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Coming Back: Conversations on life after loss

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What does life look like after the funeral? After the divorce is final? After the diagnosis? Whether your loss is a person, a relationship, a job, a pet, or a dream, loss shapes who you are and how you choose to live in the world. Join Shelby Forsythia, Intuitive Grief Guide as she explores the ideas, resources, and stories that help us "come back" to life after death, divorce, illness and more.

What does life look like after the funeral? After the divorce is final? After the diagnosis? Whether your loss is a person, a relationship, a job, a pet, or a dream, loss shapes who you are and how you choose to live in the world. Join Shelby Forsythia, Intuitive Grief Guide as she explores the ideas, resources, and stories that help us "come back" to life after death, divorce, illness and more.


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What does life look like after the funeral? After the divorce is final? After the diagnosis? Whether your loss is a person, a relationship, a job, a pet, or a dream, loss shapes who you are and how you choose to live in the world. Join Shelby Forsythia, Intuitive Grief Guide as she explores the ideas, resources, and stories that help us "come back" to life after death, divorce, illness and more.






E136: SEASON 10 FINALE: Your Grief Belongs + A Big Announcement!

Your grief is normal, and your grief has ALWAYS, ALWAYS belonged. Plus, a BIG announcement! Order my new book, Your Grief, Your Way here: Find 90-minute Zoom workshops here: Get grief support for just $3/month! Support Coming Back on Patreon and receive weekly grief guidance prompts, LIVE grief support calls with me, and fun podcast swag: Apply for...


E135: Everything Is Spiritual (Including Grief!) with Rob Bell

What if death is not a thing we’re all waiting for, but instead is an integral part of every second of every day? This week, Rob Bell and I are discussing grief through the lens of his new book Everything Is Spiritual. We’re talking about how two total opposites can be true at the same time, why some losses feel like graduations and others feel like divorces, and how to reframe the phrase, “Now what?” from a question of despair to a call for curiosity. Find Rob’s book and work...


E134: Shaping the Story of Grief with Diane Zinna

Diane Zinna became an adult orphan at 23 after losing her father at 15 and her mother the day she graduated from a master’s program in creative writing. Each time she sat down to write, themes of grief and loss filled the page. Diane's new novel, The All-Night Sun, tells the story of a grieving teacher whose losses follow her to a Midsommar’s Eve celebration, where things take a dark turn. Today, we’re talking about how we decide when to share our grief stories with others, and how common it...


E133: Techology That Leaves a Legacy with Art Shaikh

When Art Shaikh’s father died, he left Art letters and flowers to deliver to relatives that were still living. Inspired by the human desire to leave a legacy after death and continue to be there for loved ones who are living on, Art created CircleIt, a free app that helps you send letters, flowers, photos, videos, and gifts to people you love after you die. This week we’re talking about why people long to be remembered and all of the different ways people are preparing to leave a legacy...


E132: Coming Home to Yourself with Mona Luna

Within the course of a year, Mona Luna acknowledged two major griefs in her life: the grief of growing up with a father struggling with alcoholism and the grief of enduring emotional abuse in a long-term romantic relationship. Yoga, therapy, and working with life coaches helped her return her to herself after years of never truly feeling “at home". This week, we’re talking about creating boundaries after living a life with no boundaries, honoring why it’s not selfish to work on yourself, and...


E131: Moving the Body Through Loss with Avni Trivedi

Osteopath, doula, and zero-balancer Avni Trivedi marries Eastern and Western practices to treat grief in the body. After a myriad of losses including being present during her grandmother’s stroke, she studied the body, which—intuitively—became a doorway to studying grief. Today, we’ll talk bout how the body responds to grief, even years after a loss, how to cope in a world of six feet apart during COVID-19, and how to deal with feeling stuck by moving the body. Find Avni's work...


E130: Embodying the Practice of Grief with Sara Chizek

What does it mean to make love to grief? To welcome it into your body instead of casting it out like garbage? This week, I’m speaking to Sara Chizek about the sensuality and creativity that arrives when we practice the art of grief embodiment. After shutting herself off to the four-year-old girl who lost a father, her exploration of grief in her body opened her up to feeling whole and at home. What would it look like if we tried to practice grieving as much as we practiced resisting grief?...


E129: Transmitting Unspoken Gratitudes with Mana Bhatt Sanghvi

After her father’s death in 2016, Mana Bhatt Sanghvi committed to living a live with no regrets. Her business, Treasure Texts, helps people communicate unspoken gratitudes to the people they love while they are still alive to receive them. This week, we’re talking about the different between anticipatory grief and the permanent grief that comes with loss, why it’s important to distinguish between “How are you?” and “How are you FEELING?”, and how Mana’s Hindu background gave her comfort when...


E128: Grief in the Language of the Heart with Cristina Chipriano

Cristina Chipriano grew up knowing grief, losing her 5-year-old cousin, her aunt, and her godmother all before second grade. After becoming a social worker, she helped create grief support programs in Spanish at Bo’s Place in Houston, where much of the community is Latino. Today, Cristina and I are talking about how death can take families farther apart AND closer together, how the cultural value family pride prompts Latino grievers to get grief support, and why it’s so important for...


E127: Experiencing Grief in the Body with Victoria Albina

Have you ever felt grief in your body? This week, Victoria Albina is teaching all of us how to use the body as a method to move from resistance to acceptance, release people-pleasing and perfectionism, and harness the oh-so powerful vagus nerve to pay close attention to grief. This conversation is full of tips and tools to reclaim ourselves and our bodies after devastating loss. Find Victoria’s work and so much more...


E126: Honoring Kids, the Forgotten Mourners with Gary Shockley

A massive amount of family deaths plus his work as a Hospice chaplain enlightened Gary Shockley to the reality of kids as “forgotten mourners.” His children’s book, My Heart Sings a Sad Song is a non-denominational guide for children and their caregivers to sparking conversations about grief and emotions. Today we’re talking about how we can help kids get better acquainted with the human experience of loss and how we can hold a little more space for ourselves in our grief. Find Gary’s book,...


E125: I Am My Mother's Daughter with Dara Kurtz

Dara Kurtz received decades of wisdom from her dead mother and grandmothers after stumbling across a Ziplock bag of letters. Her new book, I Am My Mother’s Daughter is an inside look at the intimate wisdom shared across maternal generations and a love letter to the power of preserving the written word. Today we’re talking about the four different types of letters you can write or receive, why you might consider writing a legacy letter to your loved ones, and why it’s important to allow...


E124: SEASON 9 FINALE: Grief Is a State of Transition

It’s helpful to remember that grief is an experience, not an obstacle or a destination. Plus, enroll now in my best-selling online grief support course, Life After Loss Academy, beginning August 31. Now at a lower price due to COVID-19. Join me August 31, 2020 for a 12-week online course that will help you feel safe in the world again, say goodbye to “the perfect griever,” and love the person loss has forced you to become. Enroll now in Life After Loss Academy:...


E123: The Leftover Pieces with Melissa Bottorff-Arey

Melissa Bottorff-Arey’s life turned upside down when her son, Alex, took his own life during his junior year at college. Her new podcast, The Leftover Pieces, features conversations on living life after suicide loss. This week, we’re discussing the rage that often follows learning more information about a loss, how our mental health is impacted when someone we love dies, the glaring holes in our school systems that fail kids at an emotional and mental level, and how the suicide of a child...


E122: Getting Curious in the Midst of Grief with Dr. Jenn Hardy

Instagram-famous therapist Dr. Jenn Hardy is known for her intuitive wisdom on boundaries, self-care, rest, and grief. Today, we’re talking about how most of us underestimate the weight of emotional labor (especially in COVID-19), and why it’s impossible to compare losses. Also, we touch on how to shop for a therapist in the aftermath of a loss and why you might consider swapping out your critical inner voice for one you love and admire. Find Dr. Jenn’s Instagram and new online course,...


E121: Grief in the Jewelry Box with Lindsay Joy Taylor

Lindsay Joy Taylor, founder of The Joyful Jewelry Box, lost her mom when she was just 13 months old. Growing up without true memories of her mom, Lindsay Joy found solace and comfort in her mom’s jewelry box. She now makes keepsake and remembrance jewelry so that others can honor their loved ones through physical mementos. This week, we’re talking about how we can witness ourselves in grief, how Lindsay Joy is finding peace in the still-unsolved murder of her mother, and how the stories we...


E120: Being Known and Finding Belonging with Denise Soler Cox

Denise Soler Cox lost her father and her brother before the age of 18. Convinced she was “the most unlucky person she knew,” she believed she was doomed to a life of isolation and not-belonging. A seminar in her twenties opened Denise's eyes to the realization that she could invent a new story. This week, we’re talking about how vulnerability is a true measure of power, why sharing pain can help others know they are not alone, and how being willing to belong opens us up to a world of...


E119: Divining My Way to Acceptance with Rachel Wilkinson

At the age of 38, Rachel Wilkinson’s dream of motherhood ended. Thrust into the emotional and confusing grief of death of a lifelong dream, she turned to ancient practices of witchcraft and divination to create and direct her life after loss. This week, we’re talking about the power of dreams and signs to guide us in grief, how we can come to acceptance through stereotypically “occult” methods, and why leaning on intuition and spirituality isn’t as uncommon as you think. Find Rachel’s...


E118: Running Into Grief with Katie Arnold

Almost immediately after giving birth to her second daughter, Katie Arnold got the news that her father was going to die. Less than 10 weeks later, he passed away from terminal kidney cancer and Katie was forced to reckon with motherhood and the loss of a parent at the same time. Her book Running Home is a detailed look at her life after her dad died. Today we’re talking about how Katie used running to cope with her father’s death, why it’s normal to fear your own death after a loved one...


E117: Speaking Grief with Lindsey Whissel Fenton

Speaking Grief is a new television documentary that features grieving and expert voices from a variety of backgrounds—all with the goal of kickstarting conversations about grief and loss. This week, I’m talking to producer, writer, and director Lindsey Whissel Fenton about how we can become more comfortable in awkward conversations, why we should normalize changing our minds after learning new information, how we can open the door for others to share their grief, and helpful scripts for...