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My mission with the God Took Me to Las Vegas podcast is to save lives and allow the person to Reveal the Lifestyle Champion within them.There are many different types of recovery programs, they all are aimed at helping those battling substance use disorders to transition from being harmed to being clean and sober. Anyone who’s battling a compulsive or destructive behavior wants to be healthy and they desire to live a happy and productive life. Sadly, only 1 in 10 Americans with a substance use disorder receives treatment. Why?Because it’s not safe to come forward and admit your challenges. The stigma is fueling an American public health crisis and we need to “Crush the Stigma!”Substance use disorders are associated with discrimination and social disapproval – more than any medical condition. These same people are often isolated, outcast, and even imprisoned. Stigma isolates people, it discourages them from seeking help, and even leads some medical providers to resist delivering evidence-based treatment services.


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My mission with the God Took Me to Las Vegas podcast is to save lives and allow the person to Reveal the Lifestyle Champion within them.There are many different types of recovery programs, they all are aimed at helping those battling substance use disorders to transition from being harmed to being clean and sober. Anyone who’s battling a compulsive or destructive behavior wants to be healthy and they desire to live a happy and productive life. Sadly, only 1 in 10 Americans with a substance use disorder receives treatment. Why?Because it’s not safe to come forward and admit your challenges. The stigma is fueling an American public health crisis and we need to “Crush the Stigma!”Substance use disorders are associated with discrimination and social disapproval – more than any medical condition. These same people are often isolated, outcast, and even imprisoned. Stigma isolates people, it discourages them from seeking help, and even leads some medical providers to resist delivering evidence-based treatment services.






Episode 161 - with Emma-Jane Taylor

Emma-Jane Taylor – Award Winning Advocate for survivors of CSA - Recognised as a National Treasure by GB News, 2022 Motivational Speaker /Ardent campaigner for survivors of Child Sex Abuse/ Media commentator/ Editor of The Real Silence Founder of The Works Co & Project 90/10, Author of Don't Hold Back, TEDx Speaker/ Corporate Behaviour Change Trainer/Mentor Twitter @ejtayloruk - LinkedIn @emmajanetayloruk – Instagram @emmajanetayloruk Emma-Jane’s personal and traumatic story of struggle and hardship covered in her debut book entitled ‘Don’t Hold Back’ has given her the positive tools and focus she needed to fight back, to create a power-house of strength; compassion and dedication to living. Emma-Jane was once told ‘she was the girl going nowhere, the failure’ and most people thought she would be dead or in prison by the time she was 20. Her reality, like many, was very different. Survivor of child sex abuse, abandonment & rejection. Throughout her teenage years she drank excessively, took drugs, became bulimic. By 15 years old was exhausted by life, addicted and struggling with various disorders. Her school life struggled, she was often put into isolation, on report, given regular detentions or suspended. She was written off as a child, labelled a juvenile delinquent by a child psychiatric at 14 and told regularly told she was a failure, going nowhere - none of which helped her with her difficulties or development. As a young girl she struggled with nerves, night terrors, late development, OCD, PTSD, nausea, eating disorders, paranoia, anxiety. At 19 she took off to Spain and at 23 she found the confidence to start an A-Z of therapy. Podcasts: Second Chance with (Netflix) Raphael Rowe, Unbroken with Madeleine Black, Inspire with Steve Twynham, Traci Cornelius Women Rockin’ Business Radio: Talk Radio with Ian Collins, Men’s Radio Station with Russ Kane and Phil Dave, BBC Berkshire with Phil Kennedy Drivetime, Wellbeing with Bill Buckley, Andrew Peach Show and Michelle Jordan, Radio Lantau Hong Kong with Kimberley Kleczka, Motivational Firewood with Steve Gamlin Brand Ambassador: Riverside Counselling, Berkshire Community Foundation, World Jenny’s Day https://www.notmyshame.global/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmajanetayloruk/ https://twitter.com/ejtayloruk https://www.instagram.com/emmajanetayloruk/ https://www.facebook.com/emmajanetayloruk/ email - office@emmajanetaylor.com acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 160- Joe Templin is a Human Swiss Army Knife (Repeat)

Joe Templin has led an eclectic life. As one of six kids, growing up outside of a rural small town in New York and spending time on the family farm, Joe’s parents instilled a love of learning, the outdoors, and a healthy disrespect for authority while still simultaneously embracing traditional values of hard work and “love thy neighbor but mind your own dang business.” Today, this is Joe’s foundation. He was severely asthmatic but through his work ethic and the love of a challenge, he has become a martial artist and an ultradistance runner. He had a speech impediment but has built a career around communicating. This habit of overcoming limitations is a theme in his life and his writings. Today, Joe has three sons, the oldest attempted suicide at fourteen, his second son was caught skipping school and doing drugs while in his mid-teens, and Joe has lost several very close friends to their battles with mental health and substances, over the years. Serving others is important to Joe, because of how his parents raised him. He’s a successful author and a popular coach but Joe contends he’s still a work in progress. His work has led him to understand the underlying voids that often lead to addictions and other compulsive and destructive behaviors. His book series titled, “Every Day Excellence” has a bi-line of “A daily guide to growing”. Joe is often quick to point out that it was a business friend who lived by the adage of “Give a Book, Not a Bottle” that radically changed his life. Website:https://everyday-excellence.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EDEwithJoe Twitter:https://twitter.com/EDEwithJoe LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-templin acourageousrecovery.com



EPISODE 159 – NATE, GOD REWARDED HIS BELIEFS Nate Maliscke (his nickname and stage name is Nate Crash) started Break Dancing in 2012 and he was able to take his passion global. Nate grew up in Western North Dakota, his parents divorced when he was very young, and along with his two younger sisters, they ultimately ended up in the foster care system. As he was finishing art school, he was able to leverage a hobby and his passion, while traveling to ten foreign countries in dance competitions and stage performances. He has competed in some of the largest breaking events in the world: Outbreak Europe, Silverback Open Championships, and Freestyle Session. He has traveled and performed in widely varied countries with Break Free Ministries and IMPACT Spain, performing at large-scale stadium events to small charity events. Nate has performed at various Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) theaters including the Cowles Center, the Barbara Barker Center and the Ordway. He was able to spread light to others through his gift of dance. Nate’s faith grew exponentially at age 15, while in his desperation he called out to God. His faith journey expanded following that experience and God showed him a miracle when his father’s cancer was healed. Shortly thereafter, his mother surrendered her life to the Lord, as she sought solutions to her brokenness and angst. Today, his one sister is a West Point grad, and the other sister is currently a student at the University of Honolulu. Now, Nate is a Dad to a miracle baby and has been married to his wife for four years. He’s involved in the non-profit sector, striving to bring sustainable earth homes to the United States, and works with the University of Minnesota IT Department. Website for his art work is: https://www.natecrashstudio.com His Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/natecrash.studio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nathan.maliscke acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 158, Interview with Ana Lennyr, Life Strategist (repeat)

Ana’s philosophy is simple: “Master the Game of Life” so you will never be trapped in pain and hurt again. She has experienced a number of hardships in her life, like abandonment by her father, an alcoholic mother, her own insomnia for 2.5 years, a suicide attempt at age 19, chronic back pain and migraines for 27 years of her life, obesity, non-alcoholic liver hepatitis, poverty, and a depressed child. Today, Ana is a premier life strategist who specializes in helping teenagers and adults to build strong and supportive family relationships. This is accomplished by addressing the root cause which holds you back. In her programs, Ana sets a path to remove any and all excuses and replaces them with reasons and opportunities. She continues to build her clientele and has been consistently growing her success stories in the industry. Today, on a regular basis, she is sought out by people from all over the country and the world as well. What makes Ana Lennyr unique is that she combines a teacher, psychologist, and parent experience with her anti-depression expertise. She changes the lives of both teens and adults in subtle ways without lecturing, confrontation, or therapy. You can call or text her at: (224) 501-9804 Learn more about her programs here: https://analennyr.com There are a number of free resources available: https://analennyr.com/webclass Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ANALENNYR LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ana-lennyr-04b8b1225 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/analennyr YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9n_y_HhF_p8O3poTrUwvZA acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 157- Interview with Abigail Vondal, Certified Sexual Assault Advocate (Repeat)

Episode 157- Interview with Abigail Vondal, Certified Sexual Assault Advocate Many aren’t aware that April each year is “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”. My guest this week is an amazingly strong, resilient, and committed lady who has endured much pain and suffering. She’s the mother of five beautiful daughters and recently celebrated three years of sobriety. Her heavy drinking began after being sexually assaulted by many assailants. After reporting the attacks, she was re-victimized by law enforcement, where she was treated more like the criminal than a survivor. The combination of these events has moved her to create a movement to spread awareness about the trauma of sexual assault and the aftermath of the healing. Abigail was a heavy drinker, and wine was her drink of choice. She crashed her car into two trees, a year to the date after the sexual attack. Reports show that she was going 80 to 90 miles per hour, and it was a miracle she survived, after breaking several bones and recovering by spending one week in the hospital. It was during that hospital stay that she decided she’d “had enough”. Her father walked into the hospital room and saw her condition, it was then that Abigail realized she owed it to her daughters to stop drinking and to stop using the sexual assaults as an excuse for her drinking. She has created a movement titled, “No More Silent Sisters”, establishing private support groups locally and on Facebook. She’s on the journey with 70 of her closest loved ones and is passionate about getting her story out to expand awareness. Her purpose statement is powerful, “Perhaps through my suffering, I can help someone else”. acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 156 – Crushing the Stigma: Saving Lives & Restoring Relationships

Episode 156 – Crushing the Stigma: Saving Lives & Restoring Relationships As the host of this podcast, I’m often recognized as a passionate influencer who is on a mission to “Crush the Stigma” surrounding mental health and substance abuse. With my deep-rooted belief that mental health-related challenges are not a sign of weakness but rather a common human experience, my commitment is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting conversations in all business sectors and in our faith communities, in order to save lives and restore relationships. As a recognized figure in corporate America and in the recovery world, I’m committed to breaking down barriers and providing support for individuals who are struggling with compulsive and destructive behaviors. My sobriety journey began more than 32 years ago, when I was only nine months into my third marriage, and I finally realized that it was time for a radical change in my life. In the year 1990, on September 24th, a Sunday afternoon, I slowly walked into a residential treatment center in Southern Utah. My commitment to sobriety has allowed me to develop a powerful message of hope and a relentless drive to make a positive impact. Some say I’m a “force to be reckoned with” in the fight against mental health stigma and substance abuse. If you’re looking for answers to questions about substance abuse or maybe you’d like to know more about my fast-growing business coaching endeavor, please connect via the sources below. Recovery coaching: http://randymortensen.com/ Office number: 321.757.HOPE Business Coaching: https://rpmglobaladvisors.com/ acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 155 – Xander Marshall: From Undocumented Child to Sobriety Champion

Episode 155 – Xander Marshall: From Undocumented Child to Sobriety Champion Xander's journey began when he crossed the Mexican border with his mother as a child, only to lose her due to death soon after and become an orphan. Adopted by a couple, Xander struggled during his early teen years, enduring hardship and isolation while attending a distant boarding school. However, after dropping out of high school, Xander found a new path in life with the help of a Marine Corps recruiter who assisted him in obtaining a green card and enlisting in the military. Serving in combat, Xander eventually earned his citizenship in 2007 and was honorably discharged in 2010 after a decade of service. After leaving the Marines, Xander found success in the fitness industry in California and later in Colorado, where he managed multiple locations for Fitness 19. However, when he got married, he transitioned to interior design with Home Depot and relocated to Colorado in 2017, continuing to thrive professionally. On March 23rd of this year, Xander celebrated eight years of sobriety and remains committed to helping others overcome destructive behaviors. His family's immigration journey was also chronicled in a 45-minute-long video by Espinosa Films for PBS in 1988, with a shorter version available on YouTube.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ7yeCBcB6E&t=5s Since then, Xander has achieved professional success, starting a small insurance business in 2019 and rising to the position of District General Agent, serving from Arvada to Cheyenne. He is an active member of the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals of Northern Colorado, serving as its president and the Vice President-Elect representing the State of Colorado. In addition, Xander serves as the Ward Mission Leader for his church in Loveland and the Chapter President for Dynamic Referrals of the Business Network International chapter in Thornton. He enjoys spending time with his family, serving in his church's temple, and embracing new challenges. Xander's outgoing personality and passion for networking make him a joy to be around. More info on his work with Elite Solutions LTD can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elitesolutions-ltd/ Or you can call their office at: (720) 388-8000 acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 154 – Gerry Wagner interview, with the theme of “What Is Love?”

Episode 154 – Gerry Wagner interview, with the theme of “What Is Love?” Gerry Wagner is on a mission of “Spreading LOVE to those who may feel unloved”. He recently claimed 32 years of being clean and sober. Gerry lives in Central Pennsylvania, he serves as the Vice President of Business Development for a global HVAC company and hosts the podcast “Tosot Time” where he hosts a wide array of guests. He interviews TV personalities, HVAC industry experts, and NASCAR race car drivers. One year ago, he noticed a sign along the road with this question, “What is love?” That sign inspired thought and introspection within him. He realized that his love for his wife is different from his love for his friends, and the love he had for his mother. It was clear that love in every form is incredibly strong and meaningful, but each is unique at the same time. Sadly, his biological father was an evil, brutal presence that destroyed his mother’s life and deserves no further mention or description. It’s where the absence of self-love is rooted in Gerry’s life. He quotes in an online post, “Imagine if you will, if you can, waking up every morning loathing, hating the blood that runs through your own veins.” Defining love is something Gerry still struggles with, but he can define the absence of love and he doesn't want anyone to ever struggle with that sort of encounter, the absence of love, whether for a moment or a lifetime. In this episode, Gerry shares about his weakest moments 15 months ago, he never thought about drinking and drugging and admits he would have rather put a gun to his head, as that would have been more merciful to himself and those around him. Instead, he leaned on his family members to get through the most difficult 72 hours he has experienced in the past couple of decades. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerry-wagner-1b154228/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/tosot-bathica/ Podcast: Tosot Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp4rd7qgiys acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 153 Interview with Jim Nixon Repeat

Jim has been working in the field of Community Safety and ASB for 25 years. He started his career in 1995 working for West Midlands Police in Smethwick, where he specialized in Neighborhood Policing and tackling the drug trade. He subsequently took up the post of Sergeant where he was assigned to very challenging areas and used the civil injunction to good effect to tackle criminality and ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour). During his time working for West Midlands Police he received 2 Chief Constable commendations for service to Neighborhood Policing. He was also short-listed for Police Officer of the year in 2014. In 2016 Jim left the Police Service to specialize in ASB and spent 2 1/2 years working for whg housing association as their Community Safety Manager. In 2018 Jim moved to a Local Authority in the North of the UK to take up the role as their ASB Manager. During his time in this role he has used the youth injunction to good effect to tackle some very serious ASB. He has also used the Closure Order powers to restore peace to a number of communities. In some areas ASB has reduced by over 50% over the past 2 years. Jim is a passionate advocate of the Community Trigger and works tirelessly to assist other colleagues around the UK to use this tool more effectively. acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 152 – Aimee Eddy, author of her just-released book “Escape to the Garage (Repeat)

Episode 127 – Aimee Eddy, author of her just-released book “Escape to the Garage” Aimee Eddy is my first repeat guest on the Courageous Recovery broadcast. She lives in the Erie, Pennsylvania area and is very passionate about educating people about mental illness. She is also a powerful advocate for mental wellness and takes a strong stand against bullying. Aimee is in recovery from major depression, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and self-injury. She is an insightful overcomer who advocates for others who are struggling with mental health and emotional balance in their lives. She is a survivor, after conquering mental illness, bullying, cancer, and more, she’s passionate about sharing her life experience to encourage others via her writing. Her essays are in “Change Your Life” by Alexander Kovarovic and her book “Escape to the Garage: Family Love Overcomes Bullying” was released just a couple of weeks ago. Some words of encouragement from Aimee that I really enjoy are these: “Climb out of the dark hole and into the light. Dance, rejoice, and stand within the light of recovery from mental illness and breast cancer.” Her website is: https://aimeeeddygross.wordpress.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/AimeeEddyGross Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aimeeeddygross To purchase her new book on Amazon, go here: https://amzn.to/3vatPTU acourageousrecovery.com acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 151 - Step 9 - Forgiveness, Grace, and Amends

Step 9 in Faith-Based Recovery Programs is focused on making amends to people who have been harmed because of one's actions. This step is about taking responsibility for your actions and seeking to repair any damage done to others. The process of making amends can be difficult, but it is an important step in the recovery process. It involves being honest with oneself and others about the harm that has been done and taking concrete steps to make things right. Your sponsor will tell you that making amends is considered a crucial step towards achieving forgiveness, both from oneself and from others. It is also seen as a way to rebuild trust and relationships that may have been damaged. The process of making amends can take many forms, depending on the situation and the people involved. It may involve a face-to-face apology, making restitution for harm done, or simply taking steps to avoid repeating the same behavior in the future. Overall, Step 9 in Faith-Based Recovery Programs is about receiving God’s forgiveness and grace while taking responsibility for our actions and seeking to make things right with those who have been harmed. It is a difficult but necessary step in the recovery process and one that can ultimately lead to freedom, healing, and a stronger sense of self. Through the process of making amends, individuals can learn to let go of their past mistakes and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future. acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 150 - Interview with Pastor Devin Miller (Repeat)

Pastor Devin Miller, Founder and Pastor at Clear Faith Christian Counseling, Consulting, and Coaching Services is my guest on Episode 38. His life calling is: To love God and to serve God’s people. Pastor Devin was raised in Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Business Management, and post-graduation he became a Youth Pastor. In 2012, he wrote a book titled: Miracles of Jesus: The Process of Community Building Through Kingdom Expansion When asked why he wrote the book, Pastor Devin’s response was, "After serving the community as a Pastor, I often wondered what would communities really look like if churches became the catalyst for actual change. Where do we see such change occur? Then the Spirit spoke and said, " through the miracles performed by Christ." This book was written to give both church and community leaders a guide or a blueprint to follow. A script that shows when you truly serve the needs of the people, not only is the life of the individual changed but the community which you are serving, with a kingdom mindset, is transformed. Now living in the Dallas area, he and his wife started “Clear Faith Christian Counseling, Consulting, and Coaching Services”. This online ministry focuses on reaching those online who have lost hope in the traditional church, yet still have faith in God through Jesus Christ. Our aim is to provide fervent prayer, relevant study, true and meaningful fellowship, and integral services to the least, the left out, and the lost in and outside the church acourageousrecovery.com acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 149 with Shannon Monet (Repeat)

Shannon Monet is a 15-year-old girl who is extremely focused and desires to make a positive impact on today’s and the next generation. After going through depression and wanting to end her life, Shannon finally found her value and purpose. She believes no one should be left alone, or feel alone. She wants her story to help the lost find their identity. She believes everyone has their unique purpose and should work to walk in that purpose. You can reach her through the following channels: Website: shannonmonet.com Tiktok: shannonmonet_ Instagram:shannonmonet_ acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 148 – 3-Year Anniversary & Highlighting Forgiveness

Episode 148 – 3-Year Anniversary & Highlighting Forgiveness Please take a moment to celebrate the three-year anniversary of our podcast. Thank you for being a regular listener and subscriber. Your support is encouraging and very much appreciated. Thank you also to Ludiah, my brilliant Executive Assistant, who is also this podcast's editor and producer. The first episode was actually recorded and released on February 17, 2020 – in the early stages of the pandemic. In the 12-step recovery programs I’ve been a part of for more than 32 years, the term “forgiveness” is regularly discussed and studied. Forgiveness is the conscious decision to no longer want for that person the same pain they inflicted on you. It is saying, “You hurt me and you should not have. But I let go of my desire to make you feel the pain I felt from you” Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has this to say…..and I love it….”If the devil brings up your past……REMIND HIM OF HIS FUTURE. Say to the devil – we’ve read the final chapter in the Bible and we know who wins. Don’t let Satan mislead you into saying you’re not worthy of forgiveness.” Many of us, during our drinking and using days, were falling far short of God’s will for our lives too. Maybe some of us were even critical of Christians or possibly criticized a spouse for his or her desire to go to church. There are some who likely cried out in anger towards their parents or other loved ones…….I’m not interested in your God. I would encourage you to dive into the Book of Acts and read the accounts of Paul in Chapter 9. We also are announcing a name change for the podcast. Effective this month, the name will be changed to the “God Took Me to Las Vegas” podcast. The narrative will be, “Experience the stories of everyday people who have lived out the extraordinary! Join us for the God Took Me to Las Vegas podcast, to hear testimonies about real-life courageous recovery encounters.” Have a blessed week and Be Extraordinary today!!!!! acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 147 - Interview with Richard Grahn, a Producer, Screenwriter, Author and Coach

Episode 147 – Richard Grahn, is a producer, screenwriter, author, and a coach Richard was born and grew up in California, the youngest of six children in the family, before relocating to Eastern Tennessee. During one of the darkest times of his life, he told God, “I don’t care if I go to Hell, you either kill me or do something in my life.” The next day, he was arrested for misdemeanor possession of methamphetamines. But today, he now has over 22 years clean from Methamphetamines. While in that life of darkness and pain, he witnessed violence, manipulation, desperation, and a ton of ugliness. His forthcoming movie, “Escape to Normal” is a Christian film but not your typical mainstream Christian film. While growing up he was always taught in Church that the world is our mission field, not the choir. Yet, Richard believes that many Christian films in this era are for the choir and today he feels that creative storytellers are called to share the gospel outside of the building. “Escape To Normal” will have a worldly look and feel to it. Most of the script is written from Richard’s real life and it speaks about his experiences on the streets, and the movie has a Christ-filled message of hope, identity, and second chances. With a focus on becoming a new creation, similar to how he has grown from a time of homelessness, violence, and drug abuse. Since giving his life to Christ and getting clean from Methamphetamines, he’s seeking to help people find their true identity and their mission in life. More about the work Richard is doing can be found at various locations online: Website: https://www.escapetonormal.com Fundraising site: https://www.givesendgo.com/escapetonormal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/445450010276355/members Twitter: https://twitter.com/NormalEscapeto Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sirrichardg acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 146 – Duncan Bhaskaran Brown, is a Speaker, an Author, and a Morris Dancer

Episode 146 – Duncan Bhaskaran Brown, is a Speaker, an Author, and a Morris Dancer Duncan resides in Oxford, England, and acknowledges that he has done his fair share of overindulgence, strictly speaking, he’s probably consumed more than his fair share of wine and eaten more than his fair share of cakes. Along the way, he found himself in some interesting places like on stage with S-Club, a stint as Mayor of his hometown, and Morris Dancing in Westminster Abbey. After 20 years of overdoing it, he cleaned up his act and trained with the Easyway clinic, the world’s most successful stop-smoking service. His life change began on June 7, 2015. And he’s recently celebrated ten years of marriage. His book, “Get Over Indulgence – Take Control, Find Your Stress-Free Life”, speaks about his scruffy handwriting, unkempt clothes, and shabby attitude - Duncan was a mess. But he had one thing going for him - his best friend Hank. It was Hank who showed him the comfort of chocolate and the liberation of alcohol. Which won Duncan friends, frivolity, and even fortune. Yet his success was cosmetic. He fought a daily battle - waged in junk food and red wine. He gate-crashed a diabolical cheese and wine party in his own mind and ended up living on the sofa. Something had to change so he took out the rubbish, escaped an untimely death, and found joy, vitality, and fruitfulness. In his book, “Get Over Indulgence” - Duncan outlines a simple system to revolutionize your relationship with food, booze, and life. All without the need for monk-like dedication or soul-crushing suffering. Today, he touts wanting to share the energy, focus, peace, and joy that he’s received by radically changing his life. So, today, he spends his time helping people push overindulgence out of their life. His website is: https://www.bhaskaranbrown.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/duncanbhaskaranbrown Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/duncan.brown.5648 Buy his book: https://www.bhaskaranbrown.com/education And his email is: duncan@bhaskaranbrown.com acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 145 – Interview with Jason Lennox, author of “A Perfect Tragedy”

Episode 145 – Interview with Jason Lennox, author of “A Perfect Tragedy” Jason Lennox was born in Massachusetts, raised in Southern Minnesota, and now resides in the Twin Cities of Minnesota He is an addiction survivor who found his own recovery after a drug overdose in 2010. Jason is a behavioral healthcare executive, the founder and owner of two small businesses supporting organizations and individuals in recovery, and a professional speaker. He is an author who has used his story to influence hundreds of thousands of people in his twelve years of recovery. Jason is a strong member of the recovery community and has advocated for change in the addiction treatment industry at the levels of individuals, organizations, societies, and governments. He's dedicated his life to helping our world better understand how to use authentic ways of living a changed life to transform the worst of situations into the greatest of assets. He is a professional speaker, consultant, and author of the recently released memoir “A Perfect Tragedy: Finding Purpose in Pain, Loss, & Addiction”. In this raw and poignant memoir, Jason shares the true account of his journey to and through one of the deadliest diseases of our time: addiction. From heartbreaking tragedy to unimaginable salvation, his authentic account of addiction and recovery is an unflinching look at the reality behind one of the greatest public health crises our world has ever seen. His purpose for the remainder of his life is to help others realize that recovery is possible, that addiction isn't as simple as it seems, and that there is so much value in finding our purpose and serving others. At a higher level, his purpose is to help the recovery industry transform at the levels of government and legislation, contributing to active movements that bring those in addiction the help they need. Websites: https://www.jasonlennox.com and http://recoveryreinspired.com Buy his book on Amazon: https://a.co/d/gGloiJA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jason.lennox.5 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-lennox-5b471490 Email: jason@jasonlennox.com acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 144 – Timothy Cameron, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!”

Episode 144 – Timothy Cameron, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!” Timothy Cameron resides in the Minneapolis, Minnesota metro, and often repeats, “Hurting people sometimes hurt people, but HEALED people HEAL people! I believe God called me to this work”. Timothy touts being a Healer of Broken Hearts, a MADD/Restorative Justice Speaker, an Author of 'The Little Book of Miracles, Stories from the Incomplete Skeptic', a Christian Mystic, Poet, and a Prodigal Son Returned Home. Timothy Cameron is a MADD "Victim Impact Panel" speaker since January 1991. He is in long-term AA recovery since August 1990 and joined Al-Anon in May 1991. As coal is transformed by time and great pressure into a diamond, Timothy Cameron's story reveals how Trials by Fire can refine and transform hearts and minds and 'Turn Lives Around.' He once drove a stolen car under the influence and killed a child in 1977. Timothy served 13 1/2 years as an Insider. He says, "I Am More Than My Mugshot: Where There is Justice, Let There be Restoration & Forgiveness." The Twin Cities Prison Ministry allows him to speak at their events. He now speaks tirelessly to Deconstruct Recidivism & Relapse. Most prisoners suffer from Trauma, and law enforcement personnel often suffer from Compassion Fatigue; by revealing how his life was transformed from tragedy & trauma into alchemical triumph, he births wellness & healing in the consciousness of Offenders and Law Enforcement Professionals alike. He has spoken at many treatment centers, correctional facilities, religious organizations, schools, and colleges. He continues to speak for the Hennepin County One Day Program for DWI offenders. “The Incomplete Skeptic Podcast” - explores marginalized perspectives of any variety, seeking balance between intellect and heart. - https://timothygcameron.podbean.com His website is: https://www.cameron-communicationz.org Social Media: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothy-g-cameron-21b91b32 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/QuantumCommunicationz acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 143 Interview with James Noone

Episode 143 – Interview with Jim Noone, He Believes in Sobriety Through Action James (Jim) Noone, was born and raised in Bronx, New York, he has traveled to 43 states and four continents. Jim prides himself in being a storyteller, and a musician, and excels in relating to many different cultures around the globe. He now resides in New Orleans but will be relocating to the Denver, Colorado metro in the coming months. Growing up he favored radical politics and radical artistic expressions, including an affinity for punk rock and other youth subcultures. Today, he no longer considers himself a radical, but Jim admits to definitely having an edge and a dark sense of humor. Late last year, he celebrated 27 years of sober and clean time. Before pursuing sobriety, he was an alcoholic and addict (speed, barbituates, & weed), along with tendencies to lapse into other compulsive behaviors like gambling and pornography. Jim worked the 12 Steps through and through, and today he believes that sobriety is achieved through action. He’s quick to point out that whatever your beliefs are, faith-based or otherwise, it doesn’t really matter as long as your beliefs lead you to the right actions. The challenges come about when your thinking leads you down a path of being close-minded or prejudiced or selfish – if that’s the case you shouldn’t expect positive outcomes. Jim is involved in the employer/employee and labor relations profession. One of his memorable quotes is, “That which does not kill me merely postpones the inevitable.” acourageousrecovery.com


Episode 142 – Interview with Jill Krzyzanowicz, she goes by the byline – “Live Out Loud!”

Episode 142 – Interview with Jill Krzyzanowicz, she goes by the byline – “Live Out Loud!” Jill wants people to understand they are NOT a victim. They call the shots. They must take responsibility. And they can change the game whenever they so choose. We all must find and heal what ails us, to be free of our addictions. Jill is an author, speaker, and a personal coach, she resides in Dunkirk, NY. After 20+ years in public education, she has decided to use her Masters Degree and teaching experience to become a personal empowerment mentor. She is the creator of the blog - justbeingjill.com - and also writes under the pen name, Margo Reilly. Jill has recently completed a life coach course and hopes to assist others with their own transformational journeys. Born into a family of raging alcoholics, both sides, her Mother and her sister both drank themselves to death in their sixties. Tons of generational trauma and substance abuse was a natural in her family. Her mother was actually the first one to give her drugs as a young child. One day Jill decided that she didn't want to turn into her Mother and said “enough”. Then came her admission that she was on a downhill trajectory, so she took action. Jill purchased a 90-day online program which was just what the doctor ordered. For her Father, his recovery ended up being "cold turkey." For her older brother, "AA" was the answer to his sobriety. Today, she believes everyone has to explore their own path as they journey back home to the life they desire. Her newly published book under the pen name of Margo Reilly, entitled "When the Apple Falls Far from the Tree”, outlines a lifetime of adversity and the tools she used to make it to the other side. From growing up chaotic in a house of violence, to cancer recovery, multiple weight loss surgeries, and a newly sober lifestyle - Jill feels compelled to share the "gifts" she has discovered along her path of personal growth. Her website is: https://www.justbeingjill.com Purchase her book: https://www.justbeingjill.com/mybook Amazon: https://amzn.to/3i1RbIg Jill’s email is: jill@justbeingjill.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/justbeingjill Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justbeingjill acourageousrecovery.com