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A rowdy and uncensored look at Clean Eating and Sexual Health with Chef Dr. Mike Fenster, Health Professional Lisa Davis MPH, and General Shlub Randall Boettger

A rowdy and uncensored look at Clean Eating and Sexual Health with Chef Dr. Mike Fenster, Health Professional Lisa Davis MPH, and General Shlub Randall Boettger
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A rowdy and uncensored look at Clean Eating and Sexual Health with Chef Dr. Mike Fenster, Health Professional Lisa Davis MPH, and General Shlub Randall Boettger




Lila Volkas - DIY KOMBUCHA

Kombucha is everywhere, and its fan base is growing rapidly, with sales estimated to grow to $1.8 billion by 2020.Its high levels of probiotics and antioxidants make it a healthy alternative to soda, with numerous benefits for digestion, mood, immune function, and weight regulation.The challenge is that kombucha is expensive, and its healthful qualities can be mitigated by the inclusion of excess sugar.Now, health seekers are taking matters into their own hands. More and more people are...


What is going on with my body? SARCOPENIA - muscle loss

David Foreman, widely known as "the herbal pharmacist,” discusses a very prominent health issue: muscle loss. It’s a loss everyone starts to experience after their 30th birthday, but few people start to feel by age 50. Researchers are now stressing that sarcopenia is not just associated with frailty and appearance resulting from age-related muscle loss, but it’s also the key component behind chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. David Foreman says people who have more...


Weight loss with Omar Cumberbatch

From Omar's website - I always wanted a big brother. Being the oldest, I had to learn most things the hard way. I always had some level of envy that my little brother had me to lean on for advice. I always thought, how cool would it be if someone gave me some time saving advice like, don’t date that girl, or save your money, or don’t drink beer before liquor. It seemed that I always learned everything the hard way. My diet was no different. I listened, and tried,...


The Gift of Adversity with Norman Rosenthal, MD

Adversity is an irreducible fact of life. Although we can and should learn from all experiences, both positive and negative, bestselling author Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal, believes that adversity is by far the best teacher most of us will ever encounter.Whether the adversity one experiences is the result of poor decision-making, a desire to test one’s mettle, or plain bad luck, Rosenthal believes life’s most important lessons—from the value of family to the importance of occasionally cutting...


wtf is wrong with our health?

Stop f’ing around with your health... ...and take control of your life! Sick of being overweight, diabetic, or achy and low energy? Tired of being fatigued or depressed? Sick and tired of taking multiple prescription drugs with no end in sight? There is another way to live—not just to feel a little better or take fewer drugs, but to strut through life feeling your best.Is there a catch? You bet! You’ll have to take a radical look at what you eat, get rid of the junk and replace it with fresh...


Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement

Rich Karlgaard is the publisher of Forbes magazine and is based in Silicon Valley. He is a renown lecturer, pilot, and the author of four acclaimed previous books. Here is the description of his book, "Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement." We live in a society where kids and parents are obsessed with early achievement, from getting perfect scores on SATs to getting into Ivy League colleges to landing an amazing job at Google or Facebook—or even...


How to be a Bon Vivant Girl - health, happiness, and acceptance

Nathalie Botros – the “Bon-Vivant Girl” – is a certified health coach and psychotherapist who teaches women how to lose weight and feel great without sacrificing their appetite and love for life. She is a world traveler with a big appetite for food and experiences. Nathalie was born in Lebanon, raised in Turkey, studied in Switzerland, played and worked in Italy before eventually landing in New York City. Nathalie started her first diet at fourteen years old as was the fashion in boarding...


Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More

Courtney Carver shows us the power of simplicity to improve our health, build more meaningful relationships, and relieve stress in our professional and personal lives.We are often on a quest for more—we give in to pressure every day to work more, own more, and do more. For Carver, this constant striving had to come to a stop when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Stress was like gasoline on the fire of symptoms, and it became clear that she needed to root out the physical and...


Nosh with Tash!

Natasha Feldman from Nosh with Tash joins Lisa to chat about cooking, recipes, her digital Food Network show "Craving Healthy" and much more! Get ready to laugh and learn! From Natasha Feldman: "Listen, I have a confession. I’m obsessed with cooking shows. I know, it sounds crazy, you would have never guessed it, but it’s true (is it clear that this is sarcastic? no? cool). After my last terrible break up I watched Jamie Oliver every single night to lull myself to sleep every night for...


7 Nutrients to Keep Your Brain Young

Omega-3s are known for their brain health properties, but they're not the only "good brain" nutrients. There are numerous others that can help your brain stay young... and a wide variety of foods in which to find them.These nutrients, along with a diet rich in these nutrients, regular exercise, avoidance of smoking, stress management, and sufficient sleep all have a role in maintaining a healthy brain.The top seven nutrients for brain health include:


Taking Your Natural Product to the Marketplace

Some people are just born entrepreneurs. Others need a little help. If you have something you'd like to take to market, there are a few educational pieces that can help you out.Michael Farca has become a "serial entrepreneur" in three different industries. He offers this advice: Despite the challenges, Michael believes owning your own company is incredibly personally rewarding. As he says, "There's no equity like sweat equity." The hard work pays off.He also offers this critical tip: Get...


50 things you can do daily to be HEALTHIER

From "Being healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Small changes to your routine can lead to big changes in your health. Tweaking your lifestyle in a few simple ways can improve the way you feel and the way you see your body. It seems like everyone’s joined a gym in the last few years. But being healthy doesn’t need to involve making major changes that you might not be able to keep up; the best approach is to improve the daily habits you already have. It starts...


Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet - Ashlee Piper

It's time to put your good intentions into action. It's time to give a shit -- about your health, your footprint, and your planet.Give a Sh*t guides you through the transition to a kinder, healthier, more conscious, and sustainable life like no book has done before. With a humorous and nonjudgmental tone, savvy eco-friendly lifestyle expert Ashlee Piper walks you through easy-but-impactful shifts anyone can make to live and be better every damn day: In your homeIn the kitchenIn your...


Intimate Conversation with Scott Foley about his mother's ovarian cancer

Not on My Watch is a movement that seeks to empower women with ovarian cancer who have had a recurrence(s) and responded to chemotherapy to no longer "watch and wait" for their disease to return. Instead, they and their loved ones can take an informed and active role in extending the time in response and delay recurrence by talking with their healthcare providers about maintenance therapy. Foley's breakthrough role was playing Noel Crane on Felicity. Foley has had recurring guest...


Eat to Beat Disease author William Li, MD

Is your diet feeding or defeating disease? Forget everything you think you know about your body and food, and discover the new science of how the body heals itself. Learn how to identify the strategies and the dosages for using food to transform your resilience and health in EAT TO BEAT DISEASE.We have radically underestimated our body's power to transform and restore our health. Pioneering physician scientist, Dr. William Li, empowers readers by showing them the evidence behind over 200...


Gender Differences in Strength Training

Lee Boyce is a strength coach, professional writer and speaker based in Toronto, Ontario. His work has been featured in many of the largest magazines in the world and he regularly appears on TV and Radio to talk fitness.


Just Move! A new Approach to Fitness After 50

This step-by-step guide, written by best-selling author and former Wall Street titan James P. Owen, provides all the information—and inspiration—you need to feel better, reduce aches and pains, and push back against aging with a personalized fitness program that's right for you. Whatever your fitness goals or preferences, this book is designed to help you pursue the health program that works for you. An inspirational speaker, author, and former Wall Street rainmaker, Jim Owen was 70 when he...


Intermittent Fasting with Drew Manning

Drew Manning is the NY Times Best Selling Author of the book, Fit2Fat2Fit and is best known for his experiment that went viral online. He's been featured on shows like Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The View and many more. His experiment has become a hit TV show, called Fit to Fat to Fit, airing on A&E.


Common Traits People have that help them stick to a health plan

Ted Spiker is the chair of the department of journalism at UF. He teaches Advanced Magazine Writing and Sports Media & Society, as well as other magazine and writing courses. Spiker, who was an editor at Men’s Health before coming to UF, has had hundreds of stories published (primarily about health and fitness) in;; Outside; O, The Oprah Magazine; Women's Health; Runner's World; Fortune; and many other magazines and digital platforms. Spiker writes the Big Guy Blog for...


Yoga & Pilates & Why They Rock!

Kristin McGee, yoga and Pilates instructor to the stars, shares some helpful fitness tips.