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"The Perfect Amount of Challenge" with Dayna Hanlon Pinkerton

Dayna Hanlon-Pinkerton #74 “The Perfect Amount of Challenge” 2:28 Introduction Dayna Hanlon-Pinkerton – experienced in yoga, yoga therapy and experiential education as a home educator for her children. Experiential education is very individualised similar to how a teacher/therapist develops a practice for either a yoga therapy client or a yoga student. 4:07 Testimonials on the website: Themes of intuition, meeting individual needs, “perfect amount of challenge”. Dayna tunes into the...


Integrating Dharma in Your Classes with Yael Sunshine

2:12 Introduction to Yael Sunshine and integrating dharma into class for those diagnosed with breast cancer. 2:58 Definition of Dharma: Following your inner guidance and connecting with universal principles. 3:51 Designing a class with dharma – start with 5 koshas (physical, mental, energy, thoughts, universal consciousness 4:35 What’s happening in their life because of the diagnosis – dealing with fear, choices are difficult because may be pressure from medical community and/or...


What is it Like to an Australian Yoga Teacher in 2018

What does it look like to be an Australian Yoga Teacher in 2018? With Cate Peterson Opportunity: Hersha Yoga is offering an online course to expand your knowledge of teaching pregnant women with medical issues. To explore the course: If you choose to take the course, use this code CFOYHERSHA to receive 15% off. This is a limited offer with set amount of places available at this reduced rate. 2:30 Introduction to Cate and to the topic Cate believes Yoga is a vehicle...


Body Acceptance and Understanding with Beth Knudson

Body Acceptance with Beth Knudson Opportunity: online course for accessible yoga for pregnant women Online course information: 15% on the course code: CFOYHERSHA. Limited offer. 2:08 Introduction – Beth Knudson – Body Acceptance and Understanding 3:20 “ We are not meant to be the same size all of our life.” Beth was a fitness instructor – helped people lose weight. She had eating disorders – anorexic, orthorexic. Helped women restrict their food, which leads to...


Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman

Jivana Heyman and Accessible Yoga Opportunity: Hersha Yoga is offering an online course to expand your knowledge of teaching pregnant women with medical issues. To explore the course: If you choose to take the course, use this code CFOYHERSHA to receive 15% off. This is a limited offer with set amount of places available at this reduced rate. 2:12 Intro to Jivana Heyman and Accessible Yoga 3:24 Changing the message of what yoga is and can be. Yoga is accessible....


Yoga For Men

Yoga for Men with Missy Hoffman 2:36 Introduction 4:30 Discrimination against men re: yoga Many believe that yoga should not be modified for men; yoga is for all. But men and women have different social conditioning, motivations, physical and muscular differences. 6:30 Missy’s research: 80% of Western men agree with the statement that yoga is for women. In India, yoga was primarily a male activity. As it moved from India to the West, businesses started marketing it to primarily more...


Yoga Retreats

Highlights: Benefits of yoga retreats Different types of retreats: one day, multi-day, international Look at the story we tell ourselves about our life 1:30 Introduction to Lauren Maher and Volare Retreats 2:38 Therapeutic Benefits of Retreats Breaks down barriers between people and barriers within yourself, Brings people into community,Time to be introspective, Longer retreats give you the opportunity to establish a personal practice 6:21 Shorter retreats – asks attendees what they...


Yoga for Eating Disorders

SN: Nikola Ellis of Adore Yoga Yoga Research into Eating Disorders Highlights: Research: If and how yoga is beneficial to individuals with eating disorders. Using western protocols for research At the beginning, she wanted to research the effect of faulty interoception, objectification, and trauma on the eating disorders. And how yoga may be beneficial. Standardised the classes so all yoga teachers were essentially teaching the same things in a trauma-informed yoga class. Asked the...


Yoga for Special Needs Children

Highlights: Working with other professionals to meet the needs of the whole person. Benefits include better proprioception and social engagement Collaborate with the family to help special needs children. 1:00 Introduction to Sheelah Rodriguez and Adaptability Yoga Works in therapy centres, after school settings Works with different challenges –physical, developmental, and mental challenges of children from toddlers to over 18. May introduce the same material e.g. super heroes but...


Yoga Retreats for Cancer Sufferers

Highlights: Intensive Yoga Retreats for Cancer Patients Lee Majewski has created and implements a 3 week intensive for those diagnosed with cancer. Anyone with the diagnosis, in or finished with treatment can attend the retreats. Yoga tools are taught to help them with their fear, feeling like a victim and negative thought patterns 6 years of research shows significant benefits for the attendees. 1:16 Introduction to Lee Majewski 3:15 Created a 3 week Intensive Retreat for Cancer...


Accessible yoga for all

Highlights YAMA Foundation of Hong Kong founded by Hersha Chellaram offers classes and training in: Accessible yoga for pregnancy, for differently abled children and adults, and training to become a yoga teacher for those with different abilities.


Trauma in Many Forms

Highlights: Yoga teacher/therapist must read the class to provide the correct tools to meet the student/clients’ needs. Internal Family Systems (IFS) combined with the yoga – asanas, breathing, visualisation, and meditation can help find the source of trauma. Movement can disrupt trauma held in the body. Have a healthy relationships with emotions like fear. Ignoring emotions stores them in the body. 1:15 Introduction to Yael Sunshine 2:56 Yael explains her classes for those suffering...


Teen Yoga

1:20 Introduction to Charlotta 3:25 Research on how yoga affects young people: Hippocampus .eu Working the with the European Union and includes asylum seekers. Training those who work with young people like social workers, psychologists, teachers. Just started working with refugees in Italy. Syrians are open to yoga while Muslims from Africa can be concerned about religious issues. 6:20 Charlotta works with women in the UAE and has designed some yoga classes sensitive to Islam. The women...


Yoga for Amputees

Marsha Danzig – Yoga for Amputees 1:15 Introduction of Marsha 2:35 Yoga for Amputees – classes, yoga teacher training for teaching amputees. The basis of the classes and training is: every person is whole. Amputees may not feel whole physically, emotionally or mentally. Maybe stared at often. Takes effort everyday. Need resilience. 7:37 Marsha’s journey: starting teaching classes for “normal” people but attracted students with challenges. Students started asking for her help for their...


TRE and Yoga

1:19 Introduction to Melissa Turnock 2:35 Neurogenic Tremor 4:35 TRE definition 9:32 TRE in a yoga class 12:50 Benefits to students of TRE 17:45 Teach regulation and integration in class Looking for irregular breathing, eye contact, engage in conversation, stop and start tremors so students know they are in control. Contacts: Email: Website: FB: /pittpilatesandyoga/



1:12 Introduction to Christine Wushke and adjustments 2:15 Adjustments – many of us were taught hands-on adjustments to make the student’s body take a certain shape. Christine prefers supporting the student to go into their own body and learn to make their own adjustment and correct their own movement. Her philosophy is to a) help the meet their own yoga goals and b) how to support them to realise what they need to do make their own adjustments. Christine uses the Hakomi (a body-based...



1:14 Introduction to Vinaya Saunders 1:50 Began with corporate yoga and was pregnant while she was teaching. Some female students became uncomfortable and didn’t come to class as the baby grew. One student said it was painful to see someone so pregnant as she had had great difficulty becoming pregnant. Vinaya started studying Gynocologic Ayurveda in depth and found what the ancient teachings said about fertility Western Medicine solves symptoms, rarely the root cause. Vinaya works with...


Building Community

1:06 Introduction to Ashley Adams, owner of Fit Yoga Factory and author of “Zen and the Wonder Woman Complex” - a book to help mums build their tool kit for self-care. 2:12 Ashley defines building a community as creating a safe, comfortable space. Getting rid of whatever preconceptions someone may have of yoga teachers and yoga studios. She brings a real life perspective to yoga classes and yoga studios. She has a healthy mix of students from 13 to 73. Lots of moms that if they have to can...


Yoga Impact

1:23 Introduction of Nancy Candea and Yoga Impact 3:15: In 2009, moved from Hawaii to Boulder, Colorado USA. Wanted to teach more marginalised populations and give back. Started teaching in women’s shelter and a client helped her establish a non-profit charity. In addition to providing yoga to marginalised communities, the charity also wanted to provide teacher training to individuals from these communities. Nancy teaches at the VA at a women’s trauma unit (for those sexually assaulted in...


Corporate Yoga

1:05 Introduction of Caroline 2:20 Corporate Yoga – started as part of wellbeing programs in work place. Caroline was contacted to provide yoga classes and meditation courses. Some corporations are committed to their staff’s wellbeing but less common in last few years. Benefits to students and to the organisation. Company benefits include increasing profits through employee retention and improved employee output. Need a champion to talk to senior management about implementing the program...