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Brenda and Rob, hosts of Conscious Talk, created “Radio That Makes A Difference” to help transform the world one listener at a time from the inside out. Conscious Talk truly starts your day in a brand new, uplifting way.

Brenda and Rob, hosts of Conscious Talk, created “Radio That Makes A Difference” to help transform the world one listener at a time from the inside out. Conscious Talk truly starts your day in a brand new, uplifting way.
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Brenda and Rob, hosts of Conscious Talk, created “Radio That Makes A Difference” to help transform the world one listener at a time from the inside out. Conscious Talk truly starts your day in a brand new, uplifting way.








Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 17 - 19 - Diana Clark

Topic: Are you finding it difficult to hold it together in this turbulent world of ours? Change has come in so many ways… no wonder life is confusing! It’s time for another Women’s Hour. This time, the feminine focus is on “being peaceful in the midst of chaos”.


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 16 - 19 - Maria Reich - Krysta Gibson

Topic: We want to do the best for our pets… but are medical procedures and testing the best way to keep them healthy? We’ll talk to Maria Reich, a canine nutritionist and author of “A thousand Lifetimes: The Story of a Woman and Her Dog: Both Sides of the Tale”. Then… How stressed are you these days? New Spirit Journal Publisher Krysta Gibson returns to spread some wisdom about handling stress? Website(s): / / /...


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 15 - 19 - Dr. John Peldyak & Nancy Myer

Topic: When it comes to your oral care what comes first to your mind? We bet it isn’t Xylitol … but maybe it should! We’ll talk to dental care expert Dr. John Peldyak (Pel-Dee-Ack) about the importance of Xylitol for oral care. Then… to many, being psychic might seem mysterious as well as exotic… but it might also be dark and scary if you are dealing with the worst of humanity. We’ll talk to psychic Nancy Myer about her experience as a psychic detective. She’s the author of “Travels With My...


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 14- 19 - Dr. Divanna VaDree

Topic: Time is collapsing… you’ve felt it. Your life is filled with so many things to do and have that you often don’t know which side is up. Fortunately, Dr. DiVanna VaDree is returning and she has some thoughts on how we can move from overwhelmed to enough. It’s time for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality to give us a hand with that human thing we call life. Website(s): / CT is M - F, @ 7a on


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 13 - 19 - Dr. Scott Symington

Topic: We’ve heard that everything is energy… and that includes anxiety. But if energy is energy… can we make use of our anxiety? We’ll talk to Dr. Scott Symington (Sigh-Mington), author of “Freedom of Anxious thoughts and Feelings: A Two-Step Mindfulness approach for Moving Beyond Fear and Worry”. He has an interesting two-screen method that puts it all together. Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 10 - 19 - Danielle Gibbons

Topic: Everything is for our higher good. You’ve heard it said on this show before. Since it’s time for another visit from Danielle Gibbons and Mother Mary, why don’t we get the opinion from a higher source. Today we’re talking about how everything is for us… and that’s for our higher good… whether we believe it or not. Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 -09 - 10 - Jeffery Stegman w/ FLFE

(ENCORE SHOW) Topic: When we talk about energy so many questions arise. One concept often difficult to grasp is that everything is energy… even consciousness. The question is, what does that mean in our daily lives? We’ll talk to Jeffrey Stegman and Clayton Stedmann, founders of “Focused Life Force Energy” about how they have discovered a way to tap the energy of life itself and made it available for our use. Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 08 - 19 - Stuart Tomc & Krysta Gibson

(ENCORE SHOW) Topic: Cannabinoids, otherwise known as CBD’s have become a regular part of our natural health conversations. We’ve talked about the popularity of hemp-based CBD oils and how people are reporting a wide range of benefits. But what is the right oil for you? We’ll talk to nutritional expert Stuart Tomc about finding your “sweet spot” when it comes to deciding which CBD Oil Formula is best for you. Then… Krysta Gibson returns to spread some wisdom on Spirituality and physicality....


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 -07 - 19 - Dr. Divanna VaDree

Topic: If there’s one thing that appears to be rampant in our culture it’s the fear of lack. Why else would we hoard and withhold from others? How can we heal this ”dis-ease”? We’ll talk to Dr. DiVanna VaDree for her take. It’s time for another session of Down To Earth Spirituality. Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 06 - 19 - Dr. Sue Morter

Topic: Over the years we have explored certain truths like; everything is energy and we are the creator of our lives… but how do you integrate those concepts into your life? We’ll talk to Dr. Sue Morter, author of “The Energy Codes”. She discovered a way to bring it all together and put it to work in your life. And yes, you can all do it. Website(s): &


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 -03 - 19 - Guy Finley

Topic: Ever wonder just how this whole spiritual thing is going when our world is in such turmoil? Fortunately, we know someone who has thought about it. It’s time for another session of “Waking Up With Guy Finley. We’ll talk to guy about “How to be at peace with yourself, as well as with the world around you”. Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 02 - 19 - Robert Novak

(ENCORE SHOW) Topic: Egypt and the pyramids have long been a focus of historical interest on many fronts. We’ll talk to Robert Novak, fresh from his most recent trip to Egypt, for some different insight on the meaning of historical sights and the people that built them. We think you’ll be amazed. Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 05 - 01 - 19 - Bob Quinn

Topic: Rural America has been struggling for decades, and so has the quality of our food supply. Today’s guest, Bob Quinn, has proven that a green economy approach may just be the answer to rural jobs and reviving the nutritional value of our food. He’s the author of “Grain by Brain: A quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food”.


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 30 - 19 - Dr. Divanna VaDree

Topic: When it comes to our relationships, Trust is something both learned and earned. Without it, the existence of our relationships becomes tenuous. But what about our relationship with our inner selves? Do we trust ourselves? Dr. DiVanna VaDree returns for another session of Down To Earth Spirituality…. This time, she discusses the concept of trusting yourself. EVERY M-F @ 7a on Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 29 - 19 - Denise A. Liotta-Dennis

Topic: Do you think you know Feng Shui because you’re spiritual and you bought some crystals and put a water fountain in the correct corner of your house? That’s nice if it makes you feel better… but a true Feng Shui Master would tell you that’s not really Feng Shui. We’ll talk to Feng Shui Master Denise Liotta-Dennis, author of “Feng Shui That Rocks The House” and “Classical Feng Shui For Health and Longevity”. Website(s): /


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 26 - 19 - Joe McQuillen

Topic: We often don’t think about the other side until we lose someone. That was the situation for our guest Joe McQuillen, author of “My Search For Christopher On The Other Side”. It’s a personal story of how he moved from the heartbreak of losing his son to healing… and how he continues to learn from the other side even today. Website:


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 25 - 19 - Michael Goddart

Topic: Spirituality doesn’t come in a handy course like a frozen dinner you can throw in your cart and then in a microwave to consume. It’s a path. Today’s guest has distilled down the teachings of Saints and Spiritual Masters into 52 easily understood principles that can put us on that path. We’ll talk to Michael Goddart about his book “Spiritual Revolution – A Seeker’s Guide”. Website(s):


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 24 - 19 - Dr. Ross Pelton & Claire Booth

Topic: Earth Day may be in the rear-view mirror, but we can’t forget it’s a toxic world out there. Pollution is both personal and global and we have to deal with it to live our best lives. We’ll talk to Dr. Ross Pelton about what we can do to get well and stay well in our toxic world. Then… Are you living your life trying to fulfill an impossible “to-do” list that never ends? You’ve got “achiever fever”. We’ll talk to Claire Booth, author of “The Achiever Fever Cure” to find out how you can...


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 - 23 - 19 - Dr. Divanna VaDree

Topic: Understanding spirituality means not always talking about love and light. Some of our most deeply held beliefs are fear-based. Dr. DiVanna VaDree returns for another session of Down To Earth Spirituality to discuss transforming our deeply held fears. Website(s): drdivanna,com


Conscious Talk Radio - 04 -22 - 19 - Melanie Tonia Evans

Topic: Have you dealt with a narcissist in your personal or business life and been damaged by it. Are you in denial about it. We’ll talk to Melanie Tonia Evans about her book “You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse”. If you want to recover from a toxic relationship you have to hear what she has to say. Website: