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CwC - Ep. 14 - How Prepared Are You for MACRA?

Dr. Mac Knight and Brandt Jewell join Mark to discuss preparing a physician practice for MACRA participation. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) becomes effective January 1, 2019. Episode Synopsis Mark, Dr. Knight and Brandt discuss how MACRA and other pay for performance reimbursement models are shaping the healthcare industry and how these changes are affecting the physician practice. They explain key data points to review while preparing for the changes...


CwC - Ep. 13 - Espresso Shot #3: An Introduction to Physician Services

Brandt Jewell joins Mark to discuss various services available to physician practices and healthcare organizations working with physician groups. Coker’s physician services focus on a myriad of factors affecting the “physician enterprise.” Episode Synopsis Mark introduces Brandt and his expertise within the physician services realm. They provide an overview of key areas to consider during the volume-to-value shift including process improvement, operational considerations, and physician...


CwC - Ep. 12 - ValuePath™: Transitioning to a Value-Based Care Delivery Model

Dr. Mac Knight joins Mark to discuss Coker’s approach of transitioning to a value-based care delivery model. ValuePath™ is a suite of services designed to aid physicians and healthcare organizations with improving their quality of care and lowering the cost of services. Episode Synopsis Mark and Dr. Knight outline the key success factors for performance under value-based care, including clinical integration, care process design, contracting for value-based care delivery, operational...


CwC - Ep. 11 - Revenue and Quality Integrity: A Comprehensive Approach to Coding, Compliance, and Clinical Documentation

Dr. Mac Knight joins Mark to discuss Coker’s comprehensive approach to coding, compliance and clinical documentation known as revenue and quality integrity (RQI). As a former clinician, Dr. Knight is familiar with the challenges physicians face during the clinical documentation process and importance of proper coding from both a compliance and billing standpoint. Episode Synopsis Mark and Dr. Knight explain the RQI process and discuss the importance of accurately coding and completing...


CwC - Ep. 10 - Physician Compensation Round Table Discussion

Justin Chamblee, Jon Morris and Stephen Ross join Mark for a round table discussion on physician compensation strategies. Mark moderates the discussion as Justin, Jon and Stephen outline current trends in designing and managing physician compensation plans, the strategic elements of physician compensation plan design, and the impact of value-based reimbursement on physician compensation and fair market value/commercially reasonable analyses. About the Panelists Extras White Paper:...


CwC - Ep. 9 - Top 10 Lessons Learned from First-to-Second Generation Transactions

Max Reiboldt and Michael Barry join Mark to discuss the Top 10 Lessons Learned from First-to-Second Generation Transactions. Max oversees Coker Group’s services and the general operations of the firm, and provides sound financial, strategic and tactical solutions to hospitals, medical practices, health systems, and other healthcare entities through keen analysis and problem solving. Michael is a partner in the Corporate Practice and the Healthcare Practice at Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP and...


CwC - Ep. 8 - Espresso Shot #2: Five Fatal Mistakes of an IT Contract

Jeffery Daigrepont joins Mark to discuss the fatal mistakes of healthcare IT vendor contracting. Jeffery speaks often on this subject and is intimately familiar with the potential pitfalls of electronic health record vendor contracts. Episode Synopsis Jeffery provides his insight on the top five mistakes committed during vendor contract negotiations and what to avoid, even if you are already under contract with a vendor. Jeffery walks Mark through the common inclusions within contracts...


CwC - Ep. 7 - Maximizing Physician Engagement

Aimee Greeter and Taylor Harrison join Mark to discuss Five New Approaches to Maximize Physician Engagement. Aimee and Taylor specialize in hospital/physician alignment, accountable care responsiveness, hospital service line development, clinical integration initiatives, strategic planning, mergers and collaborations, operational issues, and financial management. Episode Synopsis Mark, Aimee and Taylor discuss strategies to better engage with healthcare providers and maximize their...


CwC - Ep. 6 - Overview of the Healthcare IT Market

Jeffery Daigrepont joins Mark to discuss the healthcare IT market and provide his thoughts on the current and future trends. Jeffery specializes in healthcare automation, IT system integration, operations, and deployment of enterprise information systems for large integrated delivery networks. Episode Synopsis Mark and Jeffery look at the evolution of the healthcare IT market over the past two decades and discuss what is on the horizon for healthcare technology. Throughout their...


CwC - Ep. 5 - Espresso Shot #1: The Perpetual Upward Shift of the Median

Justin Chamblee and Jon Morris join Mark to discuss the recent release of the 2018 MGMA provider compensation market data and Coker’s observations of market data trends. Coker has been observing the data for the past five-to-ten years, noticing the increases that have been occurring. Episode Synopsis Justin and Jon discuss the reasons behind the continual upward shift of the market median despite an industry-wide decline in reimbursement. On May 16, 2018, MGMA released their annual...


CwC - Ep. 4 - AHLA Presentation Recap: Long-Term Value from Post-Merger Integration

Michele Madison from Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, joins Mark to discuss how to create long-term value from transactions through effective post-merger integration. Michele is highly experienced in managing legal issues arising in hospitals, physician offices, or integrated health systems. Episode Synopsis Mark and Michele recently presented at the American Health Lawyers Association Healthcare Transactions conference on the topic of post-merger integration. Throughout their discussion,...


CwC - Ep. 3 - Operational Issues in the Medical Practice and Physician Services Realm

Jeff Gorke joins Mark to discuss operational issues and challenges medical practices face in the physician services realm. Jeff has expertise in optimizing the strategic and operational aspects of outpatient care to enhance processes and programs, drive efficiencies, and improve profitability. Episode Synopsis Mark and Jeff explore the greatest challenges hospitals and physicians face today and the importance of a strong relationship between the physicians and administration. As...


CwC - Ep. 2 - The Shift to Value-Based Healthcare

Dr. Ellis “Mac” Knight joins Mark to discuss value-based healthcare and its impact on the healthcare industry. They cover financing as a driving force in the healthcare landscape and why it continues to become more complex with the shift from pay for service to value-based care. Episode Synopsis With budgetary pressures on Medicare and Medicaid, pay for performance and federal expectations for investment in technology without regard to costs, executives must continuously monitor the...


CwC - Ep. 1 - Welcome to Coffee with Coker!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Coffee with Coker, a healthcare business podcast published by Coker Group. In this episode, we will introduce the Coker team and lay the groundwork for the podcast moving forward. The Coker Team Episode Synopsis Coker Group is a national healthcare consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We advise healthcare organizations and physicians on all business matters including hospital and practice operations, financial advisory,...