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The source for current and future wellness coaches (and health coaches) to enhance their coaching, business and lives!

The source for current and future wellness coaches (and health coaches) to enhance their coaching, business and lives!
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The source for current and future wellness coaches (and health coaches) to enhance their coaching, business and lives!




Digital Marketing and SEO Secrets for Health and Wellness Coaches (or any Small Business Owner)

Digital marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media - at times, these can feel like either a foreign language or black magic - or both! For the health and wellness coach (or any small business owner) who is wanting to enhance their growth through the use of digital marketing, this episode is a must. Jeff Kent covers it all, from understanding the various options available to the best ways to get started (even on a budget) and the scams to avoid. Jeff keeps it real, providing practical...


The Fad-free Zone: Nutrition and Weight Management Interview with Dr. Tanya Halliday

There are SO many fads, deceptive headlines and misconceptions about nutrition and weight management. As health and wellness coaches, it is so important we steer clear of these with our clients and remain focused on evidence-based strategies that are backed up by research. In this episode, Dr. Tanya Halliday shares her expertise in this area, providing valuable guidance and practical advice we can apply to both our lives and our coaching practices.


Identifying a Clear Personal Vision to Drive Goals in the Coming Year

New Year's Resolutions - you can almost hear the sense of failure in the phrase itself. But it doesn't to be that way. This special edition podcast will provide you with a completely new strategy to use with your clients or on a personal level - not just at the new year, but throughout the year to consistently achieve important goals. In this episode, you'll discover the importance of putting the "what" off to the side initially to instead focus on the "who." You'll learn how to use the F5...


Mental Health - The Role of Coaching, Counseling and Key Differences and Compliments Between the Two Professions

Mental health is an immensely important issue in society today. Both coaches and counselors can play an important role, but only if they understand the differences and how each profession can benefit the other (and most importantly, the client or patient). This episode is an interview with Suzanna Cooper, who has the unique distinction of being both a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach AND a Licensed Counselor. She share practical advice about mental health, the distinction...


Sleep Matters - Dr. Amy Bender Shares Evidence-based and Practical Guidance for Coaching (and Life)

There was a time when sleep was seen as an optional element of life. That time is long gone, as the evidence is now clear - sleep is a critical necessity to optimal performance throughout all aspects of life. This episode features an interview with sleep expert Dr. Amy Bender, who shares the latest evidence-based research, practical tips (including the cognitive shuffle and the 4-7-8 strategy) and even a few cutting edge sleep items with which you can impress your clients, friends and...


Keys to Success for Organizational Health and Wellness Coordinators and Directors (from a coaching perspective)

Are you a health and wellness program coordinator or director? Or are you you thinking you'd like to move your career in that direction? This episode features an interview with Jen Liddell, a Certified Wellness Coach and Licensed Physical Therapist who oversees the health and wellness program strategy for a large health care organization. She talks about the journey that lead her to this role, tips for those currently in the role, and guidance for those who would like to pursue a similar...


The Practical Mindfulness Episode for Health and Wellness Coaches

Mindfulness has been grabbing the headlines in recent years, but for health and wellness coaches, the opportunities for integration go much deeper than those headlines. In this episode, Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach Laura Henelund shares her wisdom and extensive experience in the field of mindfulness. She goes beyond the basics to the practical opportunities that await each one of us, either personally or professionally with our coaching clients. Think you know...


The Matt Fitzgerald Interview: Best-selling Author Shares His Wisdom with Health and Wellness Coaches

Best-selling author Matt Fitzgerald has written extensively on the areas of endurance training, nutrition and all things fitness. His books rank among the all-time favorites for our host and his insights will provide you with valuable nuggets for your coaching and your life! Matt goes deep in this interview, reminding us "health is the foundation of fitness," the value of "tweak - don't overhaul," and the importance of excising humility in our coaching and our lives. This is an episode you...


Listen in on a LIVE Coaching Session with a Nationally Board Certified Coach (no scripting or pre-planning - this is the real deal!)

Coaching can be described, analyzed, and diagrammed for hours on end, but the only way to really understand coaching is to experience it for yourself. The second best way is to hear it happening in real time. That is exactly what takes place in this episode. Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach Susan McGarry coaches our host, Brad Cooper in an unscripted, real life coaching session. There was no pre-planning that went into this session. They just turned on the microphone and...


Health and Wellness in the Classroom (Teacher shares tips and strategies for children applicable across multiple settings)

Do you work with children? Would you like ideas about how to integrate health and wellness into your setting? This special episode is for you! Teachers are amazing. They play a critical role in the lives of so many across the full spectrum. In the midst of teaching math, science, reading and writing, they also can play an incredible role in the overall health and wellness of their students. This special episode is FULL of tips and tactics from the experience of a teacher. Interestingly, the...


Integrating Your Fitness Industry Career With Health and Wellness Coaching (Interview)

The fitness industry is filled with talented, smart and positive individuals who are all looking for ways in which to differentiate themselves. This episode provides an interview with Liz Brown and Serina Lane, two highly credentialed personal trainers, yoga instructors and fitness consultants who also happen to be certified health and wellness coaches. They discuss why they pursued this route, how they've seen the two separate avenues benefit each other and some fun stories along the way....


Financial Fitness for Health and Wellness Coaches

Financial fitness is a critical aspect for overall health and wellness. As a wellness coach, it starts by getting our own house in order. Whether building a coaching business, considering doing so in the future, or simply wanting to garner some helpful tips to share with clients down the road, this episode will provide you with a wide range of helpful tips, resources and strategies to dial in the financial fitness aspect. Clearly, you're not a financial planner, accountant or attorney...


The Clinician as Coach: Physical Therapists Discuss Integration of Wellness Coaching

The interest in Health Coaching (Wellness Coaching) is growing rapidly among clinicians of all backgrounds, from Physical Therapists to Nurses, Physicians to Counselors. In this episode, two Physical Therapists with a combined 61 years of clinical experience and 9 years of wellness coaching discuss their thoughts about why they pursued the certification, the benefits they've experienced, and their advice for others considering a similar path. While clinicians will find this episode...


Health Coaching (Wellness Coaching) within an Employer Setting (Interview w/ HR Executive)

38 year veteran of Human Resources and Benefits guru Steve Percival sits down with Catalyst to discuss the ins and outs of providing coaching within an organizational setting.


Pulling Back the Curtain: What it's REALLY Like to Be a Health Coach (Wellness Coach)

Are you considering pursuing a career as a health and wellness coach? Or maybe you're a current coach but you've lost your original energy and passion? This revealing interview with two experienced and nationally board certified coaches pulls back the curtain and allows you the opportunity to look behind the scenes. You'll learn why they became coaches, strategies they've taken to help their clients make positive changes, how it's influenced their lives, hear some intriguing stories about...


The Evidence Based Health Coach - Review of Sleep, Exercise and Mental Health Research

The world of health and wellness is filled with fads and deceptive headlines. You're better than that - and we're going to do our best to help support you in digging through the "fake wellness news" and focus on peer reviewed research that can be effectively integrated directly into your coaching practice. In this episode, we'll review two key research articles (one on sleep and one on mental health and exercise) for the highlights you can bring to your clients and your own life. If you...


National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach Exam - Everything You Need to Know (Expert Interview)

The profession of health and wellness coaching changed significantly in 2017 when the ICHWC (International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching) created a National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaches. In this episode, we'll be interviewing Sabryna Liddle and Susan McGarry, two individuals who were not only among the first group to pass the board certification, but are also on the committee to help design future questions for the exam. If you're a current or future...


The 4 C's of Health and Wellness Coaching (Plus Intro to Catalyst Podcast)

Welcome to the Catalyst Health and Wellness Coaching Podcast! In this kick-off episode, we'll introduce you to the format, some of the upcoming topics and then introduce the 4 C's of health and wellness coaching: Competence... Credibility... Clientele... and Calling. In addition to getting a sense about the direction and focus of the Catalyst Podcast, you'll also garner some valuable insights about several key elements for your career. Whether you're an experienced coach looking optimize...