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Inspiring, supporting, and bring awareness to your parenthood journey.






Entre La Familia – Episode 8 (with Francis Lora)

On this episode of Dancing Into Parenthood, I’m joined by Francis Lora! This is the first father I’ve had on in the Entre La Familia series! Francis is a licensed social worker and father to a son with autism. He talks about his experience with medical doctors before his son was diagnosed, how autism is shown in modern pop culture, and how machismo has played a part in his fatherhood journey. If you're a parent to a child with autism or special needs, I invite you to learn more about my group parenting sessions. These sessions will provide education on navigating the school and healthcare system, tips, and support from myself and other parents going through the same journey. Learn more here: https://lnkd.in/eXaUemN3 Timestamps 00:00 Intro12:29 - What were some of the first signs and symptoms you noticed in your son?21:55 - How old was he when he was diagnosed?36:42 - What are your thoughts on parenting as a neurodiverse individual?39:28 - As a father, can you share your opinion on machismo?


Entre La Familia – Episode 6 (with Marlene Soto)

On this episode of Dancing Into Parenthood, I’m joined by Marlene Soto! Marlene is a huge advocate for her son AJ, who was diagnosed with autism at age 7. Marlene knew her son had autism within the first few months of his life. She shares all of the signs she noticed in her son, the power of community, how her son’s diagnosis impacted her marriage, and so much more. If you're a parent to a child with autism or special needs, I invite you to learn more about my group parenting sessions. These sessions will provide education on navigating the school and healthcare system, tips, and support from myself and other parents going through the same journey. Learn more here: https://lnkd.in/eXaUemN3 Timestamps 00:00 - Intro06:36 - What was the beginning of your journey like?10:40 - During your pregnancy, did the ultrasounds show he was smaller in size?19:32 - In his first year, was he receiving any support?42:15 - I want to talk a little bit about how this affected your family.53:00 - How has this changed you?56:02 - What are some of AJ’s special talents?


Entre La Familia – Episode 6 – Does Your Husband Have Autism?

Does your husband have autism?


Entre La Familia – Episode 5 (with Alexandra Casillas)

In this episode, we hear from Alexandra, a neurotypical sibling! She talks about her relationship with her brother, Austin, who was diagnosed with autism. Alex shares how her and Austin learned to communicate, how good Austin is with setting boundaries, and how they took care of each other when the other was uncomfortable. She emphasizes how growing up in a Latino household influenced their childhoods and what the future looks like for both her and Austin. Listen to this episode now and listen to their mother Jessica’s story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDvb6M5xZSM&t=171s 00:00 Intro02:47 - From your perspective, what was it like growing up as a neurotypical sibling?06:15 - So, you both figured out how to communicate with one another?07:50 - Do you think you understand him more than other people?26:42 - Growing up, did you ever feel guilty that you were able to live this normal life & have milestones that he wouldn’t be able to do?29:44 - How has all of this helped you as a person?47:38 - Do you plan to be able to step in [and take care of Austin] when you need to?


Entre La Familia – Episode 4 Part 2 (with sisters Janira and Jeannie)

In Part 2, sisters Janira and Jeannie share more of their journeys as mothers to children with autism. They share the realities of relationships, the power of community, and special talents their kids have. Listen to Part 1 of episode 4 to hear more about the signs and symptoms they both noticed in their children. Jeannie is also the first mom I’ve interviewed who has a daughter with autism! 30:36 [To both] Share some of the resources you’ve used and any special talents that your children have.


Entre La Familia – Episode 4 Part 1 (with sisters Janira and Jeannie)

On Episode 4 Part 1 of the Dancing Into Parenthood Podcast, we’re joined by sisters, Janira and Jeannie! Listen in as they share their stories, each raising children with autism. Jeannie is also the first mom I've interviewed with a daughter with autism! Hear them share the up’s and down, and how their children changed their perspective on life. Join us for Part 2 next week! If you’re a parent to a child with autism, learn more about my group parenting sessions here: https://forms.gle/3sxMP2PRb8Uho8Le7 Timestamps:0:00 Intro2:22 [To Janira:] What are some of the signs or concerns you had about your son early on?4:24[To Janira:] Did he have a speech delay?6:18 [To Janira:] Is your husband Latino?8:20 [To Jeannie:] What were the first signs and symptoms you noticed in your daughter?29:30 [To Janira:] Go into detail with some of the things you noticed that clued you in on Jeannine’s daughter having autism.33:08 [To Janira:] How did the diagnosis impact your marriage?35:11 [To Janira:] So, eventually he got on board?


Entre La Familia – Episode 3 (with Kenia Nunez)

On this episode of Dancing Into Parenthood, we’re joined by Kenia Nunez! She is a small business, entrepreneur coach, she is a curriculum creator for culturally responsive programs, best selling author, award-winning self care strategist, yoga teacher, and mother! She shares her motherhood journey to her son Markem, including:- His diagnosis at age 7- Navigating the school system and IEP meetings- The importance of labels- The lack of opportunities in the workforce- How Faith played a part in her journey Listen to Kenia’s inspiring story now! 2:40 - What were the initial concerns you had with your child? Did the doctor tell you first or did you notice?5:36 - Was he speaking any words?6:27 - When you went in for checkups, did the doctor do any screenings or development tests?7:06 - You enroll him in daycare, they tell you about the concerns, & they ask you to get him evaluated? How did you seek an evaluation?8:45 - How long did it all take? From the initial concerns at daycare to getting some services started?16:10 - You said at first he didn’t receive a diagnosis of autism?38:43 - I know that you are heavy in your faith with God, what role did that play in your life?42:03 - Can you share your method for self care?49:48 - What were some of the things you were able to do for your other children?51:17 - Tell us a little bit about where he is at now.


Entre La Familia – Episode 2 (with Jessica Casillas)

Listen to Jessica Casillas share her story with us on her motherhood journey to her now 26-year-old son. She shares the signs and symptoms, her families reactions, obstacles they faced along the way, and so much more! 2:23 - What were the early signs [of autism] you noticed in your son?9:42 - How old was Austin when you first noticed regressions?13:10 - Did he pediatrician ever have concerns about his development?18:33 - How did the [autism] diagnosis affect your relationship with your husband?31:41 - How did Austin’s diagnosis affect your daughter?46:58 - What is Austin up to now?


Entre La Familia – Episode 1 Part 3 (with Theresa Gonzalez)

In Part 3, Theresa gets real with us on her other son’s feelings towards his brother’s autism diagnosis and how its shifted his perspective while growing up. She also shares her outlook on her son’s future, and the future of all children with autism. Listen to all 3 parts of Theresa’s story now! Next week, we’ll hear from another mom on her experience parenting a child with autism. 2:41 - What is Abram’s experience [with his brother’s diagnosis]?10:16 - Did you find support [groups] for Abram?45:01 - Theresa’s closing message


Entre La Familia – Episode 1 Part 2 (with Theresa Gonzalez)

In Part 2, Theresa shares more of her motherhood journey. Her son, Diego, was diagnosed with autism at age 3. She shares the obstacles he overcame, navigating the school system & IEP meetings, and where Diego is now. Listen to part 1 & Part 2 of Theresa’s story now! Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon! 1:50 Can you share some of the thing [Diego] has overcome?3:28 Is your son good at negotiating?7:25 Was he in an integrated classroom?8:54 How did you feel in the IEP meetings?25:17 Is [college] something you thought would happen for him?


Entre La Familia – Episode 1 Part 1 (with Theresa Gonzalez)

Listen to Theresa share the story of her motherhood journey to her son, Diego. In Part 1, she shares the initial signs and symptoms of autism she first noticed in her son, how the initial diagnosis initiated new programs, and how everything impacted her marriage. Listen to her story now and stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon! 8:38 What were the first signs & symptoms you first noticed in Diego?15:22 How old was [Diego] when the pediatrician started noticing?15:53 Did the pediatrician use the “Wait & Watch” method?18:56 Did you bring it up to your pediatrician when you first noticed the symptoms?20:13 Once he was diagnosed, did the specialist tell you about the available programs?21:41 What services did the EPI specialist provide?23:17 So, this was basically training for parents?33:25 It looks like you & your husband were on the same page with everything, how did the diagnosis make you feel?39:17 Do you think your marriage suffered in any way or was made stronger?


S02E09 – Self-care Strategies for New Parents

Many new parents are focused on the baby and forget to prioritize their own self -care. Did you know that neglecting your own care can have significant impacts on your health, mental health—and even the well-being of your baby? This is why counselor Vanessa De Jesus Guzman and I decided that this podcast was a must to produce for you! We’ll give you the tips to taking care of yourself in this new parenthood season!


S02E08 – What Happens To Your Baby In The Nursery After Delivery At The Hospital

Every parent wants to know what exactly happens to their baby in the nursery. In this episode of the podcast, I reveal exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the nursery. Delivery day is a day full of excitement and between labor and delivery so much goes on in the minutes’ right after birth. You’ll learn what a baby experiences in the nursery after delivering at a hospital.


S02E07 – The Top 5 Questions Every New Dad Asks Himself

In this episode we're discussing the 5 most frequently asked questions that I get from expecting dads about pregnancy and about moms. As a matter of fact, some of them are pretty provocative! So, stay tuned because this is a pretty interesting episode, lol. If you are a dad and have questions submit them directly on my website: https://drdivinalopez.com/. I love hearing from you, and I am always at your service!


S02E06 – 15 Things Partners Should Do To Support A Pregnant Mom

You can still be a team player when it comes to pregnancy, mama does not want to do this alone. Nothing makes a new mom happier than witnessing how excited her partner is for this new adventure. Your role is to provide support and be her cheerleader, and yes you got this! Stick to the 15 ways partners can support a pregnant mama, and she will be forever grateful to have such a great partnership with you! Remember that she is looking for validation and love from you. Her body is changing almost daily, and she no longer feels like herself, so make her transition to mamahood as seamless as possible. To get ready for the delivery and birth of your baby I highly recommend you read The Ultimate Dad’s Guide to the Delivery Room in The Dancing Into Parenthood Program. This will be your best tool to prepare you for the wild ride of Delivery Day! Register today: https://drdivinalopez.com/digital-program/


S02E05 – 15 Things You Must Do In Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy To Have A Smooth 4th Trimester

15 things that you should be doing before your baby arrives. This is a fantastic episode that will get you prepared for the fourth trimester. Dr. Lopez loves to help parents prepare and plan for the arrival of their baby, and you will learn exactly what you need to do in this episode to make the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible! For more guidance from Dr. Lopez visit her website: https://drdivinalopez.com/digital-program/


S02E04 – Prevent Injury by Babyproofing Your Home

Need babyproofing tips? Use our babyproofing checklist to make sure your home is ready for baby's arrival. Download your checklist at www.drdivinalopez.com and use it to ensure that your home passes inspection when it comes to your baby and safety.Watch, listen and learn important safety measures you can take to babyproof your home. In week two of the Dancing Into Parenthood Digital Course for new and expecting parents, you learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that new parents make. Week two of the course will save you from visits to the emergency room with your infant.Dr. Lopez spills the tea over the most frequent emergencies that she has taken care of in the ER and in Urgent Care. Dr. Lopez says that most injures are preventable and most of the time parents were just not aware.To register for the digital course, click here: https://drdivinalopez.com/digital-program/


S02E03 – Heal The Parent, Heal The Child

In this podcast episode Dr. Lopez explains why as a caregiver, it is so important to understand our own attachment styles. Your baby’s first relationship is with you. We all want our babies to have healthy relationships in their lives, but we must understand our responsibility in this milestone. As parents we have to provide three things for our child to feel loved, secure and confident. Pay attention to this very powerful episode! You can always connect with Dr. Lopez on www.drdivinalopez.com and sign up today for the weekly newsletter!


S02E02 – Everything Starts With The Family

In this episode of Dancing Into Parenthood we are going to dive in a little deeper to help you understand why I consider this such important work for me to do. Everything starts with the family, doesn't it? If you think about your own life, think about your past, everything that had a big impact on you most likely came from your family. That's regardless of whether you were brought up with your biological parents or not. So many adult wounds and traumas that we talk about often come from childhood. This is called the parent wound. When we become parents ourselves, we don't want to inflict those same parent wounds onto our own children. When you know better it's time to do better. Don't forget to follow me for more on IG: @drdivinalopez. I am always at your service and if you want to work with me then let's connect at https://drdivinalopez.com/


S02E01 – Dancing Into Parenthood – My Story

Hola Parents! In this very personal episode I share the story of how Dancing Into Parenthood became my passion project. It was through my life experiences that I decided to virtually support parents. It started with a podcast, then a digital course and now a monthly membership. Everything I create for you is a labor of love. You know that I am at your service to inspire and prepare you for your baby! I do this by creating fun educational content, by reminding you that you need to take care of yourself first in order to take care of another human being and by simply supporting you in this new chapter of your life. I got your back, no need to do this alone, click here to get more support now: https://divinalopez.thinkific.com/collections