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Accessible Yoga: Now and In the Future

SN Jivana Introduction 2:02 Awareness of benefits of yoga for everyone has led accessible yoga to become more mainstream. Work to make yoga more accessible has been going on for some time – extending yoga to different populations. 4:50 Yoga media is not reflecting reality. Yoga Journal did not fully commit to putting Jessamyn Stanley (a black, large-bodied yogi) on the cover as they had said they would. But when the most conservative yoga media moves in that direction, there is...


Yoga and Trauma: Now and in the Future

Yoga and Trauma: Now and In the Future Introduction: 3:49 Yoga and trauma came together as more was known about trauma. Bessel van der Kolk who did a small study of yoga and PTSD. He is a strong voice, and the trauma community recognized the body’s role in trauma healing. Allows a safe and structured way for body to feel again. PTSD as a diagnosis occurred in the 1980’s Society has realized that everyone has experienced trauma in their lifetime. Can react to trauma in present moment...


YCAT - Yoga for Cancer

Introduction to Sandra Gilbert and YCAT 2:00 Yoga taught in chemotherapy infusion suites, bedsides, waiting rooms, and for their carers. Yoga is available during diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and end of life and for caregivers. Would like to have yoga available during diagnosis and prevention of cancer. Yoga is good for stress management and decreases stress hormones. Yoga teaches body awareness and promotes a healthy lifestyle, a person can take control thru mind-body practices. 4:17...


The "Why" of Yoga

Introduction 1:52 Interest in Thai Yoga – more authentic than yoga as it is currently taught. It is called Ruesri dat ton. The monks in Thailand practice this yoga. Uses the breath, great attention to detail, build pressure and then with poses let the pressure dissipate. 5:57 Michael teaches Thai yoga principles but not Thai yoga postures in his classes. Works with the breath, don’t push breath down to the belly but rather keep in thoracic area to stretch out the thoracic area which...


Transformational Yoga

Introduction 2:12 Experience in improvisation and vintage dance instructor. Uses these skills in her yoga teaching. It was a natural progression to move to yoga from these other skills, and yoga fulfils performance and movement for Natasya 3:40 Adds dance movements to the beginning of class to have people start to feel into their bodies. Start with table top and moving and experimenting with movement within the pose 5:40 Students learn to individualise for their own bodies according to...


Creativity, Yoga and the Workplace

Creativity, Yoga and the Workplace Introduction 2:46 Travel the world as yoga is for everyone. Sharing as much as I know. Interacting with other yoga professionals and sharing knowledge. If I admire a yoga teacher, I want to talk with them. Does guest teaching, retreats on different continents 4:50 Does a full time career and teaches many classes and retreats. Can do both because both serve her. Speaks her truth. Started with 2 yoga classes and now with the demand they have run out of...


Self-Compassion Meditation

Self-Compassion Meditation Introduction: yoga nidra process – review, relax, and be compassionate 3:10 Review, relax and be thankful as you delve into the body. Legs, pelvis, torso, arms, neck and shoulders and head 15:15 Compassionate in our thoughts. Self-talk, forgiveness, kindness 18:00 Gently wake up the body Contacts:


Special Yoga with Jyoti Jo Manual

Special yoga with Jyoti Jo Manuel Introduction to Joyoti works with children with complex needs and/or social/emotional needs. She provides classes and training worldwide 3:10 Offers trainings that are usually the result of people having taken her training and then asking her to give a training in their country. Special Yoga develops training for each country based on what is needed. Very flexible/adaptable in length of time and type of training given. Each person leaves the training with...


Yoga for Arthritis with Steffany Moonaz

2:31 As a dancer, Steffany understood movement could be a strategy to alleviate suffering. As a child, she wanted to help people find this state for themselves and suffer less. Wanted to help people find a mind-body connection to be fully engaged in the present thought the experience of what is happening in their bodies and alleviate suffering. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability 6:00 Min-body practice defined by National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health. Many kinds...


Slow Postpartum with Jojo Hogan

Introduction to Jojo and Slow Postpartum 3:29 Slow Postpartum is the time after the birth of the baby and the women in taken care of by her community. Time is 30-40 days of complete rest and care: support, nourishment, and time to heal and bond with the baby. Quite common in several cultures around the world. When a women has a baby, the brain recalibrates and parts of the brain start interacting for the first time as the women becomes a mother. This transformation needs time, care,...


Adaptive Yoga with Ryan McGraw

Introduction to Ryan McGraw and Access2yoga 2:10 When Ryan started yoga he did the maximum expression of the pose, because he wasn’t given modifications. He met a teacher who showed him modifications for the poses using a chair, the wall, and props for supporting his body. It brought a new level of understanding and brought more peace to the body. He could more easily bring in the breath to the pose 4:50 He developed an Adaptive Yoga Manual for yoga teachers. It is available on his website...


Yogahood with Janaki Somaiya

Yogahood Introduction of Janaki Somaiya and Yogahood 2:32 Yogahood started as a result of the founder’s experience of yoga’s benefits. Janaki is involved because of her psychology training and family interest in yoga. Janaki is a clinical psychologist working primarily with youth with mental health issues and knows the benefits for this population. 4:70 Yogahood is a not for profit organisation, that has partnerships with community organisations and also yoga studios and yoga brands....


Body Positive Yoga with Amber Karnes

Introduction – Amber Karnes and Body Positive Yoga 2:40 Consent, Agency, Body Sovereignty Consent: There is culture around touch in yoga. Many people don’t want to be touched. Only uses touch in cases of safety or to point out certain things the student may not understand. How to ensure a consent mindset is to set a focus that the student and teacher are working together but student controls what the body does. Touch is not optional; students are the experts concerning their bodies. Each...


Embodied Yoga with Mark Walsh

Introduction of Mark and Embodied Yoga 2:04: Definition of Embodiment – Subjective aspect of the body 3:20 Mark came to embodiment yoga when he realised his life as a teenager was screwed up. With yoga and aikido, he realised there was a lot of beauty and richness in the movement and something in it for him. The next step how do I teach this to others. 4:25 Embodiment principles = life skills that can’t be learned from a book, i.e., leadership, yoga, stress management. Practical life...


Yoga for Osteoporosis by Stephanie Cunningham

More SN Introduction to Osteoporosis: bones become fragile which leads to increased risk of fractures. May be due to bone mineral decreases or the failure of the microarchitecture. 2:54 Causes: 5:30 No symptoms there is a test called the DEXA test that measures bone density (but not bone microarchitecture) It tests three sites on the body: hip, vertebrae and wrist. Each site receives it’s own score. Vertebral fractures can also lead to kyphosis which is...


Mindfulness and Grief with Heather Stang

Heather Stang SN Yoga and Grief Introduction of Heather and the topic 5:05 Tips to stay healthy while grieving. Sleep, digesting, hydrating may all be difficult. Yoga is one of the activities that can be accessed early. Doesn’t require talking about our emotions and brings us back into the body. Can help with sleeping, digesting and hydrating. People are dealing with the ongoing connection they feel with the person who died. The relationship continues. 7:50 Myth has been that you “get...


"The Perfect Amount of Challenge" with Dayna Hanlon Pinkerton

Dayna Hanlon-Pinkerton #74 “The Perfect Amount of Challenge” 2:28 Introduction Dayna Hanlon-Pinkerton – experienced in yoga, yoga therapy and experiential education as a home educator for her children. Experiential education is very individualised similar to how a teacher/therapist develops a practice for either a yoga therapy client or a yoga student. 4:07 Testimonials on the website: Themes of intuition, meeting individual needs, “perfect amount of challenge”. Dayna tunes into the...


Integrating Dharma in Your Classes with Yael Sunshine

2:12 Introduction to Yael Sunshine and integrating dharma into class for those diagnosed with breast cancer. 2:58 Definition of Dharma: Following your inner guidance and connecting with universal principles. 3:51 Designing a class with dharma – start with 5 koshas (physical, mental, energy, thoughts, universal consciousness 4:35 What’s happening in their life because of the diagnosis – dealing with fear, choices are difficult because may be pressure from medical community and/or...


What is it Like to an Australian Yoga Teacher in 2018

What does it look like to be an Australian Yoga Teacher in 2018? With Cate Peterson Opportunity: Hersha Yoga is offering an online course to expand your knowledge of teaching pregnant women with medical issues. To explore the course: If you choose to take the course, use this code CFOYHERSHA to receive 15% off. This is a limited offer with set amount of places available at this reduced rate. 2:30 Introduction to Cate and to the topic Cate believes Yoga is a vehicle...


Body Acceptance and Understanding with Beth Knudson

Body Acceptance with Beth Knudson Opportunity: online course for accessible yoga for pregnant women Online course information: 15% on the course code: CFOYHERSHA. Limited offer. 2:08 Introduction – Beth Knudson – Body Acceptance and Understanding 3:20 “ We are not meant to be the same size all of our life.” Beth was a fitness instructor – helped people lose weight. She had eating disorders – anorexic, orthorexic. Helped women restrict their food, which leads to...