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Brenda and Rob, hosts of Conscious Talk, created “Radio That Makes A Difference” to help transform the world one listener at a time from the inside out. Conscious Talk truly starts your day in a brand new, uplifting way.

Brenda and Rob, hosts of Conscious Talk, created “Radio That Makes A Difference” to help transform the world one listener at a time from the inside out. Conscious Talk truly starts your day in a brand new, uplifting way.
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Brenda and Rob, hosts of Conscious Talk, created “Radio That Makes A Difference” to help transform the world one listener at a time from the inside out. Conscious Talk truly starts your day in a brand new, uplifting way.








Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 18 - 19 - Stuart Tomc & Krysta Gibson

Topic: Cannabinoids, otherwise known as CBD’s have become a regular part of our natural health conversations. We’ve talked about the popularity of hemp-based CBD oils and how people are reporting a wide range of benefits. But what is the right oil for you? We’ll talk to nutritional expert Stuart Tomc about finding your “sweet spot” when it comes to deciding which CBD Oil Formula is best for you. Then… Krysta Gibson returns to spread some wisdom on Spirituality and physicality. Does being...


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 -17 - 19 - Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Topic: It's been said many times that our culture has lost its way when it comes to substance and compassion. The question becomes, how do we find ourselves and make choices based on principles rather than pressure so that we can lead our best life? We’ll talk to Rabbi (Rab-Eye) Daniel Cohen, author of “What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone?” Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 16 - 19 - Dr. DiVanna VaDree

Topic: When it comes to spirituality, LOVE seems to be the common denominator most often discussed. So, what better subject for a Down to Earth Spirituality session than a look at the many expressions of love. Dr. DiVanna VaDree is coming up next. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 15 -19 - James Creighton

Topic: Do you find that you often disagree or even fight with your significant other because of your differences? What if you could change that situation and improve your relationship while maintaining who you are? We’ll talk to psychologist and relationship consultant James Creighton for the approach that works for him. He’s the author of “Loving Through Your Differences”. Maybe, that opposite attracts thing has something to it! Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 12 -19 - Danielle Gibbons

Topic: We hate to have to clue you into this one… but connection actually has very little to do with how many friends you have on Facebook or your contacts on your cell phone. We’ll talk to Danielle Gibbons and Mother Mary to get some divine guidance on the best ways to connect. You’ll be surprised how down-to-earth it is. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 11 - 19 - Encore Show - Robert Hladek

ENCORE SHOW (Orig. Air Date, 03-11-19) Topic: Will our future provide us with a different avenue for health than the current pharmaceutical model? Actually, the future is already here. We’ll talk to Roberta Hladek (Ha-La-Deck), co-founder of EMC Squared, the creators of the Aim Program. We’ll learn how energetic balancing can optimize your potential for a higher level of wellness. Website(s):,


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 10 - 19 - Oren Jay Sofer

Topic: Words have meaning. How often have you heard that?! The challenge is to have them mean what you want, and to speak your truth. We’ll talk to Oren Jay Sofer about his book, “Say What You Mean – A Mindful Approach to Non-Violent Communication”. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 09 - 19 - Dr. Divanna Vadree

Topic: We might joke that we ended up in this life without a user manual, but in truth there is a lot to discover about being human. Down to Earth Spirituality with Dr. DiVanna VaDree is one way we shine some light on how to unravel the mechanisms that make us tick. Today we will look at “discovering and releasing one’s burdens”. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 08 - 19 - Dr. Roberto Tostado

Topic: We are always impressed when a medical doctor has the courage to unlearn much of what he has been taught to discover the truth about health that has been known for many years but doesn’t fit the current operating paradigm. We’ll talk to Dr. Roberto Tostado, author of “WTF Is Wrong With Our Health”… and WTF, of course means, “What the Food”. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 05 - 19 - Jeffery Stegman w/ FLFE

Topic: When we talk about energy so many questions arise. One concept often difficult to grasp is that everything is energy… even consciousness. The question is, what does that mean in our daily lives? We’ll talk to Jeffrey Stegman and Clayton Stedmann, founders of “Focused Life Force Energy” about how they have discovered a way to tap the energy of life itself and made it available for our use. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 04 - 19 - Robert Novak

Topic: If you’ve been checking out spiritual sites over the years … maybe you wonder if there’s really anything to the stories. Fortunately, transformational healer and Yuen Master Robert Novak has made many treks around the world and can give us first-hand accounts. We’ll talk to him from Mt. Shasta to see if he is picking up on anything in that environment. As he always says… “Be willing to be amazed!” Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 03 -19 - J. Phillips Jones

Topic: All of us die, and most of us are called to support loved ones or friends in dying or grieving a death. The question is, can the end-of-life journey be a time of inner peace or even growth? We’ll talk to J. Phillip Jones, author of “Transcendence – Finding Peace at the End of Life”. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 02 - 19 - Dr. Divanna Vadree

Topic: When it comes to Spirituality, you’ve often heard talk on this show of having a “spiritual rudder”, or “doing the work”. So here’s the obvious question… What is the “work”? Fortunately, Dr. Divanna Vadree has the answer and she’s coming up next. It’s time for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality… right here on Conscious Talk. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 03 - 29 - 19 - Dr. Dean Radin

Topic : Is magic real? Today’s guest Dr. Dean Radin (Ray-Din) not only believes it, he wrote a book about it. It’s called “Real Magic”, and it’s about Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe. Spoiler alert… consciousness has something to do with it. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 03 - 28 - 19 - Alberto Villoldo

Topic: A great desire of many of us is to always heal quickly and age gracefully. Unfortunately, we have grown distant from our spiritual lives and our relationship to our bodies and as a result have fallen short of that goal. What can we do? We’ll talk to Alberto Villoldo about his newest book, “Grow A New Body – How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health”. He has found a pathway to wellness you’ll want to hear about. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 03 - 27 - 19 - Joan McLelland

Topic: What do you do when conventional medicine gives you a death sentence after their treatments only make you worse. If you’re Jane McLelland, you create your own treatment strategy and save yourself. Jane is the author of “How to Starve Cancer…Without Starving Yourself” and we believe she has found the key to long-lasting remission no matter what tissue or organ involved. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 03 -26 - 19 - Dr. Divanna Vadree

Topic: When you think about human motivation, really dig down into what’s important… consider hope. Without hope, where would we be? Dr. DiVanna VaDree returns to talk about keeping your hope alive. It’s time for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality where we explore the inner landscape that creates our outer world. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 03 - 25 - 19 - Sandy C. Newbigging

Topic: Sometimes, a person’s work can be summed up in a word. That might be said of today’s guest Sandy Newbigging, a coaching and meditation expert and the creator of “Calmology”. He is also the author of “Mind Detox: Discover and Resolve the Root Causes of Chronic Conditions and Persistent Problems. Do you think inner work has anything to do with it? Stay tuned and you’ll find out! Website(s):


Conscious TalkRadio - 03 - 22 - 19 - Dr. Neil Nathan

Topic: Toxic food, toxic air and water… these are challenges we’ve become all too familiar with. But what about toxic Mold? Are you aware how it might be the underlying cause of a lot of disease… and your doctor may not be aware of it? We’ll talk to Dr. Neil Nathan, author of TOXIC: Heal Your body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness. Website(s):,


Conscious Talk Radio - 03 - 21 - 19 - May McCarthy / Krysta Gibson

Topic: Did you know that “why” you do something may be more important than “what” you do. We’ll talk to May McCarthy, author of “The Gratitude Formula” and “The Path to Wealth” about the importance of purpose. Then… New Spirit Journal publisher Krysta Gibson returns to talk about luck, what it is and how to live a lucky life. Website(s):