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Acute Trauma - Self Care

Diana Tokaji Part 2 Self-Care during Acute Trauma 1:00 Wrote a book “Six Women in a Cell” of her experience with assault by police. It isn’t a yoga therapy how-to, tells stories of the womens’ experience. Reader and listener share the experience. Story of what it takes to survive. It’s for any survivor and those that work with survivors. 5:20 Diana’s assault occurred three years ago. This time frame has allowed her to start speaking publicly. This and working with clients with similar...


Acute Trauma

Diana Tokaji Part 1 Acute Trauma 1:10 Introduction to Diana Tokaji 2:16 Acute Stage of Trauma following assault. Acute state can appear at any stage to life. Some of the go too’s of yoga therapy may not be appropriate but may put the body in danger. Body may need to rally to face challenges of acute state. Acute stage is survival state. “Yoga Therapy Today” Winter, 2018, Diana’s article recommend rest and relaxation for PTSD and trauma. But body may be in acute stage which is a state of...


Chronic Pain

Dayna Culwell – Yoga for Chronic Pain 1:30 Introduction to Dayna Culwell 3:08 Using yoga to interrupt the pain signals. Alert from brain that there is pain and something be done. Sometimes the pain signals become mixed and that the wound that originally caused the pain is healed but the pain continues. The brain needs to be reset. Start with grounding and breathing. Can redirect the pain signals if you can learn a strong focus through yoga; readjust pain signals so that you don’t notice...


Trauma Explained

Trauma Explained 1:12 Introduction to Nityda Gessal 4:15 When is yoga appropriate for someone in trauma. Need tools when beginning therapy or yoga. Touch can be a trigger for people with trauma. Get permission to touch several times during class. Need referral list for therapists for students. Yoga is “yoga therapy lite”. If students describe behaviours of hurting themselves or others, tell you their trauma history, then a yoga teacher should give them a referral for a therapist or if...


Yoga for Writing

1:45 Introduction to Courtney Kilian 2:40 Writing and Yoga - Kilian found that yoga and writing complemented each other and were therapeutic in her experience. 4:40 Benefits of yoga and writing for students – a) helps them get through their blocks, b) uses chakras as part of the course, c) students begin to understand that creativity is not a luxury, d) yoga has the body releases the blocks that prevent creativity, d) use meditation and breathing as bridges between everyday life and the...


Healing Yoga

1:11 Introduction of Jean Di Carlo-Wagner 3:56 Created a class for people in treatment for cancer, long term survivorship, and in transition. She was diagnosed with cancer and could find no suitable yoga classes as she went through the stages of cancer treatment. Students are all laying down for the entire class. Yoga allows people to deal with the emotional aspects of the diagnosis or living with a chronic disease. Allows them to decompress. 60% of people diagnosed with cancer will have...


Research with Lara Benusis Part 2

1:12 Lara Benusis Introduction 1:40 Yoga Research Protocols - Lara developed protocols for departments at Sloan Kettering. She also was a subject of research projects when she was at university. She also dropped out of one which gives her insight into the issue of keeping subjects continuing with the research study. Can give incentives, but incentives have to be acceptable to a wide variety of subjects for the research results to be applicable to the whole population that is being...


Research with Lara Benusis I

1:26 Lara Benusis Introduction - Has been teaching yoga since 1996. Was recruited by Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer center as a yoga teacher and researcher. 6:15 Takes years to understand research and design of research. Quantitative research is data driven - reduces to numbers. Qualitative research is telling the story. Yoga teachers are qualitative researchers as they note what is happening with the body, during movement, breath and meditation. 9:21 Yoga research vs. generic research....


Yoga Body Image Coalition with Melanie Klein

1:45 Introduction of Melanie Klein 3:36 In 2002, yoga culture changed. Big corporations bought yoga studios, the phenomenon of "yoga celebrities" began, advertising changed. Yoga advertising started following the lead of fitness, beauty and fashion industries. There was money to be made. 7:55 Few talking about this cultural change. The discussion of how to present another face of yoga has grown exponentially since 2010. But yoga is still being commercialised. 9:53 To change a culture,...


Michael Lee: Yoga Therapy Pioneer

1:15 Introduction to Michael Lee 2:15 Michael explains why he has more faith in yoga than ever before. Mental health workers and therapists are now taking yoga therapy training as they see the benefits. Neuroscience research is now supporting the body/mind connection. Research on consciousness. Helping people come into the present and become aware of their own insights. 8:30 In the 1980's there was a great flourishing of yoga therapy (Dean Ornish's study on reversing heart disease with...


Yoga For All

1:14 - Introduction of Siv Havik 2:37 - Students mostly pay the donation minimum but a few do pay more as they can. Norway's good economy and support makes it possible for some to donate more. 6:15: Siv began the studio because she could not afford to go to yoga classes as much as she wanted to and she has a strong desire to provide diversity in her town regarding yoga. She wanted to make it possible for everyone that may be interested in participating in yoga to find a place to do so....


Burn it down for the Nails

1:26 Introduction of Kristen Krash 3:17 What is/was yoga to her when she was a student, a teacher and now working on her dream of an ecologically sustainable eco-lodge in Ecuador 19:50 Currently there is a varnish/shellac covering yoga based on the corporate business model. Optimistically, Kristen feels that parts of yoga are really worth saving and we have to dig a little deeper to find it. Yoga Alliance just adds to the varnish. 35:30 Now teaching yoga at Sueno de Vida , the eco-lodge...


Yoga's role in a healthy lifestyle

1:18 Introduction 3:00 Preventing disease through yoga and other healthy lifestyles. Explore different healing themes in Andrea's yoga classes. Observation in Andrea's interactive class as the student's are taught how to practice their yoga at home. Teach them to explore a ujique healthy lifestyle that meets their needs. Uses svasana as a way for the class's movements and breath to sink into the body to remember better what occurred. 7:48 Andrea starts with a lesson plan based on current...


Techniques to ease anxiety

1:20 Introduction 2:30 Mindfullness vs meditation. Is there a difference or does it matter. 6:30 Increase in anxiety - our technology is a key contributor to the increase in anxiety. The devices are intentionally addictive and our brain produces dopamine at every ding to ensure that we will continue to use the device. 12:00 Using hypnosis in treating anxiety. All of us have reached a hypnotic state which is a focused state of awareness. Driving somewhere and then not remembering how you...


Nourishing the Nervous System with Yoga

1:28 Introduction 2:53 Tools used in senior yoga classes: sensory processing and integration techniques. Helps clear and reset the nervous system. 6:00 Teaching veterans: a former marine's view. Many ex-military suffer similar symptoms-PTSD, anxiety, pain, and "over-doing" Military trains nervous system not to pay attention to signals from the body and it becomes agitated and then needs training to learn how to be calm. 9:23 Yoga's benefits for veterans exercises to learn to exist in...


Tender Populations

1:20 Introduction - Marcie Leek teaches students with cancer and their caregivers, people grieving, large-bodied women and knitters. 7:40 Teaches a diversity of student populations who are in pain physically, mentally, emotionally or spirtually. Using the tenets of viniyoga but modifying for the special needs of each population. She researches needs of each group and then modifies her poses, breathing, meditation to meet those needs within the viniyoga tradition. 21:20 Marcie and Paige...



Gratitude :48 Thank yous to all of the people that supported me to bring the podcast to fruition, people who took the time to be interviewed and to the listeners. 6:25 Schedule for next 6 weeks 7:29 Gratitude Meditation to Increase Resilience


Yoga Moments for Stress

Small discrete practices for stress and anxiety with Stephannie Weikert 1:39 How to make yoga philosophy more understandable with metaphors and stories. Simple postures, and integrate practice into daily routines. 2:50 Stephanie develops simple, but complete practices for her clients based on practicality and doability. 3:33 Developed this methodology based on her personal experience of being very stressed and anxious in her early twenties. The stress led to a body focused, repetitive...


Experiential Learning (+) in Yoga

Experiential Learning with Charlotte Nuessle 2:44 Positive Neuroplasticity -shape your brain throughout your life. Brain tends toward negative -survival mechanism. Brings out negative emotions and fight, flight or freeze reactions. Tools to bring about concentrating on the positive to deepen or grow neural pathways that pay attention to positive. Leads to resiliency. Gratitude practice. 14:50 Experiential Learning definition. Becoming a witness; stand back from negative experiences. Unique...



Download the podcast here Breathing with Sharon Harvey Alexander 2:50 Sharon "loses" her breath at 15 and begins to find it again in her late twenties when she begins yoga. The connection of breath and movement unites all of the pieces of an individual. 5:54: Breathing, autonomic nervous system, vagus nerve definitions and connections. 11:00 Yoga Nidra - centering activity in the class. Relax and integrate the movement and breath of the rest of the class. 14:00 Types of breathing, what...


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