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I am a survivor of violent crime.In April of 1978 my father was murdered in the convenience store my parents owned when I was 10 years old. My podcast explores my grief recovery process and how his death at such an early age has shaped my life.

I am a survivor of violent crime.In April of 1978 my father was murdered in the convenience store my parents owned when I was 10 years old. My podcast explores my grief recovery process and how his death at such an early age has shaped my life.
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I am a survivor of violent crime.In April of 1978 my father was murdered in the convenience store my parents owned when I was 10 years old. My podcast explores my grief recovery process and how his death at such an early age has shaped my life.




Episode 107 - Suicide and Grief... A conversation with Sebastian Slovin

Today I have the honor of speaking with someone about loss as a result of suicide... Sebastian Slovin grew up in La Jolla, California and traveled extensively as a professional bodyboarder. As a young boy, Sebastian lost his father to suicide, which would later deeply inspire his path in life. He holds a BA in Environmental Policy from San Diego State University and an MA in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego. He and his wife, Sonya, founded Nature Unplugged, which focuses...


Episode 106 - Grief and the Power of Friends

Before I get started, I have an announcement... Dealing With My Grief is now an award winning podcast!! It won a Silver Award in the Podcasting category at DC Web Fest ( held on April 6-7, 2018. Thank you for the recognition... the voices of those struggling with and persevering through grief are being heard! Thanks to Oren Levine for the music and Will Friday for the cover art. And a special thanks to my family who put up with my need for quiet will producing the show. Now...


Episode 105 - Unresolved Grief... A Conversation with Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is the host of School of Podcasting and was the inspiration behind me using podcasting as the medium of getting my grief story out into the world. The thing that drew me to Dave is the fact that talk a lot about his personal life and how lessons he has learned in life, especially from his mother can be applied to podcasting... as well as other podcast topics that he entertains. In this episode we talk about his parents, specifically his mother and how he has, or hasn't dealt...


Episode 104 - The Secret to My Grief Recovery Process

Repetition is the mother of learning... In this regard, what I say this week is something I have said in different episodes of this podcast at some point in time. Grief isn't something you get over, you get through it. In coping with my own loss, I have found that facing my demons and looking at life with a different perspective have allowed my to come through my greif experience a better person. Subscribe to this podcast by using one of the following: Apple...


Episode 103 - Using Yoga, Therapy and Friends to Navigate Grief with Erin Donovan

Erin Donovan is a documentary film producer who lost her mother suddenly in 2015 as the result of a car accident. In this episode she discusses dealing with not only her mother's death, but also it's aftermath... managing her mother's estate, fending of lawsuits, as well as keeping family members at bay. Yoga, therapy and friends would play a big part in helping Erin manage daily life after suffering her loss. Links to Erin's work: Erin's website: Medium: 11...


Episode 102 - A Grief Conversation with Myself

Last week I had no internet so as a bonus, I posted an interview for the Coming Back podcast. Shelby forsythia has me as a guest on her show and we has a great time talking about perspective, chess, and photo albums! Check out our conversation here: This week I refect on things I would say from the perspective of a 50 year old. Knowing what I know now, my 10 year old self would have a few things to say as well! What are some things that you...


Bonus - My Conversation with Shelby Forsythia on the Coming Back Podcast

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Shelby Forsythia on her podcast, 'Coming Back'. Somehow I always feel better when I get to share my lost story and people are genuinely interested in parts of my story I really haven't discussed previously.


Episode 101 - A Grief Shaming Conversation with Sheaya Biddle

Sheaya Biddle is a former (and maybe soon to be) podcaster, future author and creator of the Facebook group 'Grief Resilience'. The group stresses positivity in the face of copy with grief and loss. This week I discus the loss of Sheaya's mother and the grief shaming that ensued and how she was ab'e to cope with that by having close friends and building community. Join Sheaya Facebook group: Brene Brown: Listening to...


Episode 100 - Does Breakdown Within the Village Lead to Grief

100 episodes should be caus for celebration, but unfortunately a tragedy was unfolding in a Florida high school shortly after I released my previous episode of this podcast. The question I ask myself is, "Why did this young man commit this crime?" My conclusions may be a little surprising. Subscribe to this podcast by using one of the following: Apple PodcastsAndroidRSSStitcheriHeart Radio Contact me using any of following: email - twitter -...


Episode 99 - Stop Telling People to Get Over Their Grief

I've had it this week. In Reddit, Facebook, other podcasts... I've heard people tell others that they should be over their grief. IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE! PERIOD. I'ms still so upset, I cam barely type. Grief isn't something that you get over. You have to learn the deal with the emotions the you get hit with as you go through life as you are constantly reminded that you must live without someone you love dearly. Subscribe to this podcast by using ony of the following: Apple...


Episode 98 - A Grief Conversation with Shelby Forsythia

Shelby Forsythia is an Intuitive Grief Guide and host of the podcast Coming Back: Conversations on life after loss. After her mom’s death in 2013, she became what she calls a “student of grief” and now writes, speaks, and teaches others about the transformational power of grief and loss. Shelby is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and Reiki Practitioner. This week I had an opportunity to speak to Shelby about how the loss of her mother eventually led to her helping others deal with...


Episode 97 - Does Grief/Death Come in 3's

When I was 10, I lost my grandfather, dad, and an uncle in an 8-10 month time span. About 3 years later I heard the phrase "Death comes in threes" for the first time. Then in August/September of 1985 it happened again: my grandmother, grandfather and an aunt... followed by the death of a cousin in early 1986. I used to spend a lot of time following the death of a loved one trying to figure out who was next. Apple PodcastsAndroidRSSStitcheriHeart Radio Contact me using any of...


Episode 96 - Introducing Children to Grief

Thanks to the kind words obout last week's interview with my mo.... I appreciate the positive feedback. A listener asked about how we can talk to kids about grief. Her first experience was a negative one because no set any type of expectations around the funeral ritual in her family. I believe this stems from society changing from dealing with caring for the sick and dying to at home to the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln ushering in the acceptance of embalming....


Episode 95 - My Grief Podverary and A Conversation with my Mom

Two years ago I sat down and pressed record for the first time. I had no idea if anyone would listen and where this journey would take me. Many people thought this topic was either too sensitive to discuss or was just too much of a downer. I could not be more pleased to prove the naysayers wrong. I found that many others where going through the same pain that I was and it was then that I thought about giving others a voice on this podcast. It started in Episode 55 with Joshua Black from...


Episode 94 - Gun Contol and Grief

I have often been asked how I feel about the subject of gun control. Many people thing that I am anti-gun because my father was murdered by someone with a shotgun. This week I look at what or who really took the life of my father and how we might truly get away fro all the senseless killing that is running rampant in the States. Look for a Youtube channel in the near future and email me ( if you'd like to share your story of loss on the show. Apple...


Episode 93 - Grief and My 2018 New Year's Resolution

Life has continued to punch me in the gut in the month of December. It didn't help that I sabotaged what was this week supposed to be the interview with my mon by not saving the edited version. I have also had to continuously deal with personal issues in my life. My resolution for 2018 is to simply go where life takes me - for better or worse Just some general housekeeping: Look for a Youtube channel in the near future and email me ( if you'd like to...


Episode 92 - Grief and My Mental Headspace

I've been MIA (missing in action) for a few weeks because I needed to take care of a few things back in St. Louis. I didn't have the time it would take to keep up my regular production schedule. One thing that weighed heavily on my mind was the last conversation I had with my grandfather. He didn't want me to leave home and attend school half way across the country. I told him I'd only be gone for school, but he was still adamant that I should stay home. I didn't have an opportunity to...


Episode 91 - Processing Lessons vs Getting Answers in Grief

No music this week as I'm on the road visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday (which is why there was no episode last week). I had the opportunity to pick up some new podcasting gear on Black Friday in the form of two new microphones that' i'm going to use to interview my mother this week and I'm testing them out today. Anyway, that got me thinking about mu technology background and how I used to teach Microsoft certification classes. Some students only wanted to know what...


Episode 90 - Finding Forgiveness In Grief

After scrolling through the Facebook group and attending a podcasting conference. I was forced to reflect on the aspect of forgiving someone who has committed the most horrible act imaginable - killing my father. I was filled with every emotion possible for the first few years after my father's death... hate, anger, revenge, etc. But at some point I realized that I had to do one thing to begin letting go of these feelings that I had. I had to fogive that person that killed my father. How...


Episode 88 - The Mathematics of Grief

Math was always my favorite subject in school. My first memories of my father are of him teaching me to count money. I quickly learned my multiplication tables this way as well. The subject has come easy for me ever since, I took some form of math every year in school - including college! Why it is not a grief trigger for me I don't know. There are some things, however, that that remind me of my grief recovery process: repeating decimals and pi just to name a few. I have to focus on a...


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