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DTLC Radio 071 – Paul, the Slave of Christ Romans 1:1

The Slave of Christ Slave is a term that is hideous to our modern sensibilities, and rightly so. It is a term that has come to represent the absolute worst in human depravity and treatment. Historically, the term wrenches our national soul to think of that era pre-Civil War. Not our finest hour to say the least. And yet, it is this term - doulos - that Paul uses to represent his position and relationship to our Lord. In fact, confessing "Jesus as Lord" means to place ourselves in the...


DTLC Radio 070 – Romans 1:1 “Paul…”

Romans 1:1: "Paul..." And with that single word introduction there is a wealth of information and perspective. Understanding who the apostle Paul was is a huge benefit in understanding his writings. Not only is it profitable as background information but is more so for gaining necessary insight into the text. The Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit but He uses the experiences of the "human pen" to dictate the doctrine of grace. The Passion of Paul In this episode we discuss - in some...


DTLC Radio 069 – An Introduction to the Book of Romans

The Book of Romans has been called "the greatest Christian work ever written." That's pretty high praise but is one of numerous accolades and honors paid to this letter. Written by the Apostle Paul (circa A.D. 56-58), Romans is considered the quintessential work on Christian doctrine and specifically the gospel of Jesus Christ. Influence of the Book of Romans The influence and impact of Romans on the history of the Church cannot be overstated. In fact, it is directly connected to the...


DTLC Radio 068 – Faith is Believing God!

What is faith? Is faith simply believing? If so, believing in what? In Who? What does it mean to live "by faith?" Perspective Gained Over the past month of being away from the podcast mic, I've come to a couple of key conclusions . First, I believe I may have made a mistake in trying to "straddle the fence" between being too preachy and focusing on Scripture and trying to appeal to those who don't believe. The truth is, nearly all of my clients have been and are believers. They are...


DTLC Radio 067 – Don’t Go Changing…

Don't Go Changing Singer-songwriter Billy Joel once wrote, "Don't go changing, to try and please me..." (1977). But that is exactly what the modern, 21st Century church is trying to do. There are those Christians and Christian leaders who promote the idea that the church needs to change, evolve, and emerge. We need to do this, they say, so we can better reach the culture. The result is an impotent and irrelevant church that looks more like the culture than She does like Christ. This is a...


DTLC Radio 066 – The Success Equation

The Secret to Success Well, there isn't one! There is no secret to success. Some of it is what you know - knowledge. Sometimes it's who you know - network. Some (actually all) of it is Divine Providence - God's will - what He performs, prefers, or permits. More of it is skill and ability. The truth is, it is all of the above. In nearly any and every area of your life, success is determined by the combination of knowledge, skill, and ability. Just knowing "stuff" isn't going to get the job...


DTLC Radio 065 – Back On the Gym Grind

Sometimes, getting back on track after having fallen off is a struggle. Such is the case when it comes to training and nutrition. If you're like me, maybe you worked hard to get in shape for summer only to let your summer routine wane. You looked good in a swim suit in May and were comfortable taking off your shirt at the pool all summer but you stopped working out. It's easy to find yourself in this situation and forget there really is no "off season." At least there shouldn't be one....


DTLC Radio 064 – Your Theology Matters

Theology matters. Knowing what you believe and why you believe is foundational to being able to live a life pleasing before God. It is also a cornerstone principle to my work as a Christian life coach. I encounter people on a regular basis - Christians - who do not know the basic doctrines of the Bible. That means they don't know what the Bible teaches and therefore have little basis for their beliefs. In other words, they've built their lives on sand. Theology Matters Doctrine is a term...


DTLC Radio 063 – WAIT, Why Are You Talking?

W.A.I.T. - Why Am I Talking? Wait...wait for what? Wait to see if your talking is productive and edifying. Taking the time to evaluate your own desire to talk - to add input to a conversation - can go a long way in producing positive results. Resolving conflict has a lot to do with thinking about what you are saying and how you are saying it. This week's episode of DTLC Radio is an addendum to last week's podcast on Biblical Communication and Conflict Resolution. Self-Evaluation Too often...


DTLC Radio 062 – Biblical Communication & Conflict Resolution

The skill of communication and effectively resolving conflicts - in marriage, business, or any relationship - is paramount to successful living. From the beginning, communication has been presented as THE component in healthy relationships. God first communicated to us - condescending and transcending Himself into our world - illustrating the critical nature of communication. He did so both generally and specifically, that we might know Him and be known by Him. This is also the goal of...


DTLC Radio 061 – Completely Content Totally Dissatisfied

The difference between contentment and satisfaction is one of perspective. Contentment is a state of your spirit. Contentment is about conviction and knowing - with assurance - who you are, whose you are, and your purpose in life. It's an issue of knowing you have what you need Philippians 4:11-12) . Remember how our Lord taught us to pray? Our Father...give us this day our daily bread... (Matthew 6:9-13). Contentment is rooted in belonging to the Lord by faith - justification....


DTLC Radio 060 – Christmas in July – Who is Jesus?

A. W. Tozer once wrote, "What comes to mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us." Your concept of God - and its consistency with the Bible's revelation of Him - affects every aspect of your life. In turn, who you believe and understand Jesus to be affects you in the same way, and more so. The Message of Christmas in July Christmas in July is not an uncommon "celebration" in our culture. Sales abound this time of year using the phrase and drawing us into stores to...


DTLC Radio 059 – The Sufficiency of Scripture – Psalm 19

The sufficiency of Scripture - that the Bible is the very Word of God and able to accomplish all He desires in and through your life - is a lost truth in many pulpits. After reading an article by Barry Thornton on the ills of the "Emergent church", published by The Christian Restoration Association and available here, I felt provoked to respond. I was not provoked in a negative way but in full agreement with the content of Mr. Thornton's article. I agree that the Bible needs to be brought...


DTLC Radio 058 – Happiness…The Worst Value You Can Have

SAY WHAT?! What do you mean, "happiness is the worst value you can have"? Nothing Happy About Happiness You read that right. There is nothing happy about happiness...as a priority in your life. And yes, happiness is the worst value you can have. Why? Because happiness is a result and entirely circumstantial. True, happiness might result from experiencing good things. But what about those times when you experience bad things? Are you happy then? Typically not. And therein lies the problem....


DTLC Radio 057 – Setting Your EQ…Emotional Quotient

Remember those "old school" equalizers that were key components of home stereo systems? Recall how you would adjust each individual frequency just right to achieve the optimum in listening enjoyment? I miss my old Mitsubishi rack with 15" woofer cabinets, EQ, automatic 8-cassette tape changer, turntable, tuner, and CD-player. My freshman year at Ball State University (1986), that stereo won the award for "Loudest Stereo in the Dorm"! Man, that thing could rock! Fine Tuning One of the...


DTLC Radio 056 – Freedom In Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are all about self-control. A fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). They allow you to take ownership, be responsible, and experience the freedom of living the life God has prepared for you. In fact, boundaries were originally God's idea and He expects us to set them clearly in our lives. When you fail to set boundaries in your relationships, you risk the break down of that relationship. The truth is, your relationships - especially your marriage - cannot develop or grow beyond...


DTLC Radio 055 – Personal Discipline for Holiness

In this sixth episode of our series on pursuing personal holiness, we discuss the role of personal discipline. We understand and accept the personal responsibility that comes from our desire to get in shape physically. Likewise, we must embrace our responsibility in growing in holiness. This simply means we are accountable for developing our own personal holiness - growing in spiritual maturity - we play a role in conforming ourselves to the image of Christ. We Learn To Be Holy Becoming holy...


DTLC Radio 054 – Personal Holiness Equals Obedience

For far too long, in our pursuit to ensure that people understand salvation is by grace through faith, we have neglected teaching Christians to obey. 18 And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the...


DTLC Radio 053 – Three Things To Remember In Your Pursuit of Holiness

Three Things to Remember In your pursuit of personal holiness, remembering these three things will help you stay focused and overcome setbacks. Perspective is everything! How you see yourself, the world, and your relationship to God affects and effects every aspect of your life. This is true relative to your pursuit for personal holiness as well. You will discover - if you have not already - that the path of holiness is difficult and challenging. Don't give up or fall back to your old ways...


DTLC Radio 052 – Personal Holiness Is Not Optional

Holiness is not optional! To think you can live the Christian life apart from obedience is to be self-deceived. Antinomianism is the theological term for the false perception that grace does not require a life of obedience. Antinomianism is clearly a false doctrine. Hebrews 12:14 says, "Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord." Christians are to "strive for holiness" - it's the evidence of a redeemed life - without which, salvation can be...