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Lactose intolerant?

95% of people in Africa and Asia are intolerant to dairy, and contrary to what the name lactose intolerant implies, this is actually the norm. The gene responsible for breaking down 'lactose' in milk switches off in adulthood, and western populations who often tolerate dairy without the side effects of bloating actually developed a genetic mutation which permits them to do so. Today we’ll be discussing dairy alternatives, how to meet your daily calcium requirements for strong bones, as...


Good Bacteria

It’s been said that there are more bacteria in and on our bodies, than there are stars in the milky way. At an estimated 30 to 50 trillion, that’s a whole load of bacteria! Today we’ll discuss a few tips for topping up on your good bacteria, how they support our immune system, help to produce crucial vitamins as well as review how excessive use of antibiotics commonly contributes to serious disease. Submit your audio questions via our website, and we'll do our best to feature it on the...


Why you MUST season your meat

Here we provide context about the link between meats and cancer in part due to the formation of toxic chemicals formed during the process of cooking, known as heterocyclic amines. This also occurs in the context of smoked fish, a common delicacy in much of West Africa. However, studies have proven that seasoning meats with specific ingredients prior to cooking reduce the formation of these toxic chemicals by up to 95% in some instances. Submit your audio questions via our website, and...


Happy Foods

This episode gives a countdown of three groups of foods and their nutrients that have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your brain power, confidence and mood. We also answer audio questions sent in from China, Kenya and the U.S on themes discussed in last week’s episode ‘Detoxify your drinking water’. Here we explore questions in relation to air quality, health inequalities in the context of environmental pollution, as well as whether or not it’s healthy to consume...


Detoxify your drinking water

Ever wondered what happens to chemical waste we produce? the toxins that leak from landfill sites into our soil; how about the tons of medication, pesticides and insecticides used in agriculture every year? It ends up in our water, that is a fact, and you drink gallons of it every week.Today we’ll be discussing two ways to detoxify your drinking water.


Born to win

Drinking a cup of vegetable juice a day can turn disease causing genes down, and disease fighting genes up. It’s called epigenetics!



A health and wellness show hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni, where we discuss scientifically proven tips on how to use lifestyle medicine and sound nutrition to prevent, manage and reverse many of the common diseases we face today. Got questions? Visit our website at dailyrunafrica.com, click on the relevant post, hit record, and send your audio message through. We’ll do our best to answer at the end of the show next week.