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Life is a transformational process. Here you'll find dialogue with those who have unique experiences to share which will aid in our growth and development in the pursuit of our best selves.

Life is a transformational process. Here you'll find dialogue with those who have unique experiences to share which will aid in our growth and development in the pursuit of our best selves.
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Life is a transformational process. Here you'll find dialogue with those who have unique experiences to share which will aid in our growth and development in the pursuit of our best selves.






Rock Thomas: Your Voice is Your Choice

Over 3,000,000 views and counting… VIDEO LINK: Rock Thomas told his life story and the internet reacted. In droves… Rock Thomas is a force in the personal development realm as he, alongside Tony Robbins, helps people to shift the way they see themselves. Rock preaches #YourVoiceIsYourChoice . and I couldn't agree more. Sit back and enjoy this episode. It is full of delicious mentorship and impactful advice. I hope you enjoy this episode and…. Please do me a favor… It...


#MindsetMonday - It's Time For A Software Update

I've been working to improve my programming. My thoughts throughout the entirety of 2018 have been focused on learning and growing and at times I have grown aware as to how limited they are. As I became more aware of them over the last month or so I began to really dive deeper into learning more about how to shift my thoughts and harness the power of quantum physics to allow me to do that. Today, I hope you can feel the effects of the deliberate work that I am doing. It's time we all focus...


Carl Paoli: Designing Your Life Intentionally

It feels great to be back and I couldn't imagine a better guest to re-invite to the show than the one and only Carl Paoli. Carl and I have developed a great friendship through the vehicle of Instagram and it is awesome to see how many great friendships I have developed as a byproduct of starting this podcast. In this episode Carl will talk about what he is currently working on and I will dive deeper into just what impact he intends to create through his current Lifestyle Design courses. I...


#MindsetMonday - Elevate Your State. Elevate Your Life.

It's easy to lose our way at times. I have often fallen into the trap of becoming outcome focused instead of process focused and the results of that are almost always the same. Burnout. Disenchantment. Getting back to the basics in my mission/vision in life, I have seen the benefits of living in your gift. When you can use the execution against your gifts you will raise you state (excitement/vibration) and from there a more clearer picture will be seen. From that state you can make the...


#MindsetMonday - Shift This To Get Unstuck

A simple shift in perspective may give you everything you need to get out of the place that we all hate being in. The place where no inspiration, no creation and no motivation lives. Book Mentioned in the Podcast: Ryan Holiday - The Obstacle Is The Way Creating Space Movement: Wes Knight Host Web: Insta: Twitter: Snapchat: Facebook:...


You Do You

**Screenshot this episode and send it to a friend you know needs it.** Be sure to tag me: @wesleytknight Connect with me on IG: [](My Instagram)


#MindsetMonday - stAy Alive

You have to keep the dreAm alive. whatever it takes. Creating Space Movement: Wes Knight Host Web: Insta: Twitter: Snapchat: Facebook:


#MindsetMonday - Defend and Advocate For Your Tribe

We are all in service. Whether we know it or not. I was listening to a podcast from Russell Brunson on The Marketing Secrets Podcast yesterday and he was talking about this idea of Defending and Advocating for your Ideal Avatar. I figured that I would share it as it relates to all walks of life. Have a listen. Implement it into your mindset today. Whose life will you impact as a result? **- Wes Knight** **Host** **Web:** **Insta:...


#MindsetMonday - I Wish Somebody Would

The title speaks for itself. Creating Space Team: Wes Knight Host Web: Insta: Twitter: Snapchat: Facebook:


Matt Hooker: What Happens When You Take A Chance On Yourself

Matt is one of the most recognizable figures in the city of Charlotte. His murals are even more unmistakeable. If it isn't the fact that he looks identical to what I would imagine a Metallica band member to look like, it's a dead giveaway when you see his arms and hands littered with paint. Matt hasn't always been this guy, however. At one point, he was a 27yr old in a suit and a desk job and felt his entire insides were rotting away. This is the story of how one decision to take a chance on...


#MindsetMonday - Rian Harris: The Daily Practice of LOVE

Rian Harris takes over #MindsetMonday to talk about the power of practicing LOVE daily. I hope you guys enjoy! Rian Harris Guest Web - Instagram - Creating Space Team: Wes Knight Host Web: Insta: Twitter: Snapchat: Facebook:


Rian Harris: Approaching Life with a Balance of Effort and Ease

Rian Harris is THE MOST beloved yogi in the city of Charlotte. When he speaks, the entire room silences, the energy throughout the room lifts. When Rian begins to relay his messgae you are either left feeling inspired enough to run through a brick wall or left wiping away the tears. Rian is a gifted healer, here with an obvious purpose. His purpose, albeit evolving, is simply to push people to a space of LOVE and away from FEAR. THINGS WE TALK ABOUT: His Journey to Yoga What it's been like...


#MindsetMonday - Happy MLK Day - Leadership is about Relationships

Simon Sinek - "If you hire people who want a job - they will work for your money. If you hire people who believe what you believe they will work with their blood, sweat and tears." Leadership starts with the relationship with "self". Do you know WHY you are here. Have you refined the reason for your existence. Do you know without a shadow of a doubt what your soul-purpose is while you are here on Earth? Leadership is not an outside - in mentality. Effective leadership is actually inside -...


#MindsetMonday - What is Dimming Your Light?

Take inventory. What is dimming your light right now? Creating Space Team: Wes Knight - Host - Web: - Insta: - Twitter: - Snapchat: - Facebook:


#MindsetMonday - Turn The Page

Turn The Page: We are all the "HEROES" of our own story. We are the main characters in the epic journey's of our lives. However, most of us - including myself, get caught up in reliving the past or rereading the pages we have already passed. Today, it's time to channel our excitement into the direction of the next chapters of the story. In order to do that, we must turn the page from our past and direct the attention towards collaborating with the future. The opportunities are endless and...


Devon Harris: Jamaican Bobsled Team and Everything In-Between

Jamaican Bobsled legend, Devon Harris, has a story to inspire the masses. To go from a small enclave in Kingston, Jamaica to 3 Olympic Games appearances is no small feat. In this episode, Devon talks about why you must DREAM, you must be a VISIONARY to ensure that your past is not an accurate predictor of your future. THINGS WE TALK ABOUT: - What being a Visionary means to him. - Olympic Gardens ghetto upbringing - Military commitment - Olympic journey - Taking responsibility for your life -...


#MindsetMonday - Heart over Head

Heart OVER Head. When making decisions in life, these two spaces can prove to be dominate forces which often times produce opposite results. I want to question where you are making your decisions from? Do you build your house in your head or your heart space? Sign-Up for the 7 day #liveSTHL challenge at: _______________________________________________ Creating Space Team: Wes Knight - Host - Web: - Insta:...


Andrew Muse: When The Hustle Turns Fatal.... (Rewind)

Andrew Muse lives the most incredible lifestyle in the eyes of any adventure seeker. He can be found climbing the most dangerous of rock faces, wind surfing atop the clearest of blue waters, snowboarding down the most difficult of black diamond courses. All of it with two things by his side, his dog Booter and his GoPro. The risk of living this lifestyle has plenty of rewards, but on the other side of that risk is the apparent tragedy. Listen as Andrew shares the peaks and valley's of this...


Cheryl Grace: The Importance of Finding Balance (Rewind)

Cheryl Grace is a former ESPN executive turned Feng Shui practitioner joins the show to talk about how Feng Shui is much more than arranging the furniture in your house. Cheryl will help you understand the importance of removing the clutter in your external and internal environments and why it will result in a more positive flow of energy. _______________________________________________ Cheryl Grace - Guest - Web - - Twitter - -...


Alexandra Franzen: The bigger question of, "Do I really need *that* in my life?"

Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has been featured on websites like Time, Forbes, and Newsweek, and she’s been mentioned in places like The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, and Inc. Alexandra has been a self-employed writer for about eight years. She has written several books, including two non-fiction books and two novels. She leads writing classes and retreats, and she's taught in 18 different cities around...