Health Insurance?

1 in 3 GoFundMe campaigns today are for covering medical bills. It’s also been noted that even in countries where there are both public and private health plans, the majority of those who can afford it still opt not to subscribe. Could it be a lack of faith in the system? We sent a note to a few friends in five countries across the continent for their thoughts on this, and in this episode, we’ll have a listen to what they had to say. We also have a very insightful discussion with the CEO of...


How stress affects our immune system

If your teeth are clenched and your fists are clenched, your lifespan is probably clenched. That’s a quote I recently heard on the theme of stress and health, and when we assess things on a medical basis, it’s spot on. This week I discuss how stress affects our immune system, give a couple tips on how to ensure it doesn’t clinch your lifespan. I also have a very candid discussion on the theme of mental health services, black men, and the fatal repercussions of insufficient care, with the...


Why we should donate blood

The amazing thing about blood is that it is constantly being produced. A single blood cell lives for an average of 120 days as it travels through our body, providing oxygen to our organs before it is broken down and replaced. This fact makes the concept of donating blood a very intriguing act of giving! For 10 minutes of our time, it causes no harm to us, and we'll be getting it all back in a way. This week we discuss why we would be doing a great thing if we donated blood.We also interview...


Why good posture matters

We've all seen it, and do it, neck and upper back hunched over our phones and laptops as we type away. ‘Text neck’, medically termed ‘Upper crossed syndrome’ is a very common issue, and over time our head begins to tilt permanently forward due to tight muscles in our neck, head and chest. But did you know that there are far more health-related issues that can occur as a result of poor posture? Everything from slower digestion, to fatigue. Today we'll be discussing three reasons why good...


How air pollution changes your genes

Exposure to high levels of toxic air is equivalent to having lost a year of education. Those were the findings of a report published by the Yale School of Public Health earlier this year, as they made links between pollution and brain health. But did you know that air pollution also has an ability to negatively affect your Genes? It occurs daily, in a process known as epigenetics, and we’ll be looking into what this means for our health. This week we’ll be discussing how air pollution...


Is eating fish healthy?

We're in a bit of a dilemma! Environmental pollution is messing with our food in a way, meaning that some foods that were previously deemed highly nutritious, with confirmed health benefits, now pose some risk to health. Eating fish falls directly into this category as pollutants known as PCB's & heavy metals are known to build up in them. This is the reason why some governments advise that pregnant women, or those planning to conceive, limit their consumption of certain types of common...


Reversing High Blood Pressure

It has never been my intention to scare people into making healthy lifestyle choices, but If you’ve ever witnessed someone have a major stroke, or indeed have had one yourself, then it’s one of the most terrifying things you’re ever likely to experience. You can literally be having a normal conversation one minute, and be unable to speak the next. That’s one reason why high blood pressure, the leading cause of stroke, is nothing to be played with. Studies have shown that as little as a 5-10...


Overcoming Binge Eating

Food can bring comfort, it even has an ability to relieve physical pain. However, emotional or physical discomfort is understood to be the primary reasons why we comfort eat. Binge eating is perhaps a more severe form of comfort eating. It occurs when we have episodes of uncontrollable eating, usually done in private, and often followed by feelings of guilt and shame. This is the first of a 2-part series on eating disorders. We’ll be exploring binge eating and bulimia, and i’ll be joined by...


The Power of Vitamin D

Nicknamed the 'sunshine vitamin', the last decade has revealed Vitamin D to be far more crucial to our health than many could ever have imagined. Vitamin D was primarily seen as a nutrient crucial for bone health, but we now know that symptoms of low levels can include everything from trouble sleeping, low mood, to even a dysfunctional immune system. Such revelations have even lead some governments to consider making it mandatory to include in common foods, as it has been estimated that at...


Healing stomach ulcers

Several years ago, I witnessed the type of medical emergency I had until then only ever encountered in books. A patient literally vomited up what looked like most of the blood in his body. It turns out he had a large stomach ulcer and suffered significant blood loss as a result. While few cases as so severe, smaller amounts of blood loss in our stool is more common than you might think. Today we’ll be discussing medically sound principles of preventing and healing stomach ulcers. We also...


Intermittent fasting - Is it any good?

The first investigations on the effects of fasting on health date back to animal studies in 1946, where is was found that fasting increased lifespan by 15-20%, and slowed the growth of tumours. Fast forward to 2018, and intermittent fasting has been suggested to influence everything from ageing, to weight loss, better manage blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. But how much of this is simply the outcome of eating less as opposed to the process of fasting in...


Heavy Flow? - Try this

On average, 30% of women report having heavy periods, and figures are likely much higher specifically in the context of black women due a link with fibroids, a condition we are 3 times more likely to develop. A few years back, while reading a journal article on pathways involved in building up the lining of the womb, which ultimately determines how heavy your period will be, I mapped out how everyday lifestyle factors have an ability to influence this process. Bear with me on this, I’ll try...


How coffee protects your liver

The liver is the only organ in the body that is able to completely remake itself, even when up to 75% of it has been removed, and it’s that self-healing power that makes it one of the most remarkable organs in the body. But there are limits. There are a multitude of things out there that can wreak havoc with your liver. Everything from excess alcohol, hepatitis infections, weight gain and even toxins on peanuts! But did you know that the humble coffee bean, has actually been found to protect...


Health, healing and the power of hope

Science shows that thoughts, both positive and negative have a direct influence on our immune system, and influence everything from our ability to deal with infections ranging from the flu and controlling HIV, all the way through to its influence on our ability to heal after an operation. There is something powerful about having a positive outlook, which is most definitely easier said than done. The scientific community have finally put a label on it – Psychoneuroimmunology. Putting it...


Organic vs GM food

There are a wide range of benefits to genetically modified food in agriculture. However, I was intrigued by an experience I had several years ago while completing a degree in human genetics. A senior member of the department with a range of genetic discoveries to his name was actually against genetically modified food. He was largely alone on that campaign, but it got me thinking. Today we’ll be discussing the difference between Organic vs GM food from the perspective of our health. We also...


Reversing diabetes

We all know the stats, diabetes is a major health challenge, and it’s an issue that’s indeed very dear to me; primarily because of the consequences of diabetes, which many are actually unaware of. Such as gradual loss of vision, kidney failure, the list goes on. But not to worry. This week we give a run through of the steps and science out there for indeed reversing type 2 diabetes! We revisit last week’s episode titled ‘Yes, you need sunscreen!’, and answer audio questions sent in. Submit...


Yes, you need sunscreen!

Skin bleaching and lightening creams are often used in attempts to even out skin tone. However, most are unaware that dark patches and hyperpigmentation on the face, medically termed ‘melasma’ is often linked to skin damage from sun exposure, and women of African and Asian heritage are most affected. We also touch on the theme of skin cancer, and discuss how to avoid all of the above! We revisit last week’s episode titled ‘How good sleep keeps you lean’ with audio contributions sent in from...


How good sleep keeps you lean

Good sleep keeps you lean. Today we’ll be discussing three ways sleep or rather a lack of it, is probably sabotaging your weight loss goals for 2018. We also answer questions on last week's episode 'Dr. WhatsApp', which was essentially about common health myths on cancer cures, vaccines and quick fixes circulating on social media. Submit your audio questions via our website dailyrunafrica.com, and we'll do our best to feature it on the show next week! Hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni - A...


Dr. WhatsApp

They say lies spread faster on social media than truth does, and the stakes are greatest when it comes to our health. Fake health news can be fatal. This week we discuss three health myths on vaccines, cancer cures and quick fixes that I’ve received over our much favoured app - WhatsApp. We also revisit last week’s episode ‘Three Africa Superfoods’ in the form of an interview. Here we learn how one founder was able to increase profits 30-fold in the superfoods industry by transitioning from...


Three African Superfoods

African local herbs, fruits, vegetables and grains have quite often been the basis of the global 'superfoods' industry which is worth an estimated 43 billion dollars every year. In this episode, we feature Teff, the Ethiopian grain favoured by Hollywood actresses, Hibiscus, which commonly consumed as a drink in much of west Africa, as well as the scientifically proven anti-inflammatory benefits of the fruit Tamarind. Submit your audio questions via our website, and we'll do our best to...