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Hi, I'm Candice Horbacz I believe that life is messy and that's okay, that thinking for yourself is rare but necessary, and that we should always be expanding our curiosity. This podcast aims to have conversations that are thought provoking and challenge you to become a critical thinker.


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Hi, I'm Candice Horbacz I believe that life is messy and that's okay, that thinking for yourself is rare but necessary, and that we should always be expanding our curiosity. This podcast aims to have conversations that are thought provoking and challenge you to become a critical thinker.






#86 Nick Onken - The Future Belongs to Artists

Nick Onken is a world-renowned photographer, host of ONKEN radio podcast, and a creative entrepreneur devoted to inspiring the world to create their moments. He has photographed personalities such as Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, and Jessica Alba, with his work being featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, and MTV. In this episode, we discuss how to find your identity Alchemy, Nick’s thoughts on Masculinity dynamics, and ways to stay ahead as a creative. 00:00 Introduction 01:08 The Future Belongs to the Creatives 03:37 Discipline and Extreme Accountability as a Creative 06:36 Approaching Art with a Curiosity Mindset 09:16 What to Do When You Feel Stuck 10:34 Try Something New to Find Inspiration 13:24 Understanding the Alchemy of Identity 17:09 Nick’s Thoughts on Masculinity Dynamics 19:45 Pleasure Prayers and Sexual Sacredness 22:35 Learning to Take Risks 28:26 How to Become Supernatural 30:45 You Have the Power to Heal Yourself 33:50 Breathwork Benefits, Uses, and Effectiveness 38:45 Understanding the Dark Knight of the Soul 44:45 Self-actualization and the Integration of Psychedelic Experiences 48:52 The First Step to Creation 53:54 Where to Find Nick Understanding the Alchemy of Identity Identity alchemy can be summed up by this three-step process: Deconstruct-Curate-Become. This is the deconstruction of the self, the curation of the new version of yourself, and then becoming who that is, becoming your authentic self. But why is this important? Well, because people love authenticity, and that’s what keeps them coming back to you. The good news is that everybody is an Alchemist. The Future Belongs to the Creatives The future belongs to the creatives. We live in a fast-evolving world where everybody is trying to come up with something new. And as technological advancements continue to automate repetitive tasks, it is the imaginative minds who will shape and redefine our world. Creatives bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and unique perspectives that transcend traditional boundaries. They possess the ability to envision possibilities and inspire others to embrace change. With their artistic talents and visionary thinking, creatives will unlock the true potential of emerging technologies, foster meaningful connections, and create immersive experiences. Links and Resources Nick on Instagram and Twitter Nick’s Website - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon by Adam Boyce and Dr. Joe Dispenza You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Adam Boyce and Dr. Joe Dispenza Support the show


#85 Emily Fletcher - Pleasure Prayer, Amplify Manifestation

Emily is a leading expert in meditation for high performance and the founder of Ziva Meditation, where she developed the world meditation training program. She talks about heart and mind coherence, emotional alchemy, purging, and meditation practices to help live a more mindful life. 00:00:00 00:02:58 Activation and Breathing Exercises 00:04:39 Heart and Mind Coherence 00:09:38 Disconnected Women, “The Hug Factory”, and “The Hidden Messages” 00:14:07 Accepting, Processing, Enabling Emotional States 00:17:13 What is Emotional Alchemy? 00:20:56 Purging and Is Energy All the Same? 00:24:45 Vivid Dreams, Extraction, and an Orgasmic State 00:32:53 Punishment of Pleasure 00:35:27 Practicing Pleasure Prayer 00:38:51 Masculine Wounds and Trauma Responses 00:46:22 Sexually Charging Yourself Up 00:54:39 Measuring Frequencies 00:57:50 Meditation Practices 01:03:36 Inherent Shame Around Pleasure and Sexuality 01:08:27 Where to Find Emily What is Emotional Alchemy? The emotional alchemy process is a way to purge emotion and express yourself. It’s tapping into anything repressed, stuck, or wants to be witnessed anytime. Usually for a lot of people it’s anger, frustration, grief, or sadness, and through emotional alchemy, it’s lletting these emotions move through the body and letting yourself feel through somatic experience or expression such as dancing, punching, or sounding. Once you see and feel it in its entirety, it transmutes. However, the more we ignore these emotions, the louder they get. If we witness these feelings in their entirety, then these emotions are more likely to take a backseat instead of taking control of your life. The Purge and Energy Work We are communal beings by nature and there is power in that. Showing our emotions among ourselves has become so antithetical to the way that we’ve been socialized and conditioned, even more so in other cultures. To be witnessed and given permission to let our emotions rip, there is so much power in that. Vulnerability and safety can equal to trauma healing, while vulnerability and fear can equal re-traumatization. Links and Resources Ziva’s Free Masterclass: How to reduce your stress, overcome anxiety, and improve your sleep in 15 days Meta-Description Teacher and emotional alchemist Emily Fletcher talks about our dreams, pleasures, emotional states, and meditation practices to help us heal and ease into mindfulness. Support the show


#84 Mark Gober - The Great Reset, Sovereignty, Science of Consciousness

Mark Gober is an international speaker, author of the award-winning book “An End to Upside Down Thinking”, and host of the podcast Where Is My Mind? In this episode, he distills the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset as well as his views on sovereignty, libertarianism, democracy, and even aliens. 00:00:00 00:00:29 Mark and His Many Topics 00:01:46 The WEF and The Great Reset 00:04:34 Collective Energy That Establishments Hold 00:07:02 Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better 00:11:49 The Great Reset and Yuval Noah Harari 00:15:47 Sovereignty and Being a Libertarian 00:19:22 Do We Truly Have Private Property? 00:24:12 Democracy is Tyranny 00:27:05 Difference Between Equality and Equity 00:31:44 Diversity and “Belonging Surveys” 00:35:02 Compassion Can Be Weaponized 00:42:31 The Science of Consciousness 00:46:54 How Corals Spawn, Telepathy, and Lucid Dreaming 00:52:12 The Reincarnation Studies 00:58:35 The Phineas Gage Story and Altering Consciousness 01:02:45 Wider Acceptance of Psychedelics 01:10:33 Aliens! 01:14:25 Where to Find Mark The Great Reset In June of 2020, the Executive Director of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab alongside then Prince Charles announced “The Great Reset” wherein we have a chance to reshape society in a positive direction with COVID providing that opportunity for us. Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret shortly thereafter published a book entitled “COVID-19: The Great Reset” and a sequel book called “The Great Narrative”. The World Economic Forum is in itself a powerful organization that influences or at least has relationships with very important companies, and Schwab himself has said “we penetrate the cabinets” meaning that people with their ideology are involved with global governments. The WEF, whether we like what they do or not, has influence over governments and companies all over the world, so when they came out with “The Great Reset” on their vision for society, it’s worth paying attention to. What Mark explains in his book “An End to the Upside Down Reset” is to try to distill what’s been written about “The Great Reset” and how he disagrees with an organization such as the World Economic Forum and especially given their close relations to governments and companies. Sovereignty and Libertarian Mark defines Libertarianism as based on the notion of private property wherein you own your body and you own your stuff that you either bought or made on your own, as well as the ability to trade these things. If you believe in private property, the next step is the non-aggression principle, meaning that that property is yours and no one has the right to assert any form of aggression towards you, and when they do, you have the right to self-defense. These kinds of policies that a third party such as governments and organizations would impose on people could also mean that they are imposing without our consent. Laws will be determined by those who subscribe to the organization and if you refuse to participate, then you can leave. This is not the kind of regulation we currently have and we currently have implied consent with governments versus the explicit mutually-agreed upon consent that we normally should have. This is what Mark fears with the WEF who can influence the governments to then impose policies that people didn’t necessarily agree to. Links and Resources Official Website Where Is My Mind Podcast Support the show


#83 Elise Michaels - Men's Mental Health

Elise Micheals Episode Run Time: 58:25 Elise is a men’s mental health coach and advocate, helping men find purpose and passion by healing their subconscious trauma. In this episode, we talk about the differences, or lack thereof, in providing support for men and their mental health and trauma, how men can look for love in this modern era, and how one can help the men in their life heal towards a better life. 00:00 00:49 Introducing Elise 01:35 Polarity on Support Between Men and Women 04:07 Cracking Open Men’s Heart Center 06:26 Men and Decisiveness 09:32 Common Trauma Among Men 11:00 Getting Men Out of Toxic Relationships 13:27 Where Can Men Look for Love? 16:08 Rejection VS Normal Human Interaction 20:20 Social Stigma of Men Asking For Help 23:02 The Boy Crisis 25:58 Divorce and Prenup 32:28 Men’s Roles in Relationships 35:16 The Midlife Crisis and the Retirement Era 38:21 Being a Woman in Mens’ Topics 39:40 Developing EQ 42:14 Old School Mentality on Men 44:05 Transactional Relationships 45:06 “The Whore Whisperer” 47:32 Men VS OnlyFans 50:36 Escapism Through Ejaculation 53:15 What Does Depression Look Like in Men? 54:17 Alleviating Anxiety 57:12 Where to Find Elise How do we crack open men’s heart center In order for men to create a safe space for the feminine, they don’t necessarily have to get in touch with their emotions, because that’s when we see them go into more of their feminine. This is also what happens in relationships when women take so much on the masculine and is hard-strung on this dynamic. Relationships need balance, and in this case, men will start taking on the feminine and dive into the emotional side if they’re not taught to control or get in touch with their feelings, confusing both people. The way a masculine man can maintain his masculinity while in a relationship with a masculine woman is to take lead. Men should be a witness to where the burden is, not give women the responsibility on how to un-burden her, and be a witness to how they can participate in leading. Simply, just doing it without asking. Mental Health in Men Depression looks like in men like it does in anybody else, but no one pays attention to it. We’ve adopted the fact that this is what’s normal for men when in fact, majority of them are actually very depressed and they don’t even know it. A lot of it is high-functioning depression where they’re going to work and doing well in their job, but they have to take a drink when they come home because they can’t sleep, they can’t shut down, their brain is constantly going “you have stomach issues”, they’re full of anxiety, they can’t connect with people, have no enjoyment, and while all of this is happening, we just think, “oh, this is every man”. This is precisely the problem. Men don’t realize that they can live a life that is free of anxiety and that they don’t have to take a shot before they go to bed, that they can actually sleep peacefully, and they can actually enjoy their lives. They don’t even recognize that this could be a possibility for them, and this is what Elise aims to solve, or at least alleviate, among these troubled men. Links Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Website Meta-Description Men’s coach Elise Micheals dives deep into the social stigma surrounding men’s mental health, trauma, toxicity, and how they can become better people and partners in their relationships. Support the show


#82 Elisha Covey - Love, Life, and Womanhood

Episode Run Time: 2:05:03 Elisha is a talented, self-made, multimillionaire businesswoman, entrepreneur, and co-founder of an eight-figure business portfolio as well as being a host of the podcast “The Girlfriends Show”. In this incredibly special two-hour episode, we talk about everything from navigating life, love, womanhood, and motherhood, and what has made her into the amazing woman that she is today. 00:00:00 00:00:55 Encouraging Independence on Kids 00:05:19 Instagram and Setting Rules and Guidelines 00:09:46 The Line Between Shepherding and Passive Parenting 00:13:32 Encouraging Independent Thinking 00:15:01 The Sex and Porn Conversation 00:18:09 Body Count, Giving Away Your Virginity, and Sex Outside of Marriage 00:22:13 Men Who Lose Respect 00:23:26 Women Who Talk About Masculinity 00:26:38 Normalize Changing Our Minds 00:27:38 Maintaining Working and Romantic Relationships With Your Partner 00:30:30 King-Queen Archetypes 00:34:29 Relationship Check-Ins 00:39:11 “Outwinning the Devil” by Napoleon Hill 00:41:21 Hormone Cycles 00:47:45 The Magic of Food 00:50:48 Our Body is Magic 00:57:57 Navigating Birth Control With Your Daughter 00:58:50 Having Agency Over Your Body 01:03:46 Testosterone in Women 01:08:35 Candice’s Autoimmune Disease and the Medical Establishment 01:12:23 Trusting Women’s Gut 01:14:55 Balancing Romance in Interdependent Relationships 01:19:35 Always Assume the Best From Your partner 01:23:19 Be Open to Receiving 01:25:37 Exercises for Bad Parenting Days 01:27:50 Different Stages of Motherhood 01:29:05 Carl Jung’s Devouring Mother Archetype and Disney’s “Bao” 01:31:41 Alternative Workshops in Praising Women 01:45:07 Healing Aspect Between the Two Divine Energies 01:49:06 Elisha’s Mission of Connection and Enlightenment 01:53:54 Needing a Direct Apology and Holding Grudges 02:01:09 Meditations in Receiving and Manifesting 02:04:00 Where to Find Elisha Husbands and Partners Elisha’s role in business is very masculine, and she learned that if she couldn’t harmonize the masculine and feminine energy, it was going to ruin her marriage. It’s an ebb and flow of adjusting to each other’s wants and needs, and the importance of being honest with each other. Being with a partner means being willing to evolve, change, learn, and adjusting to the person you love. Elisha doesn’t also believe in the “King and Queen” archetypes going all over social media. Men and women are different and we each create the relationships we want, how we want to behave in them, and especially knowing what your spouse is looking for. Womanhood and Parenthood Candice talks about the short movie “Bao” which is about parenting and the “Devouring Mother” archetype and how some moms who are reluctant of letting go of their children growing up and being their own person. The moral of the story is that it’s important, especially for moms of boys, to let their sons step into their manhood. For men, it’s also important that they offer a safe space for their daughters to be vulnerable. Men should also show their daughters that they can be trusted and that they can be safe and comfortable around them. Links and Resources Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Meta-Description Businesswoman and all-around superwoman Elisha Covey talks about love, life, and womanhood in this special conversation-filled two-hour episode. Support the show


#81 Raghu Markus - Ram Das, Karma, and Soul

Chatting with Candice Raghu Markus Episode Run Time: 55:46 Raghu Markus is a film producer and music producer from Ojai, California. He is the Executive Director of the Love Serve Remember Foundation, co-founder of the Be Here Now Network, where he hosts the Ram Dass Here & Now podcast, as well as his own Mindrolling podcast. He is the producer of Becoming Nobody, a Ram Dass documentary feature film that was released in 2019. In this episode, we talk about awareness, consciousness, the roles we play, and finding the best guru to guide you in life. 00:00 00:14 “Who Am I?” 05:07 The Roles We Play 08:51 The Phineas Gage Incident and Physical and Biological Trauma 14:09 Definition of Karma 18:34 Relationship to People in Power and Losing Your Soul 22:16 Treating Everyone Like God in Drag 29:51 The Role of Shame, Sin, and Punishment in Religion 34:06 The Best Way to Find a Teacher or Guru 43:42 The Element of Giving and Contributing 47:02 Being Disconnected 51:52 Reincarnations and Past Lives 53:22 Where to Find Raghu Ram Dass and Who We Are Raghu’s documentary feature of Ram Dass in “Becoming Nobody” shows the the arc of what Ram Dass represented as a teacher over many decades. His ideologies center around how we identify with our roles, the community, the family we came from, and the teachers that taught us everything we know; these influences forming us as a “somebody”. When Raghu went to India with Ram Dass, he got the nickname “Raghu”, a re-identification of the soul and the essence behind the personality, identities, and roles he played. When it comes to answering the question of who we are, Raghu traces his answer to Ramana Maharshi, a great saint in India who when he was 16 couldn’t take the suffering and laid down in his bed refusing to get up until he found out who he was. He had the benefit of six billion incarnations going through to get to that moment where he realized the true essence of himself. The central part of his teaching had always been “Who Am I?”. For Raghu’s own experience, it’s how do we use all of these wonderful teachings to enhance our day-to-day lives and get ourselves more in balance. It’s not a matter of “I’ll find out who I am and I’ll be enlightened”. It’s about how do we become a little bit more kind, generous, and loving in an unconditional way. Links and Resources Join the course at: Listen to Raghu’s Podcast “Mindrolling” at Meta-Description Film producer and co-founder of the Be Here Network Raghu Markus shares his experience with Ram Dass and how this changed his life and his perspective on culture, consciousness, and realization. Support the show


#80 Brian Sanders - The Dark Side of Nutrition

Chatting with Candice Brian Sanders Episode Run Time: 1:29:11 Brian Sanders is a filmmaker, podcaster, and founder and CEO of Sapien, a health education company as well as a Health Coach at Evolve Healthcare. He works to debunk myths and false ideas surrounding food, diet, and the culture of food for men and women. 00:00:00 00:02:13 When Did Food Become so Political? 00:05:24 The Campaign Against Red Meat and Sugar 00:09:34 Animal Studies on Rats VS Humans 00:13:21 Debunking Calorie Deficit 00:24:21 How to Target Visceral Fat 00:27:22 Inflammation Markers and Diets for Females 00:33:11 Removing One Food Group From a Diet 00:35:06 Gut Tests 00:42:13 Lectins and Oxalates in Food 00:47:55 Nutrition in Pregnancy 00:52:40 All About Liver and Organ Meat 01:00:29 Ikigai and Living With Communities and Parents 01:05:52 Meditation Practices 01:09:54 The Sapiens Diet and Going Nutrients-Dense 01:18:14 Carbs, Fat, and Cholesterol 01:22:45 Longevity 01:25:11 Raw Dairy 01:27:43 Where to Find Brian Debunking Calorie Deficit and Targeting Visceral Fat Most people want to lose weight, but it’s always a question of whether they want to lose weight or if they want to lost fat. And in the process of losing weight, mindset also plays a very important role. Contrary to popular belief, calorie deficit isn’t always the way go because in the process, you lose protein, nutrients, and eventually muscle. Losing fat is a battle of hunger; everyone wants to eat less but why can’t we all just eat less? And According to Dr. Sean O’Mara the best way to losing visceral fat is eliminating process food, sprinting, and lifting weights. The Right Diet The Sapiens diet is not down one path. It’s not paleo, keto, carnivore, or Whole30, it’s somewhere in between and based on ancestral health. It’s all about what works, what doesn’t, and why. A lot of it comes down to nutrient density for a diet to work long-term. It’s protein, nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and energy. Your body doesn’t need a name, but it needs nutrients and the correct amount of energy from fat and carbs. Links and Resources Instagram YouTube Meta-Description Filmmaker, podcaster, and health coach Brian Sanders goes nerdy on diet culture and the myths and truths behind food and losing weight. Support the show


#79 Dr. Shefali - How to Raise Conscious, Confident Kids

Chatting with Candice Dr. Shefali Episode Run Time: 35:52 Dr. Shefali is a clinical psychologist, three-time New York Times best-selling author, and CEO of Conscious Coaching Institute. In this episode, she explains new and modern ways far from what we’re used to, Eastern Spirituality, and that it’s okay for boys to cry. 00:00 00:37 Gentle Parenting, Conscious Parenting, Permissive Parenting 02:06 Balance Between Freedom and Unconditional Love 07:20 Struggle With Commitment and Over romanticizing 09:53 Navigating the Trap of Bad Teachers 12:34 Modeling Authenticity 15:19 Concepts of Eastern Spirituality 18:48 “Be Nice” is the Worst Advice 22:19 Connection Before Correction 25:58 Reacting VS Responding 27:35 Authoritarians on Gentle Parenting 29:27 Abuse and That One Comment that Sticks 31:54 Boys Can Cry 33:43 Dr. Shefali’s Favorite Moment 35:07 Where to Find Dr. Shefali What is Gentle Parenting, Conscious Parenting, and Permissive Parenting? Conscious parenting encompasses gentle parenting, but it’s not just the focus. The focus is not to be gentle to the child, it’s much more than that. It’s about really understanding the parents’ own ego patterns and how they’re bringing their own unconscious “crap” to the dynamic and how to stop doing their toxic behavior so they can truly meet the needs of the child before them, because that’s what a child needs to flourish and become empowered and successful. Permissive parenting is just negligent parenting; it’s nothing to do with conscious parenting. People think conscious parenting is like permissive parenting because Dr. Shefali talks so much about letting go of this delusion of control but that doesn’t mean you let it go and completely ignore the needs of your children. Links and Resources Website Instagram Meta-Description Newly mom of two Candice talks all about parenting with clinical psychologist and NYT best-selling author Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Support the show


#78 Calories in Calories Out is BS Solocast

Contrary to popular belief, losing weight takes more than just eating less and there are a multitude of factors that affect how a person manages their weight. Because of some last minute changes with a guest, I go solo for this episode and give my take on diet culture as a woman and a mom with PCOS, Graves’ disease, and now Hashimoto’s disease. 00:00:00 00:01:35 Misconception of Calorie Deficit 00:05:20 “Just Eat Less, You Fat Fuck” 00:12:22 The Importance of Sleep 00:16:10 Effects of Cortisol in Women 00:18:05 Having a Healthy Relationship with Food 00:19:24 Body Positivity 00:22:24 Influence Without Outrage Economy My Fitness Journey I recently had my new baby and while that has been amazing, it kicked off Graves’ disease into Hashimoto’s disease. It’s still an autoimmune disease but is now much slower and makes it harder for me to get rid of the extra ten pounds. Because of my colorful fitness journey, I truly believe simply telling people to get up off their ass and eat less is not helpful at all. While diet plays an important role in weight management, there are so many other factors such as sleep and hormones that make it almost impossible to lose or gain weight. I’m here to debunk all these myths on diet and exercise by sharing my own personal perspective and journey towards achieving my fitness goals. Meta-Description Candice flies solo for now and gives the feminine perspective on diet culture and the body positivity movement. Support the show


# 77 Daniel Maté - The Myth of Normal

Daniel Maté is a composer, lyricist, playwright for musical theatre based in BC and New York, and co-author of the book “The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture” with his father Dr. Gabor Maté. We talk about the colorful and complicated relationship between children and parents in this special in-person interview with Daniel. 00:00:00 00:02:46 Daniel’s Writing Process with His Father, Dr. Gabor Maté 00:11:38 The Unique Relationship Between Parents and Children 00:24:46 Playing the Blame Game and Loving People Where They Are At 00:32:56 Establishing Boundaries 00:36:23 The Millennial Generation Parenting 00:39:44 Happy Medium Between Gentle Parenting VS Abusive Parenting 00:49:34 Teaching Children Emotions 00:54:53 True Authenticity While Functioning in Society 01:00:43 Respecting the Journey of Healing 01:04:29 Different Modalities of Healing, Meditation, and Herbal Remedies 01:25:01 The Public and Private Lives of Daniel and Dr. Gabor 01:34:07 Where to Find Daniel 01:38:32 Superchats The Unique Relationship Between Parents and Children If you take the relationship and put it in an ideal vacuum, it’s a weird and unique relationship. Parents are fully-grown adults capable of making choices and has had a range of experiences, while children are a non-thing coming into the world who didn’t make the choice to be here. Secondly, children don’t get to choose their parents and vice versa. Cosmically, karmically, it could be. However, children don’t usually turn out as their parents expect, but parents also turn out differently than how kids “expect” them to be. Even though children don’t have cognitive expectations, we are all born into the world as an expectation for a certain kind of environment: an unstressed, fully emotionally-attuned, emotionally available, and communitarian environment. Another unique thing is that the parent and child didn’t only just procreate and create the other, but they conditioned each other. Third, there is a power and responsibility dynamic. Parents have every responsibility to keep their child alive and shield them from dangers, while children have none just as nature intended giving space for the child to grow into their own power in a loving home. Links and Resources: Official Website Walk with Daniel: A Mental Chiropractic Service Let’s Get Lyrical With Carice & Daniel Instagram: @cariceanddanielgetlyrical Daniel’s Instagram Meta-Description Musical theatre composer-lyricist Daniel Mate talks about writing “The Myth of Normal” with his father Gabor Mate, modern-day parenting, and the different modalities of healing. Support the show


# 76 Danny Morel - The Aligned Masculine

Danny Morel is a business strategist and entrepreneur turned life coach and spiritual guide. We get down and personal on his life growing up as a disaligned man and into the more wholly connected person that he is today. We talk about how we can live life from the inside out and healing through psychedelics on the journey to healing. 00:00:00 00:00:18 Danny’s Inspiration 00:01:41 Are We More Disconnected Than Ever? 00:04:15 The Boy Crisis and Helping Men’s Groups 00:10:17 Living Life From the Outside In 00:15:08 Ethically-Approaching Psychedelics and Being in Ceremony 00:19:55 The Tourist 00:22:12 The Heart Disconnect in the Masculine and Feminine 00:28:42 The Healing Journey and Not Opening Up During Sex 00:36:39 Root Chakra Healing 00:43:25 The Shame in Breastfeeding 00:47:48 Where to Find Danny Are we more disconnected than ever? In the 3D world or the world we’re currently living in, we’re being bombarded with social media and streams of content and information. Danny absorbs his surroundings through the spiritual world and looking back over his 45 years of existence, none of this was around. People weren’t as distracted and women weren’t being told compared to the level that they are today that their value is found in their body and in their looks. They weren’t being pushed to alter or change themselves to the extent that they are now. Looking at the trend, it started from the viewpoint that women are the source of love and now dark energy is attacking all genders. The system pokes at one aspect and it starts to go after everything else. It doesn’t help how most women are wounded and abused sexually and seeing them and helping them to release that energy and trauma is a beautiful thing for Danny. However, they are also wounded in their masculine energy in their minds because their father let them down or their mother showed them an example of high masculinity by always being in the defense and never allowing their guard down so they can never get hurt. Men on the other hand haven’t been through an initiation process of going from a boy to a man because their fathers didn’t show them or take them through that initiation process. The Heart Disconnect in the Masculine and Feminine What does disaligned and a healed masculine and feminine look like? Back when Danny was still in his disaligned masculine self, he was highly successful in business, made a lot of money, worked a lot of hours, drank a lot of alcohol, consumed a lot of pornography, and spent a lot of time away from home. When he was at home, he was disconnected with his children and his wife at the time and his pleasure principle in life was power and success. This stemmed from being a wounded little boy growing up; his father’s father left him so he never knew his father and therefore was completely cut off from his masculinity. That energy came into Danny and he had a lot of fear as a person as well. From his mother’s side, his mother’s mom passed away when she was 13 days old and grew up never knowing what and how to share maternal love. Given his background, he had to provide, forcing him into the energies of desire and pride. His entire life was spent chasing that idea, he wasn’t connected to his heart, and he didn’t know how to let love in. Links and Resources: Instagram TikTok Awaken Landing: Official Website Meta-Description Entrepreneur turned life coach Danny Morel talks about masculine and feminine energy, root healing chakras, and his journey towards healing. Support the show


#75 Vylana Marcus - Femininity, Sex, and Intimacy

Chatting with Candice Vylana Episode Run Time: 1:21:41 Vylana is a musician, singer, dancer, medicine woman, and Fit For Service fellowship coach. In this episode, we talk about our own definition of femininity, sex, intimacy, and the power of the divine feminine. 00:00:00 00:01:08 What Is It to Be a Woman? 00:06:26 Authentic Expression of Femininity 00:11:36 Intelligence and Femininity 00:14:19 Madonna-Whore Complex 00:20:52 The Power of the Divine Feminine 00:26:00 Preventing Negative Attachments to “Promiscuity” 00:34:00 Weaponizing Sex 00:38:32 Polyamory and Monogamy 00:51:31 Rediscovering Intimacy 01:04:40 Prioritizing Sex and Pleasure 01:20:09 Where to Find Vylana What Does It Mean to be Feminine? What does it mean to be a woman? For Vylana, we have to have the willingness and desire to know ourselves on a deep level to be aware of the need for validation or being a “seductress”. There has to be the inquiry into self to actually reach that level of understanding. Vylana learned through her pleasure certification that it has connected her so intimately to “pussy”, not just a physical and biological thing but as a portal to the divine, the seat of a woman’s power, the being that can bring into the manifest. It’s connecting to this sense of listening to her and allowing her to guide you to what your desires and pleasures are. Doing it for yourself is true authenticity. The Power of the Divine Feminine When it comes to the role of purity, Vylana says “fuck all of that” and to all the ways that the world has shamed women for their greatest sense of power. Our purpose as women is to fully reclaim that purity. What Vylana learned along her spiritual path is healing the energy that she took on from her transactions with former partners. For her, being the feminine or a woman who has a pussy, it’s important to say that we all have both masculine and feminine energy within us and that the feminine is in the expression of receptivity. When we are with a masculine partner, we are actually taking their energy into your body and shakra, creating a level of awareness as to why we want to be intimate and sexual with another person and it is that level of awareness that is the purity: knowing the reason for your desire. How to Redefine and Rediscover Intimacy In the world of our priorities, our highest priority in our relationships is to be in eros with each other or being in the inside of the inside of each other’s experiences. Intimacy can take many different forms through love languages: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, giving gifts, or acts of service. In a sexual lens, making sexual intimacy a priority is also crucial in making a relationship last. Links and Resources: Instagram Bio Site YouTube Official Website Meta-Description Musician and medicine woman Vylana shares the power of the divine feminine and the importance of sex, pleasure, and intimacy. Support the show


#74 Mysterious Kat - Can you be pretty and smart?

Chatting with Candice Mysterious Kat Episode Run Time: 1:21:27 Katherine Brodsky or “Mysterious Kat” is an actress, publicist, director, producer, journalist, and former film critic. In this episode, we chat about how it’s like being a woman on the internet, free speech in the age of Elon Musk’s Twitter, and being a content creator in front of enflamed and captured audiences. 00:00:00 00:01:48 Introducing Kat 00:04:34 Can You Be Pretty and Intelligent? 00:06:38 Raging Feminist and the “Me Too” Movement 00:14:15 Twitter, Elon Musk, and “Free Speech” 00:17:24 Eliza Bleu and Accusations 00:29:43 Clickbait Nature and Journalistic Integrity 00:36:55 Enflamed Audiences and a Battle of Ideas 00:44:11 Triggernometry, Audience Capture, and Nuanced Conversations 00:53:36 The Destiny VS Megan Murphy Debate and the Power of Choice 00:58:40 The Agency of Women, “Body Count”, and True Female Empowerment 01:07:47 The Red Pill and the Left VS the Right, and Answering Hate Comments 01:19:36 Where to Find Kat Can a Woman be Pretty AND Intelligent? There is a level of judgement when people meet Kat because she comes off across as more youthful than people her age. She’s experienced ageism within the film critic community and as a woman, she also always has to constantly defend herself from being defined as a raging feminist whenever she expresses her opinions on the topic. There’s been a longstanding suppression of conversation and we couldn’t talk honestly and openly about feminist topics that when it comes up, men start getting defensive about it and see it as an attack. Alternatively, women are also seen as these mythical creatures who can do no wrong when they are very much as human as their male counterparts. Twitter, Elon Musk, and Eliza Bleu In the age of social media and Elon Musk’s Twitter, oftentimes we get bits and pieces of narratives that travel far and wide and people often get a lot of clicks out of these narratives, feeling obliged to pick a side. Truth is more complex and nuanced and lately, nuance in conversations is largely ignored. Then there are some people like Eliza Bleu who seem to make up their own narratives. Do we look at the person or do we look at the message? Clickbait Nature VS Journalistic Integrity There’s no real answer to having journalistic integrity while maintaining clickbait content. Accounts with the highest follower count provoke, spread lies, dismiss rhetoric, and are fully captured by their audiences. Kat chooses to label herself as an independent thinker, not a heterodox, by looking at all sides and not going with whatever the mainstream narrative is or what the culture wars are fighting for. Links and Resources: Twitter Substack YouTube Meta-Description Journalist Katherine Brodsky or Mysterious Kat talks feminism, Twitter, clickbaits, nuanced conversations, and the true meaning of female empowerment. Support the show


# 73 James Esses - Canceled Counselor

Chatting with Candice James Esses Episode Run Time: 45:48 James Esses is a criminal barrister, trainee psychotherapist, co-founder of Thoughtful Therapists, and a consultant for Genspect. His advocacy revolves around the political, legal, health and cultural impacts of gender ideology. Previously a course provider for Metanoia Institute, he was expelled without warning because of his views on therapy and counseling for children with gender dysphoria. In this episode, we talk about how it came about as well as doing a deep dive on issues of gender dysphoria, conversion therapy, and protecting our children. 00:00:00 00:01:15 Cancel Culture and Towing the Line with Ideologies 00:03:13 Conversion Therapy and Explorative Therapy 00:05:53 Gender Manipulation Among Minors 00:07:26 Affirmative Care for Children 00:12:16 Inconsistencies with Consent 00:14:23 Alternatives to Medical Intervention 00:20:12 Gender and Gender Expression 00:22:04 Proper Transitioning and Risks Involved 00:29:09 Over-correction for Bullying 00:32:42 Intolerance, Diversity of Thought, and James’ Path 00:35:54 Placing Prejudice on Gender 00:39:51 Advice for Parents 00:42:47 Protecting and Putting Children First 00:44:25 Where to find James Conversion Therapy and Explorative Therapy Conversion practices include illegal, horrific things such as corrective rape, electric shock therapy. The purpose of these conversion therapy bans is in effect to clamp down on talking therapies and is being used as a synonym for explorative therapy. The therapist’s job is never to just simply affirm what the client is saying, but their ethical duty to explore, question, and challenge to figure out what is in their best interest. Gender and Gender Expression From a therapeutic and philosophical point of view, none of us know what it’s like to live as another person. For James, it’s not simply possible to feel like you’re trapped in the wrong body. When it comes to kids, it could possibly send the wrong message instead of delicately trying to navigate it together by asking the question of “How can I make you feel at peace with your body and in general?”. How can we protect our children? Parents need to be proactive around what their children are being taught in school, and it’s only once they start asking questions when parents find out. Striking the right balance is the best course of action for parents when it comes to the topic of gender. Links and Resources: Twitter Substack Crowd Justice Meta-Description Barrister and psychotherapist James Esses discusses his ongoing career battle and the conversation on gender and gender dysphoria among children. Support the show


#72 Mathew Hussey - Modern Love, Dating, Marriage

Chatting with Candice Matthew Hussey Episode Run Time: 1:29:28 Matthew Hussey is a British life coach, YouTube personality, and writer. He is most popularly known for being the leading dating advice expert for women around the world. In this episode, we ask the difficult questions; why can’t we seem to find the one? What does a healthy relationship look like? Is it OK to get jealous? Matthew is here to help me understand love, dating, and marriage in a modern world. 00:00:00 00:00:18 Giving Relationship Advice 00:04:14 Where Women’s Advice Gets Messed Up 00:12:32 Why Do We Pick the Wrong Person? 00:20:56 Healthy VS Toxic Relationships 00:27:14 Anxiety and Excitement 00:33:00 Finding Your Person 00:41:21 Do Men Change for One Woman? 00:48:44 Being Intimate With Yourself and Others 00:53:14 Losing Spark in the Relationship 01:02:45 Doing Things Differently with Your Partner 01:08:01 Battling Jealousy 01:16:27 Healthy Control 01:24:07 Showing Up For Your Partner 01:27:59 Where to Find Matthew Why Do We Pick the Wrong Person? People tend to pick the wrong partners, be in the wrong relationships, and even find themselves in the old adage that we choose people that remind us of our parents to heal our own personal wounds. People want to change other people and believing that someone who has shown you a consistent pattern for a long time is one day going to suddenly change is deeply misguided and extremely dangerous. You can run out of time and is a bad bet to make. People who ignore what everyone around them is saying is still the biggest mystery of all—there could be a huge element of the past, as well as the role of confidence and familiarity. On the other hand, if someone knows that they are worthy of respect, decency, and kindness, they are more likely to instantly know if they’ll get these positive qualities from any person that comes into their life. Can Men Change? To answer the Steve Harvey quote, men apparently change but only for one woman. If you don’t see that progress, it’s not gonna happen and is dangerous for women who want to have children are stuck with men who can’t decide if they do want them. Regardless of gender, we as people need to tap into what is important for us and what our visions for our life are. Our lives get better in direct proportion to the difficult conversations we’re willing to have and knowing what we want and what is important to us is going to improve our lives drastically. What Happens When the Spark is Gone? How do you continue to want that which you already have? On a basic level, it’s also worth asking the question: what’s our ratio of loving acts and desiring acts? Bringing desire back doesn’t necessarily mean going back to the bedroom and seeking new landscapes, it could also be a matter of seeing the relationship through new eyes or a different perspective. Links and Resources: Instagram Get The Guy Join Matthew’s 3-Day Virtual Retreat Thank you to Ragnar’s Rocks and Prolon for sponsoring this video. Visit Prolon and use my code CANDICE upon checkout. Meta-Description Life coach and professional dating expert Matthew Hussey answers our questions on all things love; finding the right one, having healthy relationships, and the real meaning of “spark”. Support the show


#71 Sara Higdon - Gender Politics, Education, and Mental Health

Sara Higdon is a Libertarian transexual content creator and writer from Atlanta, Georgia. Sara is known for their content surrounding politics, the Trans Community, and culture. For today’s episode, Sara and Candice will take on the discussion of Gender and Sexuality, opening the floor on key issues surrounding the topic, ranging from mental health, education, and the political aspects. Sara’s Website Sara’s Youtube Channel Sara’s Instagram Page Sara’s Twitter Page Thank you to Ragnar’s Rocks and Prolon for sponsoring this video. Visit Prolon and use my code CANDICE upon checkout. Liberalist Content creator and writer Sara Higdon takes on the evolution of gender discussion in the aspects of psychological, educational, and political landscape of society over the years. Support the show


#70 Justin Caviar - Lifespan, Testosterone, High Value Men

Chatting with Candice Justin Caviar Episode Run Time: 1:25:02 Justin Caviar is a singer/songwriter, host, and entrepreneur based in Orlando, Florida. Aside from his music and hosting, Justin has long worked with many industry giants in the business world–making him a jack of all trades from one place to another. He’s already been invited to be a speaker on TEDx and now has his own podcast show on Apple and Spotify called “The Justin Caviar Show,” where he has multiple guests and varieties of topics discussed. 0:00:02 Introducing Justin 0:00:41 Becoming Your Best Version 0:03:35 About Testosterone Intake 0:07:56 Effects of Testosterone Microplastics 0:11:51 Birth Controls and Pheromones 0:17:56 Caution on Taking Testosterone 0:24:15 Longevity and Advice for Longer Lifespan 0:38:25 Mitigation of Stress Levels 0:49:38 Alternative Treatments to Improve Body Cells 0:59:35 Definition of a High Value Male 1:19:22 Gratitude Practice 1:24:20 Where to Find Justin Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Becoming the best version of yourself starts with having a healthy mindset of who you are, how you look, and feel. While it is inevitable that people will use supplements, the best and healthiest way to achieve this goal of becoming better is trusting the slow and steady progress you see. Unlike the euphoric feeling you get when you administer supplements in your body, the more long term happiness you receive from the progress you track in yourself is more admirable to share and record. This generates a happy and healthy mindset of self perspective, which then resonates to your confidence and presence of others. Finding Your Best Version There are many ways to find your best versions depending on your lifestyle, personality, and discipline. In order to achieve the best version of yourself, you have to remove all the negative and toxic thought processes that often pass your mind. By doing so, you can have yourself checked and know what you need to work on and chart a course on the self improvement you need in order to reach your version goal. Aside from health, having a lifestyle and discipline can also play a role. Whether you are the type of person who likes to be part of a health nut community or being by yourself and practicing self-discipline, all these are okay to undergo as long as you see progress. Links and Resources: Justin Caviar Show on Apple and Spotify Instagram Linkedin YouTube Twitter Meta-Description Entrepreneur and host Justin Caviar takes on becoming the best version of yourself while also addressing substances to watch out for and long term practices to help reach your goal. Support the show


#69 Chris Ferguson - Violence in Video Games, The Myth of Sex, What to look for in a Partner

Chatting with Candice Chris J. Ferguson Episode Run Time: 1:34:09 Chris J. Ferguson is a psychologist and professor at Stetson University. In this episode, we debunk myths surrounding violence in video games and how this affects children, pornography and sex among Gen Zs, and what people should really look for in a partner. 00:00:00 00:01:07 Introducing Chris 00:03:21 Forensic Psychology and Incarcerated Criminals 00:10:01 Violence in Video Games and Movies 00:27:57 The Politics of Violence in Media 00:33:19 Safe Sex Discussion 00:38:37 The Myth of Sex and Pornography 00:46:23 Gun Control and Red & Blue 00:53:35 Mental Health Intervention 01:08:22 The “All Men Are Assholes” Effect and Mental Health in Dating 01:13:31 Love Stories and Life Stories 01:18:05 What Chris is Up To 01:22:17 How to Know if Data is Legitimate 01:33:00 Where to Find Chris Violence in Video Games and in Real Life Violence and aggression in children all boils down to one thing: genetics. TV shows and video games are too far removed and have less emotional connection to affect children and their behavior. Video games are just simply for fun and don’t have good “transfer of learning”, where what you learn in video games is transferred into real life. Are People Having Less Sex? Before, the problem was that teenagers were having too much sex. Now, they’re having too little sex, porn, and masturbation, and are miseducated and misinformed because of social media platforms like TikTok on the meaning and importance of sex in a relationship. To some, sex is dangerous and not fun and they’re waiting to do less sex and to do it later. Mental Health For Men The conversation around mental health seems to be more targeted towards women and not so much towards men. Violence can be attributed to genetics, but it could also be due to lack of access and encouragement for men to seek professional help. The reality is that the US doesn’t have any effective intervention system for mental health for the population and any type of long-term care could benefit everyone in the long run. Links and Resources: Check out Chris’ official website and buy his books from Amazon here. Meta-Description Chris J. Ferguson debunks myths on violence, pornography, sex, and finding the love of your life. Support the show


#66 Matt Zemon - Psychedelics for Everyone

Chatting with Candice Matt Zemon Episode Run Time: 1:30:55 Matt Zemon is a psychedelic medicine advocate and the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Psychedelics for Everyone. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of HAPPŸŸ, a mental wellness company that specializes in ketamine assisted therapy. 0:00:20 Introducing Matt Zemon 0:01:56 The prohibition on psychedelics 0:07:23 Decriminalization and legalization of psychedelics 0:09:34 Candice’s psilocybin experience 0:18:56 How to take psychedelics legally 0:27:25 Psychedelic narcissism and ego death 0:36:57 The different types of psychedelics 0:40:41 Matt’s ayahuasca experience 0:45:13 Healing from trauma with plant medicine 0:55:55 Tips for a fuller psychedelic experience 1:03:31 Scarcity VS abundance mindset 1:08:58 Parenting, intimacy, accountability 1:15:06 Psychedelics for couples 1:18:12 Who shouldn't take psychedelics? 1:23:43 Answering Super Chats Why are psychedelics banned? For decades, we have been taught to just say no to all drugs because they’re harmful. But now that we have greater access to research, it’s easy to debunk the prevalent misconception that all drugs are bad. The prohibition on drugs has little to do with science, as evidenced by the fact that alcohol and tobacco are legal, even though they pose great harm to self and others. Different types of psychedelics There are different kinds of psychedelics that can serve different purposes. Heart openers like MDMA and sassafras can prompt you to feel more love. Clinically, MDMA has been shown to effectively treat people with PTSD. Mushrooms like psilocybin are often chosen by first timers since it’s a gentler medicine. It can make you feel connected to people, the world, or a higher being. Ayahuasca has a similar effect, but there is typically a purging aspect that occurs. How to take psychedelics legally No matter what psychedelic you choose, it’s always wise to find a reputable retreat, prescriber, or guide. Before choosing, ask about the preparation, ritual, and integration. If you feel uncomfortable with the way it’s administered, then by all means choose a different provider. Having a ceremony in place will increase the likelihood of a good experience. Breathwork and music can help you relax, making it easier for you to immerse yourself into the experience. Psychedelics can radically disrupt our ways of thinking and can also provide relief for anxiety and depression. It can help us heal from our traumas, but it’s not a cure-all. Links and Resources: Matt’s Website Psychedelics for Everyone Instagram LinkedIn Meta-Description Psychedelic medicine advocate Matt Zemon talks about the research on psychedelics: the decriminalization movement, his personal experiences with plant medicine, and how to take psychedelics legally. Support the show


#68 Justin Rezvani - Zion, Web 3, Central Banking Digital Currency

Chatting with Candice Justin Rezvani Episode Run Time: 33:19 Justin Rezvani is the CEO and founder of Zion, the world’s first decentralized social network built on Bitcoin. In his book Unapologetic Freedom, Justin shares his vision for the future of social media and communication, where creators and communities can interact directly without fear of censorship through The Lightning Network. 00:00 Introducing Justin 02:19 Zion: A decentralized social platform 09:08 Censorship and community management 12:03 Bitcoin and the Lightning Network 14:15 The new social media algorithm: staking 19:43 Can Twitter be saved? 24:22 Online freedom and sovereignty 27:42 Cryptocurrency VS Central Bank Digital Currency 31:57 Where to find Justin The Current State of the Internet Centralized social media platforms are free for use, but the caveat is that users have no ownership over their identities, content, and audiences. These can all be taken away without explanation, causing a massive domino effect in our online lives. Another way in which social media affects us is through algorithms. Social media companies encourage polarization in order to sustain users’ attention. Unhealthy environments may emerge, but they pay no mind as long as they can maximize profit from advertisers. There are no real consequences for bad behavior online either, which further dehumanizes our online interactions. Freedom and Sovereignty Through Decentralization Zion seeks to fix the problems of traditional social media by allowing direct relationships between creators and audiences. Users will have full ownership over their identities, content, and audiences. Zion is built on Bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency. Through the Lightning Network, payments are settled instantly and privately without any middlemen. On Zion, every interaction is tied to your wallet. You can monetize posted content but you can also be fined for spam or hate comments. There are incentives and disincentives for every action taken on the platform. Instead of one governing body, Zion is made up of several communities that each have their own moderators. Although Zion will be a paid service, users will get to reclaim their online freedom of speech and payment. Links and Resources: Zion Website Unapologetic Freedom Justin’s Twitter Justin’s Instagram Meta-Description Justin Rezvani, founder of Zion and author of Unapologetic Freedom, talks about what the future of social media should be like. He details the dangers of our current centralized platforms and how Zion’s new algorithm will return online freedom back to creators and audiences. Support the show