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Inspiring you to live your potential through positive change and transition: Personally, Professionally, and Spiritually.






And Then What Happened? (141)

And then what happened? This is the reality for all of us. We all have a "then what happened?" No matter your situation or circumstances...Regardless of your current concerns or worries...In spite of your anxiety and uncertainty, there is always a "then what happened?". Who Is Your King? As of today (11/05/2020) we still do not know who the President of the United States is going to be. Even after it is "announced" there is likely to be a contesting and recounts. This level of uncertainty -...


Your Vote Matters – 2020 Election Special (140)

You have a responsibility and obligation to vote...if you are a Christian. Our Founding Fathers believed that American patriotism was directly tied to personal faith in Christ. If you're a Christian, then you're a patriot. In fact, according to our Founders, you can't be a true patriot if you're not also a Christian. God has shed His grace on America as much as He has on Christians! In this 2020 election special episode, I challenge all Christians to take a stand. Not for one political...


Do You See What I See? Not Christmas (139)

Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear? I know you're thinking of Christmas and the song of the same title but I have a different intent here. Can you see and recognize what is happening in your country? Do you understand what God is doing? Are you even aware that God is the One who is doing it? Not Always As It Appears Things are not always as they appear to be. Case in point, what is happening across our great country. It is not only political division between differing ideologies...


Do Not Be Afraid! It’s A Command (138)

Do not be afraid. Pretty straight-forward statement. The phrase is used 365 times throughout the Bible. Coincidence? I don't think so. Three hundred and sixty-five times God tells us - commands us - not to be afraid. And yet, today - especially today (2020) - I see so many people living in fear. Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself Paul's admonishment and testimony at the close of Romans 8 is a great platform on which to preach this message. Do not fear! Don't be afraid! And that message has...


God Is For You, Not Against You – (137)

God is for you! Is that not the best statement in the world? He is not against you; He is for you. God is on your side. He is your Creator and wants nothing more than to be your Father. The question is not His love you; but your love for Him. Those Who Love God Not only has the Father gone to great lengths to bring you back into the Family - not even sparing His own Son (Romans 8:32) - but He promises to work all things for good. Think about that. All things will work out good - even the...


When There Are No Words (136)

When there are no words, God can still hear your heart. Romans 8:26-29 teaches us that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us even when we can't find the words. No Words Necessary In the same way that our hope sustains and pulls us toward obedience in the midst of present sufferings, the Holy Spirit aids us in our weakness. What weakness? The weakness of our flesh to be obedient. This is the overall condition of our humanity in general. It's our powerlessness at times to overcome temptation....


A Call To Prayer For Our Nation (135)

No description is necessary. Pray for our nation.


Glorification! Our Inheritance & Hope (134)

Glorification! The full redemption of your whole person. This is your promise. This is your hope. Three Phases of Salvation The first phase of your salvation - justification - is the application of Christ's blood your heavenly account. This pays the penalty you owe for your sin. By faith - believing God and what He has said about His Son - your debt is cancelled. The penalty due has been paid if full by the blood of Jesus. The second phase of your salvation - regeneration - is the conversion...


Being Led Is Being Obedient (133)

Being led by the Holy Spirit is simply being obedient to God's law. No more. No less. It's very simple. But far too many people get hung up on the false teaching that "being led by the Spirit" is some mystical, ethereal experience. Let me be clear...it is not. Being Led Is Not... Too often people teach or understand being led by the Spirit as a very spiritual experience. In fact, being led is very practical and very simple. In many circles it is described as a special "anointing" or...


The Necessity of Sanctification (132)

The necessity of sanctification is often misunderstood or outright ignored by many Christians. Sanctification is indeed necessary as a phase and condition for complete salvation. In fact, without it, your faith will diminish and perhaps disappear altogether. Are you saying a Christian can lose or forfeit their salvation? Nope, I'm not saying that...God is! The Necessity of Sanctification God - through the Apostle Paul, and others - clearly tells us that "faith without works is dead" (James...


The Tug of War – Flesh vs. Spirit (131)

Flesh vs. spirit. It's a constant tug-of-war going within you. Your old yet-to-be-redeemed flesh pulls one direction. Your already-redeemed-waiting-for-a-new-body spirit pulls the opposite. This is the Christian life. Flesh vs. Spirit In Romans 5:5-13, Paul sets the record straight explaining how the unredeemed are unable and incapable of submitting to the "law of God." The reason? Because even if they do act in morally their heart remains "in the flesh." Your flesh and your spirit (i.e....


The Not So Secret Agenda That is Burning America (130)

There is an agenda. An agenda to destroy the United States of America from within. Abraham Lincoln, in an 1838 speech at the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois said: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.” Truer words have rarely been spoken. The Agenda You might be looking around and wonder, "What is happening to America?" Truth is, it's no secret. There is an agenda driving what is...


No Condemnation & Deliverance From Bondage (129)

No condemnation! If Romans is the Himalayas, then chapter eight is its Mount Everest. Deliverance from bondage is freedom in Christ. The key is understanding exactly what we have been freed from. Only then will things begin to make sense and give you true independence. No Condemnation! Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus - Romans 8:1. Never has there been a greater and more welcome declaration! (A close second might very well be the Declaration of...


Symptoms Are Only Symptomatic (128)

Symptoms! It's the symptoms that you see. Just like a tree. You can see the trunk, the limbs, the leaves and the fruit. But these are not the problem. Nor are they the cause of the problem. What we can see is the result of the problem which is the result of the cause. Symptoms! Symptoms Are Affected By Motivation What's my motivation!? The familiar cry of the actor paid to play a part that is not naturally themselves. In order to perform in a certain manner (read behavior), I must have the...


The Inner Conflict of Every Christian (127)

The inner conflict of every Christian is the tension between your already-redeemed spirit and your not-yet-redeemed body. Yes, it's that simple. Unfortunately, too many Christians don't understand this dynamic of their changed state. Even more unfortunate is the reality that most Christians are never told upfront that this tension is going to exist after they are born again. The True Experience Some have read Romans 7:13-25 and wrongly concluded that Paul is describing his life prior to...


Is The Law Sin? Romans 7:7-13 (126)

Is the law sin? No! Absolutely not! After twice confronting an antinomian (i.e. against law) view of grace, Paul a third time asks a question. The first question was: Do we go on living the sinful lifestyle we had prior to our conversion? No. In fact, you can't because that "old man" has already died and been buried. He doesn't even exist anymore. The second question was: Can we just sin since grace abounds and we're under grace and no longer under law? Again: Absolutely not! If you do, you...


Understanding What Died In Your Death (125)

Being "free from the law" has everything to do with understanding what actually died. When you were crucified and buried, what died? Your "old man" died...your old nature. Now, you've been resurrected, born again, and regenerated. You're a new creation in Christ. You are God's workmanship. You have a new nature. Law Has No Jurisdiction Over the Dead In Romans 7:1-6, Paul uses the illustration of a married woman being married to another man (i.e. bigamy; having two or more husbands at the...


Are You A Slave and Whose Slave Are You? (124)

This is really the wrong question. Paul's point in Romans 6:15-23 shows that you are a slave. The question really is: Whose slave are you? "Who's your daddy?" - a modern idiom - implies you haven't yet determined whom you will serve. Through your conversion, as Paul points out, you have already made that decision. Free To Sin? Too many people believe that being "under grace" and no longer being "under law" means you're free from obedience to the law. Not true! In fact, you have actually...


Free OF Law – Not Free FROM Law (123)

Romans 6:14 is a verse that historically has been misapplied, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. The Christian life - the successful Christian life - is all about having a right understanding of this verse. You are free OF law's penalty but you are not free FROM law's obedience. _________________________________ Study Romans from the Beginning By Clicking Here


Real Resurrection To New Life (122)

New Life! That's what it's all about. Not the "hokey-pokey," not "being happy," and not "keeping up with the Jones." Your new life is about counting yourself dead to sin...but living to God! Resurrected To New Life Is Real Verse 11 of Romans chapter six is the first imperative - the first command - that Paul gives in this letter. However, it is different from other commands we see in the New Testament. Most of the others deal with behavioral commands and how to conduct yourself. This one is...