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Daddy Eats Last is where we discuss the challenges of being a man in modern society....and whatever the hell that even means

Daddy Eats Last is where we discuss the challenges of being a man in modern society....and whatever the hell that even means
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Daddy Eats Last is where we discuss the challenges of being a man in modern society....and whatever the hell that even means






E21: Pain. Dealing with pain and chronic pain (David Locke Interview)

David Locke joins the podcast to talk pain and specifically chronic pain. David is a private-practice physiotherapist with a clinical interest in chronic pain. He completed his Bachelor degree at Curtin University Western Australia with an honours project on conditioned pain modulation resulting in a published article in ‘The Journal of Pain’. He also has a Diploma of Remedial Massage and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. If you're looking for more education on pain it's well worth checking...


E20: Obesity, our weight and creating good kids habits.

The stats say that 28.3% of Australian adults are obese with 63.4% adults being overweight or obese and the stats around children are just as confronting. While the emotional and physical cost to an individual is fairly easy to visualise, the fiscal cost to our country is harder to put in perspective. In the medical sector alone, diabetes costs Australia an estimated $14.6 billion each year. So how do we try and keep on top of our weight and also try and create good habits for our kids so...


E19: New Years Resolutions. Making them and sticking to them!

Do you make New Years resolutions? Well according to a study from the University of Scranton, just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals, while around 80 percent fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. A lot of the failure is to do with unrealistic expectations or resolutions (over half of New Year’s resolutions were health-related, such as exercising more, eating healthier and getting out of financial debt). We discuss our New Years resolutions, how we achieve them (or...


E18: Christmas and avoiding the conflict that comes with it!

It's that time of year when you catch up with family and maybe partake in a few Christmas festivities. We discuss conflict resolution in general before we focus in on Christmas and avoiding the pitfalls of fighting with family this Christmas. Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them, sometimes this is impossible at this time of year, but we discuss our tips and tricks to avoid a big bun fight with anyone at Christmas. By...


E17: Shopping....on the 8th day of Christmas!

Who knew that shopping centres served canapes over the Christmas period? We discuss Christmas shopping, how much we love (or do not love) to shop as well the difficulty of shirt sizes and what to do when you really don't want a gift. We also discuss gift buying for partners (yikes)! Apparently the different attitude of men and women to shopping is a remnant of our past as hunters and gatherers. Try telling that to Matty and Ryan who both love to shop. +++++++ Is the modern man a hunter...


E16: Sleep. How much we get and how important it is for you!

Sleep is so important for restoring physical and mental health. Sleep also refreshes the mind and repairs the body. The problem with everyone being so "busy" is that sleep is often compromised and a lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation, can cause fatigue, poor concentration and memory. As well as a bad mood. Sleep deprivation is also one of the main issues that confront new parents. This week we discuss sleep. How much you need, how much we get and some of the tips and tricks we use to...


E15: TV Shows from childhood and what they've taught us (if anything).

As a child, you learn about the world in different ways. When we are young, we learn things from our families and friends and also by watching children’s television. We discuss our favourite TV shows from when we were kids and what we may or may not have learnt from them. Be it Dragon Ball Z (Ryan), Saved by the Bell or Astroboy a lot of kids shows have some excellent messages in them....OK, maybe not Dragon Ball Z. We also talk about kids watching TV as in today's world toddlers will...


E14: Jeremy Macvean from Movember & The Father Hood

Jeremy Macvean is our guest. Jeremy is involved with Movember and has recently started The Father Hood with Luke Benedictus and Andrew McUtchen. The Father Hood will seek to provide support and inspiration for fathers. We discuss what does it mean to be a father and how to juggle work and fatherhood as well as where new fathers go for support? We also chat about Movember and harnessing the power of the Mo to start conversations about men’s health and raise much-needed funds. You can...


E13: Ryan does a Spartan Race (and tells us about it just after finishing)

So, what’d you guys do this weekend? Ryan did a Spartan race, well 3 Spartan races in one weekend to be precise. Over 42kms of running, obstacles and mental hurdles. Along with thousands of other masochists Ryan made the trek to Bright (a delightful spot around 3.5 hours out of Melbourne) where waves of 250-plus racers going off every 15 minutes from 7:30am to 1pm to tackle a minimum of 7kms. A Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races determined to make your muscles sore and your...


E12: Getting the Snip (Matty gets a vasectomy)

For men of a certain vintage or life stage, having a vasectomy makes a whole lot of sense. It is a simple 20- to 30-minute procedure. Our host Matty recently went through this procedure so we got to ask him about what it was like, what the recovery time was and a few of the questions we have always wanted to ask about this procedure. Men mistakenly think it will affect your sex life, make you less of a man, and that the op is painful – Matty says all are untrue. There's lots of laughs in...


E11: Man Flu, sick kids and staying well.

The Man Flu is a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms, but scientist are claiming it's real. We discuss this as well as dealing with sick kids and how we all try and avoid getting sick and what we do when we are sick as well as a little bit about being hungover. This was our pilot episode that we recorded before we started posting episodes, so this is taking it back to where it all began. +++++++ Is the...


E10: An interview with psychologist Mark Piccolo.

We are joined by Mark Piccolo who is a Psychologist that currently mixes private patient work with a role at the Victorian Institute of Sport as a Personal Excellence Adviser. With a psychologist on we got to ask some of the questions we have always wanted to, including: What are some of the common factors that can trigger mental health issues? How does a man’s mental health impact his overall health? What would you say to men who feel that their anxiety or depression interferes with...


E9: The role sport plays in growing up and mens life.

Sport is one area of life where men can safely release the pressure of every day life and can play a central role in the positive development of young men, alongside spirituality, academics, music and other co-curricular activities. From general fitness to a sense of community and belonging we discuss how an involvement in sport can have a profound influence on the lives of young people and young boys in particular. Remember that sport for children and young people would not exist without...


E8: Drinking stories from Vegas and beyond.

Being a responsible drinker basically means: So it is absolutely possible to still drink responsibly and have a good time. Just be safe. This week we tell some of our fun stories from when we have had a few drinks and made memories we can barely remember to re-tell. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Is the modern man a hunter or a gentleman? A manual labourer or a technophile? In today's culture the modern man usually is a mix of many things. The modern man must be...


E7: Different work roles (full time, part time) and raising kids.

Women are frustrated that the men in their life won't ask for job flexibility or part-time work to enable them to take an equal parenting role. Many dads would like to swap a day or two in the office each week for childcare responsibilities but feel pressured to remain in full-time work. Gender roles are changing and blending together and the stay-at-home dad or part time dad population is growing. More fathers than ever are participating in their children's nurturing and upbringing. We...


E6: Travel with and without kids and for work

Travelling with kids can be tough. For many of us, the thought of travelling with young children fills us with dread, I mean even a simple trip to the shop can be hard sometimes. The difference between travelling with kids and without kids is as vast as the world itself. As a traveller you've likely been on a flight with a nightmare child – the devil child kicking the back of your chair (hopefully the devil child isn't yours), but remember one day you could be the parent travelling with a...


E5: Stress and different ways we deal with it.

How do you deal with stress or a stressful situation? This week we tackle how each of us deal with the different stresses we have in our lives. That balance of just trying to get everything done in everyday life is stressful enough. Everyone's going a million miles an hour and doing the best they can. That's all anyone can do is the best they can. There's always something else which needs to be done, and sometimes that thing can be done tomorrow. Everything from cheeky beers to...


E4: R U OK DAY: What to look for and how to know what to ask.

We discuss R U OK day, a very important mental health initiative. What signs to look for. How to create an environment to share. Different ways of sharing issues. Daddy Eats Last is where we discuss the challenges of being a man in modern society....and whatever the hell that even means.


E3: Social Media: How it affects us, the people around us and the community.

We discuss Social Media and how each of us and our families use it. How it affects us, the people around us and the community. What platforms. What posts. What we do and what we don't. Daddy Eats Last is where we discuss the challenges of being a man in modern society....and whatever the hell that even means.


E2: Fathers Day: What does it mean to different men.

We discuss Fathers Day in Australia, what it means to us as men. Does being a dad yourself change your perspective on what Fathers Day means and celebrating Fathers Day with a different family situation. Daddy Eats Last is where we discuss the challenges of being a man in modern society....and whatever the hell that even means.