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Collective Insights is a voyage through topics and technologies revolutionizing human wellbeing.

Collective Insights is a voyage through topics and technologies revolutionizing human wellbeing.
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Collective Insights is a voyage through topics and technologies revolutionizing human wellbeing.






Scott Nelson & Justin Strahan - Exploring Light Therapy For Improved Energy With Joovv

Scott Nelson and Justin Strahan join Dr. Heather Sandison, ND to discuss the science behind photobiomodulation, and specifically red light therapy. They guide us through the mechanisms of action on a cellular level to understand how red light therapy devices offer a wide-range of benefits, including muscle recovery, nerve regeneration and more. We live in an era where humans spend less than 10% of their life under sunlight. From an evolutionary standpoint, our body requires sunlight. In...


Brian Bradley - The Role Good Posture Plays in a Healthy Lifestyle

Brian Bradley is a Posture-Pain-Performance coach, motivational speaker, and pioneer of the Egoscue Method, brings to light a whole body approach for a healthier lifestyle. We dive deep into postural training, kinesthetic awareness, and discuss why the symptom focused mentality, associated with an allopathic health care model, is hindering our ability to view health as a lifestyle For full show notes visit:


Tristan Harris - How Social Media and AI Hijack Your Brain

Tristan Harris, founder of the Center for Humane Technology, has set in motion the Time Well Spent movement; a cultural awakening to the underhanded manipulation of our collective awareness through social media platforms and interactive tech. He is leading the conversation in consideration of ethics in the design of technology, especially the tech that pervades our every waking hour. Having previously worked behind the scenes of this attention maximizing industry, Tristan brings to light...


Dr. Bill Walsh - How Nutrient Based Psychiatry is Revolutionizing Mental Health

Dr. Bill Walsh studied bio-markers of prisoners to uncover patterns in their chemistry and neuro-electrical function. He has identified several shocking underlying commonalities, which include specific imbalances and deficiencies. In this episode we take a deeper look at the correlations between toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, and conditions such as depression, violence, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Dr. Welsh’s remarkable explanations offer a new layer of understanding and hope...


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Nichol Bradford and Dr. Jeffery Martin - A Personalized Path to Higher Consciousness Through Transformative Technology

Learn how the journey for a solution to discontentment gave rise to a reliable protocol for dramatic transformation. Integrating technology, neurological imaging, psychological studies and meditation practices, The Finders Course, has made a massive impact. Co-Founders of the Transformative Technology Lab, Dr. Jeffery Martin, and Nichol Bradford, share with us how they have crafted this personalized approach to psycho-spiritual development. Their work was carefully constructed to make...


Extinguishing Fear When it Really Matters by Altering Breath and Vision with Dr. Andrew Huberman PhD and Brian Mackenzie

Dr. Andrew Huberman, professor of neuroscience at Stanford, and Brian Mackenzie, renowned coach and innovator in health and fitness, have teamed up to stack their distinct professional insights. Find out how research with visually evoked fear in lab mice can be applied to optimize human performance and willful state change. Their work implements a unique combination of breathing protocols and selective visual stimuli, in an instrumental methodology for adjusting one’s state— specifically...


Dr. Molly Maloof - Bringing blood sugar into the spotlight. Revealing the intimate details of your health using critical biomarkers

For far too long, healthcare has been a system designed to treat and bill for disease. However, a growing population of patients and doctors have started to building a more accurate picture than ever of each individual’s health with the use of biotech innovations, fine tuned testing, and a quantified-self toolkit. Molly Maloof, MD, is an innovator in health sciences, a practitioner of personalized medicine, and a major advocate for health optimization through regular tracking of key...


Dr. Bruce H. Lipton - Epigenetics and Evolution: Bettering Yourself and Humanity

For too long, many people have thought that their destiny was controlled by their genes. With advances made in epigenetics, we now know that isn’t the case. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton joins Collective Insights to talk about epigenetics and how the environment can affect genetic behavior. Dr. Lipton also discusses how perceptions of the environment have an impact along with the importance of positive thinking. It all leads to a deeper understanding of how our society will evolve in the...


Dr. Heather Sandison ND - Improving Health and Removing Toxins Through Naturopathic Medicine

We all know that nutrients are important, but could a nutrient deficiency be affecting you in ways you’ve never thought of before? Dr. Heather Sandison joins the Collective Insights podcast to talk about the nutrient imbalance she sees with many of her patients. Coupled with the toxins people encounter in their lives, this can lead to adverse conditions which may affect their physical and mental health. Dr. Sandison discusses some of the latest work that’s being done in this area. She also...


How We Lost Our Sovereignty, and How to Get It Back with Jordan Greenhall

What is sovereignty, how have we lost it, and why do we need it? These are just a few of the questions discussed and answered on Collective Insights as Neurohacker cofounder Jordan Greenhall joins Daniel for an intriguing conversation. Greenhall sets the foundation for why incentives are the way they are today and why our society should make a transition from Game A to Game B. As a way to accomplish this and help people gain more sovereignty, Greenhall looks at the emergent cryptoeconomic...


Mark Sisson - The Ancestrally Informed Lifestyle and a Healthier You

Mark Sisson joins Daniel on Collective Insights to discuss his work helping people improve their health and nutrition. Sisson talks about how evolutionary sciences and biology should inform our modern day nutrition decisions. He goes into detail about how many of the food choices we make today don’t mesh well with what our bodies are designed to handle, leading to health problems. He also discusses the importance of taking supplements and not always relying on health data taken in the...


Dr. Jeffrey Becker - Exploring the use of ketamine in integrative medicine

Ketamine therapy and its applications in integrative psychology are both at the leading edge and still in its infancy as to what is possible and what is being developed and tested. Dr. Jeffrey Becker specializes in neuropsychiatry and functional medicine and joins Daniel on this episode to discuss what is currently being done in his practices and what new insights and applications are being discovered with this tool. For the full show notes visit:...


Can Integral Theory Transform Civilization and Save Humanity?

Ken Wilber discusses “waking up” and “growing up,” the two major types of self-improvement practiced throughout human history. He covers states of consciousness as well as stages of human development, methodologies for arriving at higher stages, and how we can use integral approaches to heal individual physiology and psychology. For full show notes visit: In This Episode We...


Dr. Heather Sandison - What the future of medicine could look like - Part 1

For full show notes visit: Summary: Guided by a certainty that our bodies are designed to heal Dr. Heather Sandison talks with Daniel about the future of medicine and what that might look like in part 1 of this series. They explore the difference between naturopathic and western allopathic medicine, how you define health and how N=1 for personalized medicine translates to clinical studies. In This Episode We...


Dr. Zach Bush M.D. - Gut Health and the Microbiome

For full show notes visit: In This Episode We Discussed: The relationship between gut health & the microbiome 90% of serotonin produced in the gut lining Gut health & the immune system The danger of Roundup How to repopulate your gut The limitations of prebiotics and probiotics Bio: Zach Bush, MD is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country - with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology...


Dustin DiPerna - Meditation as a Technology of Consciousness

For full show notes visit: In this episode, Dustin DiPerna discusses key stages of human development, and practices we can integrate into our lives to transform consciousness. He shares his framework for understanding the various areas of human growth - “wake up, grow up, clean up, show up.” In This Episode We Discussed: Collective Insights and the work we do at Neurohacker Collective is supported by...


Michael Mannino - Complex Systems Science Applied to the Study of Brain and Mind

For full show notes visit: Michael Mannino discusses ‘embodied cognition,’ the idea that the mind is not only connected to the body, but that the body influences the mind. His work explores the notion that who you are (your cognitive processes like perception, attention, memory, decision making, reason) has a lot to do with the body and how you move it. In This Episode We Discussed: Why studying the brain...


Dr. Joseph Mercola - The Journey through Medicine of One of the World's Top Alternative Health Educators

For full show notes visit: Dr. Mercola tells his story on how he got his start in medicine, and the limitations he discovered in the conventional paradigm. Instead of focusing on treating symptoms, he became interested in discovering how to optimize health. He shares a number of simple strategies and lifestyle choices to help you take more control of your health and wellbeing. In This...


Sleep & Memory: How Cutting Edge DARPA Research Is Transforming Our Understanding Of Both

Giovanni Santosi discusses the relationship between slow-wave sleep and memory consolidation. His team has developed a technology that uses sound during sleep to amplify brain waves. Their research has demonstrated a 400% increase in memory consolidation during sleep using this sleep tech. For full show notes visit: