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S3E2: Dr. Ginevra Liptan

In this episode, I speak with author, doctor, and fibro friend Dr. Ginevra Liptan. Together, we talk about the pain of fibro, pain management, Frida Kahlo, and how to get Lady Gaga to fund an institute or organization to study fibro - #GagaForFibro? Transcript and links up at


S3E1: Dr. Lee Phillips

Yesterday, I spoke with Dr. Lee Phillips. He's a licensed social worker and sex therapist currently working on a book called 'Sex and Love When You Are Sick' (which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT). You can keep up with Dr. Phillips below: Site: IG: FB: If you're looking for a transcript, head over to If you heard the first part of the episode and want to help me out a bit, here...


S2E14 Mari of Sick Sad World

Today, I'm talking with Mari. They are a writer, podcaster, and model living in Toronto. We talk about their spooky podcast, Sick Sad World, and how it got started. Like all great conversations, we touch on languages, colonialism, bullying, and the hope we both have in the younger generation. Transcription (and expanded show notes) available at Mari's site: Mari's piece on callout culture:...


S2E13: Galia of Cerebral Sexuality

Today, I'm talking with Galia - a sexual behaviorist and communication coach. Cerebral Sexuality: Follow Galia on Twitter: Sexual Behaviorism and Consent with Intellectual Disability: Kate Kenfield's Tea and Empathy cards: Kate's running a Kickstarter currently, too:...


S2E12: The Problem With Woodhull and Tantus

*TW discussion of sterilization, and mentions of rape and incest* Today, I’m rambling about the Woodhull Foundation and Tantus – and how they’ve messed up big time. PS the sound gets crappy. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to look at a new mic today. Sorry! Twitter moment: Thread one: Google Doc: SFS...


S2E11: Amy of Coffee And Kink

Today, I’m joined by my friend Amy. She writes at You can find her cute merch at and her Patreon at Please check below for other links to check out on her site. Transcript: The disabled kinkster guest piece we discussed: Amy’s Smutathon:...


S2E10: Freddie Mercury, HIV/AIDS, and the Straightwashing of Queer Icons

The trailer for the new Freddie Mercury biopic came out and I'm pissed - there's no mention of his HIV/AIDS or his queerness. Let's talk more about Freddie's REAL life and how it weaves into the HIV/AIDS crisis. (TW death, queer erasure, queermisia)


S2E9: It's Arthritis Awareness Month!

TW: Medications, death, grieving, and I cry for like ten minutes. Yay? I’ve talked a lot about arthritis. For nearly the last decade, it’s the bulk of the work I’ve done. On my other site,, I’ve worked on not only talking about my own health but how we can improve healthcare systems. Today, though, let’s stick to arthritis facts since May is Arthritis Awareness Month. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go listen to Wine & Crime to cheer my sobbing ass up....


S2E8: O.School, SESTA-FOSTA, and So Much More

Content note for mentions of suicide, sexual violence First, I discuss O.School and why a lot of us are leaving it or were forced out - they don't actually support sex workers. On that same note, some terrible bills have recently been signed or are on their way like SB1204 in California and the combo of SESTA and FOSTA. Bottom line? Sex work is real work, and it needs a goddamn safe space. Unlike some politicians believe, sex work and trafficking are not one and the same. Check out #LUOF...


S2E7: Don't Light It Up Blue

This week, I'm talking about why Autism $peaks is shit and who you should support instead. Don't forget to enter the SYLK lube giveaway! Links from the epi: #HowToPissOffDisabled People: #ActuallyAutistic: Judge Rotenberg Center:...


S2E6: Isabelle and Uterus Owner's Pain

Endometriosis is an incredibly painful condition where the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. It's vastly underdiagnosed, undertreated, and assumed to just be 'bad' period pain. This can cause excessive bleeding, pain with bathrooming, pain with sex, and much, much more. Endo affects approximately 176 million people worldwide. Today I'm talking with Isabelle Lauren - a blogger, writer of erotica and sex toy reviewer. She believes in better sex education for everyone. You can hear...


S2E5: Upcoming Events

Super short epi this week, complete with my sister calling me at the end and my midi My Little Pony ringtone :D Are you in Toronto? Come hang out with me this Wednesday, March 7th, 2018, at Good For Her! Make sure to check out for updated events - and visit Kinkly's page to hear my answers to the Sex Blogger of the Month questions:


S2E4: The ADA and HR 620

This week, we're talking a very brief history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the fucking HR 620 - ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017. Lots of cursing. Much anger. Very wow. Show notes and a rough transcript can be found at BTW Drunk History totally did the 504 Protests tonight! Check that out at the link above or They do a much better job than my glossing-over-it-while-sober-at-8AM ass did.


S2E3: My #MeToo Story

TW: abuse, sexual harassment, consent violations, #MeToo This week, I share my #MeToo story - and how it involves patient communities, a world-renowned university, and some bullshit. Links to support the Clexacon crew (but hurry - the shirt sales end this weekend!!!): Tee shirt GFM Events link Playground conference...


Passion by Kait with Kait Scalisi

Today, I'm talking with my chronically fabulous twin, Kait Scalisi! You can find her at,,, and Make sure to stop by to snag a ticket to the amazing workshop mentioned in the episode happening on February 1st in NYC. All music in the episode was from Poddington Bear. You can support the show at or visit to learn how...


S2E1: I'm Back!

It's been nearly a year since the podcast disappeared - but I'm back! Come hear about what I've been up to, what I think about the #MeToo movement, and more.


Episode 9 - Lene

This week, I talk with photographer, writer/author, and general badass: Lene Andersen. As you will hear, she is one of the reasons that Chronic Sex started. She is a wonderful advocate, activist, and pal. Keep in mind that this episode was recorded over the summer of 2016. That said, we mention a contest for SYLK that has since run and ended. You can find links for Lene below: Real RA: It’s Not Just About the Jar:


Episode 8: Niko

Today is the Day Without Immigrants. You can learn more about the movement at: Niko and I talk a lot about empathy. Below are some great resources for empathy work: Brené Brown on Empathy: Brené Brown on Boundaries, Empathy, and Compassion: Tea & Empathy with Kate McCombs:...


Episode 7 - Elise

Chronic Sex is back! This week, I’m speaking with Elise Carr. Elise is a coach, mystic, tantra practitioner, model, writer, speaker, and artist. Her work focuses mainly on sexual and spiritual empowerment, well-being, intimacy, and love. She runs a site called Stella Muse which is AMAZING. Keep in mind that our conversation is from back in August (?!) because of some delays I’ve experienced due to health issues. Her debut novel, Runway, is coming out soon:


Episode 6: Kira Lynne

***Please make sure to help fund us!*** If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, come join us for Tea & Empathy at 6 pm on Dec 14! Today, I talk to Kira Lynne – a life coach, registered professional counsellor, and psychotherapist in Canada. She deals with chronic illnesses herself and this is part of what pushes her in her work to help others. Reid Mihalko’s Say What’s Not Being Said: Reid’s Formula...