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040: Three Cognitive Hacks So You Can Handle (Almost) ANYTHING

Emotional hijacking makes us react out of emotions. But guess what? #FeelingsAreNotFacts. Word. Listen to this episode and you best be ready to implement three strategies to improve your emotional intelligence and handle stress like the gracious person you are. Join the September Series below to get the freebie on this topic with the one MUST HAVE tool that has literally saved my butt when I’ve been so deep in anxious moments. Disclaimer: this isn’t a cure for anxiety, just a little tool in...


039: How to Improve Your Communications at Work: Solve People Through Understanding Personalities

Check out the full post here: joyenergytime.com/how-to-improve-your-communications-at-worksolve-people-through-understanding-personalities-bonus-cheat-sheet-on-how-to-have-smoother-work-communications


038: The Six Work Factors That Are Burning You Out

We don’t just get burnt out by being tired or stressed for no reason. Find out what those six areas are and empower yourself so you can prevent burnout or know what to do if you’re currently experiencing burnout. Be sure to join the #SeptemberSeries below so you can get your free download related to each week’s topic of this series that gives you actionable steps to slay your burnout beast! September Series: https://joyenergytime.mykajabi.com/p/sept-series Connect with Joy Energy Time:...


037: How To Stop People Pleasing and Find Your Voice with Amy E. Smith [Interview]

What does Amy E. Smith, certified confidence coach, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert bring to the table? A lot of frameable golden nuggets about the reality of living your life around people-pleasing and not being your authentic self. Amy and I chat about the importance of settling boundaries and saying NO in order to do what’s best for everyone. She talks about how to go about confronting someone even if you’ve never done it before. She talks about “poison disguised as...


036: Thirty Days On The Road

Being on the road for 30 days was interesting to say the least. In this episode, we talk about the why behind our trip, what we're up to now, and all the cool and not so cool stuff we encountered along the way. We also announce an AMAZING surprise for our fellow healthcare providers, so you don't want to miss this one!


035: Holistic Approach in Healthcare: Interview with Erin Clarelli, OTR/L [Interview]

When an occupational therapist brings their skills to the “real world,” magic happens. Erin Clarelli founded Y.ot.ga does just that. She shares the difference between bringing modalities into traditional occupational therapy practice vs bringing occupational therapy skills out to daily occupations and activities. Erin breaks down how she got the entrepreneurial bug, her intentions in bringing skilled yoga practice to children of all abilities, and more!


034: Three REAL Ways to Practice Wellness

Wellness is defined as: “Active process through which individuals or groups or populations become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence. Wellness is more than a lack of disease symptoms, it is a state of mental and physical balance and fitness.” (Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, Third Edition, 2014). With that being said, wellness is HOT. It’s trendy. It’s a multi-million dollar market. Wellness is being sold as face masks, charcoal treatments, yoga retreats,...


033: Chats with a Psychotherapist: Whitney Goodman, LMFT [Interview]

“The Future is Stigmas Free” is Whitney Goodman’s favorite saying. Whitney is the owner of the Collaborative Counseling Center based in Miami, FL. She is a psychotherapist working with individuals and couples dealing with substance abuse recovery. Whitney breaks down some myths around therapists, stigmas around mental health and addiction, the science behind an addict’s mind, ineffective and effective stress coping, and more. This is a juicy one! Connect with Whitney: Instagram: Sitwithwhit...


032: Why You Don’t Want To Be “Happy”

“Be Happy! Be Positive!” Can make anyone want to throw up after a while. In the spirit of wanting to be happier, is that actually harmful? What’s the difference between happiness and joy? Would you rather feel pleasure or satisfaction? What’s the difference? In this episode I go into why being happy isn’t the end all, be all and five simple yet profound steps you can take to cultivate true joy in your life. Connect with Joy Energy Time: Instagram: @joy.energy.time...


030: From Eating Disorder to Integrative Health: 4th Year Medical Student Clare Brady [Interview]

Meet Clare Brady, founder of Fitting It All In. She is keeping busy and staying healthy! I’m so happy I had the pleasure to interview this amazing woman. She is a fourth year medical student based in St. Louis, MO, yoga teacher, and eating disorder advocate. Her dream is a practice focusing on mental health and integrative medicine – treating the underlying cause of disease using a lifestyle-first approach. In this episode, we go into the darkness of her eating disorder, recovery, intuitive...


029: Dr Michael Masi and All Things Rehab, Fitness, Nutrition, Sports [Interview]

Awesome interview with Dr Michael Masi PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, CISSN, CMTPT, an expert on all things rehab, fitness, nutrition , and sports. Founder of Masi Fitness, and co-founder of The Charlotte Athlete, Dr Masi spreads his knowledge to other healthcare providers through CEUs and seminars, and to his patients through in person and online based treatments. We discuss his journey, passion for what he does, the importance of finding your niche as a healthcare provider, finding the proper...


028: The Biggest Lesson "Failure" Has Taught Me

"Success is not build on success. It is built on failure. On frustration. Sometimes even catastrophe." - Sumner Redstone


027: Talking HCP Burnout With Anna Rodriguez RN [Interview]

Anna Rodriguez BSN, RN CCRN, PCCN, has been a nurse for 10yrs and has 2 certifications: a progressive care certified nurse, and a critical care certified nurse. We get deep into our burnout stores and what we did and and currently doing to deal with it. Other topics include minimalism, travel healthcare, and more. She is founder of The Burnout Book, a community and blog for nurses to share their stories about burnout and to promote a resilient lifestyle.


026: Occupational Therapy Talks with Lauren Grabowski MS, OTR/L

Interview with Lauren Grabowski MOT, OTR/L, a pediatric Occupational Therapist from Pittsburgh PA! We talk about all things occupational therapy, travel therapy, leadership, and juggling stress and entrepreneurship.


025: Why Reconnecting With the Earth Makes us Healthy

We’re getting GREEN today! Let’s not lie to ourselves. As a society, we feel as though we have conquered nature. We have our high rises, cell phones, subways, concrete jungles- we never need to make contact with nature if we choose not to. We have homes that have lots of nice things. We have screens that entertain us. We can fill the void with things. But technology is not the problem- it’s how we use it. In this episode I talk about how being in nature, specifically having aspects of nature...


024: How Presenteeism Affects You

Unlike absenteeism which is more obvious, presenteeism can be really sneaky. It can cut your productivity by one-third or more. It’s a hidden cost that’s costing companies BILLIONS of dollars. In this episode I can talk what it is, what you need to know about it, how it’s affecting you, and what you can do at work to help change things around. Check out the Show Notes: https://joyenergytime.com/podcast/ Hang out with me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/joy.energy.time/


023: 3 Things to Not Do When You’re Stressed

It’s not the actual stressor that’s necessarily the problem- it’s how we handle stress! (Can I get an AMEN?) We all go through periods in our lives that are more stressful than others. Having just gone through a stressful April, I’m reflecting on the how I handled it (ehh, could’ve been better, but making progress!) This episode is not about being perfect, but realizing you are an evolving human and you can learn from your experiences. Hang out with me as I talk about three things you should...


022: Essence Nutrition CEO Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN [Interview]

Special Guest Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian, Miami native, and CEO of her private practice Essence Nutrition serving several high profile private clients including the Miami Marlins and Del Monte Fresh Produce. She also has meal plans, ebooks, recipes, nutrition and wellness counseling, and other great info. We talk about loads of topics and she shares some great info on diets, calorie counting, and the proper nutritional mind set. This girl is a BOSS....


021: CovalentCareers COO Brett Kestenbaum [Interview]

Special Guest Brett Kestenbaum, Co-founder and COO of CovalentCareers, a web platform that helps people find jobs and opportunities in healthcare, and New Grad Media LLC who consistently develops excellent content on New Grad Optometry, New Grad Physical Therapy, and New Grad Occupational Therapy concepts . Check out the links below. We discuss the importance of finding out ASAP what truly makes you happy in your profession and going for it, considering non-clinical roles in your career,...


020: Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

It’s time to spring clean...and not just your closet. This is an opportunity to spring clean so many areas of your life. What are you going to do with the areas of your life that you know you could improve on? I share five things I’m spring cleaning, why I’m doing it, how I feel about it, and how it can impact you. PS- I get pretty real with you. Check out the Show Notes: https://joyenergytime.com/podcast/ Hang out with me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/joy.energy.time/