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10: : In Spite of Your Circumstances, You Are Able with Chris Kaag

It’s easy to become discouraged and distracted by our own trials and perceived disadvantages. It can be difficult to look outside of our own limitations and to serve others without expecting anything in return. While this level of selflessness can be difficult, people such as Chris Kaag won’t hesitate for a moment when it comes to serving others. Chris Kaag is a father, an entrepreneur, CEO of a nonprofit organization, and a former United States Marine. He has accomplished many admirable...


09: Set Your Intentions to Clarify Your Mission with Chris Pan

Your purpose and intent may be unclear, but sometimes all you have to do is ask yourself a few questions to get clarity. Chris Pan has created a company around intent and he’s designed it to help make those questions easier - and he’s created a product to help you remind yourself of that intent. It’s time to claim your word to match your intent. Once you establish your own calling it’s easier to help others recognize their calling, which is the purpose of this overall project. If you want to...


08: Identifying Suicide Risk Factors and Taking Appropriate Action with Janet Sarkos

Suicide awareness has become a prominent topic over the past few years but we are still in the beginning stages of truly taking action. Many of us probably know someone who has thought about or committed suicide, but didn’t know how to help them. In this interview Janet Sarkos, executive director at Caring Contact, helps identify red flags and how to take appropriate action. It could mean the difference between life and death. Tune into this episode of Eleven Minutes to Inspiration with...


07: I Met Jesus for a Miller Lite

While we all tend to look for Jesus in the church pews on Sunday morning, but sometimes he’s found in the most unexpected places. God can be found anywhere, and sometimes we just need to stop looking and meet him for a Miller Lite. In Danny Bader’s new book, I met Jesus for a Miller Lite, he shows a new perspective on meeting God, trusting in him, and exploring those core values. In this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration, your host Sally Marie Young interviews Danny Bader to get more...


06: How to Thrive in the Face of Devastating Circumstances with Chic Kelly

Life often throws things at us unexpectedly; you get caught off guard and you’re not sure how to handle the situation. It often takes tragedies to show us what is really important in life, but we don’t all have to experience devastating circumstances in order to learn how to be prepared for it. Chic Kelly is a prime example of someone who dealt with adversity and learned how to apply his conquests to helping others. Tune into this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration with Danny Bader to get...


05: Using the Psychic Gifts with The Military Medium, Dean McMurray

While it’s unlikely we will all win the lottery, get struck by lightning, win a Nobel prize, or become the next Albert Einstein, if you put every possibility together, it’s likely that something significant will happen to all of us. Typically, these things happen when we least expect it. At least, that’s how it happened for Dean McMurray. Dean is a father, a husband, and a dog owner from a small town who served in the armed forces; I’m sure you know many people who fit this qualification....


04: Go Positive to Overcome Negativity Bias with Dan Sandel

I met Dan Sandel about 4 years ago, and ever since then I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when we mixed our two areas of passion and expertise. The result is nothing short of wonderful. In a former life, Dan worked with a Pharmacy Organization with their Learning and Development department. With his background in human behavior, Dan decided it was time for some new ventures out on his own. Now, Dan is offering people wonderful opportunities to grow into their full potential to...


03: Wonderful Wisdom with Mike Duffy

In this episode, I talk to a good friend Mike Duffy, executive director of Limen House in Wilmington, Delaware about the power of self-development and the role it plays in substance abuse recovery. Mike had been in and out of treatment several times for substance abuse since his 20’s. After things finally clicked and he committed to remaining sober, Mike took a job at Limen House for men and women in various stages of recovery and is now their Executive Director. We spend some time talking...


02: Vision Is Everything with Sally Miller

In this episode, I’m joined by Sally Miller, life coach, soul stylist, and expert on personal vision. Sally believes that vision is essential to our life direction and makes a tangible impact on what we make into a reality. Whether it’s your ideal weight, your idea of a perfect relationship, or your dream house, we all have deeply-held desires. But they’re hard to go after, especially when we surround ourselves with people who don’t support our vision or feel like we’re unworthy of achieving...


01: How to Make Lasting Change with Retta Matagiese

In this episode, Retta Matagiese, former Division II athlete, sits down to talk to me about her journey with weight. For years, Retta was overweight and wanting to make a change in her life.She considered everything and explored every option -- from fad diets and weight loss programs to a variety of dedicated work out programs. But what truly helped Retta with her weight loss was her focus and her realm of support. Her support included specialized weight management doctors and nutritionists,...