critical care certified nurse. We get deep into our burnout stores and what we did and and currently doing to deal with it. Other topics include minimalism, travel healthcare, and more. She is founder of The Burnout Book, a community and blog for nurses to share their stories about burnout and to promote a resilient lifestyle.


026: Occupational Therapy Talks with Lauren Grabowski MS, OTR/L

Interview with Lauren Grabowski MOT, OTR/L, a pediatric Occupational Therapist from Pittsburgh PA! We talk about all things occupational therapy, travel therapy, leadership, and juggling stress and entrepreneurship.


025: Why Reconnecting With the Earth Makes us Healthy

We’re getting GREEN today! Let’s not lie to ourselves. As a society, we feel as though we have conquered nature. We have our high rises, cell phones, subways, concrete jungles- we never need to make contact with nature if we choose not to. We have homes that have lots of nice things. We have screens that entertain us. We can fill the void with things. But technology is not the problem- it’s how we use it. In this episode I talk about how being in nature, specifically having aspects of...


024: How Presenteeism Affects You

Unlike absenteeism which is more obvious, presenteeism can be really sneaky. It can cut your productivity by one-third or more. It’s a hidden cost that’s costing companies BILLIONS of dollars. In this episode I can talk what it is, what you need to know about it, how it’s affecting you, and what you can do at work to help change things around. Check out the Show Notes: https://joyenergytime.com/podcast/ Hang out with me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/joy.energy.time/


023: 3 Things to Not Do When You’re Stressed

It’s not the actual stressor that’s necessarily the problem- it’s how we handle stress! (Can I get an AMEN?) We all go through periods in our lives that are more stressful than others. Having just gone through a stressful April, I’m reflecting on the how I handled it (ehh, could’ve been better, but making progress!) This episode is not about being perfect, but realizing you are an evolving human and you can learn from your experiences. Hang out with me as I talk about three things you...


022: Essence Nutrition CEO Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN [Interview]

Special Guest Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian, Miami native, and CEO of her private practice Essence Nutrition serving several high profile private clients including the Miami Marlins and Del Monte Fresh Produce. She also has meal plans, ebooks, recipes, nutrition and wellness counseling, and other great info. We talk about loads of topics and she shares some great info on diets, calorie counting, and the proper nutritional mind set. This girl is a BOSS....


021: CovalentCareers COO Brett Kestenbaum [Interview]

Special Guest Brett Kestenbaum, Co-founder and COO of CovalentCareers, a web platform that helps people find jobs and opportunities in healthcare, and New Grad Media LLC who consistently develops excellent content on New Grad Optometry, New Grad Physical Therapy, and New Grad Occupational Therapy concepts . Check out the links below. We discuss the importance of finding out ASAP what truly makes you happy in your profession and going for it, considering non-clinical roles in your career,...


020: Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

It’s time to spring clean...and not just your closet. This is an opportunity to spring clean so many areas of your life. What are you going to do with the areas of your life that you know you could improve on? I share five things I’m spring cleaning, why I’m doing it, how I feel about it, and how it can impact you. PS- I get pretty real with you. Check out the Show Notes: https://joyenergytime.com/podcast/ Hang out with me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/joy.energy.time/


019: Bio-Individuality and Integrative Health with Angie Sanchez [Interview]

You think your diet is the only reason why you’re not losing weight? Or that food is main source of your frustrations? Think again my friend. This interview with Angie is GOLD. She is a certified integrative nutrition health and lifestyle coach. You don’t want to miss this talk about primary foods- aka soul foods, bio-individuality, and more. She is not afraid to stir the pot and speaks out about how we have turned to the wrong things to answer the bigger issues that are going on in our...


018: What Does Resilience Look Like?

We can’t control the world, but we can control how we think about it. - Walter Mischel.. What does it mean to be resilient? What are the 5 P’s to resilience? Building resilience requires a recipe. I share that recipe with you in this episodeCheck out the show notes for questions that follow up with some of the main points! Show Notes: https://joyenergytime.com/podcast/


017: 5 Things You Should Do to Optimize Your Energy

Today’s episode is all about the life hacks to give you more ENERGY. We all could use more energy, right?! In this episode I go into how stress impacts your energy and bring up some science and evidence to back up these tips/hacks. If you’re dealing with moderate-high amounts of stress on a consistent basis, you’re going to want to listen to this one!! We can’t wait to just wake up and feel energized one day, we have to take action- these 5 hacks are definitely a good place to start! Show...


016: Interview With A Nursing Student [Interview]

Today’s episode is an interview with nursing student Jesse Salinas. He shares how he organizes his day for success, how culture influences his practices, how his setbacks actually fueled him when he could have given up, and more. Jesse is a sweet, optimistic, caring, and thoughtful person that really dove into his life story and what he anticipates for his future as a nurse.


015: Pain Management 101

Whether you have chronic pain and/or you’re a healthcare professional that treats patients with chronic pain, this episode is for YOU. I go over some neuroscience (basic, I promise) and talk about the relationship between pain and the body when it comes to pain. I go over some evidence-based practices to manage pain that may or may not have heard of before. Check out the show notes for more resources on pain management along with an informative and quick video that explains one of the...


014: Nutritionist Knowledge Drop! Caffeine, Food, Sleep, Stress, and Hormones [Interview]

Great interview with nutritionist Alexa Schirm, founder of Simple Roots Wellness! We cover loads of topics including caffeine, circadian rhythm, stress and food, intermittent fasting, cortisol, supplementation, sugar, and hormones. Check out Alexa on Instagra @alexaschirm or at simplerootswellness.com


013: Laughs and Advice on Getting Through Grad School Together and More [Interview]

Today I brought on my husband Dr. Michael Frasso, PT, DPT for a silly yet informative conversation about getting into grad school, questions about OT/PT careers, maintaining our relationship through grad school, and more. Mike shares some of his words of wisdom as we give advice to new physical or occupational therapist, or someone in grad school in a relationship. This one is SO juicy and full of stories and advice based of our experiences. Show Notes link: https://joyenergytime.com/podcast/


012: Phases of Burnout + 3 Proactive Ideas to Stop It

Healthcare professionals- we are ALL susceptible to burnout. It’s just the nature of our work environment. Although not written in stone, there are several phases that explain the journey of burnout. Especially if you are newer to the field, listen up. Burnout can occur without you knowing it (like it did for me) so I want to be sure you can identify these phases to create awareness. If work with someone that is going through these phases, be sure to share this episode with them! Go to the...


011: Self Management vs Time Management

Ah, the myth of “time management.” Today I will be talking about how to manage yourself and what that actually means! We’re going to go into important things that will change your perspective on managing your behaviors and how that relates to accomplishing your goals. If you’re interested in maximizing your self or your time better and breaking down some simple ways to build a schedule that works, this episode is for you! So although I forgot to mention it in this episode, remember you can...


010: Eleven Ways To Stay Energized At Work

Are you falling asleep at work? Do you need a nap when you wake up? We seem to understand that physical energy is limited but underrate how mental energy is limited too. In this episode, I share 11 best ways to find that clarity and mental energy at work- and even some things you can do outside of work. I end the episode with some exciting news- you can win a FREE juicy part (not the introduction or outline) of my happiness mini-course for free! All you have to do is leave a review for...


009: OFF THE HANDLE - My Intentions For The Year

Welcome to an Off the Handle episode! This is where I share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences about certain topics I find relevant and important in our society to discuss. In this episode I talk about my intentions for the year, including this year’s ‘theme’ and my two governing mantras that speak to my transitions this year in life. I talk about this being my first time I set intentions for the year, what they are, and why I chose them. I talk about how the last 29 years of my life...