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DTLC Radio 050 – Pursuit of a Lifetime - DTLC Radio

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We're all aware of these great words written in our Declaration of Independence. They are words we take to heart and fight to the death to protect. But have you ever wondered where happiness is to be found? I suggest it won't be found in the places you're most likely to be looking. Pursue Holiness Holiness is the thing about God that makes Him most "God". It is the attribute of His character that we are commanded to be - YOU SHALL BE HOLY, FOR I...


DTLC Radio 049 – Spring Cleaning for Your Soul - DTLC Radio

Spring is a great time of year! Longer days, warmer temperatures, and brighter days. Opening our doors and windows to let in the light and sun often reveals the dirt we've accumulated over a long, dark winter. Every year at this time people take days or even weekends to go room-by-room and clean. Not only does this look and smell better but it feels better, too. A clean house is a welcoming space where you can relax and unwind. Don't Neglect Your Soul What's good for your home is equally...


DTLC Radio 048 – What Is Christian Coaching? - DTLC Radio

What does a Christian Coach do? How is coaching different from counseling? What can a coach do for me that I cannot do for myself? These questions and others are the topic of this week's podcast. I've recently been asked this question and overheard a similar inquiry by another person and thought now would be a good time to provide an answer. As the description mentions, this is a refresher from a previous podcast. Often, people are confused by the term "life coach" or have heard a variety...


DTLC Radio 047 – Sharing the Gospel With Those Closest To You - DTLC Radio

Sharing the faith and the gospel with those closest to you can be a formidable challenge. It is a misnomer that witnessing to strangers is more difficult. Also, the idea that you have to have an established relationship (i.e. relationship evangelism) before you can share the gospel is equally misleading. The truth is, as Christians, realizing our potential and living a transformed life includes sharing the gospel with everyone. This is especially true for our closest family members and...


DTLC Radio 046 – Watch Your Mouth! (and your posts!) - DTLC Radio

Your language reflects, not just yourself, but the God you claim to serve! Your Language Matters The words you choose and the language you use matters. Part of realizing your true potential and transforming your life is finding consistency. What you say and how you say it must reflect what you claim to believe. In this episode, I admittedly go on a bit of a personal rant. Quite honestly, I'm tired of reading posts, seeing images, and hearing "Christians" use profane, vulgar, and...


DTLC Radio 045 – Eight Keys to Successful Living - DTLC Radio

Foundational to your success is how you define it. Depending on your definition, you may or may not achieve success. The Bible defines success and successful living in dramatically different terms than the world. It is important for your definition to be consistent with God's views of a successful life. The Base While your definition of success must correspond to God's, so your spiritual development must be built on your relationship to Him. Nurturing your spiritual life is imperative to...


DTLC Radio 044 – Keeping Your Word - DTLC Radio

Integrity is a matter of honesty and being a person who keeps their word. It's a matter of dependability. Are you someone others can depend on? This trait is valuable in literally every single relationship you have or will ever have. When you make a promise or otherwise fail to live up to your word, you jeopardize that relationship and let others down. Keeping your word and being a person of integrity builds trust and strengthens the relationship. It Is A Matter of Integrity Many people...


DTLC Radio 043 – Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Staying motivated to reach your fitness goals. - DTLC Radio

Motivation - staying motivated to reach your fitness goals - this is where the rubber meets the road. How To Stay Motivated The way you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals - or any goals for that matter - is an issue of focus. What are you focusing on? Do you focus on the things that are likely to push you toward giving in and giving up or are do you focus on what you can achieve...today?! Your answer will have a lot to do with your success. This episode is recorded six weeks into...


DTLC Radio 042 – The Lost Key to Success - DTLC Radio

Gumption - it's a word we don't hear much anymore. There was a time when many - if not most - people spoke of gumption. Some have, some don't, but all need it. Gumption is the self-initiative, aggressive moxie that has the courage to change the status quo. This lost key to success taps personal resourcefulness, provides bold enthusiasm, and persists in moving forward. It may sound like an old-fashioned idea but I believe the time has come for this concept to be renewed and restored. Got...


DTLC Radio 041 – What Matters Most? - DTLC Radio

Doing what matters most. This is the goal for those who desire to live their true potential. But exactly how do you do that? Today's episode addresses the importance of breaking things down into manageable parts. The Main Things True fulfillment and contentment in life are products of intentional living focused on the main things. What are the things that matter most to you? This has to do with your vision, purpose, mission, and goals. But it also deals with who you are, whose you are, and...


DTLC Radio 040 – Pushed By Your Past or Pulled By Your Future? - DTLC Radio

Are you pushed by your past or are you pulled by your future? This phrase encompasses much of the challenge for many. A bitter past experience. A lousy past relationship. Someone who appears to have gotten away with something with little to no consequences. A past filled with mistakes, poor decisions, and vile actions that you struggle to move past. All of these can be attributed to a perspective that is focused almost exclusively on the past. You may be moving forward on the calendar but...


DTLC Radio 039 – Commit to Who You Want to Be - DTLC Radio

One of the biggest problems people face is being committed to living out what we claim to believe. We commit to a belief. But are you committed to living that belief out in your daily life? This episode of DTLC Radio addresses the reality of committing to living out our beliefs. This podcast addresses many of the issues conveyed in an earlier article - A Perforated Life. Make the Decision Most of the challenges we face in life have more to do with our mindset and perspective than it does...


DTLC Radio 038 – What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do - DTLC Radio

Doing is often the measure of being. James tells us that works must accompany our faith if it is real faith. Doing is the result of our thinking and our choices and too often we lose sight of our control over our own decisions. When you aren't sure what you should do, doing something as simple as making your bed in the morning can have a profound impact. You Have the Potential Every one of us - as Christians - has the potential to transform our own lives simply by stopping some things and...


DTLC Radio 037 – Simple Message - DTLC Radio

A simple message from some old friends. Merry Christmas! Have a safe and Happy New Year! Final episode for 2017...see you next year!


DTLC Radio 036 – Challenges to Christmas - DTLC Radio

You wouldn't think that apologetics and Christmas would necessarily go together. But Christmas is a great opportunity to share the gospel while addressing some of the skeptical challenges to Christ and His birth. In this episode, I briefly answer five common challenges to the Christmas narrative. Certainly there are more we could delve into but these seem to be the most common. For more information and accurate detail, study the first two or three chapters of the Gospel of Matthew and...


DTLC Radio 035 – You Have Permission to Celebrate Christmas - DTLC Radio

Many Christians struggle with the idea of celebrating Christmas. Is Christmas a pagan holiday that should not be acknowledged by the church? Does God prohibit Christmas celebrations? If Jesus was not really born on December 25, why are we celebrating? These and many other questions can steal the joy of the season and ruin an otherwise enjoyable time. In this episode, you are granted permission - by way of God's Word - to celebrate Christmas. What a thing to celebrate - the arrival of our...


DTLC Radio 034 – Back to the Future - DTLC Radio

Back to the future is not just a fun movie but also a necessary step in the process of realizing your potential. Looking back to see just how far you've come is reason to celebrate. Reviewing the past helps you make adjustments toward your future. This time of year is the opportune time to look back, evaluate, and identify the areas of your life where you desire the most growth. Rear view mirrors helps us see where we've come from, what might be coming up behind us, and how we can continue...


DTLC Radio 033 – Stress-Proofing the Holidays - DTLC Radio

Thanksgiving is a one hundred percent stress free holiday...yeah, right! Stress-proofing the holidays is a key factor to making your time with family and friends enjoyable and memorable. Memorable in a positive sense, that is. The holiday season - from Halloween to New Year's - can be a time of high stress and anxiety for many people. The holidays present their own unique stresses and challenges. But with a few well-placed, practical steps you can proactively secure the promise of a great...


DTLC Radio 032 – Context, Context, Context - DTLC Radio

The context of a statement, a soundbite, a headline, or a verse of Scripture is critically important to rightly interpreting and fully understanding. In an age of provocative headlines, Twitter statements, and sensational news headlines, it is increasingly important to know the setting. Too often we are guilty of judgmental attitudes, condescension, and mistrust of others based solely on a single statement. Or worse, only a few words. Bob Knight - At It Again! Case in point - a headline...


DTLC Radio 031 – Your Values Your Compass - DTLC Radio

Your core values - what is most important to you - serves as a compass for your life. When you can identify and articulate your values, you can make decisions and set the course of your daily life with consistency. When you can't, you'll be frustrated, angry, disillusioned, chaotic, unmotivated, and a hundred other negative things. Not particularly someone others will want to be around. Living your life based on your values brings clarity, confidence, and life fulfillment. Who You Really...


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