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Honest and intimate conversations led by DEN Meditation Founder, Tal Rabinowitz, with guests from all walks of life. By discovering their authentic selves, they have unlocked their true life potential and their journeys are here to inspire you on your own. When you can tap into who you are, life starts working for you. This is what DEN Meditation is all about, and what you’ll find with DENtalks Podcast.

Honest and intimate conversations led by DEN Meditation Founder, Tal Rabinowitz, with guests from all walks of life. By discovering their authentic selves, they have unlocked their true life potential and their journeys are here to inspire you on your own. When you can tap into who you are, life starts working for you. This is what DEN Meditation is all about, and what you’ll find with DENtalks Podcast.
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Honest and intimate conversations led by DEN Meditation Founder, Tal Rabinowitz, with guests from all walks of life. By discovering their authentic selves, they have unlocked their true life potential and their journeys are here to inspire you on your own. When you can tap into who you are, life starts working for you. This is what DEN Meditation is all about, and what you’ll find with DENtalks Podcast.




40. Shannon Algeo - Tales of TRUTH

Includes a 10-minute Energy Centering meditation. This week we sit down with yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, life coach and host of the popular SoulFeed podcast, Shannon Algeo! After listening to him talk, you won’t be surprised that Shannon has been named one of the “Nicest Instructors in New York City.” We go into his innate sense of honesty and dedication to seeking truth - even when it’s hard - and discuss just how powerful vulnerability and authenticity can be in creating...


39. Sophia Rossi - Letting Go as a CEO

Includes passage from Cleo Wade's Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life In this week’s episode, we’re talking with major girlboss Sophia Rossi about work, life transitions, and how we can integrate spirituality across it all. A former producer of The Hills, Sophia has been no stranger to kicking butt at anything she does. But after the company she founded alongside Zooey Deschanel and Molly McAlleer, HelloGiggles, successfully sold, she found herself slightly lost for what was next,...


38. Sebastian Terry - What's on Your List?

Includes the poem Dash by Linda Ellis. We couldn’t think of a better guest to start the New Year off than highly motivational speaker, author, and bucket-lister, Sebastian Terry! Inspired to reevaluate his life after the death of a close friend, Sebastian packed up for an adventure to check off an initial bucket list of “100 Things” all over the world. From marrying a stranger in Vegas, to helping a quadriplegic run a marathon, he shares everything he’s learned about himself over the last...


37. Meghan Wallace James - Feng Shui All Day

Includes self -inquiry questionnaire to call in the one. Just in time for the New Year, modern Feng Shui consultant Meghan Wallace James joins us to give some inspiring-yet-practical tips to elevate your space! Whether it’s taking a critical look at how your space is set up to attract or make room for a partner, or creating a designated workspace that sets you up for more opportunity and collaboration, Meghan shows us how simple changes in your home can hit fast-forward on what's already...


36. Holiday Survival Guide - Heather Prete

Includes Self Compassion Body Scan Meditation Who says holidays HAVE to be stressful? In this Holiday Survival Guide BONUS episode - we are joined by DEN Senior Mindfulness Teacher (who you know and love), Heather Prete to dig in to what we all can do during the holidays to help make them easier. We were lucky enough to have so many of you send in questions and topics you’d like us to discuss, so the beauty of this episode is that it is all about YOU! Heather gives us practical tips on...


35. DENtalks LIVE - How to Be Your Own Guru Panel

Includes 7 min meditation led by Chandresh Bhardwaj. Welcome to our 2nd edition of DENtalks LIVE -- and our FIRST panel! We brought together a diverse group of change-makers to discuss questioning belief systems over time, and what it means to be a continuous seeker of truth as your own guru. You’ll hear from spiritual advisor Chandresh Bhardwaj, who quit his job on Wall Street to follow in the footsteps of his father as a spiritual leader; Mohammed Al-Sawami, who bravely challenged his...


34. Thom Knoles - Don't Worry You're Happy

Includes a beautiful Sanskrit song. Thom Knoles, a Maharishi of Vedic Meditation, celebrated speaker and thought-leader, joins us on DENtalks! Personally mentored by Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Thom has personally taught over 40,000 students so far over his lifetime. Among his many accomplishments, he has founded a Vedic university in the Himalayas, co-founded a meditation-inspired private high school in Australia, and played a key role in a meditation-for-peace...


33. Katherine Woodward Thomas - A Conscious Convo on Love

Includes 10-minute intention-setting meditation. We’re so excited to chat with relationship guru, NYT bestselling author, and the woman behind “Conscious Uncoupling” - made famous by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin! Single and with just 8 months to her 42nd birthday, Katherine committed to being engaged by 42. Her success prompted her to share the power of manifestation in her acclaimed book, “Calling in the One." In this episode, we chat everything from intention-setting,...


32. Rabbi David Wolpe - Blurring the Religious Borders

Includes passage from T.H. White. Please join us in welcoming author, lecturer, & religious leader Rabbi David Wolpe to this week’s episode of DENtalks Podcast! Rabbi Wolpe has been named the Most Influential Rabbi in America by Newsweek, and one of the 50 Most Influential Jews in the world by the Jerusalem Post, what a man! In this episode, we dive into both finding and losing faith, the difference between religion and spirituality, and the common thread that runs between belief systems...


31. Marianne Williamson - DENtalks LIVE

Includes 22 minute meditation. An extra special episode with one of the best known spiritual leaders of our time -- Marianne Williamson! Marianne is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, activist, author of FOUR #1 New York Times bestselling books, and as she announced exclusively at our first DENtalks LIVE... a 2020 Presidential Candidate!! In this one of a kind conversation, Marianne sits with Tal to share wisdom on everything from pushing past our egos, to our handling relationships...


30. Light Watkins - The Light of The North Star

Includes a 5 minute breathing practice. This week on DENtalks Podcast we sit down with the amazing teacher, Light Watkins, to talk serendipity, synchronicity and taking the leaps of faith that require you to build a safety net on the way down. Light is a former model-turned-accomplished author, speaker and Vedic meditation teacher who left his first job in advertising after just 3 months for a one-way ticket to Paris with his life in a duffle bag. He is a true example of how things will...


29. Rosie Acosta - Through Rosie Colored Glasses

Includes a Shift Your Perspective Meditation. This week, LA-based yoga & meditation teacher, holistic health coach, and the woman behind the top-rated Radically Loved Podcast, Rosie Acosta, joins DENtalks! Rosie gets real about her struggles: from growing up in a one-bedroom apartment with 8 people in East LA, to hearing gunshots in the middle of the night, to experiencing panic attacks by the time she was just 13, it's been a tough road. But what makes her story truly inspiring is how...


28. Sarah Shahi - Surpassing My Spiritual "Quota"

Includes quote by Maya Angelou which you can always come back to. We now call her the Queen of Quotes and we are so happy she came to chat with us. Actress Sarah Shahi, mom of 3, has more references and a perfect quote for every situation. As a regular client of the DEN we knew we had to get deep with her on DENtalks. You would never guess by how well read she is (and all the quotes) that it was only 3 years ago, with the death of her father, that she really started honing in on her studies...


27. Gahl Sasson - Riding the Cosmic Waves

Includes a Meditation on Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Aspects of Ourselves Welcome to DENtalks! Today we are joined by Gahl Sasson, teacher of Astrology, Mythology, Mysticism, Kabbalah, and so much more. W Magazine even named him the best astrologer in Los Angeles! He teaches all around the world and we are fortune to have him lead workshops at The DEN. His first book, “A Wish Can Change a Life” is endorsed by the Dalai Lama himself and has been translated into 8 languages. He’s a...


26. Heather Prete - Sounds of SILENCE

Includes a Self Compassion Body Scan. We are here today with a very special guest, our senior Mindfulness DEN Meditation teacher, Heather Prete. She knows her stuff! She is a UCLA Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Self Compassion teacher, and Mindful Recovery Coach. She started her formal training in Tibetan compassion practices in 1998 and has since studied all over the world. We cover it all in this episode: Buddhism, Mindfulness, Neuro Science, the Dharma and the power of silence. She...


25. Sophie Chiche - Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Includes 5 min Self Reflection Meditation Founder and CEO of Shape House, an Urban Sweat Lodge, Sophie Chiche joins us on DENtalks Podcast today! She is a French American entrepreneur, psychologist by trade, lifelong optimist, and sweat activist. Sophie opened her first Shape House 6 years ago, and since then has opened 10 locations in Los Angeles and New York catching the attention of celebrities, wellness influencers, and all those in search of a more spiritual approach to wellness....


24. Biet Simkin - The Golden Parachute

Includes a Guided by Biet Experience Meditation. Meditation teacher, spiritual leader, and artist, Biet Simkin, joins us on DENtalks Podcast today for a conversation all about NO excuses and shaking up your meditation practice. Biet creates a complete rock and roll experience through her art, music, and spiritual teachings because she believes meditation should never be boring. Her father was a Russian Shaman, who’s teachings she now teaches herself. This woman has experienced more loss,...


23. Sahara Rose - Are Ya Ready for Ayurveda?!

Includes a Connecting with your Dosha Meditation at the end of the episode. We welcome the magical Sahara Rose to DENtalks Podcast today to talk all things Ayurveda! She’s the Best Selling Author of “The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” and the upcoming book “Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary, Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook.” We go deep into Sahara’s complicated journey with nutrition and spirituality, and how she eventually she found the answers she needed in Ayurveda. Sahara has challenged the...


22. Sophia Bush - Lights, Camera, ACTIVISM!

Includes a personal mantra that Sophia lives by. Today we are joined by, Sophia Bush, a woman who wears many hats. She’s an actress, an activist, and a producer. You may know her from her roles on One Tree Hill, Chicago PD, and John Tucker Must Die. She is also blazing the way for people to own activism as a major part of who they are in their own lives. She has a loud voice on social media and is fearless in her beliefs - whatever they may bring. She is an inspiration to many and she...


21. Andrea Bendewald - Find Your Circle, Find Yourself

Includes a 10 minute Self-Love Meditation. Andrea Bendwald, a phenomenal mom, friend, actress, and also incredible spiritual leader here at DEN Meditation, is with us today for a conversation rooted in The Art of Circling. Andrea runs our circles at The DEN, which we will talk about more in depth in today’s episode. We chat about her journey from being a success actress to a spiritual mentor, the art of listening, falling off the spiritual wagon (and how you can get back on it), the law of...