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Episode 12 - Celebrities & Mental Health

Hosts Jay and Smitty talk about celebrities and how their mental health struggles play out in the media, for good and for bad. Triggers in this episode include mentions of suicide, self-harm, overdosing, drug use, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and more. We don't go into any details but we do mention celebrity deaths and suicide, so if you are sensitive to any of these topics, please be mindful before listening.


Episode 11 - Cyberbullying

Hosts Jay and Smitty tackle the intrusive nature of cyberbullying on the mental health of coworkers, family and friends. Triggers in this episode include mentions of bullying, self-harm, and suicide.


Episode 10 - Cyber Challenges

This week Jay and Smitty talk about cyber challenges and their impact on mental health. Whether it's the blue whale, the momo, or some other peer pressure game, the safest thing you can do it be aware and communicate. Right? Right.


Episode 9 - Relationships

Hosts Jay and Smitty tackle the sometimes tricky topic of mental health and relationships. Whether you have a diagnosed mental illness, have self-diagnosed, or just sometimes struggle with self-care and mental health, tackling this topic with loved ones/those in your life can be uncomfortable, scary, or a breeze depending on your outlook and tactics. This is one of our lighter episodes, so no real content warnings, except we do talk about anxiety attacks, not being comfortable in...


Episode 8 - The 411 on Anxiety

Jay and Smitty tackle one big topic this week: anxiety. There are a few different diagnoses we discuss including General Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, and Social Anxiety. We chat about our own experiences, why therapists are the bomb, and certain symptoms of anxiety. Content warning: if talking about anxiety makes you anxious, then this episode might be a little difficult to listen to. Proceed with caution. Want to share? Discuss? Yell? Be on the pod? Email us at...


Episode 7 - WTF is PTSD?

This week your hosts Jay and Smitty dive into the rarely discussed mental health condition PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and give you the facts and figures as well as their own personal experience with the diagnosis. Content warning: please be careful if you are sensitive to topics about trauma, suicide, assault, addiction, anxiety, and war/combat. We discuss a lot in this episode because PTSD is a complex disorder, so trigger warnings ahead. Want to share? Discuss? Yell? Be on the...


Episode 6 - The Gender Episode

Jay welcomes guest host Ryan onto the pod for this special episode on gender and mental health! Do different genders get treated differently when it comes to mental health? We sure think so. This episode will either set us back 50 years or make you uncomfortably aware of how we treat different genders unequally, so be warned! We tackle gender bias in the workplace, how men and women get diagnosed differently, how life experiences affect outlook, and how having hope is essential for your...


Episode 5 - Snowflakes, or What Not To Say

We're back! After taking self-care September, host Jay and Smitty are back, getting super sensitive in this "snowflake" episode. Ever wondered if you're words have meaning? Guess what, to these super sensitive mental health advocates, they sure do. This episode should not be triggering unless general talk about anxiety and depression symptoms are upsetting to you. This episode is also longer than our others because we're trying to embrace our faults (and our "ums") and edit less. We're human...


Episode 4 - To Medicate Or Not To Medicate

To medicate or not to that really the question? Hosts Jay and Smitty tackle medication in this week's podcast, including their own forays into meds, doctor's visits, and the long journey towards med happiness (sort of). Also, side-effects. Yippee! As always, we are not doctors, we do not have medical degrees, and you should always always see a medical professional before you stop or change your meds. That said, we are here for advice and support (or the none medical variety)....


Episode 3 - A "How-to" for Anxiety and Depression

Hosts Jay and Smitty tackle anxiety and depression in this week's episode, focusing on how you can help people going through anxiety or a depressive period and when it's best to call in the experts (because we aren't experts either and we need help too!) Want to chime in? Make a correction? Scold us? Email us: Where to get help if you're in crisis: In the UK, you can call the Samaritans on 116123 or 999 In the US, text "Hello" to 741-741 to talk to a crisis...


Episode 2 - Suicide Awareness

Hosts Jay and Smitty talk about the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, how the media should(and shouldn't) cover suicide, the appropriate language around death by suicide, and how you can help those who are struggling. Want to chime in? Make a correction? Scold us? Email us: Where to get help: 911 – Canada and US US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Young people in need of help can call Kids Help Phone on 1-800-668-6868 In the...


Episode 1 - 13 Reasons Why

Hot off the press, Jay and Smitty bring you their take on 13 Reasons Why, and why it's not suitable for all ages (or sensitivities). Topics include mental health, whether it's necessary to show graphic content on tv, the pros and cons of the show, and other media that tackles suicide in less gratuituous manner. Disclosure: we haven't seen the show, for reasons that become obvious once you've listened to the podcast. Want to chime in? Make a correction? Scold us? Email us:...