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A weekly astrology podcast dedicated to honoring the interconnectedness of our universal family through embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.

A weekly astrology podcast dedicated to honoring the interconnectedness of our universal family through embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.
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A weekly astrology podcast dedicated to honoring the interconnectedness of our universal family through embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.




Season 4, Episode 8: Guided Meditation for Relationship Healing; Understanding Relationships + Astrology; Interview with husbands Brandon Alter + Angel Lopez of 'The Spiritual Gayz'

In honor of Libra season, and Libra’s connection to interpersonal relationships, we start off with a guided meditation to bring healing to your relationships. Then, we are blessed with the sounds of India.Arie’s “Light of the Holy Spirit.” . Then, we talk about relationships in astrology. How do the signs line up with one another elementally? And so we will be talking about the four elements and how knowing the element of another can deepen your understanding and bring healing to your...


Season 4, Episode 7: Understanding Libra; India.Arie's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Sarah Jane Chapman

It's October and we are right in the heart of Libra Season! Today on the show, we are going to be diving deep into the archetype of Soul-Centered Libra: Libra’s evolution through aries, it’s polar sign. Libra as an interpersonal air sign, cardinal air, and it;s connection to Venus. And pretty much anything else you ever wanted to know about Libra. Then, we honor the great soul singer India.Arie (Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Rising) Today is India's brithday/Solar Return! And so what...


Season 4, Episode 6: Libra Season; Guided Meditation; Dizzy Gillespie's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Summer Minerva

Happy Libra Season! Libra rules over partnerships, the sunset, and balance, and so we go into all of that and more on this episode! I also lead you through a Libra guided meditation, in which we make contact with the Kidneys (the part of the body that Libra rules over). We also honor the life of the great jazz musician, Libra Legend, Dizzy Gillespie. Dizzy added layers of harmonic and rhythmic complexity previously unheard in jazz, giving us the harmony in disharmony and beauty of a...


Season 4, Episode 5: Queen of Virgo; Lily Tomlin’s Birth Chart; Beyonce Knowles Birth Chart; Virgo Panel

We have one epic close out for Virgo Season. On today’s episode, we will be honoring our Final 2 Virgo Queens. Lily Tomlin and Beyonce Knowles. We will dive deep into both of their birth charts, reflecting on their lives, and I will share with you what we’ve learned from this Virgo season, and how I have synthesized all of that information into the 5 soul-centered Virgo traits. And then we will crown our first ever Comic Cousins Queen of Virgo. And then after that, we continue to...


Season 4, Episode 4: Understanding Chiron; Alice Coltrane's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Virgo Queen Tatianna Tarot

Today on the show, we are doing a deep dive into the dwarf planet Chiron and how chiron can be used as the ruling planet of Virgo. We talk about Chiron in my chart, Michael Jackson's, Amy Winehouse's and Beyonce, and how that has shaped their expression of Virgo. We also talk about Chiron Retrograde in Aries heading back for Pisces, and how that is effecting us all this virgo season. Then, we are honor the life of legendary spiritual leader and musician Alice Coltrane, who through her...


Season 4, Episode 3: Virgo New Moon; Amy Winehouse's Birth Chart; Interview + Music w/ Prince Puja

This week's episode, we talk about and enjoy a guided mediation for embodied health inspired by the Virgo New moon (which is this Sunday). Then, I will update you on the "Queen of Virgo," and we will be honor the life of Virgo Queen Amy Winehouse, who is a Virgo sun, Capricorn moon, and Gemini rising. And to end out time together, we are sitting down with the very devotional kirtan singer and tattoo artist, prince puja. In our conversation we talk about: -devotional...


Season 4, Episode 2: Understanding Virgo; Michael Jackson’s Birth Chart; Interview w/ Astrologer Anne Ortelee

We have another incredible episode for you this week cousins. Enjoy a Virgo meditation for embodied health, and then listen in as we go on a deep dive into Understanding Virgo from a soul-centered perspective! We talk about the Page of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles as representations of Virgo in the tarot. We also talk about Virgo as a Mutable Earth and Subconscious Earth sign. Then, we honor the life of the great legend Michael Jackson, who’s birthday is today, if you’re listening...


Season 4, Episode 1: Understanding Leo; Queen of Leo; Viola Davis's Birth Chart; Whitney Houston's Birth Chart; Leo Panel

OH MY GODDESS Y’ALL! Is it Season 4 already? This show has almost been out for an entire year! We have an exciting Season Premiere for you all. We will be first talking about the Archetype of Leo. Everything you ever wanted to know about Leo and probably more. We will also be talking about the soul-centered aspects of Leo, and of course there's a guided meditatoin for embodied health! Then, we will be honoring the life of our Final Two Leo Queens. So the followers on the instagram...


Season 3, Episode 14: Mercury Rx Meditation; Frida Kahlo's Birth Chart; Princess Diana's Birth Chart; Cancer Panel; Queen of Cancer

I am so excited to be here with you all, as always, but particularly this week because it is the finale of Season 3. We’ve now reached up to 50,000 downloads, and this season has averaged more downloads per episode than the previous two seasons. So we are growing here together. . So let’s go ahead and get into it. What we have lined up for you today, it’s a really special episode. We are going to first just kinda touch base about the current transits, and also what the next 6 weeks has in...


Season 3, Episode 13: Cancer Solar Eclipse; Understanding Cancer; Malala Yousafzai's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Cancer Singer Micheal Hooker

Hey Cosmic Cousins! Wow! Eclipse season is upon us! So we have an exciting episode today. We are diving into understanding the archetype of cancer, we will be talking about this new moon cancer solar eclipse. And then we are honoring the life and birth chart of the incredible Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai, giving us some high-vibe cancer energy with a Libra Moon and Leo Rising. And then to end this episode off, we will be chatting it up with the incredibly perceptive Cancer...


Season 3, Episode 12: Independence Day; Ancestral Healing; United States Birth Chart; Interview w/ Kelsey Bee of Deep Sea Astrology

Hey cousins! Happy July. We have a deep felt, powerful Cancer episode for you all this week. We’re gonna first start with exploration of Independence Day here in the US today by exploring Cancer themes of patriotism, nationalism, ancestors, family, tradition, and home, and what this day may bring up for minorities, mystics, and queers, and how to work with this energy when you are committed to a path of expansion and evolution through the practice of astrology. Then, I am offering you a...


Season 3, Episode 11: Capricorn Full Moon; Understanding the Cancer-Capricorn Polarity; Cyndi Lauper's Birth Chart; Interview w/ City Witch Tess Giberson

Sun is in Princess Diana. And the moon is in Michelle Obama. That’s right, you heard me. Sun is in Cancer and Moon is Capricorn, Full moon early this Thursday morning, June 28. And so we talk about this Full Moon in Capricorn Energy, and in addition we explore the polar energy of Cancer-Capricorn. How Cancer allowing themselves to leave their shell for the qualities of Capricorn brings this crab from a hard shell to a beautiful cherished pearl. Then, we explore the incredible legend,...


Season 3, Episode 10: Depression + Astrology; Anthony Bourdain's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Cancer Katie Watkins

For starters: the cover-art for this week's episode is by Stefanie Caponi. If you aren't familiar with her artwork and tarot deck please check her out. I forgot to announce this at the beginning of the episode, so please send her love and go follow her! For this week's episode: In light of the recent suicide of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, and feeling moved by more people opening up talking about their depression, I felt inspired to add to the conversation. And so, we first start off...


Season 3, Episode 9: The Soul-Centered Gemini; Queen of Gemini; Stevie Nick's Birth Chart, Marilyn Monroe's Birth Chart; Gemini Panel

We narrowed down 16 queens to our final two. So we have the fairy godmother of rock n roll Stevie Nicks heading up against the legendary blonde-bombshell Marilyn Monroe. So, today on the show, we crown the first ever Cosmic Cousin’s “Queen of Gemini.” Also on this episode, I share with you the five traits of a soul-centered Gemini, we honor both Stevie Nicks and Marilyn Monroe by looking at their birth chart. And to round it all off, there is an easy breezy Gemini panel, with 4 super rad...


Season 3, Episode 8: Current Transit Chakra Meditation; Gemini's Connection to Movement; Josephine Baker's Birth Chart; Gemini Singer and Dancer Willow Gibbons

We have an exciting episode as always. We’re gonna first start out with an overview of what the chakra system is, and how we can utilize it in our astrology practice, I’ll lead you through a little guided meditation with that based off of the current transits. Then we will talk about the Queen of Gemini bracket, which we are down to the final 4 queens. We also create dialogue around Gemini’s ability to synthesize information through fluid movement and kinesthetic awareness. Then, we...


Season 3, Episode 7: Understanding Gemini; Judy Garland's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Edgar Fabian Frias

This episode we go into a deep dive of Understanding Gemini. We discuss Gemini as the "paperboy" deliving life's messages, we talk about it's polarization to Sagittarius, and how this activates it's soul-centered attributes of being the Divine Messenger. Then we honor the life of Judy Garland, and how her first prominent role as 'Dorothy' is so profound as a symbol of Gemini through her innocence, intelligence, and curiosity. Judy Garland's unique triple tier combo of Gemini Sun,...


Season 3, Episode 6: Gemini Season, the Bird, the Divine Communicator; Interview w/ Queer Cosmos Astrologer Colin Bedell

It’s Gemini Season. And as I sat down to write out some notes from this show, a bird flew in the window of my home. I talk about this, and how it's a message for us all this Gemini Season. There's a mini-gemini meditation, and we talk about how to work with this energy over the coming month. We also have an intimate and hillarious conversation with Colin Bedell, Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon, Leo Rising. Colin is the creator of Queer Cosmos, and is an actual Gemini Twin from the South Shore of...


Season 3, Episode 5: Uranus in Taurus; Queen of Taurus Crowned; Cher + Coretta Scott King's Birth Chart; Taurus Panel Discussion

When Uranus enters a new sign, it indicates transformational shifts in our lives, both in our individual lives and on a collective scale. We will be talking all about this new huge transit that only happens once every 80 years or so, of Uranus entering Taurus. I'll introduce you to this planet, this transit, and we’ll talk about it’s deeper meaning, and what this means for you and for the collective. Also, on this episode, the first ever Cosmic Cousins: "Queen of Taurus" is crowned!...


Season 3, Episode 4: Understanding the Imum Coeli (4th House); Interview w/ Soul Cycle Instructor and Motivational Speaker Tirrell Cherry

Welcome back to another week of the show. A lot has happened since we last hung out. And so I’d like to apologize for getting this episode out to you late this week! But sometimes volcanoes erupt and files become corrupt. The first part of the episode we honor the earthquakes and volcano activity on the Big Island of Hawaii that has displaced many people, by exploring and honoring Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, and how we can utilize one of her fables to work with our emotions and...


Season 3, Episode 3: Understanding Taurus; Audrey Hepburn's Birth Chart; Interview + 3 Songs w/ Erika Spring

Hey cousins! Welcome back to another week of soul-centered astrology. *****If you tuned into this episode within the first 1.5 hour of it being uploaded, there were some complications with the fade out of audio during the Audrey Hepburn section, but it has been fixed and a new file has been uploaded. I am so sorry about that. :( On today's episode, we define what "soul-centered astrology" means, as well as talk about the term "turbulent" and "intense" that gets tossed around often in the...