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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

In this weeks episode of Dad Eye View Ryan Discusses the obvious and not so obvious benefits to intermittent fasting. Everyone talks about the benefits such as losing weight and cutting body fat, but they don't talk about the time you save, the money you save, and extra work you save. In this episode, Ryan talks about how intermittent fasting has made his life healthier and easier.


Discipline for kids: A look at different strategies

In this weeks episode of Dad Lives Matter Podcast Ryan and Brian look at different strategies for discipline when it comes to children. Does it work? Will it work? What are some different strategies?


Teach your kids they are superheroes

In this episode of Dad's Eye View, I discussed why I believe it is important to teach your kids they are superheroes on a daily basis and instill strength, persistence, and humility in them each day. In today's busy society it is too easy to lose track of what is important which is leading your children through life and helping them navigate the choppy waters of life. I wanted to share my thoughts on what I believe are the top 5 ways we can teach & show our children what being a superhero...


Ep 6: Jon Berner | Stay at home dad life, illustrating children's books, dealing with moms

Ep 6: Jon Berner | Stay at home dad life, illustrating children's books, dealing with moms by


Ep 6: Jon Berner| Stay at home dad life, illustrating kids books, dealing with stay at home moms

We talk with Jon Berner about being a stay at home dad, life as a freelance illustrator for children's books, dealing with stay at home moms, and the struggles of the holidays.


EP 5: Being a new dad, NCAA football, firefighting, and holidays

On Ep 5 of The Dad Lives Matter Podcast we get Josh Mousel on the line who is a new father of a 2 month old son. We discuss thanksgiving, being a new parent, the joys and frusterations with parenting, fire fighting, and ncaa football.


EP4: Are you financially fit?

This is a new and different type of dad lives matter podcast episode. This is going to be part of a new weekly series that is going to be mainly episodes that are shorter in length and get straigh to the point. We will be dropping these type of episodes 1-2 times per week along with our typical 1 hour episode each week. This week I discuss being financially fit and tackeling the hard truths of personal finances.


EP 3 Akira The Don: Raising a kid in the UK vs US, DJ life, and Jordan Peterson

Dad Lives Matter Podcast Ep 3 We sat down with Akira The Don to discuss fatherhood, DJ life, his current body of work within the intellectual dark web, and problems men are facing in present-day society & culture. Check out Akira The Don Youtube: Twitter: Spotify:


Episode 2: Getting More Done in Your Day

How often are you faced with the issue of not having enough time in your day to accomplish the goals you want to accomplish? In our current generation men are faced with this issue more than ever before whether it be work, side hustles, kids acitivites, family activities, exercising to stay healthy, etc.. In this episode of Dad Lives Matter Podcast we break down some usefull ways to become more efficient and get more accomplished in your day to day life.


Dad Lives Matter Episode 1 - 12 Rules For Life, A Breakdown

In the last two years, Jordan Peterson has risen to fame due to the world of social media and his ideas which many say are provocative. Jordan Peterson is a professor of Psychology out of Toronto, Canada and made waves last year with the release of his book "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos". This book is a must read for men in our current society who are faced with the many issues that being a man in 2018 raises. In Episode 1 of the Dad Lives Matter podcast, we break down the book...