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045 / How To Gain Stability & Strength In Your Body w/ Mike Cantrell

Do you feel like one side of your body is stronger or weaker than the other? Perhaps some muscles are overcompensating for this and maybe it’s even affecting your breathing. This isn’t uncommon. In fact, it’s quite normal and there are systems out there to help address this. Mike Cantrell is an instructor for the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) where he helps all sorts of people gain stability and strength in their bodies. He has a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Emory...


044 / How To Empower Your Body & Mind Using Yoga w/ Jory Serota

Think you know what yoga has to offer? Well, it can go far beyond what you’d get out of a typical class when used as therapy. Even more, when applied incorrectly, yoga can cause more harm than good. But with thousands of yoga classes available all the time, how can you find the right practice for you? Jory Serota has been in love with yoga for over 20 years. As the founder of Applied Yoga Integration, Jory has established the link between yoga, physical therapy, and personal training. By...


043 / How To Uplevel Your Life Using Meditation w/ Emily Fletcher

We’ve all got stress in our lives. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if left unchecked stress can lead to a host of health problems. Luckily, meditation can serve as a counterbalance to match the stress we experience. Emily Fletcher has been busy rebranding meditation as the performance and productivity tool that it can be. She is the founder of Ziva, the creator of The Ziva Technique, and regarded as a leading expert in meditation for high performance. Emily also just published her...


042 / Communicate Better By Understanding Body Language w/ Blake Eastman

On the Muscle Medicine Podcast, we usually talk about how to rehab, train, and feed the muscle. You may have noticed a connection between these topics and how we hold ourselves when we are interacting with others. Body Language is really just another aspect of muscle memory and training, the implications of which have profound effects on how we communicate with others. Blake Eastman is the owner and founder at The Nonverbal Group, a behavioral research group in New York City. He is an...


041 / How To Live A Healthy Life Beyond The Pill w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

There are many reasons beyond birth control that many women start taking the pill. However, there are also countless side-effects that doctors often don’t warn us about. Things can get even more complicated once you decide to stop taking hormonal birth control. Dr. Jolene Brighten has made it her mission to study this relationship between birth control and your body so that women can take better control of their health. Dr. Brighten is a functional medicine and naturopathic medical doctor...


040 / How To Mix Training with Self Care For Ultimate Results w/ Melissa Paris & Lacee Lazoff

For women, the idea of strength training is full of misconceptions. Many avoid it for all the wrong reasons. But, as you’re about to hear, training right is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy for the long-term. Today I’m joined by two of my favorite trainers, Melissa Paris, and Lacee Lazoff. They are both StrongFirst certified instructors based in NYC. They take a holistic view of strength in which mind and body are inseparable elements. These two amazing trainers...


039 / How To Master Stress & The Effects On The Mind & Body w/ Dr. Heidi Hanna

We all feel stressed sometimes. For some of us, it may feel like we’re stressed-out all the time. Stress can certainly feel like a constant weight on your shoulders with no reprieve. However, in the right circumstances, it can be used as a tool for success! Today's guest Dr. Heidi Hanna’s specialty is stress and she will show us how we can learn to fall in love with it and use it to help and not hinder us. She is an integrative neuroscience researcher and the executive director of the...


038 / How To Level Up Your Skills In Strength Training w/ Chris Duffin

Perhaps you’ve had to stop performing a particular movement as the result of an injury. Whether it’s squats or lifts or something else, there is a way to get it back with the right guidance. This can often be confusing as there’s a lot of conflicting information when it comes to strength training at any level. Today’s guest, Chris Duffin, is a pro at helping all sorts of people overcome what’s holding them back in their training by focusing on clean and natural movements as part of building...


037 / How Toxic Mold Can Affect You & How To Get Rid Of It w/ Dr. Ann Shippy

All around the country people are getting sick from toxic mold without even realizing it. With the myriad of symptoms that mold exposure can cause, it can be difficult to diagnose. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid toxic mold and recover from it. Dr. Ann Shippy is one of the world’s leading experts in mold toxicity and mold exposure. She is certified in functional medicine and has a doctorate in medicine from the University of Texas. Dr. Shippy approaches illness by looking at...


036 / What Is Lyme Disease & How To Overcome The Symptoms w/ Dr. Darin Ingels

Lyme disease is both common and debilitating. I’ve seen the way it has affected some of my own patients. It’s a scary diagnosis that doctors are still working to fully understand. However, there is hope. On today’s episode, I talk with one of the doctors, Dr. Darin Ingels, who is working hard to find natural solutions to living with Lyme. Dr. Ingels specializes in treating Lyme disease at his practice in Irvine, CA. A clinical microbiologist and a naturopathic doctor by training, Dr....


035 / How To Create A Healthy Oral Biome w/ Trina Felber

Good health begins in the mouth. It’s the gateway to our insides, but most of us are not doing what’s best for our oral health. Today’s guest is helping to revolutionize the way we support our oral biome by deconstructing commonly accepted practices that most of us do every single day. In addition to being a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Trina Felber is the founder and creator of Primal Life Organics where she has an amazing product line that is changing our typical habits and...


034 / Take Control Of Your Hormones With Essential Oils w/ Dr. Mariza Snyder

We all want the energy needed to go do the things that we love. But sometimes it's our hormones that are standing in the way. If you’re chronically tired, stressed out, or just feeling out of it all the time, you might have a hormone imbalance. The great news is that there are simple and effective ways to help get you back on track! To call Dr. Mariza Snyder a chiropractor would be an understatement. She is also a functional practitioner, author of seven books, and a true advocate for the...


33 / How To Quickly Increase Your Strength w/ Brett Jones

When I see clients, no matter what they are pursuing, it always comes down to building strength. No matter what you want to be able to do, strength is the starting point. The thing is, strength training isn’t about just trying to blow through reps -- it’s a mindful and complex learning practice. Brett Jones is the director of education for Strongfirst and a lead instructor for FMS. He is also a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist with over 20 years of...


32 / How To Smash Through The Myths Surrounding Men's Health w/ Dr. Jerry Bailey

There is a mountain of misinformation out there surrounding men’s health. What supplements should you take? How much and what kind of exercise should you be getting? What’s a good diet for men? It can be hard to make sense of it all. It’s a good thing I have Dr. Jerry Bailey, a guy’s guy, here to break it all down for us. Dr. Jerry is a fellow chiropractor who has taken his practice to the next level by combining it with acupuncture and functional medicine. Being a guy’s guy, Dr. Jerry has...


31 / How To Up Your Training Game Using Rock Tape w/ Dr. Meghan Helwig

Maybe you’ve tried everything when dealing with pain during workout or rehab. In today’s interview, I talk with someone who has a different approach than most. Dr. Meghan Helwig doesn’t just look at the site of pain, she considers the whole body and its history to utilize some breakthrough and deceptively simple technology to get athletes of all levels training at their best. Meghan is super legit. She doesn’t just train Crossfit and triathlon athletes, she is one herself. Meghan is a...


30 / What Should You Be Eating When Pregnant? w/ Lily Nichols

Every soon-to-be mom wants to grow a healthy baby. It’s a scary and daunting process and there are so many parts of pregnancy that are just out of your hands. However, you can still get a handle of the parts that are within your control. Perhaps most importantly, this means eating well and getting the nutrients you and your baby need most. Lily Nichols is a registered dietician and nutritionist specializing in gestational health. She’s a certified diabetes educator, researcher, and author...


29 / Understanding The 4 Pillars Of Gut Care w/ Dr. Vincent Pedre

One of the hottest topics in the health space right now is your gut and how to create a healthy microbiome. Did you know that you have over 100 trillion bacterias in your microbiome, including a large portion of our serotonin and memory function? This is why it is extra important to really understand what the microbiome is and how you can best protect it. After his own struggles with leaky gut and high inflammation, Dr. Vincent Pedre decided it was time to shift the conversation and focus...


28 / How The Way You Breathe Could Be Harming You w/ Dr. Michael Gelb

If you suffer from any problem like chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, neck pain, trouble concentrating, GI problems, acid reflux, or IBS, the problem may have its roots in your airway. It’s never good to overlook your airway considering breathing is something you’re doing all the time. In fact, you breathe 20,000 to 25,000 times every day. To help understand this the importance of your airway, I am joined on this episode by someone who is revolutionizing the way practitioners think about...


27 / How To Set Habits That Combat Stress & Make You A Stress Warrior w/ Dr. Doni Wilson

We all have stress in our lives. We’ve got jobs, families, and a lot going on. Stress is going to be part of all that. But stress, if we let it run rampant, will take its toll on our bodies and wellbeing. There’s hope though! My guest, Dr. Doni Wilson is here to share some amazing stress-coping strategies to help you get a handle on your health. Dr. Doni is a naturopathic doctor, professional midwife, clinical nutritionist, and best-selling author with a practice located in New York City...


26 / How To Support Good Oral Health Through Diet And Breathing w/ Dr. Steven Lin

We all know that crooked teeth and the need for orthodontia is a big problem. But did you know that it can affect everything from your breathing to mental clarity and performance? This is all caused by poor childhood nutrition, and as today’s guest, Dr. Steven Lin, will tell us, it is all preventable. Dr. Steven Lin is not what you think of when you think of a dentist. As a world-leading functional dentist, TEDx speaker, and author of the international bestseller The Dental Diet, Dr. Lin...