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Real conversations and great information for thinking people. If you want to grow your ideas and outcomes for personal and professional success, then I'm here to support you. Watch out! - it can be a bit raw at times! I release episodes based on the value they contain so they can be irregular. Subscribe so you don't miss a thing! And review so others can join with us too. I look forward to you being part of my world, Liz


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Real conversations and great information for thinking people. If you want to grow your ideas and outcomes for personal and professional success, then I'm here to support you. Watch out! - it can be a bit raw at times! I release episodes based on the value they contain so they can be irregular. Subscribe so you don't miss a thing! And review so others can join with us too. I look forward to you being part of my world, Liz




Self-care Is Not Selfish

For self care ideas listen to what we share with you today. It's about when life is coming at you so fast you're feeling overworked or overwhelmed. Dr Myke shares how he allows himself to regain strength and healing. He gives you permission to explore what is your best self-care and to validate what that is for you. Mike helps us recognize what truly replenishes us, and that the solution is an individual one. When Liz withdraws it can seem like a failure in her inter-relations when in...


Living With Information Overload

What can you do when information floods into your world? Dr Myke, Mike and Liz explore different approaches you can take to understand what's going on, how you might prioritise, and ultimately how to take control of your own choices. Support the show


About Thanksgiving AND Gratitude For Our Reality

Thanksgiving explained - for those of us who don't really know its origins or what it's about in 2021. AND Dr Myke Merrill speaks to what makes your reality. Support the show (


Gratitude For Confidence

Greetings, Thanksgiving is around the corner and it brought me to thinking about gratitude. This episode is a personal share, my perspective on what gratitude can do for you and how easy it is to build gratitude into your every day. Not one to miss repeated prompts I also explore my feelings on war - yep that was a strange one but perhaps a topical conversation given you and I share times like we've never known. Please subscribe, like, share, to help Conscious Professionals reach more...


Self Permission For Success

Having permission to make individual choice is key to success in life. Possessing the skill to give yourself permission bypasses the authority figure and gives you direct access to your solutions. Myke, Mike and I discuss the benefits and practicalities so you can make decisions which better fit your context and what matters to you. You're welcome to reach out if you'd like to discuss further. Liz e: Support the show (


Self-care Is Not Selfish

When others put pressure on you to go somewhere or do something and you feel you can be bothered, it can be right for you to decline, say no, don't give in to the pressure. To be able to perform your role in your life it is crucial you first support yourself. So you're strong enough to handle external influences of all types. Dr Myke Merrill, Mike Wilson and I, Liz Hargreaves, speak to this challenge. Support the show (


Repair Parenting Regrets

Following on from the previous episode, Dr Myke and Mike share hope and ideas you can use to repair what you might feel are your parenting regrets. Listen to learn #howtohelpachildwithanxiety #myrelationshipwithmyteenageboy #myrelationshipwithmyteenagedaughter #myrelationshipwithmystepchild Support the show (


What About The Kids?

Parenting challenges are many and varied in 2021. How do you help your kids to navigate the craziness? Dr Myke Merrill and Mike Wilson are my go to experts on matters of emotions. In this episode they share; In the next episode of Conscious Professionals Dr Myke and Mike develop this conversation into the area of what to do when you feel you've made a mistake. Like, share, subscribe, do whatever it takes to join us for the next valuable episode on...


Living With Information Overload

Information has a way of finding it's way to you and BOOM!* you're suffering information overload anxiety and you need a break! Then there's conflicting information, now you don't know what to believe anymore. Seems there's little relief from the rate of information which is coming into your world. You're left trying to manage this situation in which you find yourself. We're in this together, seeking solutions which will work to appropriately filter information in consideration of our...


Emotional Impact Of Hybrid Work

How to handle your emotions for the new paradigm, the next new change in professional life. Dr Myke Merrill and Mike Wilson, experts in the field of emotions, discuss with Liz Hargreaves what you might be feeling and what you can do about dealing with your emotions during these changing times. #emotions #thefutureofwork #hybridwork #returntowork Support the show (


Covid 19 Hate Crimes - Who Will Fix This

This week in the US the House passes bill to curb hate crimes against Asian Americans. President Joe Biden has signed the bill into law on Thursday that's aimed at countering a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes that's come during the coronavirus pandemic. In conversation my friends and I acknowledge the need for changed behaviors and suggest this legislation might work to inspire individual effort away from blame and towards decency to others. As we speak the conversation turns to how power,...


Clever hacks - needed now more than ever

Fear Hack, written by Hilary Gallo. It's a much needed prompt for each of us, so I am sharing again here. Now more than ever we can benefit by considering new perspectives of old situations and new situations. It's liberating. Are you ready for this? Here's the book (I have no affiliation) Fear Hack by Hilary Gallo Support the show (


Thrive Your Way Out of Pandemic

Today's challenge and opportunities. There's great potential in this time in history, late 2020. I share the magic potion I've used and which we all need to shift up our lives for the better. Feel free to contact me on Support the show (


Ep17 - How To Help Homeless People

You will be surprised how simple it is to participate in giving life's opportunities back to someone less fortunate. Listen for several ideas which might help you to make a difference for someone who is homeless. Vicky and her family and friends have come together in simple ways to share life with a homeless man who is achieving ever improving results in his life. Imagine if we all took these types of actions, I think we would solve our country's homelessness problem. Message me at...


Ep16 - Successful career women - from struggle to success

An excerpt from a private, now not so private, chat between Ioanna (Jo) Serpanos and I. We compare the key shift we each made from doing it tough in corporate life to achieving the success we each wanted. Turns out our experiences have been very similar! Maybe yours are too....? Enjoy Liz Hargreaves e: Support the show (


Ep15 - Post lockdown plans - what's next?

What matters to you right now? Add your awareness and shape your own future. In this episode Liz Hargreaves opens a conversation about life post lockdown and the potential future. As we share the reality of uncertainty Liz shares clues which you might adopt to take back control of your future, and improve how you feel about your life. We're all in this together, let compassion into your exchanges with others. If you know anyone who is struggling, please, lend a hand as best you can. If you...


Liz Hargreaves standing up for equality

This is the moment I declare my commitment to a better future for all. The big goal, and the next steps to getting there. I invite you to connect and be part of this journey of change. Email me at Support the show (


Fear Hack - read by author Hilary Gallo

Hilary is a master facilitator of individual discovery, or rediscovery. Reading Chapter 8 to you Hilary demonstrates the profound revelations which arise from a seemingly pointless personal quest. Set in Spain, listen to the end for Cathy's life-altering realisation. Support the show (


Raise Your Kindness, for you and for others - with Dr Kat

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you're already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac Never before has kindness been more important, for professional conversations and for people who are suffering. There is so much happening, you deserve support too. Listen to this conversation about supporting self so you can support those around you. Support the show (


5 Days to Improved Sleep with Dr Kat Lederle

Sleep is an individual experience which is the foundation to your wellbeing. You may optimise your sleep and performance by applying tailored strategies. Are you a lark or an owl, or somewhere in between? Learn how to identify your ideal sleep pattern. Dr Kat Lederle is passionate to support everyone achieve great sleep, including when the cookie cutter approach doesn't serve their individual needs. She chats with Liz Hargreaves and explores the possibility of supporting not only yourself...