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Welcome to the Cultivating Curiosity Podcast! This is a space where stories, sparked by curiosity, are shared with the world. Through these stories you will be motivated by life lessons, inspired by experts in their fields and challenged to ask yourself what your story is. Subscribe to the show so that you are front and center every time a new story is shared.

Welcome to the Cultivating Curiosity Podcast! This is a space where stories, sparked by curiosity, are shared with the world. Through these stories you will be motivated by life lessons, inspired by experts in their fields and challenged to ask yourself what your story is. Subscribe to the show so that you are front and center every time a new story is shared.
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Welcome to the Cultivating Curiosity Podcast! This is a space where stories, sparked by curiosity, are shared with the world. Through these stories you will be motivated by life lessons, inspired by experts in their fields and challenged to ask yourself what your story is. Subscribe to the show so that you are front and center every time a new story is shared.




Episode 017 | How I Am Overcoming My Anxiety

Anxiety is something that needs to be talked about more. Would you believe me if I told you that I have anxiety? You probably wouldn’t considering my Instagram feed is filled with smiling faces. Guess what. I have anxiety. If you are reading this and struggling with anxiety, this should make you feel instantly better knowing that someone like me who is bubbly & happy all the time also struggles with it. YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. This past year I have been on a self-growth, self-awareness journey...


Episode 016 | How To Set Yourself Up For Financial Success

Oh, money.... this is a topic a lot of us strategically avoid in conversation. But why? When treated properly money can be a fun, healthy resource for our lives! There are so many more ways to utilize our money other than letting it sit in our checking account. The fun part is when invested properly, our money can work FOR us! Let's dive into what we are going to talk about. First! We are diving into investing 101. What are the different types of investing and how do we know which one is...


Episode 015 | Your Ultimate Guide To Travel

Let’s reminisce together for a second… go back in time to your favorite place you have ever traveled to. Think about it, remember it. The sounds, the sights, the tastes & how you felt. Would you give anything to go back there? Or heck, would you give anything to simply travel someplace new and experience those blissful feelings that are felt when we explore new places?! Girl, I know I would. Traveling around the country and across the world have been some of my favorite memories of my life,...


Episode 014 | How To Unleash Your GREATNESS

Do you have big dreams and aspirations for your life? Is it to travel the world? Become financially free and independent? Sister, I KNOW you are nodding your head in agreement because I know YOU and YOU have an amazing life you want to live. But do you find yourself not living to your fullest potential because of that little voice in your head that is making you scared? That little voice that tells you you aren’t good enough, you don’t have the experience, you don’t have enough...


Episode 013 | How To Successfully Navigate Life As A Woman

Women are a force to be reckoned with, am I right, ladies? We balance full time careers, family, children, school pick up, planning vacations, all the things. Let’s take a second to give yourself a pat on the back because you are a SUPERWOMAN. If nobody has told you that yet today I am because it’s TRUE. If we are honest with ourselves, though, it can get exhausting, am I right? Well, sisters, today’s guest is going to share with you something very reassuring: you CAN have it all as a woman....


Episode 012 | We Go Behind The Scenes Of Starting A Business

Moving to New Jersey, Kyle and I didn’t know anybody. Seriously, we knew not a single soul, however, the Universe has always found a way to take care of us because our neighbors have become two of our greatest friends. Chris and Janine are two of the most hospitable people I have ever met. We go over to their apartment for dinner, we have them over for drinks and games, and they have even taken us to some local wineries during the summer. Honestly, because of them we have had a fun first...


Episode 011 | The Importance of Self Care

Hey, Cultivating Curiosity Fam, I am switching up this whole new year’s resolution thing. Even though it is February this episode is going to encourage you to create a NEW new year’s resolution. Listen, I don’t care that it is no longer January, it is never too late to implement this new resolution into your life. Do you want to know what the heck I’m talking about?? Two words. Self. care. This means putting yourself first this year and taking care of YOU. Our guest today is Jess Crincoli,...


Episode 010 | Mastering Photography With The Head Content Creator of Macy's

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there is so much pressure in today’s social media society to take that PERFECT Instagram photo. C’mon, don’t lie to yourself, sister, how many photo editing apps do you have installed on your phone right now? I can tell you I have at least 5. It’s all for the Insta, and we know it! Well I’m about to tell you something that is going to blow, your, mind… you don’t need all of those photo editing apps or that fancy camera to produce a beautiful, Insta-worthy...


Episode 009 | World...Meet My Man!!!

Welcome to 2019! How is it treating you so far? I hope it has been nothing but happiness and goodness for you, my sweet friend. 2019, for me, is all about YOU and this podcast. Cultivating Curiosity has become my baby. My mission is to grow this show beyond my wildest expectations, and that all starts with this year. I am not able to grow my show without your support though, so if you haven’t already please write me a review on iTunes. I totally get it, writing reviews is not what I prefer...


Episode 008 | What I've Learned About Life Since College

I have a little surprise for you today… today, it’s just going to be me and you. There is no guest on the show, meaning this is my first ever SOLO show. Some of my favorite podcast episodes are when the podcast host is solo, so this has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time & I couldn’t be more excited that you’re sharing this special moment with me. So let’s start with a little background on what I’m going to chat about today. I graduated from The Fashion School at...


Episode 007 | How To Work Your Dream Job Before 30

We’ve all seen them, those beautiful illustrations on Instagram of fashionistas or pumpkins or lattes, and they are so beautiful that we end up taking a screenshot and making it our phone background. Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m sure you do, well this week, you guys, we have the artist behind some of those wallpaper worthy illustrations. Deanna First is her own girlboss working as a fashion illustrator for clients like Saks Fifth Avenue, DVF, Valentino, Alice & Olivia, and so many...


Episode 006 | How To Fearlessly Chase Your Dream

We all have those friends that we don’t talk to for years, but the second you sit down with them you pick up right where you left off. That friend for me is Mr. Russell Stewart who has made quite the name for himself since graduating high school and moving on to college and work life. Russell and I went to high school together in Indiana and unfortunately parted ways afterwards, but thank goodness for social media we found out we were both living in the NYC area, met up for drinks and we are...


Episode 005 | How To Shift Your Mindset Towards Exercise

It might surprise you guys to know that in my free time my form of working out is boxing…. Yes, boxing! I became addicted after my first class of Title Boxing because you leave drenched in sweat and knowing you got the best workout imaginable. One of the biggest reasons that I became obsessed with Title Boxing is the people. The people that train and work at our gym are the kindest, most genuine people, so it wasn’t hard to become friends with almost all of them. One trainer that Kyle and I...


Episode 004 | How To Heal Your Relationship With Food

Did you just stuff your face at that 4th of July party with burgers and hotdogs and ribs and potato salad and corn on the cob and and and… it’s all right, me too. Good thing we have Annmarie to share her nutritious advice on how to maintain a healthy diet the RIGHT way. Throw those fad diets out the window because this health and wellness pro is about to feed you the good stuff. Annmarie and I first met at Burlington, where we both were assistant buyers. Not too long after I started Annmarie...


Episode 003 | All The Things Every Blogger NEEDS To Know

Hey, guys, welcome back! I’m so glad you’re spending some time with me because today we have an AWESOME guest who happens to be one of my dearest friends and mentors. I am so thrilled to introduce Jess Ballas, who I met back in college where we both attended the fashion program at Kent State. Jess and I became close when we were both on the board of the largest fashion organization on Kent’s campus, where she was the president and I was the project manager. I have always looked up to Jess...


Episode 002 | How To Become A Confident Presenter

If you guys don’t know the lady I’m about to chat with, that makes me so sad for you because every single person in this WORLD needs a Gabie in their life. That’s right, this week’s guest is one of my best friends, Miss Gabie Payne. Gabie and I met in college and had this instant, soul shattering connection. (I know, super dramatic lol) but Gabie is one of those friends that just gets me. She is also one of those people that carries a ray of sunshine with her wherever she goes. The positive...


Episode 001: Jim Walsh | From Corporate Executive to Passionate Entrepreneur

In this debut episode of the Cultivating Curiosity podcast, I sit down with Jim Walsh, owner of Title Boxing Club in NJ. Prior to being his own boss, Jim served multiple executive positions all over corporate America, one specifically being the Chief Technology Officer at Tumi. What inspired Jim to move from corporate executive to entrepreneur? That answer along with advice for young professionals is all found here!