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The source for current and future wellness coaches (and health coaches) to enhance their coaching, business and lives!

The source for current and future wellness coaches (and health coaches) to enhance their coaching, business and lives!
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The source for current and future wellness coaches (and health coaches) to enhance their coaching, business and lives!




First Fifty Episodes: Turbo-charged Overview

Our 50th episode just went live! In this episode, we provide our listeners with a turbo-charged brief overview of all 50. If you joined us recently, this is a perfect opportunity to hear what you've missed that might be worth tracking down. If you've been with us since the start, this is an easy way to remember which ones might be worth a rewind! Regardless, we are SO very grateful for our amazing guests and that you've joined us in this journey to be a "catalyst for better." If the...


The End of Age-based Limits? (Interview with Brad Barton - 53 year old mile world record holder)

Is age an excuse? Or a variable to be addressed? In this episode, we chat with Brad Barton, who at the age of 53, ran a 4:19 mile to set the world record. Keep in mind that 4:19 is an impressive mile time for a high school runner - and he did it in his 50's! While he does share some of his running tips and tactics, this discussion is not about running - it's about life - and how we can all make the most of it. If you've been using age (or anything else) as an excuse, here's you're...


The Athlete's Heart Risks: Fact or Fiction (Interview with Dr. Barry Braun and Nate Bachman)

There have been plenty of headlines over the years about the supposed dangers of endurance sports. Starting back in 1984 when Jim Fixx, the author of The Complete Book of Running died of a heart attack in his mid-50's, the suspicions about the supposed dangers of endurance sports have made for great headlines. What doesn't generally hit the news is the full story (e.g., that Fixx was a life-long smoker and his father died of a 2nd heart attack in his early 40's). But the fears are...


If Our Bodies Could Talk: Intriguing insights from best-selling author (and MD) Dr James Hamblin

Is there such a thing as "immune boosting" supplements? Should you eat the core of an apple? Does "bullet-proof" coffee really make you bullet proof? Are probiotics important? Is an all-beef diet a good idea? What is a "go to the park" prescription from a doctor? Is there any downside to caffeine? (hint - only in 2 circumstances). These are just a few of the questions best-selling author and physician Dr. James Hamblin addresses in this week's episode!


Hot Topics in Health and Wellness: 8 Fascinating Studies Impacting Our Lives

The world of health and wellness is filled to the brim with fads and deceptive headlines. So every once in awhile, we highlight some of the intriguing updates - and then provide the research behind the intrigue! This episode covers 8 fascinating studies on pressure and performance... how processed foods change our choices...the impact of sleep on hunger - and school performance!...the latest evidence (and falsehoods) in sports nutrition... how creatine affects the brain... resistance...


Our Genes Are Not Our Destiny (Kenneth Pelletier, PhD, MD Interview)

Our genes are not our destiny. Those six words have the potential to change our (and our clients') perspectives on our choices, opportunities and lives. In this engaging interview with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier, he provides the growing scientific evidence and the resultant potential behind how much our genes really do (and don't) affect our outcomes. If you've ever used "it's my genes" as either an excuse or a driver of fear, this episode will open your eyes to the positive impact our daily...


Best-selling author David Epstein discusses the surprising (and intriguing!) findings from his new book Range

Roger vs. Tiger, Generalists vs. Specialists, Early start vs. finding your path... These are some of the intriguing topics best-selling author David Epstein brought to the table for our fascinating discussion about careers, schooling, health and life! Pulling from his two best-selling books (The Sports Gene and his latest hit Range), he shares the fascinating research behind the path to success. Along the way he reminds us that common quotes such as Winston Churchill's famous "Never, never,...


Fitness (and Performance) Beyond 50 - with best-selling author and coach Joe Friel

Why do we slow down after age 50? Is it our age? Or something entirely different? In this episode, best-selling author, Training Peaks co-founder and one of the original endurance coaches Joe Friel joins us to talk about fitness and performance as we age. The evidence shows that while there are things that change as we get older, most of what is affecting our performance can be overcome through the right training. If you (or your clients) have been blaming age, this is an episode that could...


Dr. Rajiv Kumar - Chief Medical Officer for Virgin Pulse

How does high tech integrate with high touch in the world of wellness? What question does the Chief Medical Officer for Virgin Pulse never get asked (but should be) in his frequent interviews? What exactly is "radical simplicity" when it comes to health and wellness? We address these and much more in this week's episode of the Catalyst Health and Wellness Coaching Podcast!


Practical Nutrition with Best-Selling Author Nancy Clark, RD

Nutritional guidance can run the spectrum, and advice often depends upon the latest headlines. That's exactly why we were so excited to have Nancy Clark join this week's episode. She is the author of the Sports Nutrition Guidebook, which originally came out in 1990 and is now entering it's 6th edition - that is staying power! You've likely read Nancy's insights in magazines like Runner's World or her popular Athlete's Kitchen column, which is published in multiple outlets. Now you have the...


Best-selling author Matt Fitzgerald: Running, Motivation and Life! (Throwback Episode)

Matt Fitzgerald is the author of some of our favorite books, including "How Bad Do You Want It" and "Ironwar." Now, with his new book on the shelves ("Life is a Marathon"), we thought it was the perfect time to bring this episode - one of your all-time favorites - back the the forefront as one of our rare "throwback" shows. Matt shares his insights, his passion, and his wisdom not only for endurance sports - but for this thing called life. He effectively communicates how we can make the...


Listen to a live coaching session come to life! (no scripting or pre-planning - this is the real thing!)

One of your favorite episodes is the live coaching sessions. For some of you, it may be the first time you've hear a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach compete an actual session. For others, you're looking for ways to enhance your own coaching. Regardless of what brings you to this episode, you're going to find it engaging and will realize right out of the gate that the "client" in this recording is bringing a real, live issue with which she's struggling - and can hear the...


Aging Up! 75 year old Hawaii Ironman Ken Hola shares his secrets to optimized living

Age may just be "a number," but it's also an excuse for us to do less, reduce our expectations, and "take it easy." In this episode, we'll explore optimized living with 75 year old multiple-time Ironman Ken Hola as he shares his perspective, strategy and secrets to making the most of life at any age!


The Strange Science of Recovery: Slaying the sacred cows with best-selling author Christie Aschwanden

Ice baths, ibuprofen, foam rollers, massage and beer? An entire industry has been created in recent years around the (supposed) science behind recovery. Best-selling author, athlete and science journalist Christie Aschwanden takes them all on by examining the ACTUAL science behind the marketing claims. Whether you're an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or a coach looking to help your clients make the most of their precious time and money, this is an intriguing discussion about the strange...


The One and Only Bart Yasso! (Discussing life, running and falling in love)

The gentleman known as the "Mayor of Running," the creator of one of the world's best known training sessions (the Yasso 800s), and the Chief Running Officer for Runner's World Magazine joins us to talk life, running and his 40+ year love affair with the sport. If you're a runner, this is a MUST-hear episode for obvious reasons. However, if you hate running :-), you're also likely to really enjoy the discussion as it's much more about life than running, and the tips shared will help...


Dr. Allen Lim - Fueling Coach for the World's Greatest Athletes (and what it means for the rest of us)

Dr. Allen Lim, the founder of Skratch labs, knows fueling strategies as well as anyone in the world. From the Tour de France cyclists (including Team Garmin and Radio Schack) to Olympic Champion Gwen Jorgensen, he is the go-to expert when it comes to optimal fueling. In this episode, he provides some great advice for serious athletes, but also goes into what each of us, regardless of our pursuits, can do to enhance our own performance!


Secrets to Successful Aging - Dr. Alan Castel

There are so many myths about successful aging and the regular choices that will optimize our chances to experience the journey through life in a positive manner. Dr. Alan Castel, UCLA professor of cognitive psychology and author of "Better With Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging" joins us for this episode to help identify what works, what doesn't, and what might (as science continues to progress over time). If you (or your coaching clients) are looking to live your "best life" into the...


Personalized (Genetic-based) Nutrition - Dr. Nanci Guest Shares the Evidence (and much more)

We're hearing more and more about the genetic testing that can help identify a personalized approach to nutrition, but does it actually work? This week we're fortunate to have Nanci Guest, PhD, RD join the show to share her insights on this approach and much more from the world of evidence-based nutrition.


Healthy Kids - Teacher shares her tips for bringing health and wellness to the classroom, home and life! (Throwback Classic)

When it comes to health and wellness, children (and the teachers/parents at their sides) are facing an uphill climb. Excess weight and obesity are at all-time highs... activity and healthy eating at all-time lows. The combination is extremely harmful both short and long term. In this engaging throwback podcast interview that became one of our most popular of all times, a 4th grade teacher shares the approach she's taken with the kids in her classes that have resulted in a true enthusiasm for...


Sleep Doctor to the World's Greatest Athletes: Dr. Meeta Singh

Dr. Meeta Singh knows sleep! An MD who consults with NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and multiple college teams, she has seen it all. Sleep has garnered a lot of attention in recent years as the understanding of the importance of quality sleep have expanded. In this episode, Dr. Singh brings a breadth of knowledge and a practical element that will help you optimize your own sleep as well as that of your clients!